Chapter - 40: Mysterious organization and Cai Shao
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After knowing the identity of Ye Feng, the youth wasn’t feeling quite convinced, while on the contrary, the Square faced man knew how to deal with this type of situation on the basis of his rich social experience, he immediately said: “Elder Brother Ye, Ms. Ye, just now we have offended you numerous times, for this mistake kindly forgive my little nephew. He doesn’t understand the custom, he has put you guys into a trouble, once we go back, I will strictly discipline him.”

“It’s fine, you can leave.”

Ye Feng waved his hand since he did not want to say anymore. Whether he would discipline him or would make him suffer from extreme distress, it was quite natural that it had nothing to do with Ye Feng, so he would certainly not care about it.

Rather he was actually concerned about other thing.

When he saw that the square faced man, along with all his men, had left the place, he immediately asked from the Scarred face man: “Now, let’s talk about the drugs matter.”

The Scarred face man’s shiny bald head was reflecting the midday sun quite well, making him appear especially bold.

He listened to what Ye Feng said, although he wanted to say something but he was a bit embarrassed, he glanced at Su Menghan. He was afraid that Su Menghan was not suitable for listening to this kind of thing, that was why he somewhat hesitated.

Su Menghan saw through it and in a very considerate way she said: “I’m going to buy a pack of napkins, you guys carry on.”

She then turned around to leave, her beautiful slender figure became a sharp scenery outside the station which attracted the eyes of the people. However, they previously saw her with the Scarred face man and even before that with those suited men who appeared to like the personnel of some organized criminal group, so no one dared to harass her or even tried to come to her to strike up a conversation.

Obviously, the deterrent force of the Scarred face man was very formidable among the group of people.

When Su Menghan left for a while, the Scarred face man said in a dignified manner: “Elder Brother Ye, an year ago, our Heavenly Serpent Gang, along with the other three Gangs of Yanjing city, were only engaged in relatively mild general drugs business, after all this is the capital city, so no one can preserve too many words……”


Ye Feng nodded his head and hinted him to continue what he was saying. Hearing to what the Scarred face man said just now, a doubt had taken birth in his mind which was puzzling him, that one year ago there were four gangs in Yanjing city?

“One year ago, a mysterious organization came into power in Yanjing.”

The Scarred face man stopped speaking for a moment then in a very serious tone, he continued: “At once, the bosses of the four gangs were assembled secretly and they made us help them in the experimentation on a new drug in secret. Of course, we were not happy with this, and at that time, the boss of the largest of the four gangs, Southern Heavenly Gates, lifted the table on the spot and killed the two men who were sent by the opposite party.”

Then, the Scarred face man continued saying with a hint of fear in his eyes: “However, the next day, we found out that the entire Southern Heavenly Gates had been eradicated unexpectedly! After the eradication of the entire clan of Southern Heavenly Gates, each of us three bosses of other three gangs received a warning letter, saying that if we do not experiment on the new drugs, then our fate would be the same as the fate of Southern Heavenly Gates……..

“Almost one year has passed but you still have no idea who this opposite party really is?”

Ye Feng frowned and asked.

“Only occasionally, I hear from the people transporting drugs, that the boss of the opposite party is seemed to be called ‘Cai Shao’, everything else about him is still under dark, but Yanjing city does not have any influential family with the surname ‘Cai’, therefore, I really do not know who he really is.”

Scar shook his head: “At the beginning of each month, we are assigned a specified location to transport new drugs. We have just now completed the transaction for this month… Elder brother Ye, my Heavenly Serpent Gang is absolutely not involved in the business of other drugs, however about the new drugs, if we stop the business of new drugs then the trouble that befalls us wouldn’t be small.”

Heavenly Serpent Gang would obviously be in big trouble, after all their fate was totally dependent on this, and they might end up like Southern Heavenly Gates gang if they stopped the business of new drugs.

Ye Feng heard him properly and then nodded to indicate that he understood his point: “So, according to your opinion, you don’t want to arouse the enemy’s suspicions, of course from now onwards, do not let more people infected with this new drug’s addiction.”

The Scarred face man listened to him and nodded.

Ye Feng thought of something and asked: “What are the characteristics of this new drug? What kind of attraction does it hold?”

“Except for the drug effect being stronger and for longer time when compared to other drugs, rest is the same……”

The Scarred Face man frowned: “Those earliest targets were able to persist the addiction continuously for a year, however recently, it seems like they have suddenly disappeared.”


Ye Feng frowned but did not ask any more.

A kind of new drugs, which was really not the good thing, he had witnessed the condition of Su Menghan’s cousin with his own eyes, when the drug addiction attacked him, his condition had become very miserable, his facial features had become very fearsome, he wanted to die but couldn’t, it was extremely sinister and ruthless.

Ye Feng was emphatically not a kind-hearted person, he was too lazy and disinclined to manage this kind of stuff. But now, since Heavenly Serpent Gang was in his control, he would not allow any other force to interfere.

The mysterious organization was also capable to command the actions of the Scarred face man, how could Ye Feng accept this? The Scarred face man was now his puppet, and would always remain to be his puppet. Ye Feng wouldn’t allow him to become the puppet of that mysterious organization! If he desired, so long as there was enough strength in his possession, he would fight over things and snatch them! This was one the rules of survival in the World of the Immortals, because if you wouldn’t snatch things from others, others would snatch things from you, it was always the survival of the fittest.

And it was actually the same even on the Earth.

As per the view of Ye Feng, nowadays, people living in the city were being robbed in several ways almost every day, and there wasn’t a single place where they didn’t need to spend money. Even now, some hospitals in a big country like China were robbing their patients. They were “stealing money” from them in a very flagrant way.

Everyone said that you should always strive to work hard in order to lead a stable life, but no one ever said that you are being robbed constantly hence you must work hard, so that you become capable enough to be robbed again and again for the rest of your life.

“Cai Shao……When you go to transport the next month’s quota of new drugs, I’m coming with you. I’d like to see what kind of extraordinary figure the other party is.”

Ye Feng finally made his decision.


The Scarred face man’s complexion changed a bit, but he was now happy, so it meant that Elder brother Ye was going to come into action?

Too good!

He didn’t know that one year ago, how the largest Southern Heavenly Gates Gang was completely exterminated, but that method was inevitably very fearful, vigorous and resolute. He also didn’t know who was more powerful, martial artist Elder brother Ye or that mysterious organization?

“About the matter of new drugs, do the relevant departments know?”

Just before leaving, Ye Feng finally asked one more question.

“They don’t know.”

The Scarred face man shook the head: “Developing the registered drugs, we will control them, but majority of the addicts have gone missing. Moreover the quantity is not much and thus has not caused the government to suspect. Elder brother Ye, do not tell the government, because the government cannot solve this matter, instead ……”

“I know, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Ye Feng interrupted his words: “Right, I have heard that Heavenly Serpent Gang has connections with some people in the government, who are they?”

“This …… Let’s say, we have a formal relationship which is slightly above a little?”

The Scarred face man was feeling a bit awkward, apparently he didn’t want to reveal the name of that person to Ye Feng but just by looking at the expression on Ye Feng’s face, he finally gave up and said: “We have connections with Chief Liu of northwest sub-bureau, the sub-department of public security bureau. Above that, we also have connections with the vice-chief of public security bureau headquarters. If Chief Liu fails to do our work, we ask him to come into action.”

“Northwest sub-bureau? Chief Liu?”

As soon as Ye Feng heard this name, he thought about the last time when he was caught on the charges of visiting a prostitute. Under the façade of prostitution charges, Chief Liu wanted to seize the golden leaf grass from him. He was that pot-bellied middle-aged person with a typical Chinese face.

Unexpectedly, it seemed like that person was really very powerful, to think that the reach of his influence was all the way upto Heavenly Serpent Gang. But, Ye Feng still thought that he was quite a stupid chief.

“Then, it can be said that the last telephone call, that had really forced him to release me, definitely was from someone of Lin Clan. Just a telephone call from Lin clan scared Chief Liu so much that he was sweating profusely, now it seems like Lin clan indeed is very powerful.”

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