Chapter - 41: she is jealous
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After the Scarred face man finished reporting things to Ye Feng, he immediately went to first deal with the drugs matter as instructed by Ye Feng.

A young member of Heavenly Serpent Gang was driving Ye Feng and Su Menghan to their respective homes. They left for Langfang on Saturday and spent the weekend there, but tomorrow morning, they must go to school.

The results of the second mock test were also about to come out, and at that time…….. Ye Feng looked at Su Menghan sitting next to him and thought in his heart, when the results would come out, he would definitely be despised by her.

Well, anyway, after what happened, he did not want any connection with this little girl, not to mention, it seemed like she was very repugnant of his appearance.

Even in the trade fair, Su Menghan unknowingly caused a lot of trouble for Ye Feng. When he was in the trade fair and answered her phone call, she loudly called out his name “Ye Feng” which suddenly attracted the attention of Long Wan’er, and thank to that, he was almost caught by Dragon clan, not to forget that he also ended up killing a veteran martial artist like Wolf sword to escape from there.

If he had been caught by Long Wan’er then……

Ye Feng simply could not imagine the consequences. There was a possibility that he would be dead by now if he had been caught by her.

“Especially, the Dragon clan must never find out that you are able to practice……”

These words of Ye Wentian reverberated in his ears. Although he did not know about the reasons behind the enmity between Ye clan and Dragon clan, neither did he know about the agreement made between his grandfather and Dragon clan, but he was sure that his grandfather wouldn’t deceive him, especially because of the seriousness of this matter.

Ye Feng’s mind was constantly pondering about the things related to martial arts, and occasionally, he was paying attention to Su Menghan sitting next to him in the car. He noticed, now that she was going back home, she appeared more tranquil and was quietly looking out of the window. Ye Feng didn’t know what was going on in her mind.

Su Menghan was deliberately keeping a distance from Ye Feng, so he thought that perhaps, she had come to hate him. In his past life, she never got to experience love and didn’t know much about it, of course, he was emotionally inept in these matters.

To be honest, since he thought that he was hated by this Xiaohua, his mind was a little bit lost, but after some time, he stopped thinking about it. Right now, he did not have the luxury to think about such things.

On the way back home, the two didn’t talk at all, and in a while, the young guy from Heavenly Serpent Gang drove them all the way to the Qingfeng Park villa district and parked the car near the entrance.

“Listen, I will surely return the 200,000.”

Su Menghan said this and elegantly came out of the car. She didn’t look back and directly entered the villa district. Her exquisite back profile appeared incomparably attractive.

Ye Feng did not say anything, he got out of the car and was about to walk towards his villa, but was suddenly stopped by the young guy.

Ye Feng turned his head to take a look at the young guy. He was tall, had a very beautiful pair of eyes and appeared like a lively guy.

However, right now, he was in front of Ye Feng so instead of displaying his usually lively attitude, he said politely in a timid manner: “Elder brother Ye, I want to say something but don’t know whether it is appropriate to say this right now.”

“If you have something to say, speak frankly.”

Ye Feng nodded.

“I think, Ms. Ye is definitely jealous. Elder brother Ye, cannot you see it yet?”

The young guy calmed down and said in a determined manner while looking at Su Menghan’s slender silhouette.

“What? She is jealous?”

Ye Feng totally did not expect to hear such a thing from this young guy, so he was a bit surprised: “Why do you think that?”

When the young guy noticed that Ye Feng seemed interested in this topic, his spirit immediately rallied up and he said: “This is based on my research on the girls. Elder brother Ye, you have not paid attention, but judging from the eyes, demeanor and behavior of Ms. Ye, I am 100% sure that she is jealous! She is not talking to you, but that’s not because she is mad at you, Elder brother Ye, I think perhaps Ms. Ye knows that you have another woman out there?”


Ye Feng was wondering, did he really have another woman?

However right then, the image of Long Wan’er standing at the entrance of the hospital suddenly flashed in his mind.

“Hey, could it be ……”

Ye Feng remembered and suddenly understood everything. During this trip to Langfang, she indeed fell in love with him, but after the Long Wan’er incident took place, she must have gotten jealous.

“What is your name?”

Ye Feng asked from the young guy, showing that he was giving importance to him, after all his words broke Ye Feng’s assumption that Su Menghan probably hated him.

“Everybody calls me Bei, my full name is Zhao Yibei, ha ha, Elder brother Ye can ask me anything.”

Bei gave a very warm self-introduction then said: “Moreover, boss has especially asked me to be your chauffeur.”

“Bei? Excellent name.”

Ye Feng smiled: “Well, I am not so inclined about having a chauffeur to drive me around all the time, but whenever I am in need, I will give you a call.”

He glanced at the nearby luxury car, a glacier silver BMW seven liner, it was a luxury car just like the one used by Su Menghan’s father. Although it looked just like the luxury cars generally used by most elites, but if he rode this car to the school daily, then after a few days, the whole school would come to know him, and he didn’t want to be surrounded by onlookers.

“Such being the case, Elder brother Ye, I am sending you a text message containing my phone number, you save my number and if there’s anything you need from me, just give me a call!”

Zhao Yibei pulled out his cell phone and sent a text message to Ye Feng. When the Scarred face man gave him the job to drive Ye Feng and Su Menghan to Qingfeng Park, he also gave Ye Feng’s number to him. That’s how Ye Feng finally came to know that Zhao Yibei was very much trusted by the Scarred face man.

“Good, you can leave now, I am also heading home.”

Ye Feng waved while saving Bei’s number in his cell phone.

He was not much interested in beautiful women or external beauty to be specific, in fact, before he would have enough strength to defend himself, he did not want to consider these matters. Now, however, the matter about Su Menghan was placed in front of him.

In fact, in the World of the Immortals, he had seen many stunning beauties like Su Menghan. However compared to others, in the last couple of days, he witnessed an out of the ordinary side of Su Menghan, which left a profound impression on his heart.

In Langfang, considering all her selfless actions to save her cousin and her family, where could one find such a good girl in today’s society? Ye Feng suddenly felt, this type of selfless compassion for others had certainly been contaminated in the world now-a-days. The biggest tragedy was that he came to this world only to witness that it had been thoroughly polluted.

Never before had he met a beautiful girl who was actually so possessive of what she thought should belong to her, but in case of Su Menghan, she probably held a different perception about the whole thing.

“Well, I don’t need to figure it out all at once.”

Ye Feng set a firm resolve and walked towards his villa. But on the way, he accidentally saw Su Menghan, who was surprisingly blocked outside her own villa entrance and it seemed like she wasn’t allowed to go inside!

The one blocking her was actually a stylish woman, carrying a fancy handbag on her arm. She was in a heavy make-up, but appeared to be at least 30 years old. From her stance and attitude, she appeared like a wealthy wife, but why was she here and why was she blocking Su Menghan from going inside?

“I heard you went to Langfang? This is so sentimental.”

The stylish woman, who was standing in front of Su Menghan, sneered and said: “Why did you go to see your grandmother? In the past, she was so firmly against my marriage with your dad, I may have a vivid memory, but it’s such a pity, you only got to see her grave, right?”

Su Menghan’s shoulder trembled with anger: “You are quite shameless! Was it you who harmed my grandmother?”

“I didn’t say that. But then, since you really went to that place, I must ask Su Xinchang how to deal with this. Either, he will have to stop recognizing you as his daughter or divorce me. He can have me or he can have you. If he wants me then he cannot keep you with him! You have been raised from childhood to adulthood on the money of my Xie clan, but you actually dared to go back…… ”

The jealousy was clearly visible in the eyes of this stylish woman, as she said these words sarcastically, while at the same time, she pulled out a cell phone.

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