Chapter - 42: Su Xinchang’s choice
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The environment in the ‘Qingfeng Park’ was very elegant and pleasant, fresh and clean air, a lush flower garden on the roadside, a tree-lined shade. Such type of residential area was rarely seen throughout Yanjing city.

However, in front of the villa, there were three people confronting each other, the atmosphere appeared quite tensed, they were Ye Feng, Su Menghan and her stepmother.

“Su Menghan, what’s the matter?”

Ye Feng asked.

“This has nothing to do with you, you should go back now.”

Although Su Menghan was very indignant in her heart, but still, she did not want Ye Feng to interfere in this matter.

“No, I have something to tell you”.

Ye Feng did not leave, rather continued: “But before that, I will first help you out in solving this problem.”

“You will solve this?”

Su Menghan snorted lightly, since she had never been in favor of Ye Feng’s way of resorting to violence to sort out any kind of problem: “There are a lot of things that can’t be solved by fighting.”

“Rest assured, I don’t just fight all the time.”

Ye Feng smiled softly.

At this time, that stylish woman, who was standing in front of them, finally explained everything about the current situation to Su Xinchang on a phone call, the way she was expressing things was very rude, persistent and unreasonable.

From the phone call, Ye Feng knew by now that this woman was called ‘Xie Min’. Not only Xie Clan was a very powerful clan, but also on the basis of strength, it ranked among the top powerful clans of Yanjing. Because of Xie Min, Su Xinchang had been able to bring his company ‘Su Sheng group’ to great heights of success.

Su Xinchang figured out that things had become quite complicated here, so he said somewhat anxiously that he would come quickly to solve this issue, so she must not act rashly.

After hanging up the phone, Xie Min elegantly put her latest ‘Iphone model’ back into her branded ‘Louis Vuitton’ handbag. She then raised her head and disrespectfully looked at Ye Feng.

“Come to think of it, it seems this little fox has attracted a man and making him to help her out? However, this boy should better get lost, since in this world, there are some things that you just cannot take care of.”

Xie Min had heard the talk of these two people, but she did not actually care.

She knew that yesterday, this boy accompanied Su Menghan to go to Langfang. Xie Min investigated few matters related to him, and on the basis of that, in her opinion, Ye Feng was just an ordinary high school student, at most, above a little, last time he was caught on the charges of visiting prostitute, but was released later.

In case, the son of Xie Clan got involved in prostitution, then the trivial Public Security Bureau could not dare to arrest him, so she came to the conclusion that in comparison, Ye Feng was just an ordinary boy and nothing else.

“You want me to get lost?”

Ye Feng heard what she said and lightly replied: “It completely depends on whether you have the capability to do that.”

“Now this young boy is being so arrogant?”

Xie Min smiled contemptuously, then smiled and looked at Su Menghan: “If I were you, I would not have chosen such a callow boy. My second uncle desires an attractive young woman, he is a very kind and matured man, and has much more capability than this boy. Want me to introduce you to him?”


Su Menghan’s whole body started trembling madly with rage. She could not believe that this woman would be so virulent.

Was this something a stepmother should say?

“Is it?”

Ye Feng noticed that Su Menghan was trembling, so he gently put his arm around her shoulder to comfort her then he looked at Xie Min and said: “If I were Su Xinchang, I also wouldn’t have chosen an ugly old woman like you as my wife, when there is such a beautiful attractive secretary always around me?”

Ye Feng still remembered from the last time about Su Xinchang’s assistant and driver, Hu Meimei. Ye Feng obviously knew very well what he was doing, comparing a more attractive woman with Xie Min and moreover in front of her…….

“Humph, then wait and see. You are just a naïve young boy, do you actually think that Su Xinchang will dare to find another woman behind my back?”

Xie Min sneered and did not pay attention to what he said.

In her heart, she knew that at present, Su Xinchang was fully dependent on her Xie Clan, if he dared to find a woman outside, wouldn’t he be afraid of offending her Xie Clan?

She finally made up her mind that this time, she would force Su Xinchang to make a choice at any cost. It was because she had been married to Su Xinchang 10 years ago, and still had no child, Su Menghan was the daughter of his ex-wife, which was certainly causing more and more uneasiness in her heart.

Ye Feng noticed that she did not believe him, so he just smiled and became totally disinclined to say anything else to this vixen, now he just waited for Su Xinchang to come and say something.

Su Menghan gently grabbed his shoulder because she was feeling very warm under his arm. Suddenly she felt that since Ye Feng was there by her side, she didn’t need to fear anyone, whether it was Xie Min or her own father, Su Xinchang.

All along, Su Xinchang had always been a henpecked husband, and due to that, he used to act very strictly towards Su Menghan to discipline her. While in the eyes of others, she might be a school beauty who belonged to a very good family with good financial condition and bright future, but the fact was that she had no freedom at all in her own life.

In case Su Xinchang really chose to abandon her, then, she would finally be released from the cage, with basically nothing to regret about.

Su Xinchang arrived quickly.

He never thought that Xie Min would actually be spying on Su Menghan, and she would also come to know about her trip to Langfang and that too so quickly. After suddenly encountering this kind of situation, he was very restless, burning with impatience and was being edgy to get over there as soon as possible.

When the BMW car stopped at the entrance of the villa, a middle-aged man, wearing a western style suit, walked down from the passenger seat, it was Su Xinchang. Ye Feng noticed that the person who was driving the car was that pretty and matured, Hu Meimei, however she did not get off the car to follow her boss, as she obviously knew she had no right to participate in this matter.

Originally Su Xinchang was a matured and steady man, who always kept a dignified look on his face, but at present, he had tightened his eyebrows, obviously there was something bothering him.

“Menghan, Min, what are you doing?”

Su Xinchang sighed and asked while walking towards them.

“Ask that from your dear daughter, where was she for last two days?”

Xie Min groaned loudly.

“You didn’t go to Langfang?”

Su Xinchang then clapped his hands and then he moved forward to hold the hands of Xie Min, sincerely saying: “This is the first and last time, it won’t happen again, just calm down, ok?”

“No, this time you have to give me an explanation.”

Xie Min said this harshly and pointed at Su Menghan: “Either choose her or choose me, you have to make the choice right now!”

It appeared just like how the salt wouldn’t enter into the oil, the same way, regardless of what he was saying, it wouldn’t change her decision since she already made up her mind.

Su Menghan was standing on one side and was just looking at them without speaking a single word. Ye Feng was also very calm, they just wanted to see what choice Su Xinchang would make.

If he would select Su Menghan and give divorce to Xie Min, then fortunately, he would be considered as a competent father. However, if he would choose to continue to rely on Xie Clan, and abandon Su Menghan, then that would be very disappointing thing and he would certainly fail as a father.

For Su Xinchang, making this choice was undoubtedly very difficult.

He tried every means to persuade Xie Min, but she was very stubborn and was not willing to change her mind. Every time she saw Su Menghan, she would feel a thorn in her heart, and this stinging pain had kept her unhappy for the last ten years.

If it continued like this, then one day, she would turn insane.

She was indifferently looking at Ye Feng and Su Menghan standing close to each together, no matter what Su Xinchang said, she would never change her decision.

After a long time, finally, Su Xinchang also noticed that she was not going to change her mind. He couldn’t do anything and just helplessly sighed.

He then looked at Su Menghan as well as Ye Feng, who was standing beside her. His heart was feeling very uncomfortable, unfortunately with great difficulty, he managed to create a good relationship between his daughter Su Menghan and Ye Feng, but now after coming so far, he was actually forced to make this kind of choice.

“Su Menghan, come with me.”

Su Xinchang seemed quite determined and beckoned his daughter, while he simultaneously walked to the one side, apparently to have a talk with her in private.

“If you have something to say, speak frankly, what are you so ashamed of?”

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