Chapter - 43: Live in a room?
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Su Xinchang was a bit embarrassed saying something like this to his own daughter, Su Menghan, however seeing her resolute demeanor, he cleared his throat and said: “Let’s say like this, until you graduate from the college, I will be responsible for all the expenses needed for your studies and livelihood.”

He said that but it sounded quite fuzzy, however everybody understood the meaning behind what he said, that he was only responsible for fostering Su Menghan till she would graduate, later he wouldn’t take care of her.

In other words, he would not give divorce to Xie Min, instead he chose her over Su Menghan, and drew a clear dividing line between his relationships.

He had his consideration, he had found out that Ye Feng had some high level connection with Heavenly Serpent Gang, but besides that, he didn’t know anything else. He certainly didn’t have any idea about the relationship between Ye Feng and Lin Clan, that sort of top layered influence was considered as a very big connection for him about which he was usually unable to think.

Originally, he just wanted Su Menghan to win over Ye Feng, after that, it would be quite easy for Xie Clan to join hands with Heavenly Serpent Gang. In this way, if the strength of two second-class influences would become one and operate well, then he could definitely advance into the first-class!

However now, he could only discard one and choose one of the more stable ones. Apparently, Heavenly Serpent Gang was not the reasonable option for him. But Xie Clan had been helping him out for more than 10 years, so if he must make a choice then obviously he would choose Xie Clan.

“Thank you, but I do not need your support.”

Su Menghan looked at him coldly, then turned around and walked away.

“Hey, where are you going?”

Ye Feng did not expect that this little girl would be so strong, which startled him a bit.

“Why does it matter to you?”

Su Menghan stopped but did not look back, however Ye Feng actually noticed her weeping voice and trembling shoulders.

While facing such type of situation, no matter how matured and strong one was mentally, still it would be a very heavy blow for them. Moreover, Su Menghan was just a high school student, hearing such a cruel sentence from her father, Su Xinchang, was extremely painful for her, she suddenly felt like the whole heaven was collapsing upon her and there was no place for her to hide. She was filled with grievances but couldn’t find a person to complain to, and cry over their shoulder.

She turned her head firmly, not because of her hate and anger, just because she wanted to hide her tears.

Seeing her in such a miserable condition caused a slight pain in Ye Feng’s heart, he moved forward and held her but she wanted to cast him off, but could she actually succeed to do so?”

“I don’t know that woman who appeared at the entrance of the People’s Hospital, you don’t have to misunderstand this. Also, if you cannot stay at your own place, want to live in my villa?”

Ye Feng directly asked.

Su Menghan heard this and finally stopped her footsteps.

In the eyes of Ye Feng, her back profile was very exquisite, her trembling shoulders were silhouetted against the faint shade of trees around there, constituting a beautiful picture of hers. What a pity that the figure of this pain stricken character was letting the whole picture seem as if it was dyed with a layer of hazy sadness.

She stood still and was taking long time thinking about his proposal.

“Isn’t it inconvenient for you?”

She finally asked something from him but still without looking back. She did not want to live at her home, since it would be very difficult and painful for her to live there. However, to go outside and live without money? But if she lived in the house of Ye Feng, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for her? Let alone, she was a young girl and Ye Feng was a lone male……

“Villa is so big, how can it be convenient?”

Ye Feng asked that when he saw Su Menghan was shedding tears, he couldn’t help her with her pain but just wanted to protect her, by protecting the good, honest and kind-hearted side of this girl.

Now, he was in this world, who knew whether he could return to the World of the Immortals or not. In such case, he might as well do something good for this world, at least, for the people around him.

“Well, I’ll pay the rent.”

Su Menghan finally nodded. Although she was in an extremely sad state, but still she could understand her situation pretty well. If she didn’t live in her own home, and also didn’t want to go over to Ye Feng’s home, then where she would live?

The BMW car silently passed away from their side, Su Xinchang was sitting on the back seat , he was closing the car windows, at the same time was looking at Su Menghan with some regret as if he was trying to say that he would definitely compensate to her. While, Xie Min was sitting beside him and was looking at them in a prideful manner as if proudly claiming that she finally got the victory.

However Su Menghan didn’t look at them, she turned away and walked toward the villa of Ye Feng.

Ye Feng looked at Su Xinchang faintly, from now onwards this person would be considered as the most hated person by Su Menghan. Who was once her father but now, he was just going to be her enemy in the future. For Ye Feng, it didn’t have any big effect on his heart, since in the World of the Immortals, such things used to happen plenty of times. However, this kind of thing was actually rarely seen on the Earth.

Ye Feng overtook her, and just then, suddenly her cell phone rang up and she received a text message.

She pulled out her phone to look at it, when she saw the text message, she couldn’t control herself from snorting loudly. Ye Feng looked at the message and discovered that it was a message informing that her bank balance was now more than a million. Needless to say that it was Su Xinchang who did this as compensation. Moreover, he apparently did this while hiding it from his wife, Xie Min.

Seeing that, Su Menghan slightly felt better in her heart.

However, Ye Feng didn’t think that Su Xinchang did this all because of his conscience. In his view, Su Xinchang was actually pretending that he was still concerned about Su Menghan, but she couldn’t see that.

Su Xinchang was a businessman who just wanted stability in his business. In this case, he would never completely cut off relationship from anyone, whom he could use in the future, including Su Menghan. Because for him, any type of relationship would likely bring in new business opportunities.

If Ye Feng didn’t guess wrong, then few days later, Su Xinchang would show his good will to Su Menghan and strive for her forgiveness. Perhaps in Su Xinchang’s eyes, Su Menghan was just a young female high school student who could be swindled quite easily.

Ye Feng looked at the BMW car departing and some thoughts cropped up in his mind, if that was the case, then he would have to look after Su Menghan very carefully, he wouldn’t allow her to be deceived once again.

If he really loved his daughter, then for the sake of Xie Min, would he make his daughter go through so much pain? No matter what Su Xinchang would do in the future, this matter was enough to reveal his true nature to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng opened the door of his villa and walked inside with Su Menghan.

“Do you have a vacant room? Firstly, I will move everything here from the next door.”

She was a very strong girl, she didn’t cry for longer period of time, or she already knew that it would be useless to cry anymore. Instead, she had quickly started to consider her future matters. At present, she was abandoned by her own father, and it was the very critical moment for her since her college entrance examination was about to start soon, if the college entrance examination result wouldn’t come out favorable then her future would be completely in the dark.

She absolutely did not want to be like that Xie Min, who relied on her face and figure to find a man for herself.

She wanted to rely on her own efforts, to obtain enough to make Su Xinchang regret his decision!

“Vacant room……”

When she asked this question from Ye Feng, it suddenly stunned him. Because at this time, he remembered that even in his own villa, he couldn’t mess around and wander freely at his own will, otherwise that old man would certainly not let him off so easily!

The places accessibly to him included a bedroom, a bathroom and a hall. As for the kitchen, a young guy like him, who only liked to play online game, certainly never needed one.

What should he do now, at this time, he certainly couldn’t drive her out? Or should both of them live in a room? Should he make her go to find some other place to live, in any case she now had 1 million……

Ye Feng looked at Su Menghan and somewhat hesitated.

“What happened?”

Su Menghan somewhat strangely looked at him: “You don’t have a vacant room?”

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