Chapter - 44: Gently
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Ye Feng was a bit embarrassed since he really had no extra vacant room.

“Well, you sleep in the bedroom, and I will sleep in the hall.”

He said that while taking her along with him to the second floor: “You can’t go to the other rooms except this bedroom, anyway  you tidy up, I am going downstairs.”


Su Menghan felt strangely embarrassed, obviously she wanted to freeload in the bedroom, but still how could she make Ye Feng completely go out of his own bedroom? Although she had no idea why she couldn’t enter the rest of the rooms, but she did not ask anything about it. Now, Ye Feng had become even more mysterious in her eyes.

“Don’t be embarrassed, how can I possibly make a girl sleep in the hall?”

Ye Feng said that to her, as for him it didn’t matter where he lived at all, since in the World of the Immortals, he used to sleep in the caves, covered with grass. In comparison to that, the hall of this villa was way better than his expectation, it was quite luxurious for him.


Seeing him insisting in this way, Su Menghan couldn’t bring herself to decline him, but she paused for a moment, and then with a slight shy smile on her face, she rested her both hands on his shoulders, and while he was completely unprepared, she gently kissed him on his cheeks.

Since Ye Feng was completely unprepared, he gawked.

“Ye Feng, thank you. When we will pass the university entrance exam, then we can start dating each other ……”

While she was saying so, her face was red, she was blushing very hard, then she turned around to go downstairs, so that she could go to her dad’s villa and start preparing her things to move over here. Moreover, she felt that just a moment ago, Ye Feng gave a proper explanation to her about the disheveled beauty from the hospital’s entrance, perhaps because he was definitely afraid of her misunderstanding things if left unexplained.

Why would he be afraid of her misunderstanding? It was because he certainly had now started liking her, otherwise like always, Ye Feng could continue to behave coldly and indifferently towards her.

While looking at her slim and slender back profile, Ye Feng lifted his hand to gently caress that place where she just kissed him, he felt very funny seeing that this little girl was naturally very generous and cheerful.

However, come to think of it, it was not right, start dating after passing the university exam?

Suddenly, the words of his grandfather echoed in his mind, right after he would get admission in Yanjing University, he would be introduced to Miss Lin, at that time what he would do?

Well, Ye Feng shook his head and decided not to think about such things rightnow. He then considered about the other matter and immediately gave a phone call to Ou B and asked him about the spirit stone from last time.

“Are you interested in it? It’s a little weird though. You wait, I will ask dad to get some information about it and send it to you as soon as possible.”

Ou B hung up the phone after he finished saying.

Ye Feng curled up his bedding from the bedroom and  spread it in the hall downstairs properly. After that, he sat and started to expand his meridians through which the zhenqi circulated. Half a month before, he had tried really hard continuously to do so, and by now he had almost expanded his meridians twice the earlier width, which was quite enough to hold the zhenqi up to the cultivation of 5 or 6 years.

To expand the meridians, he now needed to constantly keep practicing, so he couldn’t waste time, not even a tiny bit.

When Su Menghan came in holding piles of stuffs in her hands, she saw him sitting in some strange way, it seemed just like the movies of the martial arts, where people used to practice for the internal strength.

She did not think too much about and just shouted: “Ye Feng, just remember, I am going to believe you only this one time, got it?”

After saying that she waited for a moment,  but seeing that Ye Feng  didn’t respond to it, she took her stuff and went upstairs. Actually, she didn’t want to let Ye Feng help her all the time, she could manage this thing on her own, instead she never wanted to make others help her. Not to mention, it appeared from the appearance of Ye Feng like he was very busy.

Ye Feng heard her words which totally baffled him, but then he thought about it and understood the hidden meaning behind what she said. It was about the matter of Long Wan’er. Obviously, Su Menghan held a grudge against Long Wan’er now, if she ever discovered Ye Feng entangled with Long Wan’er again then she certainly would never forgive him.

Regarding this, Ye Feng didn’t have anything to feel, actually in reality, he had nothing to do with that Long Wan’er, so he had no need to be worried about it at all. As long as Long Wan’er wouldn’t know that he was the masked man from last night, the opposite party absolutely would not be able to find him.

When he listened to the sound of the footsteps of Su Menghan going upstairs, he felt a bit relieved thinking that, now it seemed like this girl had very quickly recovered from the blow Su Xinchang gave her today.

Ye Feng had no idea that originally, Su Xinchang had never much cared about Su Menghan since beginning. Infact, the present situation was not at all worse, it had always been like this for Su Menghan. But today, it seemed like the reward of finally obtaining her love probably changed Su Menghan’s mood for the better.

This whole afternoon , Su Menghan was busy in tidying things up in the bedroom, while on the other hand this whole time, Ye Feng was in the hall, sitting and expanding his zhenqi meridians.

After tidying things up, Su Menghan was perspiring heavily, she went downstairs and saw that Ye Feng was still sitting in the same pose, she felt even more strange in her heart. However, since she had been a very clever and smart girl, she decided not to disturb him, instead she entered the bathroom and started preparing everything for taking a comfortable bath.

Originally, this villa had bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs, but Ye Feng was warned by the old man ‘Ye Wentian’, not to go in the upstairs bathroom, so its door was locked and it couldn’t be opened unless it was violently destroyed.

Su Menghan could only take shower downstairs.

Before entering the bathroom, she secretly looked at Ye Feng and thought about that day when he climbed up the building two weeks ago and suddenly turned and ended up seeing her taking bath,  just by thinking about this she couldn’t help herself from blushing.

She softly entered the bathroom, locked the door and very soon the sound of the showering water started coming out from the bathroom.

When Ye Feng listened to the sound of rushing water from the bathroom, he could not help but think about the day he arrived into this world and immediately saw her white bare body, thinking several times of holding her soft fragrant body, naturally he felt somewhat hot in his heart.

“Small Bee, Small Bee, open the door, Ouge, has come!” (Ouge – Ou Elder brother)

Suddenly the doorbell rang up.

Ye Feng was taken aback, this boy could not make a phone call to inform before coming over?

He got up and stretched his body, right now, his strength as compared to his rebirth time on the Earth had definitely grown up, but he just didn’t know how many times he became stronger. The feeling that he was getting stronger bit by bit made him very happy and satisfied. Moreover, just by becoming stronger day by day, he could achieve some sense of security.

Ye Feng didn’t hold the same sense of security as that Lin Clan’s Sanshao (third son). No matter how strong his family background was, there would always be some people trying to kill him, so how could he feel relaxed just by depending on the strong backing of his family background.

He stood up, opened the entrance’s door and saw Ou B wearing a casual shirt, seemingly in a very high spirit standing at the entrance, holding some photos in his hands.

“Small Bee, from the last time, both the spirit stone and the white Yin Yang fish were sold to us by a tomb raider.”

Ou B seeing Ye Feng, smiled heartily: “An ancient grave in Changbai Mountains, but also took many pictures and insisted to sell to us together with the things. Dad spent 10,000 to buy these photos, really awful…… However, these photos are actually very strange, it seems like there is a demoness in them.”

There was a demoness?

Ye Feng felt a little strange, such things also existed in this world?

“Hey, Small Bee, is there someone in your bathroom?”

Ou B listened carefully and really heard the sound of running water, he somewhat strangely looked inside because he remembered that previously, there was just Ye Feng who had been living in this villa all alone. He looked at Ye Feng and from his apperance, it didn’t seem like Ye Feng had just taken a shower.


Ye Feng remained surprised for a moment, as he didn’t know how to explain this.

Just then, the sound of water rushing in the bathroom suddenly stopped, followed by a crisp and clear voice of a girl: “Ye Feng, please pass me the electric hair dryer, I forgot to bring it in with me ……”

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