Chapter - 45: view of beautiful female master
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Ou B listened that and thought, wasn’t this the voice of his school’s Xiaohua?

He suddenly pointed to Ye Feng: “Small Bee, isn’t that Su Menghan?”

Ye Feng coughed: “Keke, her father has driven her out, hence she is temporarily living in my …….”

“Holy fucking crap!”

Ou B suddenly started feeling dizzy, Su Menghan and Ye Feng were unexpectedly living together? On top of that, she was taking showed right now, and also asked him to hand over electric hair dryer to her?

If this news reached the school, it would definitely become the hottest topic before the college entrance examination!

Moreover, Su Menghan had been driven out by her own father? Wasn’t she the daughter of the chairman of Su Sheng group, which was considered as a very rich family, how could she be driven out …… was it because of Ye Feng?

Ou B stared at Ye Feng: “You haven’t explained it honestly and properly, what’s the matter?”

“Actually, I accompanied her to a trip to Langfang City yesterday ……”

Ye Feng finally let go, since even he was not clear that Su Menghan’s trip to Langfang yesterday would create so many troubles. But he still remembered that just after they arrived in Langfang and got off the train, at that time, both sides didn’t see pleasing to each other’s eyes.

“So her family agrees to you and her living under the same roof?”

Ou B was still feeling strange about all this.

“The situation is more complicated, I think you don’t need to know. By the way, about these things, I will talk about it more specifically tomorrow in the school, until then, Bye-Bye.”

Ye Feng snatched those photos and other materials from his hands, and pushed him outside the door and with a “bang”, he shut the door. He did not want to wait even a single minute during Su Menghan’s showering time or else she could be seen by Ou B.

Only Ye Feng could look at her in such a situation and no one else.

“Well done! Small bee, you really have the attraction towards opposite sex, you’re a real guy indeed!”

Ou B shouted from outside but he was actually feeling very uncomfortable.

“Thanks Ouge!” (Ouge – Ou elder brother)

Ye Feng shouted from inside.

“Dman! This is the first time I have heard you calling me that, if you continue to call me that in the future, then this Ouge will forgive you, ha ha ha!”

Ou B laughed openly from the bottom of his heart.

“Alright then, there is no problem in it!”

Ye Feng laughed as well from the bottom of his heart, this really touched his heart. Previously in the World of the Immortals, he never had such type of friend, only he had a good relationship with his beautiful female master.

Worthy of being called best buddies.

After that, Ye Feng turned his head to place those pictures on the table, he then looked for the electric hair dryer, moved towards the bathroom entrance and knocked on the door.

In a while, a snow-white tender-looking beautiful hand quietly extended out from the bathroom door, and was slightly shivering.

Ye Feng could not help but smile, was she afraid of him that he would abruptly enter the bathroom, which was against the discipline? After putting the hair dryer in her snow-white hand, Ye Feng turned around and left and heard the bathroom door being shut firmly and quickly.

But he did not care about it, instead he came to the table all prepared to have a look at the pack of materials, brought by Ou B.

On top of the photocopy of the antique appraisal report there was some information which was about stuffs which were discovered from that ancient tomb including that White jade Yin and Yang fish.

Ye Feng could not help but glance at that information, which suddenly startled him!

That White jade Yin and Yang fish dated back to nearly 5000 years, excavated out from the Shang Dynasty tomb site, so what Ou A described about it to Lin Clan’s Sanshao was exactly the same as written here and also the suggested price was around one million or even more.

“Ou B, that boy, he lied when he introduced me to it?”

Ye Feng thought to himself and suddenly felt a surge of warm feelings in his chest, his heart was moved. That kid wanted to introduce Ye Feng to some good stuff, but was afraid that Ye Feng would not be able to afford, thus he deliberately decreased the price so much. One must know, if Ye Feng had bought it for 150,000 then Ou B’s father would definitely have lost around 1 million!

Moreover, Ou A also did not deceive Lin Clan’s Sanshao. Although he was a crafty profiteer, but still, he carefully considered whom to make his target. Those sort of rich people, who held a very high status like Lin Clan’s Sanshao, frequently used to buy antiques, so wouldn’t they have some kind of medium to identify the age of the antiques? Deceiving him would be just like courting death.

Ye Feng knew already that last time, Oushi Antique Store absolutely did business at a loss.

“But Uncle Ou is really a good man. In the World of the Immortals, how could I possibly meet such an uncle.”

A self-ridiculing smile flashed on his face, because last time, he thought that Ou A was a very smart and crafty profiteer, but infact there was an other side to him, even if he lost a big amount of money to compensate three times to Lin Clan’s Sanshao, still he didn’t wrinkle his eyebrows and kept a smiling face throughout.

“Yanjing’s Lin Clan …… just like the World of the Immortals, same thing happens here as well, those who posses strength and power can humiliate other people at whim?”

Ye Feng eyes flashed with a touch of coldness, since Yanjing’s Lin Clan didn’t get success in creating a good impression on Ye Feng. Moreover, the ridiculous point was that his grandfather, Ye Wentian, had given him the direction that if he ever came across any problematic matter, at that time he must ask Lin Clan for help.

Now, even if Ye Feng was in dire need of help, he would never go to this so-called Lin Clan of Yanjing.

He flipped altogether ten documents about unearthed jade carvings, however most of them were damaged, only that White Yin and Yang fish was preserved properly. But still, what a pity it was also pulverized by those servants of Lin Clan’s Sanshao.

As for that half spirit stone, it looked more like an ordinary stone, furthermore, Ou A most likely hadn’t done its appraisal. However, occasionally he used to meet with Huang Lao outside, at that time he must have mentioned about the appearance of that spirit stone to him. On the basis of that description, Huang Lao said that it might be a good stuff.

Just under the appraisal report, there was the picture sold by the tomb raider.

Ye Feng picked it up and looked at it, but suddenly the color of his face became pale, there was a look of total disbelief in his eyes!

“This…… how is this possible? Master?”

In this fuzzy picture, there was a broad underground stone chamber, surrounded by four large-scale stone pillars, in the stone chamber the junk goods were scattered everywhere in disorder, it could be seen from the picture that the stone chamber was accessible from all the directions.

In a corner of the path, there was a rear view of a female which was incomparably familiar to Ye Feng, dressed in a snow white gauze clothes, long beautiful hair swept up in a bunch, hanging down to the buttocks, light and elegant stature, the back view suggested as if she was trying to make a turn, probably to leave the line of sight of that tomb raider.

Although the picture was quite blurred, difficult to see anything clearly, but to Ye Feng, being constantly together for ten years with his beautiful female master, even if the picture was quite blurred, still it was impossible for him to make a mistake in recognizing her!

Ye Feng was all fired up with excitement instantly, his both hands were shaking while holding that picture.

“It really is my master?”

He quickly dropped all other photos from his hands, and started looking at some other pictures, altogether there was a total of seven pictures and each picture had a fuzzy back in it, and from the memories of his beautiful female master deeply engraved in his mind, Ye Feng was now 100% sure that the back view in this picture was exactly the same like his master’s.

Su Feiying, also famous as the the Ice Fairy in the World of the Immortals. She was the leader of Star Tomb faction, and throughout her life, she only received Ye Feng as her disciple, and devotedly taught him.

Ye Feng still remembered that at that time, just in order to suprass the hundred years of cultivation, a great war was going on between his master and the devil lord of Fire Dragon Cave. While fighting all the way, they went deeper into the Fire Dragon Cave and he lost their trail. When he also went into the depths of Fire Dragon Cave, he only saw the traces of a fierce battle along the way, but could not find anyone’s trace.

“Time wise …… could it be that master came here even before I came here?”

Ye Feng could not help but guess so.

His train of thoughts had started rolling all over, in any event, he must go to that Shang Dynasty tomb site in Changbai Mountains to check it out. Whether it was back view of his master on the picture or not, atleast, that place had produced a spirit stone and might have several more, so it was worth going there eitherway.

“No, perhaps that spirit stone was actually brought in this world by master?”

Ye Feng suddenly thought so, but he knew that merely guessing was just a waste of time, the key was that he must find out the truth himself.

“Ye Feng, what are you looking at?”

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