Chapter - 46:  Su Xinchang’s invitation
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Ye Feng was feeling a bit unsettled, the moment he heard the voice of Su Menghan, he collected all the photos and with an upward movement he replied: “Nothing.”

He turned his head towards her and saw she was well-dressed, wearing a long sleeved pink T-shirt in which there was a printed cute teddy bear design on its chest area, an ordinary light colored jeans, hair was tied up in a cute & long ponytail braid, all these things made her transform into a simple and lively girl at present when compared from her pure and beautiful style from earlier.

The most attractive thing was present under the pink cloth around her chest area, those firm and arrogant looking pair, which was constantly attracting the eyes of Ye Feng and he couldn’t control himself from glancing at them numerous times. Actually he thought to himself that this little girl would definitely not lose to Long Wan’er in this respect. Just by looking at them closely, it could be said that both of them would have fifty-fifty chance of victory.

“What are you looking at?”

Su Menghan had already tracked his eyes and blushed slightly: “Never mind, anyway I must go now, I will be back later.”

Ye Feng responded just by seeing her in this appearance, he already had detected that she dressed like this since she had to go out, he felt a bit strange: “at this time of evening, where do you have to go?”

“My Father……”

Su Menghan somewhat hesitated, but then replied: “My dad called me up in the afternoon, he has invited me to dinner in the Jinghua Grand Hotel.”

“Oh, Ok.”

Ye Feng nodded and didn’t care about it, the opposite party would start its movement this quickly had already been anticipated by him. However, at present, he didn’t want to think about this matter.

Was Su Feiying really there in Shang Dynasty tomb site of Changbai Mountain?

Su Menghan noticed that he was a little lost and restless, that aroused some doubts in her mind, but she did not ask anything, instead she said: “Ok, then I am leaving.”

“Wait, let me do a phone call first.

Ye Feng stopped her and then pulled out his cell phone and called Ou B.

The other party quickly picked up the phone, and with some doubts he answered: “Small Bee, what happened, is there any problem in the data?”

“Nothing, however I want to know where the tomb site is located, I want to go over there.”

Ye Feng anxiously asked this.

“Regarding this, I really don’t know.”

Ou B reluctantly said: “that tomb raider won’t tell us about this. Still, if you want to know, then just ask from that tomb raider, however that mysterious person is very unpredictable, he appears and disappears by his own mood, my dad also failed to get in touch with him.”

“Really? How long does he generally take to show up again?”

Ye Feng did not give up, since the Oushi Antique Store was that shop which was frequently contacted by that tomb raider, in that case, someday he would certainly appear again.

“It can’t be said precisely, however sometimes it takes a period of half a month for him to appear again, and sometimes for several years we don’t even see his shadow ……”

Ou B strangely asked: “Small Bee, why do you want to go to that place, although you can choose ‘martial arts’ as a good excuse to escape my question, but the tomb is that kind of place where not a single specialized professional has come out alive. If you are trying to make money, you don’t need to risk your life, right? ”

“If he appears again, be sure to inform me, thanks.”

Ye Feng did not explain anything. Regarding this Su Feiying’s shadow matter, it was just like Ye Feng’s case, his identity as a cultivator shouldn’t be known by anybody.  Similarly, Su Feiying’s shadow case was exactly the same, so this thing could only be better put off.

He was completely drawn in his own thoughts, he barely just hung up the phone, while on the other side, Su Menghan was very nervous seeing him like this, she anxiously asked: “Ye Feng, are you going somewhere?”

Ye Feng turned his head and saw that her innocent face had a touch of worry, he couldn’t help but smile and pat on her shoulder: “No. Come on, I’ll accompany you to the Jinghua Grand Hotel, lets see what he has to say.”

“We are going together?”

Su Menghan was a bit surprised.

“Of course, let’s go.”

Ye Feng sent a short message to the young guy, Zhao Yibei, of Heavenly Serpent Gang, making him to come and pick them up. Since he had got a free driver, that didn’t mean he had to use him in vain. However, the Jinghua Grand Hotel was such kind of place where the BMW seven series couldn’t be considered as a high-profile thing.


Su Menghan nodded politely, as she knew that Ye Feng was afraid of her running into any kind of accident again, so he was willing to go with her. This thought deeply touched her heart.

Ye Feng smiled, he then held her soft hand and pulled her out of the door.

Since this Xiaohua had become very interesting to him, and at the same time he had also started liking this little girl, so from now on, the other people would be like his rival, who couldn’t take her away from him. Those who would try to hurt her, had to think over once again that, could they deal with the so-called hurdle, Ye Feng first?

Su Menghan was holding his hand, suddenly her heart started beating faster and her face slightly turned reddish.

The dream she had seen on the train, was it going to come true? She could not help but recall the violent kick by that beautiful woman, Long Wan’er, she then thought to herself that it would not come true, right? She then shook her head and made a firm decision. If she had chosen to believe in Ye Feng, then she should not suspect him. But if he dared to lie to her……

After some time the ice silver colored BMW Car arrived outside the Qingfeng Park district, and got parked in the roadside, the driver was the one called Zhao Yibei, that young guy from the previous time.

Zhao Yibei became indescribably excited seeing Ye Feng and Su Menghan coming out together by holding hands of each other.

Sure enough, it was right, she was really jealous! Didn’t this explanation become reconciled? That Young guy felt that, his explanation greatly helped Ye Feng quite sooner, and suddenly he started bursting with a sense of accomplishment.


Jinghua Grand Hotel, was one of the top rated hotels in Yanjing city, and it was located in the center position of the city.

This place didn’t belong to the sphere of influence of Heavenly Serpent Gang, however this was the place where all the powerful dignitaries of Yanjing city used to gather, it was not such kind of place which could be controlled by a trivial criminal gang.

But at this time in Jinghua Grand Hotel, the entire floor had been wrapped, certainly it was not Su Xinchang who could make this magnificent feat, since he was just an ordinary chairman. but it was the influence of the Yanjing first Clan, Lin!

Lin Clan’s Old Man, Lin Hongchuan’s 70th birthday was today, so they specially arranged a feast here to entertain all the influential official public figure from around the country. The hotel’s underground parking lot had already been full of all kinds of luxury cars and was fully occupied in all directions.

Su Xinchang drove his car and arrived in front of the gate of Jinghua Grand Hotel, however after seeing a huge crowd of all the rich and powerful figure of the city on the road, he wrinkled his eyebrows, it seemed like tonight he had no option left than to ask his daughter to have dinner in Jincheng restaurant which was on the opposite side of Jinghua Grand Hotel .

Jincheng restaurant, in terms of expense, was kind of a very cheap restaurant in comparison to Jinghua Grand Hotel, moreover the standard of this restaurant was also quite low. This was the first time Su Xinchang asked his daughter for dinner alone, so he wasn’t feeling well deep inside his heart since he was facing such kind of situation, but he didn’t have any other means.

Whole restaurant was already booked by the Lin Clan for their private use. However, originally Su Xinchang had already made a plan to book the Jinghua Grand Hotel for the meeting purpose.

“That kid Ye Feng, he is also supposed to be coming together with her. When the time comes, I must strike well, I have already done a little investigation regarding the relationship between that kid and Heavenly Serpent Gang. If everything goes well, then I would be able to make them cooperate with each other.”

Su Xinchang thought to himself, he drove to the Jincheng restaurant’s parking lot.

He was thinking a way as how to make Ye Feng ready for cooperation, of course, he had already decided to suggest an engagement proposal for Su Menghan and Ye Feng, as a result of this, he could be able to also stabilize his relationship with Heavenly Serpent Gang.

As for today, he had thought that he would try to convince and make Su Menghan understand that without Xie Clan, how would she lead a steady and secured life? Therefore, the relationship with Xie Clan was necessary to be firmly maintained.

He entered Jincheng restaurant, booked a room, and then gave a call to Su Menghan to notify her about the sudden change of meeting location.

At this time, Ye Feng and Su Menghan were brought by Zhao Yibei all the way to that Jinghua Grand Hotel, they saw that in front of the hotel there was a huge number of people and a heavy traffic as well.

While at the same time, Su Menghan happened to pick up the phone call of him coincidentally and then she came to know that the meeting place had been changed. This left Ye Feng a bit puzzled, so he asked directly: “Zhao Yibei, what’s going on over there in Jinghua Grand Hotel?”

Zhao Yibei was one of the trusted subordinates of the Scarred face man, in addition to this he also had a very good idea about the other upper-class families of Yanjing city including Yanjing’s Lin Clan, he smiled and said: “I have heard that it is 70th birthday today of Yanjing Lin Clan’s Old Man, that is why they have done a grand reservation of all seats for this occasion. Hence, if someone encounters this kind of situation, then he can’t do anything except changing the place only.”

Yanjing’s Lin Clan? 70th birthday of Lin Hongchuan?

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