Chapter - 47:  Extreme Drinking capacity?
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When the car stopped in front of Jincheng restaurant, both Ye Feng and Su Menghan got out of the car.

However, there was nothing intimate between them, because as per the opinion of Su Menghan, they were just high school students at present, they had not formally associated with each other yet. So, they must wait till the college ……

Meanwhile, Zhao Yibei was looking for a place to park the car, he had refused the invitation of Su Menghan to accompany them to eat meal together. Being the trusted subordinate of Scarred Face Man, Zhao Yibei obviously knew quite well when he should submit and when he should retreat.

Ye Feng and Su Menghan both of them entered the restaurant together, and moved towards the room which was booked by Su Xinchang. On the opposite side of this restaurant, there was Lin Clan in Jinghua Grand Hotel, but Ye Feng was not a bit inclined to pay attention towards them.

However, he wasn’t aware of the fact that at this time at the entrance of the Jinghua Grand Hotel, a group of people got out to welcome the host who invited them all for tonight’s feast, and that was Lin Clan’s Old Man, a 70-year-old Lin Hongchuan who finally arrived at the hotel’s entrance!

Although Old Man was quite old, but he was full of energy, not even a few white hair could be seen, also he seemed to have a very strong built. He greeted the crowd while getting out of his car, but suddenly his eyes fell towards the opposite side of the road, he saw across the street Ye Feng and Su Menghan got off the car together and entered Jingchen restaurant.

He could not help but squinted his eyes and thought, wasn’t he that Old Man, Ye’s  grandson? How was he together with other girl at the same place?

Looking around and listening to a large group of surrounding people who were blessing him, it was like impossible for him to go and look for Ye Feng at this time, but he saved this matter in his mind and decided that if he got time even for a while, he would go to the opposite side to ask Ye Feng to have a talk with him. Although, he had not seen Ye Feng officially yet, but he saw him today coincidentally on this auspicious day.

This time on his seventieth birthday, his grandson, Lin Xiuwen, who already knew his grandfather was very fond of antiques, used all his means to gather up some good antiques for him as a birthday present. Finally today, he presented them to his grandfather, which made him very happy, this good-for-nothing grandson finally managed to do something properly.

If it was said that Lin Clan’s Old Man was the most powerful and influential man in the country, then it wouldn’t be an exaggeration. On the eve of his 70th birthday, many powerful officials accepted the invitation to come and congratulation him, which was just one aspect of the story, while the other aspect was they generally wanted to maintain a good relationship with Lin Clan and also with the other powerful officials who took part in this grand feast. It could be said that all the powerful figures were here for their mutual benefit.

Tonight, it was destined that a lot of contract agreements would be signed off secretly in this banquet hall, the influence of which would determine the direction of certain sectors of the economy as a whole.

A group of people were around the Lin’s Old Man, they all entered Jinghua Grand Hotel along with him, where they received a very warm applause.


On the other side, under the leadership of the beautiful waitress, Ye Feng and Su Menghan arrived quickly at the sixth floor in Jingchen restaurant. The corridors and hall were resplendent in gold and jade green, the look was like a very high-end places. Such a classy decoration and interior, but still it couldn’t be compared to the standard of Jinghua Grand Hotel which was at the opposite side of the road.

“Both of you, please come this side.”

That beautiful waitress came in front of the door of a big room and opened the door for them.

Ye Feng nodded and walked in the room first, Su Menghan followed after him, one after another both of them entered the room. It was a huge room where 10 people could easily sit, but actually there was only one person, Su Xinchang, who was sitting there alone waiting for them. The table was full of expensive dishes all prepared, in addition there was two bottles of red wine, which was revealing a seductive halo.

“Menghan, Little Feng, come, sit down.”

As soon as Su Xinchang saw the two of them entering through the door, he smiled immediately, and got up to greet them by stacking a smiling face.

He had swayed back and forth for many years in the market, he had a great social experience, when any situation came up , he used to understand already at an earlier time that what measure he should take. The red wine was certainly prepared for Ye Feng, in this country if the liquor was kept on the dining table, it was meant to drink more and discuss all the matters conveniently. It was like an everlasting truth.

From the door, Ye Feng looked around and noticed that Su Xinchang had occupied the main seat of this private room, while the dishes were placed on both left and right sides of him, it seemed just by judging the table that he already had guessed Ye Feng would certainly come together with her. Also it appeared like he wanted Ye Feng and Su Menghan to sit in his two sides respectively, which could pull the relationship closer.

However, Su Menghan might not want to sit next to Su Xinchang, and the same might go with Ye Feng.

Ye Feng walked up straight and sat down exactly on the opposite side of Su Xinchang all of a sudden, but he did not look at him. Su Menghan saw that Ye Feng didn’t follow the instruction of her father, so she as well went directly towards Ye Feng and sat beside him.

When that Beautiful Waitress noticed this, she felt a little awkward. She come up and very politely said: ” both of you people, since it is a family dinner, would not it be better to sit closer? The cutlery is already ready, if you need refreshments ……”

That waitress knew the special identity of Su Xinchang, because he owned a Gold card of this restaurant, so she must invite his daughter along with her boyfriend to have a meal.

In the opinion of Waitress, this young fellow was too mound of earth, he came for this meeting in the casual sportswear, didn’t even look at the position of tableware, moreover he chose to sit opposite to his future father-in-law unexpectedly! Then, he was aiming for his daughter, it seemed like a beggar was dreaming for a princess?

“No thanks, we will sit here.”

Ye Feng faintly said that and interrupted the persuasion of waitress. Certainly, he would not sit close to Su Xinchang, since he came here just to take a look at what the other party had to say.

“Just listen to him now.”

Su Xinchang felt a little unhappy in his heart, but still he kept a smile on his face and nodded to the waitress.

But all these things were making the waitress a bit confused, did Mr. Su admire this guy? Ofcourse, she could only listen to the words of Su Xinchang, so she started transferring the two tableware gracefully in front of Ye Feng and Su Menghan.

“Open the red wine, after that you can leave.”

Su Xinchang said to the waitress.

“Alright, I will be standing at the door, Mr. Su, you can call me any time.”

The waitress opened the bottle and then bowed and went out of the door, however before going out she glanced at Su Menghan out of jealousy. Needless to say that in reality, Su Menghan was already very pretty and pure which was quite enviable. Let alone that she was the daughter of Su Sheng Group’s chairman and had this sort of great family background, there were a lot of people who were envious of her because of both matters.

Actually nobody knew that Su Menghan didn’t like this status, even more she wouldn’t consider this as the honor.

Waitress finally came out and stood outside the door, she looked at Ye Feng and then closed the door, she thought to herself that this guy as well didn’t know anything about luck. Unexpectedly he won the favor of  the daughter of Su Sheng group’s chairman. If he could really become something in his life, then in the future he would definitely start his first career which would be pretty higher than a large portion of the average people.

While Ye Feng Sitting in the private room would certainly not guess that something was going on currently in the waitress’s mind.

This time Su Xinchang picked up the bottle, and poured the red wine in the glasses of Ye Feng and Su Menghan respectively, and with a soft smile: “Menghan, Little Feng, the things that happened during the day, I hope you guys won’t mind, it was just I was making it all look like this in front of the mother Tigress, how couldn’t I recognize my own daughter? Moreover, Menghan is so beautiful …… ”

“Is that so? Then do you even know how sad she was in the afternoon?”

Ye Feng said so while faintly looking at the glass of red wine, the dense color of wine was revealing a fascinating glory, which was considered as the top class thing  in the world, it was representing the symbol of luxury, and high-end Western style.

“Menghan, father has to apologize to you, okay? Come, have this glass of wine, even if I am your father, still I apologize to you.”

Su Xinchang smiled gently, he then carried the wine glasses, and offered them.

Su Menghan looked at the glass of red wine, and turned her face to look at Ye Feng with a bit of hesitation.

“Girls need not to drink, that’s why I have come.”

Ye Feng smiled and pressed down the hand of Su Menghan from the glass, he took his own glass and tossed it down in his mouth and in just one gulp he finished the whole glass. When the expensive wine flowed in the throat of Ye Feng, he could not help but frown. For him, this was the first time, he was really not used to such kind of thing, it was a bit difficult for him to drink.

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