Chapter - 48:  Angry Su Menghan
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Su Menghan looked at the side of Ye Feng and with a touch of concern she asked: ” You ok?”

“Ofcourse I am all ok, relax.”

He smiled gently, nodded his head and sat down, he then raised his head to look at Su Xinchang sitting opposite to him and said: “Well, now we can talk properly, so what do you want exactly?”

When Su Xinchang saw him being so direct, he didn’t feel good in his heart and became a bit unhappy. He thought that he was really a young child who didn’t understand the custom. He didn’t know what matter should be discussed on the liquor table, he shouldn’t be so quick and so direct.

Now, it should be the perfect time to exploit one’s connections! Su Xinchang couldn’t believe that why Ye Feng was not the least interested to have any connection with Su Sheng Group? it was like, if Ye Feng and his daughter would really become one, then in future wouldn’t it be like he would automatically become eligible to get most of the share of Su Sheng Group?

Too young!

Su Xinchang thought to himself, however, this young child would be much easier to deal with on the contrary.

He gently smiled: “Little Feng, there is a plenty of time, we don’t need to worry about it. Come on, let’s celebrate our first meeting, and then have another glass of wine!”

Ye Feng snorted loudly: “You don’t need to try to get close, since this is of no use to me, if you have anything to say then be on the line, otherwise if you don’t come to the point, I will immediately leave.”

Su Xinchang’s  face turned stiff, really he did not expect that he didn’t know the difference between good and evil!

However, he managed to take care of the train of thoughts running in his mind, he was also feeling pity just by thinking that Ye Feng didn’t drink, he failed to make an appropriate atmosphere for this purpose. Anyway, he did not have to pay attention to Ye Feng anymore, he sat down, looked at him with great interest and then by raising his chin he said: “If so, then I won’ beat around the bush, I have heard you are the cousin of Scarred Face Man, isn’t it true? ”

“So what?”

Ye Feng saw the attitude of the opposite party and a feeling of disdain grew in his heart, he didn’t even have the desire left to reply to the opposite party.

Su Menghan was silently watching everything from one side and was feeling very disappointed in her heart. She thought earlier that Su Xinchang heard the voice of his little conscience, that was why he invited her to dinner to make up for the father-daughter relationship. However, who knew it was Ye Feng’s back influence.

“Don’t you think we can cooperate with each other?”

Su Xinchang looked very confident while saying so, with a smile he continued: “Since Menghan and you are already living together, it would better to look for a day to get you two engaged in order to determine the relationship. In this way, in future you will also get a part in the shares of Su Sheng Group.”

Ye Feng smiled: “Then, later Su Sheng Group has nothing to do, or you can make Heavenly Serpent Gang to help you out? That’s a good idea, but shouldn’t you ask the opinion of your daughter?”

Such arbitrarily he wanted to make his daughter to get engaged with Ye Feng, in this Su Xinchang could be really considered as a high ranking personnel who considered Su Menghan entirely as a tradable commodity.

Su Xinchang listened to him and then turned his head to look into her eyes and it seemed that she didn’t care.

He said lightly: “Regarding this matter, I believe that Menghan will not reject it, after all she also likes you ……”

“I refuse.”

Su Menghan completely disappointed  Su Xinchang, she stood up and with tearful eyes stared at him:  “It’s true I like Ye Feng, but does liking someone is equal to engagement, tell me father, I am not that simple.”

This statement of Su Menghan left Su Xinchang and Ye Feng stunned for a moment.

Su Menghan’s body was trembling slightly, apparently, she stood up and said those words even though she was extremely nervous, but now she was also a little worried that Ye Feng would be angry with her.

Liking someone was not equal to becoming engaged. In other words,  she had a good impression of Ye Feng in her heart and she wanted to attempt to associate with him, that was all. However, this favorable impression was far less than the degree of love. In that case, engagement , marriage, and so on were still very early now. Being good was not equal to simple, being good didn’t mean being silly. Just a trip to Langfang had developed her feelings for him, but that was still far from being so firm.

Whatever she said perhaps it might make Ye Feng uncomfortable, but she stated the truth by pushing her luck, because it was really very difficult for her to bear the attitude of Su Xinchang.

Ye Feng had already guessed what was going on in her mind, so he softly said: “Relax, I am not angry.”

He then held her hand.

His words made her very emotional, she angrily sat down and didn’t loosen his hand, instead she tightened her grip.

Under Ye Feng’s comfort, she gradually calmed down and continued saying: ” Regarding grandmother’s car accident, Su Xinchang, don’t you have anything to say?”

After done saying, she coldly stared at Su Xinchang, as if she was looking at her personal enemy, rather than her father. She took out a bank card from the bag and threw it directly in front of him. It was apparent that she did not need the one million of him.

The words she said suddenly reminded Ye Feng of that middle-aged young woman, Xie Min of Xie Clan. Could it be that she was really very sly? The way she spoke with them, it was quite obvious that woman was truly very narrow-minded, moreover since she had married to Su Xinchang, would she try to control his life on the ground of this marriage?

Angry Su Menghan said a series of words which left Su Xinchang speechless.

Before coming to the meeting, he had considered a very wide range of possibilities that might happen, but did not think it would turn like this. Actually he was not a bit concerned about Su Menghan’s action of throwing 1 million bankcard in front of him, rather he was concerned about this, that the entire photograph was dispirited one after another.

As a successful public figure who had experienced lots of ups and downs in his life for a long time, although unexpectedly he got caught off guard, but he must know how to tackle this situation, since there was an Assassin’s mace opposite to him!

“Waitress, give me a few bottles of Erguotou.” (Erguotou – white liqour)

It seemed like probably Su Xinchang had lost the strength of his whole body, he shouted towards the door, unexpectedly he must drink the Erguotou. In front of Ye Feng and Su Menghan, it seemed as if a young successful business man had turned into dozens of years old all of a sudden.

Ye Feng thought to himself that it was not good, since the other party was actually trying to act as a very poor and pitiful person, he was planning to play emotionally with Su Menghan’s goodness and kindness, might be she would be swindled by him again.

But God had eyes, Su Xinchang’s sinister plan did not succeed.

When the beautiful waitress who was standing outside, opened the door and came inside the room carrying three bottles of ergotou, just then a person who was passing through there, suddenly saw Su Xinchang together with Ye Feng and other third people in that private room, he stopped there and couldn’t help but was astonished.

“Oh, isn’t this Brother Su, how come you get a free time for this dinner?”

From outside the room that man said with a smile, as he walked into the room, it seemed like he was very familiar with Su Xinchang.

Ye Feng turned around to look back and immediately recognized him. This guy was that potbellied guy, the way he was smiling, wasn’t he Chief Liu from the last time at the police station?

By the way, he was the one who used to support Heavenly Serpent Gang from backstage, Liu Lihui, the Chief of the Public security North-west Sub-bureau. Actually, he didn’t expect to see him here today.

Su Menghan looked at the opposite party and thought that he was also one of the evil associates of her father Su Xinchang, so, a look of disgust appeared on her face.

“This …… Chief Liu, what happened, are you also here to eat?”

Su Xinchang just wanted to play a desperate measure, however, he didn’t have thought that in the middle of their discussion Chief Liu would appear out of nowhere, he was secretly thinking through this.

“Ha ha, just came out of a toilet, I did not expect to run into you, brother.”

Liu Lihui smiled and then that potbellied sat down. He sat in a very good position which was in the middle of Su Xinchang and Ye Feng, but was kind of more closer to the seat of Ye Feng, which was only separated by two positions.

Su Xinchang was a bit alarmed, what was wrong, was Liu Lihui trying to curry favor with Ye Feng?

“Hey, Little Ye, ah, so you are with your girlfriend to take a stroll?”

After sitting down, Liu Lihui no longer paid attention to Su Xinchang, rather with a smile on his face he was looking towards Ye Feng, there was a touch of flattery with the respectful appearance on his face.

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