Chapter - 49: Xie Clan’s people arrive
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Although Liu Lihui, the chief of Northwest Public Security Sub-Bureau, was not a high-level official in Yanjing, but still he held a great power.

Even Su Xinchang’s social status was almost the same as Liu Lihui’s, which could be easily seen in Liu Lihui’s strength.  But holding this kind of real power, still addressing Ye Feng as ‘Little Ye’?

Seeing this, Su Xinchang became very anxious deep inside his heart, Ye Feng had just the identity of being the cousin of Heavenly Serpent Gang, still that was not sufficient to let him become a “Shao”, right? Could it be that this kid was having some other extraordinary background? (Shao – Little).


Ye Feng nodded, looked at the potbellied middle-aged man and thought to himself that the last time at the police station, who exactly was that person who telephoned him and made him so terrified?

He should be the person of Lin Clan, however, whatever Ye Feng thought might be just a possibility.

“Oh, by the way, who was that man who gave you the order to search for those three grass?”

Ye Feng asked this question since he was curious to know that was there any influence of Long Wan’er in this secular metropolis of the city.

“Yes, he is Chief Miao.”

As soon as Liu Lihui heard the question of Ye Feng, he started cold sweating, promptly he put up the name of his immediate superior. He was not a bit interested in getting involved in this fight.

“Chief Miao?”

Ye Feng frowned.

While they were having a conversation, Su Xinchang was constantly listening to them, he was being a bit fuzzy though, but the moment he heard the name  “Chief Miao” he was totally startled by it.

Liu Lihui was merely  the Chief of Northwest Public Security sub-bureau, but wasn’t this Chief Miao just the Chief of Yanjing public security headquarters? He was also the member of sub-provincial level municipal party committee, everywhere in Yanjing city, people used to talk about him , he was regarded as a high level official!

Seeing Ye Feng didn’t seem to clearly understand the identity of Chief Miao, Su Menghan went close to him and in a low voice she softly said: “He should be the Chief of Yanjing public security headquarters, Miao Zhenjiang, I often see him on the news channel and also in the newspaper.”


Ye Feng listened to her presentation, smiled and nodded his head, he thought that this little girl knew quite a lot. This time he really wanted to hug her and give her a kiss, unfortunately the situation was inappropriate, what a pity.

Miao Zhenqiang, but Dragon Clan had any influence in the secular Metropolis?

Ye Feng fiddled with the glass of wine in his hand, and sneered secretly in his heart, it should be better not to annoy him again, otherwise depending on his method, the opposite party certainly didn’t have the auspicious day today, simply the next step of Ye Feng would be, he would behead the other party altogether, once and for all.

When Su Xinchang saw Ye Feng sneering, he started getting panicked more and more in his heart. As from the aura of Ye Feng it appeared like, didn’t he even pay a slightest attention to Miao Zhenqiang?

Liu Lihui didn’t dare to continue too long on this topic, so he wanted to change the subject to avoid it. He knew that at the moment, on the opposite side, a grand feast  was being held by Yanjing’s  Lin Clan for the celebration of the 70th birthday of Lin Clan’s Old Man. If this Ye Feng didn’t have any relationship with Lin Clan, then how couldn’t he go?

Just when he was planning to make a veiled attack, immediately then the door of that private room burst open by someone “bang”, a group of people flushed in a threatening manner!

Including Su Xinchang, all the people present there were suddenly got frightened and shocked, Ye Feng frowned and immediately turned his head to look back and what he actually saw was a line of 5 or 6 people headed by Xie Min were looking at Su Xinchang constantly with an extremely angry expression.

“Su Xinchang, do you have to say anything?”

The air around Xie Min was making it feel like quite sooner she was going to make an unreasonable scene, she came in and instantly pointed her finger at Su Xinchang and in an scolding manner, she shouted: “so late, and what you said that you were going to discuss a business meeting,  as a result of it, well it feels like you are still thinking about your daughter, right? Very good. We’re divorced now!”

Behind her there was a man who was also from Xie Clan, he was one of the most dignified and commanding one. He was actually the father of Xie Min and also the main owner of Xie Clan presently. He was called ‘Xie Pinghui’.

Rest of the people were also from Xie Clan, they were both male as well as female and each and every one of them was gazing at Su Xinchang together with Su Menghan with a very ill facial expression.

When Su Xinchang saw Xie Min, he immediately understood that today’s matter was getting more and more difficult to handle, he started to have a headache, he thought that how today turned out to be such an unlucky day for him?

He immediately prepared his mind to resolve this crisis. If the current situation was not in his favor, then he would likely not think about pleasing both sides! His mind immediately entered the state of high-speed operation to come up with another way to resolve the current situation.

Liu Lihui was watching everything from the sidelines and was thinking that the current situation was not at all favorable for him, it seemed like somehow he got involved and trapped in some kind of family quarrel. His level as compared to Xie Pinghui was far from comparison, hence he didn’t have to be afraid of the opposite party. However, if it was seen from the different aspect then Liu Lihui was just a person while Xie Clan was a family as a whole!

Besides Xie Pinghui, other people of Xie Clan also held important positions in many places, moreover, they had a very strong hold over both the government as well as business. Although Xie Clan was merely a second-class family, but together they became much stronger than Liu Lihui as one person alone.

“Xinchang, I trusted you in vain, hadn’t thought that you would deceive my daughter like this unexpectedly.”

Xie Pinghui walked towards Su Xinchang and with a very disappointed look on his face, he looked at him and arrived at his side to take a seat. He then looked at Liu Lihui and slightly nodded his head as a signal to greet him. Since Liu Lihui was such a real powerful figure, Xie Pinghui didn’t need to offend him in any way, however he tried throwing him a hint to remind him that this was Xie Clan’s matter and they didn’t want outsiders blending in it.

If it were an ordinary time, Liu Lihui, seeing all these things, would have already thought to leave this place as he knew his limitation. However now, he decided to rush into danger and take the risk of a stroke!

By putting on a fake smile on his face he also greeted Xie Pinghui, and then he moved towards the position of Ye Feng  and sat at the side of him directly. He did that just to express two points, first -he wouldn’t get involved in this matter of Su Xinchang and Xie Clan, and second, with this he tried to convey his message to the opposite party without using his words that, they could do whatever they want but dare not to cause any trouble to Ye Feng.

It was crystal clear that Xie Pinghui understood what Liu Lihui tried to convey, so he smiled and nodded to him. But unfortunately Xie Min was such a febble minded person, she didn’t care about others. Seeing Su Menghan, she lost her calm and her blood started boiling, from behind the people she rushed and arrived at the side of Su Menghan.

“Bitch, offer your seat to somebody, don’t you know how to respect the elder?”

Full of arrogance and condescension, Xie Min said that to Su Menghan with a superior tone.


Ye Feng stood up and slapped her directly across her face, and said coldly: “I advise you to speak in a respectful manner!”

Half of the face of Xie Min turned red instantly, she didn’t dare to believe what happened just now, she immediately covered her face and with her finger she pointed at Ye Feng, although her finger was trembling but she said in attitude: “You, how dare you hit me!”

This scene suddenly gave a power shock to all the people present there, Ye Feng’s sudden slap mummified them all. In addition to Xie Pinghui and the other members of Xie Clan, Su Xinchang also didn’t expect Ye Feng would actually hit her so easily like this! And on top of that, wasn’t he afraid to offend Xie Clan?

Even if Liu Lihui was there to support him, still this boy was totally not at all capable enough to offend Xie Clan! He had a connection with Heavenly Serpent Gang, who was just a bunch of gangsters, that was all, then how could he use the power.

Only Su Menghan was used to see this Ye Feng’s ferocious side, actually she was somewhat worried.

Liu Lihui from one side, was taking pleasure in others’ misfortunes, He thought that Xie Clan offended Little Ye, must be they were lucky today. Certainly, he was not a fool that he would go and remind the opposite party about Ye Feng’s background, since if by any chance Little Ye planned to play the role of the pig to eat the tiger, a type of pretentious bastard to step on the human?

Xie Min went behind a tall youth wearing a military uniform, about 27-28 year old by his appearance. This sudden incident immediately turned on his anger and he stood up and strode towards Ye Feng! He came out to be the younger brother of Xie Min, called Xie Chengye, he grew by Xie Clan as to develop him into a key figure in the military, but at present he was only a deputy major of a battalion, his development was not upto the expectation.

“Boy, have not your family members taught you that in outsiders interact with each other, you must not be too rampant?”

Although his military rank was not very high, but his determination was more than enough to deal with Ye Feng, this sort of organized crime relative, hence, he stood up and threw a powerful slap across the face of Ye Feng quite heavily. Dare to hit his elder sister, didn’t this boy want to live patiently?

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