Chapter - 5: – Conflict at the School gate
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All of the people in the World of the Immortals contained ‘Core Dan’ in their Dantian which and its main function was to generate and control the systemic circulation of Zhen Qi throughout the body. (NT: ‘Dan’ means ‘Pellet’)

However the people on the Earth did not have ‘Core Dan’ in their Dantian. As a result, they couldn’t even produce Zhen Qi then how could they possibly practice?

Ye Feng scowled and didn’t know what to do, when suddenly the ‘Dragon sword ancient ring’ on his right hand shone up and a trace of mysterious stream of air entered into his body.

“This is…………forming a Core Dan?”

Ye Feng was ecstatic and overjoyed.

Dragon Sword ancient ring actually had such a function which directly opposed the heaven’s will. This really was a pleasant surprise to him especially because now it was possible for him to practice in this world. However, didn’t this also indicate that in this world, he would be the only one who could practice?

He did not believe that others on Earth would also possess magic artifacts like ‘Dragon sword ancient ring‘, that directly opposed the will of heavens. Even in the ‘Cultivation World of the Immortals’, among the many magic artifacts, it was considered a top notch and could lead to an all out war among the forces. (NT: Ye Feng’s world is called ‘Cultivation World of the Immortals’ but I will just use ‘World of the Immortal’ to avoid any confusion)

Thus, as long as he was careful, he would certainly be safe here, and without worrying about anything, he would be able to fully concentrate on finding a way back to the World of the Immortals.

Thanks to the miraculous function of ‘Dragon sword ancient ring’, a soybean-sized ‘Core Dan’ had quickly formed in his Dantian and he had finally calmed down, because now, he could actually begin to cultivate by practicing ‘Star tomb tactics’.

When he was in the World of the Immortals, he had practiced ‘Star tomb tactics’ for eight years and was very much familiar with it. He used his thoughts to move the faint trace of Zhen Qi in his Dantian along the fixed passages of meridians, circulating it randomly up and down in the whole body.

He forced the circulation of Zhen Qi in his meridians which was slow in the beginning but it gradually began to get faster.

Soon, all of the meridians inside his body had been developed by the forced circulation of Zhen Qi! Next step would be to start the operation of Star tomb tactic, which would continue to grow his cultivation day by day, and he would gradually become strong in this world as well.

Certainly, merely practicing a cultivation law was far from enough. He wanted to quickly increase his cultivation and for that, he must look around for some heavenly treasures, medicinal herbs, medicinal pills, in order to absorb the divine Lingqi accumulated in them. Only then, his cultivation growth would become very fast!

But now that he had gained the ability to produce Zhen Qi, he could protect himself, because he could finally display the most basic fighting technique of the World of the Immortals – Bagua Fist.

In the World of the Immortals, the main fighting techniques used were powerful immortal techniques. Using them, one could spit clouds, walk on the wind, topple the mountains and overturn the seas and all kinds of unfathomable tricks. This Bagua fist technique was used by no one in actual combat, but unfortunately, Ye Feng could only use Bagua fist as there was not enough Zhen Qi in his body, so using a fist technique was all he was capable of.

In the Bar Street, if he could use Bagua fist technique then he wouldn’t need to run from the drunkards of Heavenly Serpent Gang.

Finally, he could feel that his body was getting stronger little by little.

Ye Feng felt relaxed and went to bed.


The next morning he woke up early and decided to go to the Yan High School.

He certainly did not want to go to school, but this world’s Ye Feng had a best friend who studied in his class and his family had a business of antiques. He wanted to have a look as he might find some treasures among the antiques.

He still had the check of 200,000 and if he could find some good practice resources then that would very cost-effective.

From the memories, he had come to know that in this world, there was a fearful presence of firearms. At his current strength, if he was to face these firearms, it would be very difficult for him to escape, so he must gain strength as soon as possible.

Yan High School was not far from ‘Qingfeng Park’ villa district.

Ye Feng went out of the villa and spent more than twenty minutes walking to the school. When he was approaching the school door, a car stopped beside him. Sitting on the front passenger seat was a beautiful girl clad in white dress and she was none other than the beautiful Xiaohua of his school, Su Menghan.


Su Menghan saw him but there was a bitter expression on her face. She came out of the car and walked straight towards the school gate. Her beautiful appearance and exquisite graceful figure instantly attracted the attention of many boys.

As far as the attitude of this so-called school beauty was concerned, Ye Feng naturally did not care.

But when he looked towards the school gate, he was suddenly startled. He saw three slovenly guys standing near the school gate with a white snake painted on their cuffs.

Members of Heavenly Serpent Gang!

These three goons of Heavenly serpent gang had certainly come here to teach him a lesson.

When they saw Su Menghan, they immediately recognized that she was the girl from last night, but they had not come for her. They had thoroughly investigated and knew that the girl from last night was the daughter of Su Sheng Group’s chairman. Although they were not afraid of the other party but they didn’t want to needlessly get into trouble.

However, since this girl had appeared then that Ye Feng brat should also come, right?

Sure enough, they looked around and located Ye Feng leisurely walking towards the school gate. They immediately laughed and geared up to fight.

“They are……”

Su Menghan saw the three goons at the school gate and felt a little strange. She saw them slowly approaching Ye Feng with malicious smiles on their face and all of a sudden she realized that they had come for Ye Feng.

“Su Menghan, you are early today, ah, I’m so glad to see that you are alright.”

An equally slovenly voice reached her ears. It was Tian Youliang who had abandoned her and escaped last night.

She didn’t even give him a glance as she was really disinclined towards paying attention to an unreliable ‘gong zi’ like him. Right now, she was concerned about Ye Feng’s safety. (NT: ‘gong zi’ is an honorific for ‘son of an official’)

She felt a crisp pain in her heart. Although she wanted that repugnant Ye Feng to suffer, but deep in her heart, she was somewhat worried.

Tian Youliang came next to her, still wearing the black leather jacket, but when he realized that she was ignoring him, his complexion darkened. Certainly this was because of things that happened last night but now she didn’t even want to exchange greetings with him.

Tian Youliang looked towards Ye Feng, who was slowly walking towards the school gate, and thought: “Boy, although I don’t know how you saved Su Menghan last night, but now that you have provoked the Heavenly Serpent Gang, get prepared to die.”

Ye Feng gradually approached the school gate and the situation looked somewhat tensed.

When other students sensed that something was wrong, they stopped near the school gate to see what was going on. The three goons were smirking and walking towards Ye Feng.

The security guard saw this scene but didn’t do anything. How could a mere security guard like him dare to annoy the members of influential and untouchable Heavenly Serpent Gang?

He didn’t want to get involved with the Heavenly Serpent Gang because if tried to interfere in this matter, he might not be able to continue his job. Right now he was just hoping that the student wouldn’t be fatally injured after receiving the beating and when this was all over, he would immediately call the ambulance……

“Boy, be sensible and come with us.”

A thin and tall goon looked playfully at Ye Feng and said.

Even after seeing the arrogant and overbearing attitude of the opposite party, Ye Feng’s facial expression didn’t change instead there was a calm look on his face. He suddenly stepped forward and condensed Zhen Qi in his right leg and instantly kicked out!

Dealing with people like this, he won’t show them any mercy, because for him, talking rubbish with them was just a waste of time. In the World of the Immortals, even a second of distraction could lead to death, so why would he waste time on idle talks?

“Peng” Ye Feng heavily kicked that guy between the two legs.

In a split second, the sound of an egg breaking resounded in the ears of all of the people. After hearing this sound, the bodies of almost all of the males simultaneously shivered.

Quite ruthless!

The thin goon’s complexion paled as he could not bear the intense pain. He immediately kneeled down clutching his broken eggs between the legs.


“Kill him!”

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