Chapter - 50:  The wrath of Scarred Face Man
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The young soldier, Xie Chengye, was staring in anger, everyone from Xie Clan were already anticipating that something bad was going to happen soon, and suddenly a slap was thrown towards Ye Feng!


Another clear sound, but the situation was different from what was imagined by people.

In anger, Ye Feng flung his arm to grab Xie Chengye and slapped him hardly across his face, as a result of it, he flew all the way to the wall and bump against the luxurious decoration on the walls quite heavily. Suddenly, fresh blood gushed out from the corner of his mouth!

This scene, once again left a very powerful shock on everyone’s mind who were present in that private room, they were all got frozen to the spot. Besides, when that beautiful waitress saw the series of violent incident taking place one after another, she panicked and quickly ran out of the room all prepared to report to the manager of the hotel.

“Chengye, are you alright?”

Xie Min promptly moved towards her younger brother to give him support, a flashing anger with a touch of surprise could be seen very clearly on her face, this boy dared to hit her younger brother including her was really unexpected, really he overturned the heaven!

Xie Pinghui, seeing this now could not sit still, he stood up and loudly shouted: “Stop!”

“Why, do you also want to get thrashed?”

Ye Feng tilted his head at his side to gaze at him, and very indifferently he fired that question on him.


Xie Pinghui’s entire body started shaking with anger: “You are called Ye Feng, ain’t you?  how can you be so uneducated and uncultured?”

“Ha ha, you are talking to me about education and upbringing?”

Ye Feng glanced at the side of Xie Min: “First take care of your daughter properly, then talk about it.”

Xie Pinghui listened to him and felt speechless suddenly. Indeed, just a moment ago, wasn’t  Xie Min opened her mouth earlier to say “Bitch”? Seeing his own girlfriend was being abused like this by others, it was very normal for Ye Feng as a man to lose his calm.

Just now, who were got beaten up by Ye Feng were Xie Pinghui’s son and daughter, it was impossible for him to stand on the side of Ye Feng. While making a stuffy groan, he said: “That’s also not the way to hit people out of nowhere using your hands and fists. You apologize to my daughter, and I assure you that we will surely write off this beating incident.”

Very frankly he said to Ye Feng that he surely would write off this incident of hitting Xie Min, however, he didn’t say that hitting Xie Chengye would be written off as well, obviously this Xie Pinghui was also an old crafty fox. Firstly, he was trying to make Ye Feng apologize to his daughter to save his face, and then he would use his son as an excuse to teach a lesson to Ye Feng, indeed such a  sinister old man!

“Ye Feng ……”

Su Menghan saw him angrily hitting people around for her, she felt her heart had intertwined with him, she tugged at his sleeves.

With full of emotions, she saw that Xie Min was hit by him and because of that there was a very flustered and defeated look on her face. Su Menghan was a very pure and honest girl from inside her heart, after all she had been oppressed by the opposite party for more than 10 years in a row. Especially during her young age, she was got beaten up by Xie Min not only one or two times, instead several times.

But intellectually speaking, she did not want to see Ye Feng doing so. Although he had a complete support of Heavenly Serpent Gang , but still as compared to Xie Clan, he didn’t have an absolute advantage, even if he was the young cousin of the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang, but hitting someone from Xie Clan certainly would be very troublesome.  Besides, leaving this aside, she had always been personally in favor of a peaceful solution to any problem.

Rest other people of Xie Clan including men and women saw that even Xie Chengye was got beaten up badly by Ye Feng,  so no one dared to come forward against him since they all were timid in a way. Originally, they had come over here to cheer Xie Min up for  “justice”, but they didn’t know anything about  Ye Feng, therefore, in order to not to get into any trouble, they fixated their sights on Xie Pinghui and relied completely on him.

Xie Pinghui stood up on the side, looked at Xie Chengye with a very shady and hidden complexion and nodded to him, then he turned around to pour his gaze at Ye Feng and said: “what happened? For the sake of so-called man’s honor, you are finally refusing to apologize for your action?”

In his opinion, although Ye Feng had the support of Heavenly Serpent Gang, but eventually he was merely a high-school student, so it was not difficult for them to make him admit his defeat.

But contrary to his expectation, Ye Feng was not a bit inclined to apologize to her.

“Just look at the face of Menghan, so I can’t be held accountable for this matter.”

Ye Feng didn’t pay attention to rest of the people who were covetously watching him from one side, he sat down and said slowly: “Anyway, since we are here, why don’t you just give me an explanation about how did Menghan’s grandmother encounter a car accident?”

“What car accident?”

Xie Pinghui snorted coldly.

“Right, what car accident, how are we involved in this matter, why do we have to give an explanation?”

Xie Min became a little worried, with an upward movement she replied to Ye Feng and tried to totally deny this blame, simultaneously, with all her might she gave signal to Xie Chengye by using her eyes. Xie Chengye quickly understood the hidden meaning behind that signal, with a shady facial expression he  nodded to her as well and then he immediately pulled out his cellphone and sent a text message.

“Is that so? Since you have totally refused to admit this, I won’t force you then.”

Ye Feng smirked and looked towards Su Xinchang and Xie Pinghui who were sitting together, then he turned his vision towards Su Menghan, held her hand and pulled her to get up, since he wanted to leave now.

There was no point in staying there anymore. About the car accident, Ye Feng could definitely make use  of Heavenly Serpent Gang to investigate into this matter, as he had a firm believe that they would certainly find any clue.

“Stop right there, after hitting people, now you want to walk away from here, that’s not so easy!”

Xie Chengye with half of his face red, suddenly saw them departing, he immediately stepped forward,  stared at them angrily and stopped them at the door.

Ye Feng still holding Su Menghan’s hand, looked around and glanced at Xie Min : “That’s quite easy to handle, let her apologize to Menghan,  then in return I will apologize to her as well!”

“Little brat, just dream on! You dare to hit the active duty military personnel, you just wait for your death!”

Xie Min Poohed a little and didn’t pay attention at all to Ye Feng, presently the only thing she was itching to do was she wanted to take hold of Ye Feng and hit him personally by her own hands, so, how possibly she could apologize?

“Then get out of the way, don’t waste the time of everybody. If you have any contradiction with Su Xinchang, then you have to resolve it by your own.”

Ye Feng arrived in front of Xie Chengye  and looked directly into his eyes without paying the slightest attention to the status of opposite party.

“Clear my way.”

Xie Chengye touched the fresh blood coming out from the corner of his mouth, contemptuously he looked at Ye Feng: “Now that even you want to apologize, you must look that whether I am willing to accept or not.”

He barely said his words and at the same time a group of men rushed out of the elevator of corridor, from their footsteps and clothing, it was quite clear that they were soldiers unexpectedly!

“Xie elder brother, what’s the matter!”

That group of people flushed in a threatening manner and caused a chaotic situation in the entire corridor. There were other customers as well who wanted to go to the bathroom, but seeing such a turmoil they stepped back and didn’t dare to approach near the corridor.

In fraction of seconds, seven or eight youth wearing the military uniform gathered around the door of that private room to block the way of Ye Feng. They were below Xie Chengye on the basis of ranking, they were under commander of platoon leader, usually they were mixed together to commensurate with the brothers.

Su Menghan was a little nervous: “Ye Feng……

“Rest assured, I won’t have anything to do in this matter.”

Ye Feng patted on her shoulder to comfort her a little, he then looked up to see the other side who was also glaring at them by narrowing his eyes.


Su Xinchang didn’t think the situation would turn out like this, he could not even get time to say few  words, he simply looked at Xie Pinghui since he wanted to say something to him.

“You can’t control this matter, now this thing will be handled by military people, you and I are not related.”

Xie Pinghui interrupted him, with a very calm appearance  he was looking at the door where Ye Feng, along with Su Menghan, was stopped by those military people.

Xie Pinghui as well never liked the presence of Su Menghan around Su Xinchang and Xie Min, but the most important thing was Xie Min and Su Xinchang had no child till now, that was the reason why Su Menghan’s presence had become very sensitive.

It looked like this time, he would certainly be able to force Su Xinchang to abandon his owndaughter completely, right?

Since there was a support of military personnels to Xie Chengye, so his mind was at ease finally, holding calm and composed appearance, he was looking at Ye Feng: “Boy, if you have sensed your position already, then let me tell you now, if you bark like a dog three times , slap your face 100 times and finally crawl on your knees, then only I can consider to let you off, what say?”

As soon as he said that, many people in that private room suddenly gasped, since they thought that didn’t this go too far?


And at this moment, on the staircase of Jingcheng restaurant, a group of menacing gang members from Heavenly Serpent Gang carrying chopper went upstairs and appeared on the floor in a threatening manner.

Scarred Face Man was angrily walking in front of them, just few minutes ago he heard from Zhao Yibei that there seemed to be a  troop of soldiers looking for Ye Feng, therefore, without wasting any second he, along with his group of people, came over here directly with a killing instinct!

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