Chapter - 51:  Battle of Words
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A confrontation took place at the door of that private room between those 7-8 soldiers and Ye Feng who was still holding Su Menghan’s hand. While, the rest of the people were just there watching everything for their enjoyment.

Ye Feng sized up that troop of soldiers standing in front of him blocking his way, he thought that it would be quite easier for him to draw his sword suddenly and kill them all in a flash, but what a pity, he couldn’t take this measure.

He turned his gaze towards Liu Lihui, possibly this time, this guy might be able to come into action?

When Liu Lihui saw this, he coughed and suddenly stood up, his potbellied stature was finally  in the standing position. Under this situation, he was definitely going to be on the side of Ye Feng.

“Keke, just now whatever happened here, I’m the witness of it!”

Liu Lihui said that while coughing, and then by carrying his heavy potbellied body he stood up: “Little Ye’s beating to the military personnel,  this thing is completely fictitious, it is completely an act of self-defense. However, the things became big and complicated, all thanks to Xie Clan’s kid, isn’t your influence in the army also not good?”

It was truly said that ‘old ginger was hotter than young ginger’ that meant experience really did matter, suddenly the complexion of Xie Chengye changed, his face immediately paled down because of Liu Lihui’s sarcasm.

“Lao Liu, we must not foolishly interfere in this kind of thing for the good.” (Lao = Old)

Xie Pinghui sitting on the side, with a very calm and composed look, said: “But your police system will be in inconvenience to participate in the military thing, right?”

An outbreak of Military conflict in the Chinese country was considered as a very serious matter. The thing that Xie Pinghui just now was obviously a kind of warning to Liu Lihui.

“No, no.”

Liu Lihui certainly was not like the opposite party’s general, he patted his big stomach and said with a smile: “Just now, whatever I said was just representing my thought, my identity has nothing to do with this matter. As a matter of fact, Old Xie, the point you raised a moment ago is 100 % correct.”

Xie Pinghui was the party secretary of the North West District in Yanjing city, but was retired now. However, Liu Lihui was little afraid that he could still do something. Moreover, as long as Liu Lihui would stick to Ye Feng, he could take a firm foothold,  a trivial Xie Clan’s people couldn’t be ale do anything to him.

This is an important turning point in Liu Lihui’s life!

“Representing the individuals? A very good point.”

Xie Pinghui smiled: “If that’s the case, then Chengye we don’t have to worry about how to carry out our plan.”

Simply put it like this, if the person were not Liu Lihui or the Chief of Northwest Public Security Sub-Bureau, Xie Pinghui would have completely acted as if he didn’t even exist there. But now, since he was already going to represent himself as an individual not like a Chief of Northwest Public Security Sub-Bureau, so they didn’t need to worry and give him any respect and importance as well!

Just by listening this, Xie Chengye’s face started revealing fierce and sinister look immediately, he fixated his eyes on Ye Feng in anger. Today, he had been slapped by this boy, if he didn’t take his revenge, then wouldn’t he lose his self-respect completely?

“Wait a minute!”

Seeing that, Liu Lihui strode and came in front of Ye Feng and Su Menghan to block the advancing opposite party and then he poured his gaze at Xie Chengye: “Ye little, you go over there , let me first deal with them! But you have to think about it, even if I represent the individuals, but also at the same time, I am a law-abiding citizen! Soldiers are like the hands of the people, if you dare to do anything to them, then I have plenty of ways to make things big.”

Although Liu Lihui couldn’t come up to act as an official to cover Ye Feng , but still he stood in front of him all of a sudden, that was beyond Ye Feng’s expectation which made him to do a little appreciation of him. It seemed like, was this fellow a little reliable?

“Then what do you say, how should this matter be resolved? Lets first come to an agreement, this kid didn’t give me an apology till now, doesn’t he want to get out of here?”

Xie Chengye said that holding a gloomy face. Although Liu Lihui said he was just representing individuals, but his status as the Chief of Northwest Public Security Sub-Bureau couldn’t suddenly vanish away, if he returned to his original power, then he knew quite well how to destroy someone by taking a disciplinary action, then the future would be even more uncertain.

“What apology? Damn!”

An angry and commanding voice passed out from the end of the corridor’s elevator. Immediately, a group of people wearing suit,  carrying choppers in their hands, mostly the gold medalist goons of Heavenly Serpent Gang emerged out. They were headed directly by Scarred face Man who was also holding a chopper in his hand,  he was looking very brave, powerful and extraordinarily formidable!

From the other rooms on the corridor, several customers came out and stood on the doorway, watching this scene suddenly they gawked, what situation was this, even the organized crime gang had appeared here as well? This year, what happened, why the organized crime gang was being so rampant, and moreover they were also standing strongly against the soldiers? Wasn’t this like courting death?

How to say it again, the organized crime people could never have the influence under the bright daylight, in addition, they couldn’t confront with the national army ever. Since, no good result would ever come out in a situation like this.

Xie Chengye had also started to think so, although he was a bit surprised, but didn’t care about it.

But when a group of people of Scarred Face Man came forward and started splitting up the doorframe  of that private room, then suddenly those soldiers got the reality shock, they now understood that they couldn’t underestimate them or consider them as a trivial group of people!

Almost everyone was stunned in that private room, however, Liu Lihui didn’t have the time to enjoy their aggression and domineering.

“Who are you guys?”

Liu Lihui’s complexion sank, he thought that bringing the choppers to clash with the soldiers, if this matter passed on to the higher authority, then it would be needless to mention that even for his immediate superior, it would become very difficult to protect Scarred Face Man!

On the surface, he certainly couldn’t expose his relation with Scarred Face Man, so he could only ask questions from them like he did just now.

Scarred Face Man pulled the corners of his mouth to smile, obviously he was not a shithead, suddenly he pulled out a document from his bosom: “I, Your Father, am here rightnow, to ensure the security of Jingcheng restaurant, some people are causing trouble here, certainly we have to come forward on the surface to coordinate.”


One group of people were just here trying to simply make noise and chaos, while on the other side, this organized crime gang were exhibiting such a high intelligence quotient?

Xie Chengye’s complexion became more gloomy all of a sudden, he was constantly staring at the knife cut wound which was there on the face of that ferocious Scarred Face Man. He then snorted coldly and pulled out from his bosom, his own military officer card as an evidence.

“Obstruction caused in the military affairs by other personnel has been strictly prohibited!”

After done saying, Xie Chengye raised his chin and bulged out his chest as a symbol of feeling superior, he contemptuously looked at Scarred Face Man and thought, regardless of who the opposite party was , the organized crime gang or small security, the military had the ultimate power to sideline everyone even those who used to say ‘I, Your Father’!

The moment Scarred Face Man listened that, he split the door frame into two parts while pulling out his chopper, and by staring directly at him he said: “Why can only soldiers have the right to act as they please? We, as the security guards, have the prime job to ensure the safety of our customers at all cost, otherwise if by chance someone file a complaint against us, then our bonus of this month will be held, under such situation will you compensate me?”

“Correct, the security elder brother is stating the truth.”

Liu Lihui standing on one side continued saying:  “Obviously, you Xie Clan has rushed over here to make trouble, whatever Little Ye did was just a justifiable act of self-defense, but you guys have blocked the way and not letting him leave. Is this the attitude of our country’s military? I was really so disappointed!”

“I can’t say that.”

Xieping Hui replied to him in a loud tone in that private room, since in the presence of Xie Clan, only he was capable enough to level up with Liu Lihui in this battle of words: “This is our Xie family’s affair, this little boy started hitting our people first, and on top of that also refused to apologize, how can we possibly let him go away?”


Liu Lihui sneered: “And the ways to apologize are to bark thrice like a dog, slap yourself 100 times and crawl on your knees?”

“What? You insulted our customer, this boy, Jingcheng restaurant doesn’t welcome you, brothers, be prepared to catch up these people!”

Suddenly the anger of Scarred Face Man reached its peak, he waved his hand towards a group of men of Heavenly Serpent Gang to start a unified action, and so just after getting his signal they instantly flashed out a big row of choppers!

Xie Chengye came over here just to help his elder sister, did he actually know that he would bump into this sort of thing, he brought with himself his military officer card, but didn’t have any weapon in the hand, Ah! Since they were currently confronting a row of shinning choppers, so several soldiers were feeling diffident all of a sudden.

“Real man can never be at a disadvantage from the outset, were you guys just making fuss from the beginning?”

Many soldiers were having such type of thought, they were looking at each other in blank dismay. They were empty-handed and now they had to confront with choppers, they didn’t have that level of guts, the only thing left for them was to retreat, and by using their maximum speed they wanted to run away and ask someone to come and support them!

When Scarred Face Man was about to directly quell this scene, at this time, a large number of people appeared in that corridor out of the blue!

A group of four rows of police, wearing police uniform, from very far blocking the entire corridor from both ends, suddenly showed up. This group was headed by a tall and strong built personnel, having the look of an official, wearing the police uniform along with the first-level commissioner level epaulet, a silver olive branch, composed with three badges along with quadrangular flowers shining, all of them together were demonstrating his status explicitly.

“He is Miao Zhenqiang, the Chief of Yanjing’s Public Security Headquarters!”

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