Chapter - 53:  Shocked Audience
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Ye Feng raised his head, and looked at the Old man, this was his first meeting with him.

Lin Hongchuan.

Lin Clan’s Old man, during the beginning phase of his business, played a very important role in founding his huge business empire. Apart from that, regarding his children, at present he had formed a huge family and was surrounded by lots of children and grandchildren. The power he held in his empire was on tilting side. Although, he was not on any official position now, but no one dared to ignore his influence, not to mention his eldest son was currently one of the central most powerful persons in the today’s business world.

Slowly he came out of the elevator, glanced around the corridor in front of him which let all the people present there feel the edge in the back. Every time he took one step, the breath of people was being half beat behind. Except a small number of people, no one knew the reason behind Old Man’s sudden appearance over there.

Who among them had the worth to that extent where he was able to attract the attention of such a great person and draw him over there?

“Grandfather, please walk slowly.”

A luxuriously attired youth, wearing a Patek Philippe watch on his wrist, standing behind Lin’s Old man, said that with a smile across his face.  Wasn’t this guy, Lin Xiuwen, the same person whom Ye Feng had seen last time?

At this time, he was accompanying Lin Hongchuan. Even if he was just a Lin Clan’s Sanshao, still his existence as a Lin was more than enough to let the people of Yanjing shudder. Not to mention, rightnow in front of everyone, Lin’s Old Man was also present there along with him, hence Lin’s power was kind of doubled. (Sanshao – third son)

Customers of the other rooms were silently standing salute at the doorway. Being able to come to this Jingcheng restaurant to eat meal, obviously it was quite natural that their social status was certainly not low , just a glance was fairly enough for them to instantly recognize the identity of Lin’s Old man.

“Little Miao, you got the team now, here I am.”

Lin’s Old Man walked up to the side of Miao Zhenqiang and patted his shoulder with a smile.

Miao Zhenqiang had a connection with Long Clan in the martial arts circles while Lin’s Old Man had a connection with middle Clan. Both sides were not on a harmonious term. However, the difference between the level of these two sides was way too large, still Miao Zhenqiang couldn’t dare to confront him or speak even few words in front of him.

“Got the team!”

After that Miao Zhenqiang did not speak anymore rubbish, he coldly looked towards Ye Feng and then turned around and walked away.

A fierce tiger was tamed by Lin’s Old Man and on top of that, it happened so easily in just a tweak.  (Fierce tiger = Brave fighter)

Ye Feng was standing still there, remembering the face of Miao Zhenqiang which was very ferocious few minutes ago like a Chinese character, he thought to himself that one day in the future he would certainly point out the color of his look.

Then he turned his head and looked towards Lin’s Old man and Lin Xiuwen, he slightly wrinkled his eyebrows and frowned. He never had thought to rely on Lin Clan to solve his any kind of problem, however the opposite party appeared suddenly like this which somewhat stupefied him.

Liu Lihui, who was standing behind Ye Feng, seeing that breathed a sigh of relief finally, he thought that since beginning Little Ye had already done the arrangement in advance with Lin’s Old man , unexpectedly he made Lin’s Old man to come over here personally, wasn’t this really so awesome? This potbellied Chief of Public Security Sub-Bureau also thought that Ye Feng did call Lin Hongchuan to come and rescue him.

As for Su Menghan, she who was still standing beside Ye Feng, was feeling some apprehension. She didn’t know the identity of Lin’s Old Man, but she had an idea about Lin Xiuwen’s identity who was known as Yanjing rich man’s son and also as Yanjing’s Playboy. However, by judging the surrounding person’s response, suddenly she also guessed the status of Lin’s Old Man.

She had no idea about what brought Lin’s Old Man here, if he also wanted to deal with Ye Feng, then …… she simply didn’t dare to imagine the consequences.

“Step aside, everything is alright okay.”

Ye Feng waved his hand to indicate Scarred Face Man to take hold of their Choppers. As he knew, since Mr. Lin had appeared here, now there was no one who could dare to ask or do anything.

Although reluctantly, but still Ye Feng had to admit, this way many things would be smoothly done or easily solved. Su Xinchang, Xie Clan, Heavenly Serpent Gang …… now nobody would dare to create any problem to him. Must know, in the eyes of Lin’s Old Man, he was his granddaughter’s prospective husband! Of course, as for Ye Feng, whether he was ready to admit it or not, it was completely an another matter.

Scarred Face Man was being a bit skeptical, but seeing Ye Feng speaking up and waving towards them, he finally gave an order to all the men of Heavenly Serpent Gang to immediately withdraw and stand behind Ye Feng.

Xie Clan’s people along with those soldiers also gathered together, they all were somewhat astounded, by holding a blank and uncertain expression on their faces they were looking at Mr. Lin while approaching gradually towards each other to stay close. Moreover, they were also getting more and more nervous with the passing time second by second. Even a rampant and unkind Xie Min was completely silent at this moment, she didn’t dare to make even the least bit of sound.

As Mr. Lin was approaching gradually towards them, simultaneously Ye Feng could feel that the periphery of the atmosphere was changing gradually. No, not just the atmosphere, but also the breath!

Ye Feng looked stern, although at present he didn’t know anything about the existence of the God, but still he could sense that everyone around Lin’s Old man was breathing vaguely because of his solid personality.

“Not only Lin Hongchuan was there, but there were also other people surrounding him to protect him!”

Ye Feng suddenly realized, no wonder merely two people, Lin Hongchuan and Lin Xiuwen, dared to come close to so many members of the organized crime gang who had choppers in their hands, they were not a bit afraid of any accident that might occur any moment.

Time seemed to have very slowed down, but in fact, it took just a moment for Lin Hongchuan to walk all the way to them.

“Ye Feng? This is our first meeting, do you know who I am?”

Lin Hongchuan stood still at a distance of three meters away from Ye Feng, and by chuckling he softly asked that from him.

“Are you Lin Hongchuan?”

Ye Feng looked at him while being totally stunned!

In short, by letting all the surrounding people completely startled on the spot, this boy unexpectedly dared to address Lin’s Old Man by his name, wasn’t it like courting his own death?

Moreover, Mr. Lin spoke to him so politely, it sounded like they were old friends, wasn’t this so unacceptable and unscientific?

“Hello! Don’t think you are the grandson of Grandfather’s old friend, how can you be so disrespectful to your elders and superiors!”

Mr. Lin standing at the side of Lin Xiuwen, immediately glared at Ye Feng angrily. He already knew the identity of Ye Feng, but it was quite obvious he didn’t pay any attention to that status. At this time, suddenly something hit his mind and he started thinking that this kid, Ye Feng, looked a little familiar, but where had he probably seen him?

“About that, I’m sorry, my Grandfather had introduced you to me like that.”

Ye Feng didn’t argue with him, without even looking towards Lin Xiuwen , he just gave an explanation directly to Mr. Lin.

“Haha, no worries. Correct, it really is the style of that Old man.”

Lin’s Old man was not at all angry with Ye Feng, instead he laughed, his eyes were displaying a sign of little praise for him. Had he ever seen such kind of young man for decades? Well, nowadays young people were very different, whenever they met him, they used to act like they were seeing an emperor. By the appearance of that Lin’s Old man it was apparently visible that he truly had a flattering expression on his face for Ye Feng.

Just a simple line of Lin Xiuwen had made Ye Feng’s status quite vivid among the people.

This boy Ye Feng was unexpectedly the grandson of the old friend of Mr. Lin! Moreover it appeared quite lucid that the relationship between Mr. Lin and his old friend was considerably good!

The audience were completely astonished!

Su Menghan who was still tightly holding Ye Feng’s arm, there was an expression of disbelief suddenly took birth on her face. Was Ye Feng really the biggest supporter of Yanjing’s Lin Clan? Truly inconceivable! No wonder, he had always been so self-poised, that was the reason why he used to encounter any kind of situation very calmly.

Su Menghan somewhat discontentedly, slightly pinched him, why he did not tell her this sort of important matter, it was too repugnant.

Scarred Face man still standing respectfully behind Ye Feng, was revealing a look of shock at this time. He thought that Ye Feng, who was originally the real boss of his gang from behind the scene, was he actually having such a good relationship with a great personality Mr. Lin? This was really a bliss, an ecstasy !

He didn’t have the desire or expectation to continue growing and expanding Heavenly Serpent Gang, but his heart was filled with a big desire to find out that Swordsman who had wounded his face ten years ago, so that he could take his ultimate revenge from him. Obviously, the more abundant background Ye Feng had, the more favorable situation would be for Scarred Face man in achieving his life’s goal.

Chief Liu Lihui of Yanjing Public security Northwest Sub-bureau was extremely excited rightnow, he was almost about to dance at the scene. This time, he bet right!

However, on the one hand few people were in ecstatic mode, while on the other hand few were in extreme distress.

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