Chapter - 54:   He didn’t deserve my older sister.
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Regret was probably the only thing Su Xinchang’s heart was feeling at the moment.

He had never thought that Ye Feng could have the relation with Lin Clan unexpectedly. If he had known this already, he would have absolutely maintained the friendly attitude towards him from the outset!

“Actually what is the identity of his grandfather, and unexpectedly he is friends with Lin’s Old man ……..”

Su Xinchang had mixed feelings, during his previous survey, how this thing went out of the range of his investigation which he carried out especially to find out every minor detail related to Ye Feng’s life? In order to find out the identity of Ye Wentian, he, who was merely a chairman of the ordinary group, wanted to investigate this which was entirely a wishful thinking.

At present, until he completely offended Ye Feng, then only he came to know that unexpectedly he had a connection with Lin Clan! If since beginning he had stood in the favor of Ye Feng and had supported him and Su Menghan, then now did he need to look at what Xie Clan signaling him by winking at him?

Unfortunately, in this world there was no such kind of drugs which could eradicate the so-called ‘regret’. Su Xinchang did all this by his own free will, he had no option left than to regret for his misdeed or misfortune.

Each and every person of Xie Clan had a very noticeable facial expression at the moment. their faces were exhibiting very colorful expression because of the ongoing situation.

Originally, they had nothing to do with Ye Feng, they had no connection with him. But coincidentally that happened recently when Su Menghan came together with him. They just wanted to oppose Su Menghan, but that automatically provoked Ye Feng as well.

At this time, deep in their hearts most of them were scared because just a moment ago Xie Min had scolded Su Menghan, now she was also regretting at her own words which was truly of very low standard. Since she had no idea about the strength of the opposite party earlier, that was why she scolded her like that, but the terrifying point which kept the rest of the Xie people including her quite nervous was that wasn’t she scolded her very badly in a very shameful manner?

At present Xie Min was incomparably worried in her heart just by thinking that she had caused Ye Feng a lot of trouble. Not to mention a slap across her face, if Ye Feng would wish to hit her again on the present scene, even if he hit her 10 times this time, could she be able to utter a single word against him now?

Simply speaking, Ye Feng had a big supporter now, the great Lin Clan. Just few words of Lin’s Old man was capable enough to eradicate the existence of the so-called second class family ‘Xie Clan’. They didn’t even have any level in comparison to Lin Clan.

All of a sudden the identity proof of the Military officer Xie Chengye fell down because he saw Lin’s Old man shouted loudly at Miao Zhenqiang to immediately withdraw his police group. He knew that, not only Ye Feng wouldn’t have forgotten about the slap, but also he would now investigate into their issues!

Xie Pinghui’s mood suddenly dropped to the bottom. As a retired official and a very clever old man, only he himself knew about the strength and capabilities of Lin Clan, as well as he also had a very good understanding about the current situation which was really not least a bit favorable for them.

He looked at Ye Feng who was standing in front of him in a very calm and composed form. In his heart he secretly hated this kid for concealing such a big thing so deeply in his heart. Not even an investigation which was jointly carried out together by both Xie Clan and Su Sheng Group could be able to discover his connection with Lin Clan.

“I, Xie Pinghui, respectfully congratulating Lin’s Old man for his birthday today, Many happy returns of the day, may God bless you and give you lots of happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea longevity!”

Xie Pinghui stacked the smiling face and took the initiative to wish him his birthday first out of others. “Well, I am getting old day by day, you young people get back and do what you have to do, ok?”

By raising his hand Lin’s Old man said that with the intention to stop Xie Pinghui from further interaction since he wanted to continue talking to him. From his words, everyone implied that he wouldn’t hold them responsible for today’s action.

All of a sudden his words lifted the burden from their heart. Finally Xie Pinghui together with his Clan and Su Xinchang felt a big relief.

With full of excitement Old Man Lin then looked at Ye Feng as well as Su Menghan who had his arm tightly held in her grip. That view triggered the interest of Old Man Lin, hence he asked from him: “Ye niece, she is your girlfriend, isn’t she? Why are you not introducing her to me?”

The moment Su Menghan heard his words, her face turned red, she blushed hardly, but she didn’t speak anything to oppose him, out of awkwardness she sipped her lips gently, which was making her incomparably lovable and cute.

Su Xinchang who was standing behind them, just for a while thought to jump out to introduce himself as the father of Su Menghan, but in the end he didn’t have the courage to come out and speak in front of him. He thought what would happen if Old man Lin would point out that he asked from Ye Feng, then why did he interfere between them? Speaking carelessly was not at all considered good.

“Ah, yeah, she is my girlfriend, how come you know about it?”

Ye Feng replied to him, then he looked straight into the eyes of Su Xinchang, and thought to himself that pretty soon he would be able to see what would be the reaction of Old man now to his reply.

He might force them to break up, and then he would announce the marriage of his granddaughter with him? If the impression of Lin Clan was so strong in Yanjiing, then it would be quite normal for the Old man to do so.

However, even if the opposite party would force Ye Feng to break up with her, it would be impossible for him to compromise with the opposite party. Since he had recognized Su Menghan as his girlfriend, so he would never let her go like this in the midway!

“Ha ha, the young girl is extraordinarily beautiful! The love of young people must be treasured well.”

After saying that, Lin Hongchuan didn’t speak anything else, he just kept on looking Ye Feng’s eyes which was more than a subject of ponder, it was also more than a hint of appreciation.

Lin Hongchuan could see through the hidden meaning behind the look of Ye Feng, he thought Ye Feng could ignore his granddaughter Lin Shiqing, as well as he could also insist to stick together with the girl he liked. This spirit was truly commendable, really it was quite different from other ordinary young men.

Lin Shiqing’s fame was resounded all over Yanjing, she was recognized as the perfect goddess in the city Yanjing. Lin Hongchuan thought it was close to impossible that Ye Feng would have not seen Lin Shiqing till now. If for a while lets assume he hadn’t seen her, but he must have seen her pictures.

How possibly he knew that Ye Feng was not even least bit interested in his granddaughter, he didn’t want to think about it anymore ……

Lin Hongchuan secretly sighed in his heart, unfortunately if he appreciated Ye Feng for his resolute, then how that old man, Ye Wentian, couldn’t be able to think so.

Mr. Lin very clearly knew that Ye Wentian had already recognized his outstanding granddaughter and also wanted to make her the granddaughter-in-law of Ye Clan. Now in this case, even if he was his old friend since many years, but still he couldn’t persuade him!

So, at present in front of them the love of these two young people was there, they had no other choice left than to completely rely on fortune ……

“It is natural – Mr. Lin, were you looking for me, is there any matter?”

Ye Feng noticed that the other party did not mention anything about Lin Shiqing, that was the reason he brought this topic up.

“Well, no, its just happened that you are here, I have come over here to see the old man……”

Lin Hongchuan showed a faint smile, he wanted to say something to Lin Xiuwen who was standing behind him, but abruptly something hit Lin Xiuwen’s mind and all of a sudden he raised his finger and pointed at Ye Feng!

“I remember now, are you that evil guy from the last time?”

Lin Sanshao finally remembered everything, he had seen Ye Feng last time at the Oushi Antique store! It seemed like, was this guy that one who broke his favorite white Yin Yang fish into pieces?

Lin Hongchuan was completely taken aback for a moment by hearing Lin Xiuwen’s words, had Ye Feng and his grandson seen each other already?


Ye Feng quickly looked at him, he did not know why on the earth Lin Sanshao was doing this.

“Wasn’t it you who broke that white Ying Yang fish which I had selected especially for my grandfather?”

Lin Xiuwen had an evil look on his face, he was staring at Ye Feng: “Do you even know, that was my own favorite gift?”

“Sorry, I do not know.”

Ye Feng chuckled: “And I was not the one who broke that antique piece, if you want to know who specifically did that, then just go back and ask this from those two attendants of yours.”

“Nonsense, they said that you bumped into them and broke that antique piece, is it wrong?”

Lin Xiuwen’s anger suddenly burst out.

“Even if I bumped and broke it, still Uncle Ou had already paid triple compensation to you, what more do you want to be done for that?”

Ye Feng smiled lightly, this boy was really too rampant.

“It’s – ahem – well, forget it.”

Lin Xiuwen also wanted to say something to zip his mouth, but just the thought that Grandfather was still behind him, stopped him, but he wasn’t ready to give up and just let off Ye Feng.

From the beginning he looked up and down several times at Ye Feng, finally he took a step back and said to Lin Hongchuan: “Grandfather, I think this boy doesn’t deserve my older sister. This thing …………”

As the favorite grandson of Lin Hongchuan, Lin Xiuwen knew earlier than others that his grandfather wanted his sister Lin Shiqing to be betrothed to a thing called Ye Feng. But he didn’t expect Ye Feng would actually turn out to be that evil guy from that antique shop.

The moment his words fell in the presence of all, each and every one of them went in a complete shock! Ye Feng didn’t deserve his older sister?

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