Chapter - 55: Exciting news burst out
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Like a powerful bomb, Lin Xiuwen’s words were suddenly thrown into the crowd.

This was the explosive news!

Ye Feng was the first to feel its heat, while at one side Su Menghan was there who was still holding Ye Feng’s arm tightly, it was very obvious that those words had set off incomparably mighty waves in her heart, the destructive power of which was not inferior to 12 levels of typhoons!

What? Ye Feng unexpectedly had the entanglement with Miss Lin?

Su Menghan’s face suddenly became pale, if it were the case of any other beautiful woman, then she would have a little confidence that she could compete with her. But when the opponent was Lin Shiqing, the case was completely different.

Although Su Menghan was considered as Xiaohua of the Junior High School, but still if she would be compared with the matured and royal elder sister, Lin Shiqing, it would be very tender. Moreover, the other party i.e. Miss Lin had an extremely high family background which was way too higher than Su Menghan’s family background. (Xiaohua = the prettiest girl of the School)

“Excuse me, I don’t know who your older sister is.”

Ye Feng frowned, then he shifted his line of sight towards Lin Hongchuan: “Mr. Lin, if you will excuse me, then may I ask you to take your leave. Thank you for coming here to see me, but I don’t welcome this.”

He said that, ofcourse it was totally meant for Lin Xiuwen, the Sanshao of Lin Clan.

“Haha, this kid is talking nonsense, this thing has not even started yet.”

Lin Hongchuan also gave Lin Xiuwen a glance, he should not have talked about this thing in front of others. But just a moment ago in this Jingcheng Hotel, in front of lots of people, a very crucial and confidential matter slipped out of his mouth.

Unexpectedly just a few minutes ago, this kid, who ran over here following his grandfather, could do such a blunder, just now he proclaimed an important matter in the public, which was a little indiscreet. After doing this kind of thing, could he be able now to take the responsibility and bear the consequences of it?

Old man Lin did not completely deny the words of Lin Xiuwen, but as a result he only tried to play the counter-effect. However, whatever he said now that indicated this matter had just a wee bit consideration, it was the best dealing method of him.

Since Lin Xiuwen noticed that he was being stared by his grandfather, he suddenly realized his mistake, he immediately shut his mouth and did not dare to leave the place.

“Since my nephew Ye said so, I’ll have to say good-bye then.”

Lin Hongchuan spoke that and with his sharp eyes he swept the crowd with a look that whether the hidden meaning of him was clear to everyone or not. Regarding this matter, if the people present there would ever try to speak out about it, Old man Lin would never forgive them !

The young lady of Lin Clan, Lin Shiqinq, she could marry anyone, but this was capable enough to even affect the country’s future political shape in next ten years or twenty years. If this issue would spread out in the public, then it would absolutely become a very sensational topic of discussion throughout the country. That was the reason why Lin Hongchuan didn’t want to make an announcement about her marriage so early. Most of the people present on the scene were cold sweating, among them Su Xinchang was also one of them who was very tensed, because his daughter Su Menghan was still together with Ye Feng, wouldn’t people say that he had snatched away Lin Clan’s son-in law?

Su Xinchang , who was already in a bad mood, was now more scared than being anxious, and all this happened simply because of Ye Feng’s identity! Now, for him Ye Feng was like an almighty God, if he would get the opportunity to meet him alone, then he would definitely treat him very respectfully without saying anything rubbish to humiliate him.

As Lin Hongchuan turned around, Lin Xiuwen also hastily followed him, he appeared just like a child who after making a mistake used to lowered his head, he didn’t dare to utter even a single word. Before others, Lin Xiuwen was just like the emperor, but in front of Lin Hongchuan, he without any doubt was a good boy.

Even if just a moment ago the thing that happened, it appeared like he accidentally made a mistake, thus making Lin Hongchuan unable to have the heart to blame him or rebuke him.

“Oh, so did I want to get into trouble?”

The deep eyes of Ye Feng was staring at Lin Xiuwen’s back, he was meditating quietly. As per his judgement, this Lin Sanshao didn’t seem to be so superficially remnant on the surface, then that meant he deliberately said that in front of the crowd.

So many people were present on the scene, even if Lin Hongchuan didn’t take guarantee that this rumor wouldn’t be spread out tiny bit. But the most essential point was even if those people didn’t dare to speak irresponsibly everywhere, but when the time would come, Lin Xiuwen would himself spread the news, and nobody would suspect him.

The thoughts were sinister, deceitful!

Purposely, when this news would be spread out, then Ye Feng would also understand what was it meant for. Since Lin Shiqing was so outstanding, very attractively and had a very splendid appearance, then how possibly the pursuers would be less in number.

Maybe if not tomorrow, but soon enough there would be a pile of admirers of Lin Shiqing who would come looking for Ye Feng to trouble him.

Of course, Ye Feng was all prepared to cope with anything to resist by whatever means available, although he was not at all afraid of those troubles , but in his heart he had something going on regarding Lin Xiuwen’s sharp and crafty mind.

“Little girl.”

Ye Feng tilted his head and saw Su Menghan who was pouting, she had a very unhappy appearance and there was not even a trace of smile on her face. He touched her head: “You are thinking about it, I really do not know his older sister.”

“Don’t touch me.”

Su Menghan ran to the side and very uncomfortably said: “It is not shameful, you hid the truth from me, it was such a big matter about your connection with Lin Clan but you never told me, you never cared for me ……”

There was no doubt that this little girl started to play temperament.

Ye Feng had never experienced how to deal with such kind of situation, this thing could only bewilder him, he then said: “Well, then how can you be willing to believe me?”

“If Lin Shiqing comes to you, what would you do?”

Very depressingly Su Menghan asked that from him.

“What can I do, I don’t even know her.”

Without hesitation Ye Feng replied that directly.

“Once you see her, you will start liking her.”

Su Menghan lightly groaned.

“How is it possible?”

Ye Feng was dumbfounded, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“How it is impossible, she is so attractive, her stature is also good, she has a splendid family background, moreover she is the President of the university student council, obviously her management ability would be remarkably strong ……”

Su Menghan started to bring into light various advantages of her future competitor.

“Well, I promise you, even if we bump into each other ever in future, I won’t talk to her, okay?”

Ye Feng was feeling very helpless, he had no option left but to say that, but this little girl started asking again.

“This is you who said that, I haven’t compelled you to say so, right?”

Suddenly a sweet smiled appeared in Su Menghan’s face, since the statement of Ye Feng was agreeable to her!

“Of course, it’s the promise of the man , the effective and influential word which is impossible to break.”

Ye Feng assured her.

“Well. I still believe you just once, as you can see, ok.”

So Su Menghan said that, she was finally satisfied with his replies, now no more playing any temperament.

When the surrounding people saw that unexpectedly she had the dare to talk to Ye Feng in such a way, they started sweating out. They were very fortunate since they didn’t know the identity of Ye Feng from the beginning, but now when everything was in the light and everyone knew his identity, even though this little girl was talking to him like this, she was really very arrogant, wasn’t she afraid of Ye Feng?

This is the difference between Su Menghan and the person like Xie Min.

Whether it was the status of Ye Feng or his background, she didn’t care about any such things. What she cared the most was only this person ‘Ye Feng’, if Ye Feng were such type of person who used to break the faith of people after getting power and authority, , then in that case he would never have become worthy of her.

“What you people are looking at, do you people also want to cause trouble to Ye Shao ?”

Standing behind Ye Feng, Liu Liuhui with full of proud, all of a sudden shouted at the group of people of Xie Clan.

Could it be possible now for Xie Clan and other group of people to say a single word in front of Ye Feng? Until this time, they did not know why Liu Liuhui used to call Ye Feng “Shao”. But now they understood everything, this despicable sinister, this fat man knew everything already since beginning about the connection of Ye Feng!

“That, Ye Shao ……” (Shao – little)

Xie Min didn’t dare to have the slightest bit of arrogance again, with somewhat hesitation she shouted one.


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