Chapter - 56: Zhu Bainiao, the Tomb Raider
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Lin Hongchuan left the place along with his grandson, but the shock generated by his presence was not subsided.

“Ye Shao, I owe you an apology.”

Finally Xie Min decided to face Ye Feng, this sarcastic and mean woman finally chose to submit.

Ye Feng looked at her face which was heavily painted with make up, he knew this was perhaps the so-called bullying the weak and fearing the strong thing. In the World of the Immortals he had encountered countless number of such kind of people, he was kind of tired of them.

“I don’t need your apology. If you really want to apologize, then apologize to your Menghan.”

Ye Feng shook his head, then glanced at the side of Su Menghan, and thought that now the time finally came to let this little girl vent her grievances which she had suffered for more than a decade.

“Need not to apologize, whatever relationship was there between us, from now on that doesn’t exist anymore.”

Su Menghan shook her head and said that coldly while facing Xie Min who was standing at the side of Ye Feng. Her will was firm, today in the afternoon, Su Xinchang made his decision to choose Xie Min over Su Menghan, since then Su Menghan was firm determined to disagree with everything which could pull her back in her family.

Even though the opposite party was willing to apologize to her now, she was not at all willing to accept it. More than ten years of injustice and grievances she had suffered, was it possible that just an apology could make up for everything?

“Menghan ……”

Su Xinchang read his daughter’s facial expression and suddenly understood that it was now too late for him to say anything to her in order to plead her. His complexion became somewhat pale.

“So, lets talk about her grandmother, what is the truth behind the car accident that her grandmother had encountered?”

Ye Feng was not a bit interested in the nonsense talks of the opposite party, therefore, he asked the most crucial question straightforwardly.

If he had the time to talk nonsense with the opposite party, he might as well go back to start his cultivation training to level up his strength. He had a very clear understanding that his trump card was neither Lin Clan nor Ye Wentian, but his trump card was his status as a cultivator. As long as his strength would keep on increasing, he would be able to deal with anyone proficiently, even if in the future both Lin and Dragon Clan would jointly conspire against him, he could deal with them as well.

All authorities, in front of the overwhelming strength were like floating clouds!

Finally, he inquired about the car accident just in order to give Su Menghan a confession.

Unfortunately, this matter was very important, but Xie Min was not ready to acknowledge it even though she was under such kind of terrible situation. Obviously, who would like to spend the rest of his life in the prison because of the instigation of someone!

However, Ye Feng saw her panicking and out of fear she shook her head and said: “Truly speaking, this matter has nothing to do with us, I am not that kind of person, I am not insane to the point…………..”

“is it?”

Ye Feng asked that, then he raised his head and looked at those four people Xie Pinghui, Xie Min, Xie Chengye and Su Xinchang. Except Xie Pinghui’s facial expression which was very normal, rest three of them were somewhat nervous and had a doubtful appearance, this made everything clear to Ye Feng.

Since the opposite party stubbornly refused to admit this, so how could Ye Feng pursue to the end. He, as a cultivation practitioner, couldn’t participate in this matter anymore, originally this matter should be handled by the police.

There was still the existence of law in this world, Ye Feng thought to let Su Menghan herself investigate this matter, and in this investigation process Heavenly Serpent Gang would be there to assist her. There was a possibility that they might uncover the truth of the past.

But if they didn’t get any success, then they could only wait for Ye Feng to achieve his five years of cultivation, after that he could use “hypnosis” on Su Xinchang and Xie Min to pull out the truth from them. This was one of the techniques of Immortals which was generally used to deal with the ordinary person to ensure that the opposite party must spit out the truth!

“Then let’s go. Scar, come with us.”

Ye Feng nodded to Su Menghan, then called Scarred Face man since he wanted to tell him to let his members of Heavenly Serpent Gang assist Su Menghan in investigating the truth behind her grandmother’s car accident.

However, when Scarred Face man called his men, at the same time Ye Feng’s phone suddenly rang up.

Beep, beep, beep!

He took out his cell phone and saw it was the call of Ou B, so he let Scarred Face man and Su Menghan standing there, and answered the phone.

“Ouge, what’s the matter?” (Note : Ouge = Ou elder brother)

Ye Feng asked that to tease him.

“Its a big matter! Small Bee, come to our antique shop quickly, the tomb raider, Zhu Bainiao, is rightnow in our store ……”

Ou B sounded very excited.


As soon as Ye Feng heard that, his complexion immediately changed, and all other feelings from his heart suddenly vanished! His mind instantly returned to that seven pictures of that faintly recognizable form of that long hair and buttocks with ethereal figure. Not long ago, that figure was seen in Shang Dynasty tomb site of Changbai Mountains.

Master, was that you?

Ye Feng looked a little distracted, hastily he shouted down the phone: “I’ll be right there!”

“Hurry up, understand the urgency of the situation, he would rushed back to Changbai Mountains tonight again!”

Ou B urged that hurriedly.

“Well, ok, but try to make him wait for me!”

After finished talking to him, Ye Feng immediately hung up the phone.

“What happened?”

Some doubts cropped up in the mind of Su Menghan, she thought that the facial expression of Ye Feng was exactly the same like he had today in the afternoon. Which matter was making him so worried?

“Suddenly something urgent came up…… right.”

Ye Feng deeply thought for a moment, his look became dignified, and then after a deep ponder he said to Su Menghan and Scarred Face man: “I will leave Yanjing immediately for a while, but I don’t know specifically for how long. Scar and Zhao Yibei will accompany me in this trip, so in order to help Su Menghan in her investigation, make someone from your Heavenly Serpent Gang in charge for this investigation.”


Ye Feng’s statement suddenly startled Scarred Face man and he remained mummified for a moment, what was going on?

“I am planning a trip which is far from my home, don’t you think after a week you will die because of that poison, so it would be better for you to follow me.”

Ye Feng looked at him and whispered.

“Yes, I understood.”

Scarred Face man, as one of the three best gang leaders of Yanjing, possessed a very flexible mind, he quickly understood what Ye Feng was trying to say. Definitely there must be any urgent matter which was making Ye Feng go to solve that immediately, moreover this matter didn’t look like it occurred in this local area of Yanjing. This matter seemed very tricky as well.

“You want to go far? What about school, as you know very soon the college entrance examination ………..”

Su Menghan looked somewhat worried, obviously she wasn’t in the favor of Ye Feng’s sudden decision. Besides, the relationship between them had just started to develop, she didn’t want to separate with Ye Feng so quickly.

“I’m sorry, but this thing is far more important for me than the college entrance examination.”

Ye Feng looked at her face which somewhat disturbed him, since this matter was related to Su Feiying, so it was not possible for him to sit idly.

He was very clear that his feelings for Su Menghan was completely different from his feelings for his master Su Feiying. In case of Su Menghan, he liked her, he was attached to her, he wanted to protect her at any cost. However, for his beautiful female master, Su Feiying, he just admired her, worshiped her, and now under the given situation he was being very worried for her.

In the World of the Immortals, the gap between Ye Feng and Su Feiying was very big, that was why he never dare to reveal his feelings for her that he used to admire. This feeling was still there deep inside his heart.

“Song Hu, I have to go with my younger male cousin immediately for a while, till then i am giving you the authority to manage all the matters related to our gang for temporary period.”

Scarred Face man was vigorous and resolute, he knew Ye Feng used to rush to time, therefore, he immediately elected an individual to deal with all the matters related to Heavenly Serpent Gang for temporary period: “Since you’ve been on my side, so you have this very clear in your mind about how to do the things.”

“Don’t worry big brother.”

A square faced man said in a sinking voice: “We will carry out our all gang matters as usual. In addition, we will ensure the safety of Ms. Ye.”

This man was called Song Hu, whom Ye Feng had seen at Yanjing railway station as the leader of the gang, and was also present on the train as the uncle of that youth in western-style suit. He looked towards Ye Feng and Su Menghan in a very respectful way.


Scarred Face Man said that, then he approached near Song Hu, leaned towards his ear and whispered: “If by any chance we fail to come back at the beginning of the next month , then you continue with the transaction of that head.”

“Ok, got it.”

Song Hu knew that what he said was about that new drug thing, without hesitation he nodded his head.

“Well, let’s go.”

Ye Feng turned around to walk.

“Ye Feng!”

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