Chapter - 57: Diamond Membership Card
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Ye Feng’s footsteps suddenly stopped since he was called by Su Menghan.

“I will come back as soon as possible.”

Ye Feng turned around and smiled while looking at her: “Oh, that’s right, Heavenly Serpent Gang will assist you in the investigation of your grandmother’s car accident, don’t worry, ok?”

He then glanced at Song Hu, the man with square face.

“Ye elder brother, will surely do.”

Song Hu answered that in a serious tone, now in the absence of Scarred face man, he was going to be the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang temporarily. It was his responsibility now to make arrangement for this kind of stuff.


Dejectedly Su Menghan nodded her head, her glittering and translucent pair of eyes were twinkling again and again, at last she could no longer hold herself and ran three-steps towards Ye Feng, by completely ignoring the presence of surrounding people who were watching them at the moment, she wrapped her arms around him and tightly hugged him.

Her soft, warm and fragrant body was so attached to the chest of Ye Feng, that it was making him suddenly a bit impulsive, just to stay with her like this all the way to the end, there was no longer the need to recall the World of the Immortals from earlier, right?

But this idea was just a fleeting thought, now at all cost he had to find the whereabouts of Su Feiying. It was simply impossible for him to ignore it.

“In fact, it’s not a big deal, in these days you live like a good person.”

Ye Feng patted her shoulder, his soft and gentle words were meant to comfort her, he then loosened his hand, finally stared at her delicate face and saved her appearance firmly in his heart.

He then turned around to leave, while she eagerly raised her head to look him going away.

“Rest assured, he is not like the ordinary person, nothing will happen.”

Scarred Face man was standing at one side, his incomparably violent looking face was showing a smiling expression at the moment, he said that to Su Menghan and then trotted to keep up with Ye Feng.

Zhao Yibei was waiting for them outside the restaurant, they went downstairs directly. But the people in that floor were looking at the back of Ye Feng and Scarred Face Man while they were leaving, they were also being somewhat perplexed.

How did he suddenly leave the place , why didn’t he take Su Menghan along with him?

Su Xinchang immediately ran up to her and asked: “Menghan, what happened?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

As soon as Su Menghan heard his voice, she coldly replied to him.

“Ms. Ye, we are sending you home.”

Squared face man, Song Hu who was in a western-style suit, saw Su Xinchang running over to Su Menghan, the moment he saw him approaching, he took the initiative on his own and blocked him in front of her, so that the opposite party couldn’t approach to her.

He tilted his head and looked at Ye Feng and Scarred Face man leaving, his eyes were flashing strangely.


Su Menghan nodded, now that Ye Feng had left the place, she was now no longer interested in seeing Su Xinchang or any other people, when she had such kind of thought going on in her mind , exactly then the man from Heavenly Serpent Gang took initiative and protected her.

At present she was more likely to trust that person from Heavenly Serpent Gang than any other people, because she had gone through lots of inferior social dealings before, Heavenly Serpent Gang had been very obedient and respectful before Ye Feng. It could be said again that Ye Feng was not only the cousin of the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang, but had also a relation with Lin Clan. Therefore, she had a belief that no one would dare to offend Ye Feng after being aware of his status.

Song Hu waved towards his men to collect their choppers and escort Su Menghan in leaving the corridor.

Su Xinchang’s mouth moved but at last he couldn’t bring himself to say anything to her.

“Brother Su, ah, I’ll go first.”

Smilingly Liu Liuhui came forward and patted the shoulder Su Xinchang and then he left the place as well. Although he didn’t know what was the urgent matter Ye Feng had, but he believed that his today’s performance must be saved in the mind of Ye Feng.

Undoubtedly, it was very wise to play a good relationship with someone like Ye Feng who possessed such a high status!

In-situ only a group of Xie Clan’s people left, Su Xinchang was standing over there all depressed, tonight the appearance of Mr. Lin brought a very tremendous pressure on them.

“Xinchang, about this matter, I have no other option left than to say that you will have to suffer a big loss.”

Xie Pinghui stood up, coughed and said that Su Xinchang.

“Besides, you didn’t even make clear to use about the background of the other party, …………”

Xie Min also jumped out suddenly, pointed at Su Xinchang and shouted at him.

“Should this thing be blamed on me?”

At this time, Su Xinchang was a bit upset, unexpectedly he was being scolded by “that person who was on his side”, obviously it could be imagined how unhappy he would be because of this.

“That’s natural.”

Xie Pinghui said sternly: “No matter how, but this time we have offended Yanjing’s Lin Clan, therefore perhaps the sacrifice should be putting out some of the shares of Su Sheng Group ………”

As his words came out, Su Xinchang instantly understood the meaning of the opposite party and his face suddenly clouded over.

The hidden meaning behind Xie Pinghui’s statement was Su Xinchang must sell some of the shares of Su Sheng Group to Lin Clan at low prices! Naturally these shares should be taken out from the hands of Su Xinchang. No matter which side Su Sheng Group was, but many of its channels were under the control of Xie Clan. Hence, regarding such request, fundamentally Su Xinchang had no leeway to refuse it.

For Xie Clan , this company, Su Sheng Group, was just a part of its industries, but for Su Xinchang it was actually everything. He had very limited shares in his hand, selling his shares to Lin Clan meant completely losing his power and influence from Su Sheng Group.

In short, it meant both his social status and wealth would plummet!


Ye Feng and Scarred face man went downstairs together, there in the hotel lobby they ran into the lobby manager of Jingcheng Restaurant.

He was a fairly young man, having a very gentle appearance, wearing a pair of thin-framed eyeglasses and a western-style suit and tie. His shoulders were little shivering out of fear.

He was the one who just happened to report the big boss of Jingcheng restaurant about all these matters, but even the big boss did not dare to come forward. It could be imagined that the troubles they caused tonight, how frightful their status would be for others.

Moreover, just a moment ago a big group of police came walking in and then they left the restaurant, that wasn’t for a show, right? There were lots of people from organized crime world but not a single one of them was caught by the police, did the cops just show up to eat meal?

The Lobby manager was very depressed in his heart, but he didn’t dare to say anything. Especially when he saw both Scarred face man and Ye Feng got down together, and he had to stack a smiling face immediately to welcome them, that really gave a more depressing feeling to him.

“Gentlemen, please wait for a moment ……”

He stopped in front of Ye Feng to block him, and said that very politely.

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Feng frowned, now that Zhu Bainiao, the tomb raider was there in Oushi Antique Store, he did not want to waste a single second on frivolous things.

“Its nothing, get out of our way.”

Scarred face man couldn’t stay so polite like Ye Feng, his face suddenly became ferocious and he roared one fiercely.

Seeing that, the lobby manager couldn’t bear but retreated two steps in fear, he lifted his hand to wipe the sweat appeared on his forehead, and then he explained: “Our restaurant is now preparing the Diamond Membership Card for you Mr. Ye, later you can hit the discount in total expense of this restaurant …………”

“Sorry, no time to wait for you.”

After saying those few words to him, Ye Feng quickly raised his legs to walk towards the door.

“Wait, wait, Mr. Ye ……”

That greatly startled the lobby manager, who exactly was this young man? Jingcheng restaurant was regarded as one of the top few best restaurants of Yanging. However, giving him the Diamond Membership Card still he was not a bit interested , didn’t he really want it?

“If you really want to give the card, then give it to the girl who is coming behind us.”

Ye Feng was totally disinclined to pay attention to him, he just turned around and saw Su Menghan along with Song Hu was getting out of elevator, so he said that to him.


Lobby manager somewhat hesitated. But the boss had ordered him to hand over the card to the youth, if not done like he had been ordered, his position as the lobby manager would be certainly at stake.

“You have to give it to Ms. Ye, there she is, what are you waiting for?”

Scarred face man shouted at the opposite party just to make it seem like he randomly yelled at him, but actually his intention was something else, he tried to point out the identity of Su Menghan by doing so, after that he left the restaurant with Ye Feng.

Lobby manager understood everything very clearly that this pure beauty in front of them was the girlfriend of this young man!

There were limited number of people throughout Yanjing who had the Diamond Membership Card of Jingcheng restaurant.

When Su Menghan got that embedded small Diamond Membership Card, she remained startled for few seconds. Even her father, Su Xinchang, was just a silver member of this Jingcheng restaurant, which was several grades below diamond members!

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