Chapter - 58: Long Clan’s Young Lady
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Ye Feng left the hotel, eventually he gave a call to Ou B requesting him to hold the tomb raider firmly for some time more. Meanwhile Zhao Yibei also drove him back to ‘Qingfeng park’.

There he changed his clothes with the fastest speed, and before he disguised himself as Mo Jiuge he took his mask and hid it in his arms, after that he got engaged in packing up his stuffs one by one, at last he went out of the villa and again got in the car BMW.

“Oh by the way, can you be able to arrange a SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)?” (Note : here Ye Feng meant to say- to arrange an ‘off road vehicle’.)

As soon as Ye Feng got in the car, he asked that immediately.

“Of course, Ye elder brother ……”

Scarred Face Man nodded his head and said that in a boorish and uncouth manner.


Ye Feng cautiously glanced at Scarred Face Man and Zhao Yibei. Usually, Scar didn’t use to call him ‘Ye elder brother ‘ in front of the gang members of Heavenly Serpent Gang, because in front of them Ye Feng was his younger male cousin. But at present what happened to him, calling him ‘Ye elder brother’ in front of Zhao Yibei?

“Relax Ye elder brother, Zhao Yibei is my nephew who has come from my countryside, he knows everything already that you’re not my cousin.”

With a little embarrassment Scarred Face Man placed a very difficult explanation in front of him while scratching his head.

“Hmmm, Ok.”

Ye Feng nodded slowly: “It’s just that something crossed my mind, that no one will believe this thing that I am your younger male cousin. Anyway, drive, and by the way while informing your men to prepare a long-distance off-road vehicle, must tell them that this time we have to go a bit far. ”

The road near Changbai Mountains must be very difficult to walk, a BMW car couldn’t be suitable for that road, hence to arrange a SUV ‘off road vehicle’ had become a necessity for them.

Oushi Antique Store was not very far from Qingfeng park, although it was already dark outside, but since Zhao Yibei’s driving skill was of top class, he didn’t waste much time on the road. Very soon the BMW car arrived and stopped not far away from the store.

“You wait in the car, I’ll be right back.”

Ye Feng set out to get off the car, then he went straightly towards the entrance of Oushi Antique Store under the roadside lights.

At this time Oushi Antique Store was brightly illuminated, but it didn’t use to do business during this time. From far away Ye Feng saw Ou B standing at the entrance, it seemed like he was waiting for someone very anxiously, his white hair was appearing very conspicuous under the light.

“Ouge, I’m here finally.”

Ye Feng smiled and from very far he said hello to Ou B while facing him, he always felt so carefree around him, because they were not only very good friends but were also like close brothers.

“Crap, Small Bee you are too slow. Quickly get inside, my father is just having a formal chat with that guy rightnow.”

Ou B saw Ye Feng coming under the streetlight, he quickly greeted him as well, and when Ye Feng approached close to him then he whispered: “That guy wants to borrow money, if you have money, then that all said…….. ”

“Thank you.”

Ye Feng nodded his head and showed his gratitude to him, it was his sincere thanks to him. In the World of the Immortals, besides his beautiful female master Su Feiying, who else was there to help him?

He always felt that care and attachment from Ou B as well as from his father, naturally a very good and favorable impression of them had been imprinted in his heart.

“Thank you younger sister, now go faster, will you?”

Ou B said that in order to contempt him for being slow, then he turned his head and looked at the parked BMW car, he knew that recently Ye Feng had really changed a lot terrifically, just to come here he used BMW which was quite surprising. However, in that case, there was no need to worry about the money that he might lend to that thief.

He said that but didn’t go along with Ye Feng because when his father used to discuss official business in the hall, then during that time it was Ou B’s responsibility to take care of the lobby. Although the stuffs of the lobby were not as valuable as the stuffs present in the hall, but if they all were put together, they could also form a big wealth, hence it was not affordable for them to neglect those stuffs.

When Ye Feng entered in the hall all alone, he saw near the display window Ou A and a thin and small man was arguing over something, the situation sounded very intense at the moment.

“Uncle Ou, I came.”

Ye Feng quickly greeted him and then began to take a look of that thin and small man, he saw the opposite party was in a dark blue colored good conditioned cloths, was appearing a bit old, had a pair of shifty-eyes, compared to that crafty thin man from the last time in that trade fair organized by Dragon Clan, he was way too inferior and insignificant than him, that crafty thin man.

Is this that tomb raider, Zhu Bainiao?

He looked closely at him and noticed the vision of opposite party was actually revealing a clear and agile look, his gesture was smooth and natural, his personality was emitting a faint trace of a special kind of charm which was imposing Ye Feng to imply that this man was far from an ordinary man!

“Little Feng? Come, its just fine. By the way, this is Zhu Bainiao, he is immediately going to Changbai Mountains ……”

When Ou A saw Ye Feng there, something flashed in his mind, and immediately he wanted to introduce him to that man.


But Zhu Bainiao raised his hand to prevent Ou A from moving toward Ye Feng to continue their chat, he then tilted his head toward Ye Feng and looked at him, his eyeballs were spinning around and around.

His voice was a little incisive, but it was not coarse, it could be said it sounded very sharp, very offensive, it was like just his voice was capable enough to making people feel the danger naturally.

“You are called Ye Feng?”

Soon, Zhu Bainiao remained startled, he recognized the identity of Ye Feng quite unexpectedly.

“Yes, it’s me.”

Ye Feng thought to himself that this guy was definitely from the World of the Martial Arts of China, since he recognized his status as the grandson of Ye Wentian. It was quite obvious that in this world, Ye Feng was not so famous that anyone could recognize him like this.

“However, what is my identity is not important, isn’t it?”

He then continue with a smile : “What important is that I can help you, you can help me.”

“I need 10 million, can you give me?”

Zhu Bainiao said that and smiled softly.

“No problem.”

Ye Feng also replied to him with a soft smile: “But the premise is, you have to take me to the place you visited last time, the tomb site of Changbai Mountains.”

He had no idea that whether Heavenly Serpent Gang had that large number of liquid cash available at the disposal or not, however, there was huge cash in that small warehouse of Tianhua Casino, ten million were sufficient, he would let Scarred Face Man took ten million for him, it wouldn’t make any difference.

The point is that the value of ten million must be spent properly!

‘Tomb? ”

Zhu birds gawked: “You want to go to Changbai Mountain not for the ‘telepathic grass’?”


Ye Feng scowled, although he did not know what that ‘telepathic grass’ was, but he was too lazy to think about it. He just wanted to go to the tomb site of the Shang Dynasty in Changbai Mountain, just in order to explore a trace of Su Feiying.

“Then what are you going to do in the tomb?”

Zhu Bainiao asked that by being somewhat vigilant.

“I didn’t ask ask you that what do you want to do with 10 million, therefore doesn’t it seem like I have no obligation to answer your question?”

Ye Feng asked back with a smile, then said: “Certainly, you can feel relieved since I don’t know anything about that ‘telepathic grass’ thing. Whichever place you’ll go, I’ll keep on following you, but you must enter the tomb with me, I need you to guide me.”

The thin and small face of Zhu Bainiao frowned, he pondered for a moment, finally he nodded slowly and said : “Okay, it’s a deal.”

Although tomb was very dangerous place to go, but depending on his experience, he could lead Ye Feng nicely, it wouldn’t be a problem for him. In order to earn a huge amount of money in a very short time, it was quite obvious that it was impossible to do that without taking any risk, he already had a feeling about this.

“But let me remind you something.”

Zhu Bainiao thought for a second, then while looking at Ye Feng enthusiastically, he said: “I heard that last time there was a masked man who caused trouble at the trade fare organized by Dragon Clan, do you have any kind of relation with that guy? Since, nowadays there is no peace around Changbai Mountains, Dragon Clan’s people use to go a lot there, including that Young lady of Dragon Clan …… once you set your foot out of Yanjing, no one can guarantee your security. ”

“You need not to worry about that.”

Ye Feng lightly humed, he wanted to find Su Feiying at all cost, his determination to find her was way too bigger than anything else, even bigger than the most dangerous situation. So, he must move forward courageously: “Well, when should we start our journey?”

Some random stuffs suddenly started hitting his mind, his mind started thinking about something like what if he would run into Long Wan’er again this time? As soon as he recalled the name of Long Wan’er, suddenly the thought of her kicking his legs flashed in his mind and he felt a slight pain in his chest. At the same time her hot plentiful stature naturally reappeared in his mind, her white and shiny skin was still fresh in his memory. All these thoughts were frequently pulling up his heartstrings.

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