Chapter - 59: Tornado Axe blocked the way to rob
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Zhu Bainiao listened to Ye Feng inquiring about the appropriate time to leave, then he expressed his view that as soon as 10 million money would arrive, they could immediately set off together, like said -the sooner the better.

Therefore, Ye Feng gave a call to Scarred face man: “Scar, I am in urgent need of 10 million, when will it be ready?”

He didn’t ask that whether he could be able to prepare it or not, he directly asked the time he would need to arrange the money, he believed that for a gang like Heavenly Serpent Gang which was one of the Top three big Gangs of Yanjing, arranging 10 million money would definitely not be a major problem for them.

When Scarred face man heard 10 million, he was taken aback : “Ye elder brother, 10 million is not a small amount …… but if you really want it, then we will try to quickly arrange such a big amount, but as a result, some of the security company’s business of Heavenly Serpent Gang will certainly be affected.”


Ye Feng did not say much, but asked one lightly.

“This …… since Ye elder brother have commanded, so we will immediately act accordingly.”

Scarred face man noticed that he sounded a bit angry, so he complied hastily.

Ye Feng hung up the phone, he certainly knew that what was running in the mind of Scar face man currently. Although, at present Scar seemed to obey him probably very much, but it was built on a precondition that he was still under the effect of poison, and also someday Ye Feng could teach him martial arts.

However, the thing about teaching him martial arts had never been guaranteed by Ye Feng, therefore Scar just wanted to tell Ye Feng that he had made a big sacrifice only for the sake of Ye Feng, thus he hoped that Ye Feng would certainly consider the sacrifices done by him, and could keep his commitment by teaching him martial arts.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about what’s this martial arts all about, as well as ordinary people can’t learn cultivation ……”

Since beginning Ye Feng knew that Scarred Face man was doomed to be disappointed. However, as a compensation, Ye Feng would definitely help him finding that Visitor ‘Swordsman’ from ten years ago, this way he would actually help Scar in taking his revenge. Ye Feng would never let the help and support of the opposite party go in vain, but lately he had been little busy with his own issues.

While waiting, Zhu Bainiao went to one side and sat down with his eyes closed, and on the other side Ye Feng was still standing and having a conversation with Ou A.

There was a very harmonious relationship between those two, they were discussing something happily, finally Ou A said something to him with a smile: ” Little Ye, I know your identity is a bit special. If in future my son little Ou gets into any difficulties, I hope that would you take care of him then?”

“That’s natural. Someone told me once, how I treat others, the same way they would treat me, Uncle Ou has helped me a lot so far, I would absolutely never dare to forget that.”

Ye Feng looked firm while he was saying that, whether it was for him to repay three times the compensation, or about that Lingshi, or the invitation letter to the trade fair of Dragon clan, he had owed the sentiment of opposite party.

When outside Scarred face man was busy arranging everything, at the same time Ou A confessed everything carefully to Ye Feng, and then Ye Feng took his leave along with the other person, Zhu Bainiao.

Zhu Bainiao was the patron of Oushi Antique Store, as the frequent antique supplier for Ou A’s store, he certainly was on good terms with him. However, if not for Ye Feng, it was impossible for Ou A to put out 10 million to lend to Zhu Bainiao.

Perhaps 10 million was not a big deal for Yanjing’s Lin Clan, such type of powerful influence they had. However, it was obviously a huge sum of money for over 99 percent of the world’s people.

“Small bee, when will you come back? Do you want me to take a leave of absence for you from school?”

Just before leaving, Ou B who was also concerned about him, asked that.

“When I will come back, I really don’t know.”

Ye Feng smile: “But still troubling you, please help me in requesting a leave on my behalf.”

“Definitely make your family Su Menghan help you ask for leave.”

Ou B laughed and teased him by saying that sentence, his voice didn’t have any other emotions actually. He was very happy for Ye Feng and Su Menghan, he felt that it was a good thing, he was giving his sincere congratulations to them from the bottom of his heart.

Of course, when he would go to school tomorrow and would hear the rumors spread everywhere, then this thing would immediately change his attitude.

What? Could it be like this unexpectedly? Ye Feng was simply a real beast!

Unfortunately, till that time Ye Feng would have been disappeared, even making a phone call to him would become difficult ………….. he couldn’t even get through him by the phone.


A black Hummer H2 picked up the speed and left Yanjing at the same night, it was running in Beijing-Shenyang highway and was moving towards northeast in a very fast speed.

From Yanjing to Changbai Mountain, the next foothold was in Linjiang City, there was more than 1000 kilometers of distance. They hastily started their journey at the same night. By using the driving skills of both the men, Scarred face man and Zhao Yibei, they could probably be able to make through it till the dawn.

Both the men were driving alternatively so as to ensure the safety during the night. This car was not suitable to run a long distance since the fuel consumption was too high. But just because of Scarred face man’s words, man from Heavenly Serpent Gang arranged this car to maintain the reputation of his boss. However, this car was very suitable for the loading force, and also it could be used to avoid lots of unnecessary troubles. Anyway, it had a spare fuel tank as well, there was no need to worry about the problem of fuel consumption.

Regarding this, Ye Feng did not say anything, since he didn’t have any idea about the cars, as long as it could be able to reach the destination as soon as possible on the line.

On the way, Ye Feng and Zhu Bainiao were sitting in an adjacent positions, so that from time to time they could talk to one another. During the journey, Ye Feng made a veiled attack by placing the matter of that seven pictures in front of him, but this dreadful fellow Zhu Bainiao was tight-lipped, he didn’t disclose any useful news.

A night without words, on the same day when the day was little bright, the black aggressive Hummer picked up a high-speed, and from 201 National highway it arrived all the way to 303 provincial highway, leading to Linjiang city.

Linjiang city was located in the eastern part of Jilin Province together with North Korea country across the river, the river valley was surrounded by four remote villages.

If it was to go on a trip to Changbai Mountain scenic spot, the foothold should definitely be in the Songjiang Town, Baihe Town, etc. which were in the northern side of the place. But Zhu Bainiao went to the tomb relics recently by passing through Linjiang city.

Shortly after five o’clock, it was time when the light began to appear, it was the dawn finally. Hummer H2 was running at its maximum speed on the provincial road since no one was there in the way.It was running under the mountains accompanied by little loneliness.

Far away, a motorcycle suddenly appeared on the road ahead, it looked from its appearance that something had gone bad wirh it, moreover it was also parked on the roadside. A bare-chested vigorous and healthy man was standing there next to that robust motorcycle. He was making an effort to kick the motorcycle, from his look it seemed like he was in an extremely angry mood.

Indeed, the motorcycle, which was parked on the road, was out of order, which was creating a very irritating situation for that man. Originally Ye Feng didn’t pay attention, but when he approached close to him, he suddenly found that the man with that motorcycle seemed a bit familiar.

Tornado axe!

In Langfang city, at the trade fair of Dragon Clan, Ye Feng was the one who had killed his accomplice, that greedy Wolf Sword, by his own sword. Actually, he never had thought that , he would come to see this guy in a place like this, moreover the opposite party seemed to be very unlucky at the moment.

Ye Feng was not worried that the opposite party would recognize him, because last time when Tornado Axe saw him, at that time Ye Feng was in his mask.


When Hummer H2 approached close, then suddenly that ferocious looking Tornado Axe jumped in the middle of the road and waved Zhao Yibei to stop the car. Jiangsu Duo’s double edged sword had always been very ferocious and vicious, although one of them was dead now, but alone Tornado Axe was capable enough to make many great figure of the martial arts world tremble with fear.

Ye Feng thought that did this man Tornado Axe come here just to obtain that “telepathic grass”?

The road was not wide, therefore, Zhao Yibei couldn’t hit the road directly. Ofcourse, he stepped on the brake ahead of time. At first he also thought that the man in front of them was just an ordinary passer-by, whose motorcycle broke down so he was standing there to get a lift, but quickly he remained startled.

The fierce and fearful personality of Tornado Axe was sufficient to shook the heart of Zhao Yibei, his face was also appearing very violent, he opened the door of Hummer’s driver seat and said: “If you guys don’t want to die, then you all people get out of the car instantly!”

That threat suddenly petrified Zhao Yibei as well as Scarred face man, was this guy blocking their way to do highway robbery? Or it was just to snatch away the great Hummer? Although this guy looked very fierce and dangerous, however there were four people in the car, moreover all were men!

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