Chapter - 6: – Best friend Ouge
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These three goons were the small fries of Heavenly Serpent Gang and they had been sent by Brother Tie to catch Ye Feng who had smashed the face of a member of their gang in the Bar Street.

Actually, they were not strong fighters and their strength was nothing compared to that of the drunken members of Heavenly Serpent Gang who had surrounded Su Menghan last night.

As the two goons threw their punches at him, the meridians in Ye Feng’s body activated at once. He clenched his fists and Zhen Qi gathered up in both of his fists and he suddenly threw two subtle and matchless fists at them one after the other in a row.

Bagua fist!

His left fist hit a goon on the abdomen, while at the same time, his right fist punched on the chest of the other goon. With two successive loud pop sounds, everyone saw that the two goons spit a mouthful of blood and their bodies were sent flying and severely fell on the ground upside down, spreading a cloud of dust and their blood sprayed on the ground.

Ye Feng used just one hit on each of them to send them flying!

When people present near the school gate saw this scene, they were suddenly stunned.

Su Menghan widened her eyes in disbelief. She didn’t know what to think because she just witnessed how a simple looking school boy had punched two goons and sent them flying.

It was just too shocking!

Last night, Ye Feng had used a half brick to knock down a drunkard and then he had escaped with her from the bar street, which she thought was a normal behavior for a school boy, but now, she noticed that the current Ye Feng seemed very different from before.

When Tian Youliang, who was standing beside her, saw how Ye Feng knocked down three members of Heavenly Serpent Gang without breaking a sweat, his jaws dropped down. He was totally bewildered because he just could not believe his eyes. Was this the same weakling who liked to go skipping to the internet cafes to play online games?

Just how much strength was needed to be able to actually send two adults flying?

At that time, Ye Feng noticed that four students were pointing their camera-phones at him and he could not conceal his surprise, because it was certainly not a man enough thing to do, taking video when a fellow student was being ganged upon by goons.

In this age of advanced communication and interconnected information system, it was impossible to stop the news about this incident from spreading, and soon, everyone in the Yan High School came to know about it.

The School gate security guard was stunned. He was well prepared to call the ambulance at any time but he just couldn’t comprehend how a high school student had single-handedly knocked down three members of the Heavenly Serpent Gang.

“Finished, it’s over for him. Today, a student has provoked the Heavenly Serpent Gang, and soon, he will suddenly disappear……”

Although the security guard was surprised at the unexpected outcome of this fight, but he still felt sorry for Ye Feng and regrettably shook his head. After all, school kids were too young, too impulsive, and didn’t know that waves calm down only for a short time!

The security guard was worrying for the safety of Ye Feng, a school student who had just provoked the Heavenly Serpent Gang. But if these people knew what Ye Feng was thinking right now, they would definitely wet themselves.

“Today, this Heavenly Serpent Gang has caused too much trouble for me. I must find some time to get rid of them in one fell swoop……”

Ye Feng thought then glanced at Su Menghan and Tian Youliang then walked straight inside the school gate. Since childhood, his beautiful master had taught him that if someone threatened him then he must get rid of them as soon as possible and must never let them go! This was one of the basic rules of survival in the World of the Immortals.

“Hmph, what’s with that proud look on his face?”

Seeing that Ye Feng glanced at her but it was as if he wasn’t looking at her at all. He immediately turned back to leave as if she was invisible to him which left a bitter feeling in her heart.

However, they were in the same class so she could only follow up behind him. Along the way, she was very unhappy at his attitude but she felt relieved in her heart that nothing happened to him. After all, he was her classmate, and she was also the reason why he had gotten involved with the underworld so she would obviously feel guilty if he was to get hurt.


In a noisy third year classroom, Ye Feng entered the class, and suddenly, a silence spread, and all of the students started looking at him as if they were looking at a monster. Obviously, the news about the fight had already spread in the class.

“Damn, tell me man, when did you become so popular?”

A somewhat wretched voice resounded and Ye Feng looked towards the source of the sound and saw his best friend.

The boy was called Ou B, and his special trait was that half of his hair was white which made it easy for someone to recognize him in the crowd. (NT: Ou is the family name of Ou B)

Many years ago, the Hua State had allowed the use of English alphabets in names. At that time, Ou B’s grandfather felt that using English alphabets in the name would be quite fancy and he gave his son the name Ou A. And Ou A inherited his father’s wishes and named his son Ou B and that’s how he got his name.

“It’s nothing. Oh, by the way, I have a request and there’s something I need your help with.”

Ye Feng smiled and while ignoring the surprised looks on the faces of other students and their curious gazes, he went straight towards Ou B.

In the World of the Immortals, Ye Feng had seen a lot of treasures which would secretly absorb the Lingqi present in the atmosphere, and after absorption, they could enhance the rate of rise in cultivation. Ou B’s family did business of antique objects so one could say that Ye Feng was in a great luck.

“Rest assured bud, your Ouge will solve all your problems.” (NT: Ouge: Elder brother Ou)

Ou B smiled and patted on the shoulder of Ye Feng and said: “Oh, by the way, I heard that some people from underworld ganged up on a student, ah damn, it’s a good thing that I am a civilized guy ……”

“Well, take me to your house tonight.”

Ye Feng straightforwardly stated his purpose, although he wanted to go right now, but such a request would seem irrational, after all, they were still students and they couldn’t casually bunk classes.

“What, to my house?”

Ou B jumped up from his seat.

“En, to go and take a look at the goods and see if there’s something I can use.”

Ye Feng said while sitting on his seat at the back row in the classroom.

“Ha ha, I get it, I get it.”

Ou B’s eyeballs revolved in all directions and his face instantly exposed a wretched expression: “This time, there’s no shortage of beautiful girls in our class……”

Ye Feng didn’t say anything and ignored him. He looked up and at the same moment, he saw Su Menghan entering the classroom clad in a graceful white dress. Her beautiful appearance immediately attracted the attention of the male students in the class, including Ou B.

“Gee, Su Menghan is so beautiful, and on top of that, her dad is the chairman of Su Sheng Group. Isn’t she a perfect girl? If I could just get off with her……”

Ou B began to daydream.

Just then, Su Menghan turned towards Ye Feng and stared ferociously at him.

Under her piercing gaze, Ou B suddenly felt a chill down his spine, but he soon realized that she was not staring at him, but at Ye Feng. He was suddenly alarmed and asked at once: “Bud, be honest and tell me, is there something going on between you and Su Menghan?”

Ou B certainly knew that Ye Feng and Su Menghan were neighbors.


Ye Feng immediately denied.

“Damn it, it’s improper to lie to your brother!”

Ou B glared at him.

“There is nothing going on between us, trust me…… by the way, do you know about Heavenly Serpent Gang?”

Ye Feng did not want to listen to his crap and immediately changed the subject.

“Heavenly Serpent Gang?”

As Ye Feng had expected, Ou B fell into his trap and got distracted. He stared blankly at Ye Feng and asked: “I have heard of them, what about it?”

“I just knocked down the members of Heavenly Serpent Gang……”

Ye Feng told him everything.

“Crap, do you want to get yourself killed or what!”

When Ou B came to know that the three goons, who had the crap beaten out of them by Ye Feng, were actually the members of Heavenly Serpent Gang, all of a sudden, he stared at Ye Feng with a frightened look in his eyes.

Heavenly Serpent Gang! It was one of the three influential gangs in the whole Yanjing city!

Ye Feng actually beat the members of Heavenly Serpent Gang?

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