Chapter - 60: Sinister Jiangsu
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Ye Feng didn’t move a bit as he didn’t want to expose his strength in front of outsiders. Moreover, Zhu Bainiao was also there, since he was a tomb raider so he must be one of the natives of martial arts world of China. Therefore, Ye Feng was kind of curious to have a look at his strength.

And also a clash with Tornado Axe was completely inevitable.

Suddenly Scarred face man took up a chopper from the seat and jumped out of the car, by passing through the front he walked towards Tornado Axe and while swearing he said: “Fuck, under this broad daylight you blocked our way to rob us, your this idiotic courage is not a small thing.”

As the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang, normally in Yanjing who hadn’t awed seeing his fury? Unexpectedly now, someone really dared to block his way to rob his beloved Hummer H2, how couldn’t he get angry?

Scarred face man moved swiftly, and before Ye Feng could do something to stop him, he already had jumped out of the car to go towards Tornado Axe.

On the face of Tornado Axe, ugly and ferocious-looking expression suddenly piled up. He snorted contemptuously by seeing that someone had really gotten the courage to get out of the car to revolt against him. As a martial arts user, how possibly he could fear from this underworld boss?

Five years of cultivation was making him so domineering and tyrannical in the common custom. At present, there were four people in the car but still he hadn’t paid attention to them. Neither he saw Ye Feng nor Zhu Bainiao by now, he just had a perception that there would be certainly ordinary people in the car.

Scarred face man thought that they were encountering such kind of problem but still there was no need to involve Ye Feng into this, consequently he thought to attack decisively. Just in two seconds he passed the front side of the car and by holding the chopper in his hand he directly attacked on Tornado Axe to cut him down!

It was just that he merely wanted to scare the counterparty and make him retreat before difficulties. However, unfortunately Tornado Axe was more ruthless than him. Seeing this attack, he promptly curled his fist and started condensing his Qi crazily, and in an instant from one side he rumbled one after another several hits on one side of chopper. As a result, his strike easily made that chopper fly and fall to the ground!

However, to one’s surprise, Scarred face man didn’t respond a bit, rather he let go the shining chopper from his hand, “Clang” and with a sound it fell on the roadside.

But in a couple of seconds he wide opened his mouth, he thought to himself that how could this guy be so fierce, wasn’t this situation just like the previous time when Ye Feng had almost knocked his pistol out of his hand during their first meeting? Could it be that this guy was also a martial arts user?

“Don’t move.”

At this moment, Zhao Yibei suddenly coldly said that from the driver’s seat, simultaneously he pulled out a pistol to aim at the head of Tornado Axe!

The point that he could pull out the pistol was not at all the strange thing. It must be Scarred face man who would have instructed him to bring a pistol along with him and hide it in the car properly. Then after driver seat’s door got opened just to do the inspection of the road and simultaneously to scare the opposite party.

Tornado Axe’s eyes fell on Zhao Yibei’s hand, and he noticed the gun which completely stunned his mind.


Obviously, his motion was nothing as compared to Ye Feng’s agility which was very flamboyant and had also reached such an extent where he could easily dodge the bullets. Seeing the pistol Tornado Axe gawked, apparently he was looking all scared.

Ye Feng saw that and felt relief, but he slightly regretted and looked at the side of Zhu Bainiao while thinking that just now he lost a very good opportunity to see this guy in action.

Zhu Bainiao also gazed at him at the same time, it seemed like as if he knew that Ye Feng was thinking something, he gave a soft smile but didn’t speak anything.

“You are thinking about robbing our Hummer, it’s totally a crazy thought, don’t you think?”

Zhao Yibei had been following Scar for many years, that was why his share of aggressiveness at such a crucial time like this was also quite obvious. Although in general he was like a adorable young fellow, but during the critical moment he couldn’t be unambiguous.

“Withdraw, and stand by the side of the road.”

Zhao Yibei raised his pistol and vigilantly looked at Tornado Axe.

Hearing that, the corners of the mouth of Tornado Axe wriggled a bit, he raised his hand to indicate that he had surrendered, at the same time he lifted his right foot and thought to draw back.

However, at the same time this evil and sinister man of Jiangsu Duo actually abruptly came into action and with a extremely high speed he pounded a punch towards Zhao Yibei! As a user of martial arts, this punch didn’t prove any disgrace on his status. One after another he kept on hitting heavily on the wrist of Zhao Yibei, simultaneously he changed his boxing palm and snatched away that pistol from his hand!

This sudden change in the scene let Ye Feng fail to react, not to mention even Scarred face man didn’t react because of the suddenness of the event.

“Brat, you dare to point a gun on me, seems like you are tired of living ……”

Tornado Axe maliciously smiled and then pointed his pistol at Zhao Yibei’s head backhandedly, without any hesitation he was all prepared to open fire!

For him killing people was not a big deal. As long as no one from martial arts circle could attain any evidence against him, it would be impossible for anyone to take hold of him for his act. In other words, once he made his mind to come into action, then without any exception he used to finish each and every one present on the scene!

Ye Feng’s heart skipped a bit, how could he afford to let his people die at a time like this when he hadn’t arrived at the destination yet? Unfortunately, he was still sitting in the back row of the car, although he wanted to rush out of the car and go over there to help them but was unable since radically he hadn’t have enough time!

He somewhat regretted in his heart, if he had known this earlier that something like this might happen, then he wouldn’t have waited for Zhu Bainiao to tackle this situation. What if now Zhao Yibei were killed ……

Shua! Shua!

Just then, sound of two weapons piercing the air echoed everywhere.

Clang! Bang! Puff!

Three consecutive different sounds fell into the ears of Ye Feng. Actually in this fleeting moment he didn’t understand that where did these two flying blades come from and hit the pistol which was in Tornado Axe’s hand. The first blade hit the pistol, as a result, Tornado Axe quickly responded to that and started firing rapidly, actually he started firing crookedly on the glass of car’s window. However, the second flying blade which was aimed at Tornado Axe’s throat, all of a sudden it went straight towards him and in a blink of eye it cut through the throat of him.

With a clatter, pistol dropped on the ground.

Tornado Axe turned his head and with his two prominent eyes he looked at Zhu Bainiao who was sitting in the back row of the car, he pointed out his finger at him in order to say something, but before he could say, he died.

Just in a moment fresh blood from his throat started gushing out and it spread all over the ground.

“There is a bridge in front of us, how should you guys process this further, it doesn’t need me to say, does it?”

Zhu Bainiao said that in a very aggressive and offensive tone from one side, and then he looked at the corpse of Tornado Axe lying on the ground and said: “He brought about his own destruction, no wonder.”

Hidden Weapon Technique!

Ye Feng reacted quickly and came back to his senses all of a sudden, he then thought that this man Zhu Bainiao was unexpectedly the legendary master of Hidden Weapon Technique! He didn’t know how many years of cultivation Zhu Bainiao had, but by just seeing the speed and trajectory of those two flying blades, it could be guessed easily now that he should have around seven or eight years of cultivation. Unfortunately, at present Ye Feng didn’t have the Divine knowledge, hence he was unable to verify it.

“Yibei, hurry up, come over here.”

Scarred face man promptly understood the situation, he somewhat had a lingering fear by looking at the corpse of Tornado Axe lying on the ground, as well as by seeing Zhu bainiao who was sitting beside Ye Feng. He called Zhao Yibei rightaway to help him in throwing the corpse into the rapid flow of the front side river.

Without any hesitation Zhao Yibei immediately got off and together both of them dragged away the corpse and with a tissue they wrapped the throat to stop blood, so as to avoid leaving behind the bloodstain.

“This man Tornado Axe was very good at destroying the corpse and leaving no trace.”

Zhu Bainiao looked at the expression of Ye Feng, and found that he really had an expression like an ordinary person. With a somewhat panic-stricken appearance he continue explaining things: “He wanted us to eat the broadsword surface, naturally I should retaliate against him. He should be very glad to die in the way he was most excel at.”

(Lastvoice : ‘broadsword surface’ <– this has been used by author in order to describe ‘killing a person and throwing his body into the water to leave no trace.’ I don’t know what should be the appropriate term to be used here. :P)

Broadsword surface was a slang word, used especially by Jiangsu, which meant to kill a person and throw his body into the water to completely destroy it along with its trace.

Ye Feng raised his head and looked at the front where both Scar and Zhao Yibei together were trying to dispose the corpse into the rushing river. He thought in his heart that finally today the chapter of Jiangsu ended here in this way.

“Relax, it’s so neat and clean that in future nobody would be going to cause you guys any trouble, not to mention Jiangsu Duo don’t have any backstage supporter”

Zhu Bainiao continued.

Ye Feng nodded: “Who could have thought that Zhu would be the Senior master of Hidden Weapon Technique, moreover being able to be with this senior person on this journey is really a matter of great honor for me.”

He displayed this performance as if he truly admired him very much.

Zhu Bainiao saw that but he didn’t suspect at all, he was still considering Ye Feng as an average person. He had no idea about why a boy like him wanted to go to the ancient tomb?

When Scar and Zhao Yibei finished dealing with the corpse and tattered motorcycle, they came back in the car and finally Hummer moved on. After an hour, they would be able to reach their destination Linjiang City, but this short distance was going to be the most restless and disturbing moment for Scar and Zhao Yibei.

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