Chapter - 61: Again saw that handsome young man
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Scarred face man and Zhao Yibei didn’t know the relationship between Ye Feng and Zhu Bainiao, but they believed that they were kind of at the same place.

Because of this, these two talented people were considered by them as trustworthy and they felt a little relieved. Soon Hummer proceeded into a relatively lively region. After an evening’s travel, City Linjiang finally arrived.

“Find a place to park, Scar and Yibei, you two guys find an inn to stay.”

Ye Feng instructed them and then said again : “I’m leaving with Zhu Bainiao for few days.”


Scar nodded his head to comply with his order, but he was somewhat worried in his heart, if by any chance Ye Feng failed to come back on time, wouldn’t he be killed by poison?

The black Hummer H2 gradually stopped at the roadside.

“Don’t worry.”

Ye Feng got out of the car and went straight to the side of Scar and said in a whispering tone : “Before leaving I will surely help you in quelling toxicity, in case I can’t come back within a week, and the effect of your poison starts showing its sign, then eat this which will press down the toxicity of the poison and you will be all right.”

After finished saying, he quietly tossed a little pill towards him. It was him who earlier prepared this good thing so that at the time of emergency it could suppress the toxicity within the body of Scar faced man upto a duration of half a month.


Scar took the little pill and nodded, then with a bit of hesitation he asked: “Don’t I need to go along with Ye elder brother?”

“There is no need to, just wait for me here. In addition, I have to pretend that I’ve been continuously staying in the inn, remember?”

Ye Feng said that the biggest objective behind bringing Scar and Zhao Yibei over here was especially this only.

The news that he left Yanjing would certainly reach the ears of many people. So, in order to avoid inconvenience, he must let Scarred face man and Zhao Yibei stay in Linjiang city to camouflaged as always together with Ye Feng. The method was very simple, to go out everyday to buy food, moreover, must be three shares of food should be bought everytime and so on. He had a firm belief that Scar could pull it out very well till the end.


Scar solemnly answered one to him, however he faintly understood what Ye Feng wanted to say.

“Well, let’s go.”

Ye Feng turned around to look at Zhu Bainiao, but he noticed that Zhu Bainiao wasn’t paying attention to his and Scar’s discussion and action, rather he was looking somewhere at the front of the road.

Ye Feng tracked his vision and looked towards that direction, and saw that two persons carrying a large bundle of tarpaulin on their back, attired in grey colored garment and straw-hat, these visitors were proceeding along the road, although their footsteps movement was slow, but their speed was quite quick. There was a man and a woman. By looking at their attire, it could be said that their appearance was out of the tune with the modern city style.

“Get inside the car, just make sure that don’t get discovered by them.”

Just a moment ago Zhu Bainiao got off the car and immediately spotted two people at a very distant place. Hence, without giving a second thought he quickly said that and simultaneously pulled opened the car’s door to seat in the car.

“Obey Elder Zhu.”

Ye Feng saw that Scarred face man and Zhao Yibei looked towards him and then they nodded. He had a feeling that those two straw-hat visitors were not ordinary people.

After getting in the car, Hummer moved on and galloped after those two straw-hat visitors to surpass them. In order to avoid future trouble, Ye Feng didn’t look at those two straw-hat visitors, because he was aware that once the cultivation reached a certain extent, then the eyes of the cultivator used to become very sensitive to other people’s vision.

Early in the morning there were very sparse passers-by in that locality, and they all were throwing their gazes at those two straw-hat Visitors with the surprised eyes. But the sudden approaching Hummer became a matter of even more inexplicable envy for them , the surrounding people were staring at Hummer as if they were thinking in their hearts that they were able to afford a Hummer, it seemed like they really were very rich people ah!

“Elder Zhu, who are those two people?”

Ye Feng saw the distance was getting more and more far, so in a soft voice he asked that.

“Heavenly Sword Palace, a crazy couple, don’t mess with them.”

Zhu Bainiao had a very normal expression at that moment like always, but in the depths of his eyes, a trace of tension could be easily spotted, even Ye Feng could notice it.


Ye Feng pretended as if he didn’t care about it, he just nodded his head after hearing his reply and decided not to ask anything further.

Just when Zhu Bainiao’s words fell, the whole body of Scarred face man started trembling, he who was sitting right in front of Ye Feng, it seemed like suddenly something cropped up in his thought process.

Ye Feng saw that and thought in his heart that was this man, Heavenly Sword Palace, possibly that martial arts user, that swordsman? Could it be that the man who left such a terrible scar on the face of Scarred face man, was the man of this Heavenly Sword Palace?

Ye Feng didn’t ask anything from him, and now he even knew the status of the opposite party. It was close to impossible to help Scar in his retaliation. The strength disparity was way too big, that fellow now might be having currently at least 20 years of Cultivation ……

Hummer pulled into the city, all the way it kept on capturing the attention of numerous resident. Zhu Bainiao somewhat was looking vigilant because of these visions, he gave a hint to Ye Feng to find an appropriate place to stop the car.

In a hotel entrance, Hummer advanced towards the underground parking lot. Soon all four people get out of the car one after another. At this moment, Zhu Bainiao’s old style cell phone vibrated suddenly. He pulled it out and looked at the number that immediately changed his complexion.

“Where the tomb site is, now directly lets go over it.”

Ye Feng said that while turning his head towards Zhu Bainiao, but what he saw suddenly was there was a terrific change in the facial expression of Zhu Bainiao, which made him little vigilant.

Zhu Bainiao had killed Tornado Axe by using his opponent’s favorite method of killing people, this shifty-eyed tomb raider was absolutely a very cruel, ruthless and merciless character, Ye Feng must have to be very vigilant against this opposite party.

“Sorry, I can’t come along with you now.”

By still gripping tightly that 10 million bankcard, Zhu Bainiao said with emphasis: “it’s not my intention to do the breach of contract, I really have something very important to do now!”

Then he took a step to leave.

“Don’t try to run away, otherwise I will inform my grandfather that you have cheated me 10 million, then be mentally prepared to take responsibility for whatever happens with you afterwards.”

Ye Feng said that and snorted coldly, by saying that he kind of issued a heavy threat!

Hearing that Zhu Bainiao gawked and felt a bit of surprise, obviously he was little scared therefore he stopped and thought for a moment deeply and then said: “If that’s the case, then I’ll give you a rough draw of two maps, one map which will lead you to the entrance of the tomb, and the second one is a roadmap from inside the tomb.”

After finished saying he turned his head, his pair of eyes were trying to dodge his cold gaze: “This is the maximum I can do for you, don’t force me too hard, I’m really running out of time.”

“If this is the case, then draw the map. Scar, get a pencil and paper.”

After saying that sentence Ye Feng stood one side, momentarily all prepared to guard against Zhu Bainiao’s sudden attack. Now he couldn’t find out the level of the opposite party, moreover, he couldn’t dare to compel him rashly to exhibit his strength. If there would be a map of the tomb relics, it would also serve his purpose as well as it would be easy to handle in a way.

The specialized tomb raiders were really very different, it took about five minutes and Zhu Bainiao had already two roughly drawn sketchy maps ready in his hand and on top of that they were quite vivid.

“If the map is wrong, or anything wrong happens to me, then my grandfather won’t let you off.”

Ye Feng squinted his eyes and put away the map.

“Well, rest assured, there won’t be any advantage for me in deceiving you or lying to you.”

Zhu Bainiao lightly snorted and immediately his stature moved and within a couple of seconds he took few steps toward the parking lot outside and then he ran out as if he disappeared in the wind smoothly in front of those three remaining men!

This guy’s agility was equally frightening, even unexpectedly Ye Feng failed to see his trace.

“Because Cultivation is still too low …… I hope tomb can fetch some rewards for me.”

Secretly Ye Feng’s heart was wondering that it would be the best to have a five-year of cultivation, in that way he would be capable enough to protect himself efficiently in this world. Unfortunately, the heavenly material treasure was not easy to obtain, but earlier Zhu Bainiao mentioned something about the telepathic grass, very likely it would be a treasure which might help in promoting cultivation.

He casually looked a bit into those two maps and got a rough idea about them, then he called Scar and Zhao Yibei to leave this place. Soon these three people left the underground parking lot together.

The moment he came out, he suddenly saw that a familiar looking fellow appeared in front of them not far away.

He was that handsome young man of Dragon Clan from the last time!

At the Dragon Clan’s trade fair, he was there standing at the entrance of the fair for invitation cards inspection. Ye Feng remembered him instantly. At this time, this handsome young man was standing at the entrance of this hotel with a pair of young lover, and was displaying a playful and teasing look on his face.

The sudden appearance of him gave a deep shiver to Ye Feng, he thought that if this handsome young man was here then Long Wan’er?

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