Chapter - 63: Distressed Zhu Bainiao
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Ye Feng waited for Long Xian for about ten minutes, but now he couldn’t wait for him any longer to come out, since three police cars rushed over there and they encircled the hotel completely.

“It is strange, where did that handsome young man run away, was he still somewhere inside the hotel?”

Ye Feng wrinkled his eyebrows and finally decided not to wait for him any longer.

He thought for a while that Dragon Clan was counted as the number one Clan in the martial arts world, needless to mention its influence in common custom, even if Long Xian compelled a girl to jump off a building and was seized by the police, then also perhaps just by a single phone call he would be released easily.

Under such circumstances, why did the opposite party run out of the hotel?

He wanted to get rid of Long Xian but without much extra effort, he already had wasted too much of his precious time on this scumbag which wasn’t needed at all. Now at any cost, he couldn’t go back to the hotel to kill him, that would be very troublesome for him.

“Relatively, master is still more important ……”

Ye Feng gave a little consideration, then he made up his mind to go directly into the mountains in order to look for the ancient tomb with the help of the map.

He turned around and saw that young girl had been picked up by an ambulance, there were also few policemen who were clearing the accident site and blocking it. Other two police were inquiring that badly battered youth about the incident and were taking notes for record.

Just recently Ye Feng had heard and seen everything personally, that was the reason why he knew that this really was the deed of that handsome young man, Long Xian.

When that youth along with his girlfriend came out of the hotel early in the morning, they suddenly bumped into Long Xian, and then they were entangled by the opposite party, the handsome young man started teasing them. That sturdy youth was a short-tempered man, since the opposite party was pestering them and also insulting his girlfriend in front of him, naturally this behavior of the opposite party would trigger that youth’s anger and he raised his hand to hit Long Xian. Unfortunately, the youth was actually not at all a worthy opponent for Long Xian, he was very badly beaten up by him to the extent where he could even die. Long Xian used his Qi on the youth because that youth had aired his anger very badly.

His girlfriend was unable to continue watching him getting thrashed by Long Xian, so she started crying and begging for mercy from Long Xian. But instead of getting any help, she had been dragged into the hotel by Long Xian. The youth didn’t know what was going to happen, he just rushed upstairs even though he was severely injured. However, he was too late, when he arrived there, till then that young girl was dead after falling from the building, and Long Xian had disappeared as well.


Ye Feng pondered for a moment, but was unable to think properly. Finally he gave a quick glance to that badly battered youth and thought: if he meets that handsome young man again, then I will help him in taking revenge.

After coming to that conclusion, he jumped out two steps suddenly and directly ran toward the east, but all of a sudden he was discovered by the police.


One policeman immediately shouted out loud, he thought that this fellow, who was wearing a mask, was too suspicious!

But Ye Feng didn’t pay attention to the opposite party, he quickly activated Rapid Shadow Immortal trace and instantly he ran and covered a distance of 30-40 meters just within a second, leaving behind a faint blurred remnant shade, his stature already vanished in front of that policeman. He flashed into a nearby small lane.

“Well, my eyes?”

The two policemen looked at the deserted street, they were also feeling a little strange, probably they didn’t sleep soundly in the night that was the reason they were having hallucinations rightnow, they did a mistake, right?


At the eastern side of Linjiang City, there was a stretch of river valley as well as dense forest. Ye Feng took a plunge in the map.

The number of days he used to live and eat outside when he was In the World of the Immortals, he did not know about that but he had long been accustomed to it. After entering the jungle, later the hills, he felt like he was like a fish in water, he didn’t have that kind of opportunity in the city, he was feeling ecstatic and very comfortable and his happiness was touching the sky.

Last night when he was in Hummer, he couldn’t take proper rest since he had to guard against Zhu Bainiao. However the endurance of a cultivation practitioner used to be much more stronger than the average person. Even when he had a total one-and-a-half years of cultivation, but still if he didn’t sleep consecutively for 48 hours, that wouldn’t be a big problem for him.

On the basis of the map, he kept on running all the way toward the destination, he didn’t see any shadows. Villages and rivers were appearing in the ravine frequently, so he was not at all worried about the water source issue.

Although it was not possible for him to continue displaying Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace all the way, but his physical strength was way better than the average person’s strength. His normal running speed was also noticeably fast. All day long he passed through innumerable ravines and small villages. He was running this race since he wanted to quickly cover up the distance as soon as possible. Soon he was about to approach the Changbai Mountains Nature Reserve, the topography was gradually high.

The Popular Changbai Mountain tourist attraction was not here, so naturally this place was off the beaten track.

“This map is pretty good, it seems like according to this map, it is going to take another two hours to reach the vicinity of the entrance to the tomb relics.”

Ye Feng leaned against a tree trunk to rest for a while and drank some water. He then calculated the distance on the map. He had given 10 million to Zhu Bainiao, although the opposite party didn’t lead him to the tomb since he had some urgent matter to deal with immediately. But he had a feeling that the other party didn’t need to deceive him.

Ye Feng rested slightly for more than ten minutes, afterwards he felt that he regained his most flourishing condition, hence he finally started once again. But this time, he hadn’t run far, and suddenly he heard a flurried sound of footsteps coming from woods ahead .


Ye Feng frowned and became alert, hastily he started looking for a big rock and hid behind it. He had heard that because of the sake of that Telepathic grass, this place had become recently an attraction for a lot of the people of martial arts world. In such a case, Ye Feng could never dare to make a move here carelessly.

Not to speak about other people, but Zhu Bainiao was that sort of opposite party who could suddenly appear behind Ye Feng’s back, and if at that moment Ye Feng fell short to dodge him then undoubtedly he would fall prey to his attack and would be dead in no time. Zhu Bainiao was truly a very dangerous and sinister martial artist, totally no inferior to the World of the Immortals!

Disordered footsteps as well as heavy breathing sound was heard , Ye Feng could hear clearly that only one person was running over, as if he was probably injured.

“Who is there ahead?”

An incomparably vigilant sound soon went into Ye Feng’s ears which made him gawk. Such a sharp and offensive voice, wasn’t it Zhu Bainiao’s voice?

“Oh? Actually its Zhu Bainiao…. in such a distressed condition.”

Ye Feng didn’t forget this point that currently he had his mask on, without revealing his identity and still hiding behind the stone, he said that in a lower voice.

“Your Excellency, who is the one who recognized me?”

Zhu Bainiao stopped his footsteps, as if he leaned on a tree to rest his body, he heard Ye Feng shouted his name, that was why he became more wary.

“I am a friend of Ye Feng, I was about to go to the tomb along with him. He talked to me about you, did you give him that map or that sketch?”

Ye Feng heavily smiled: “My name is Mo Jiuge, I do not know why you are under such a difficult condition elder brother ……….”

“Did you killed that corrupt Wolf Sword while putting on a mask?”

Zhu birds apparently had already heard this name “Mo Jiuge”, so all of a sudden he turned more vigilant.

As per the rumors, that masked man, Mo Jiuge, was a very scary swordsman! That corrupt greedy Wolf Sword who had a five-year of cultivation, such a ferocious swordsman was he, even though his head was chopped off by Mo Jiuge in just a single strike. That thing totally stunned Dragon Clan and since then it listed Ye Feng as its archenemy!

“it’s me.”

Ye Feng replied in a sinking voice.

“Ha ha ha, Heaven is really perforated, letting me meet such a great figure just before the point of my death, ……Coughs ……”

Zhu Bainiao burst out laughing, but soon he started coughing breathlessly. Iit was quite clear that he was very severely injured.

“Since you are a friend of Ye Feng who is also my friend then let me tell you, this Telepathic grass may help you to promote your cultivation for more than two years. If you help me to do one thing, then in return I will bestow it upon you. Anyways, the arteries of my heart have been broken, in any case I have around two hours left ……”

As soon as that statement of Zhu Bainiao fell, Ye Feng was totally startled by it.

Surprisingly a very short period of time left, Zhu Bainiao was unexpectedly in a very difficult situation. It seemed like in order to grab that Telepathic grass , his whole body was badly injured in the process of chasing down.

More than two years of cultivation!

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