Chapter - 64: Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass
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Under a hill cliff, wearing his mask in the disguise of Mo Jiuge, Ye Feng was sitting beside Zhu Bainiao by resting his back on a rock.

Zhu Bainiao was still attired in the same dark blue colored cloth, but this time his cloth was appearing completely tattered, especially around the chest area there was a big hole and was damped with fresh Blood. By looking at his face it seemed like he was feeling very exhausted and he had a very painful expression on his pale face. In comparison to what Ye Feng had imagined, Zhu Bainiao was in more miserable and distressed condition than that.

“Just promise me one thing, and consider this Telepathic Grass as yours.”

Zhu Bainiao was struggling hard, with his hand he was constantly caressing his bosom where he had a severe injury. After saying that he took out a tough blue plant difficultly, that plant even had roots, it was as long as an arm of an adult person. Altogether there were 78 leaves and were looking unusually attractive.

As soon as Ye Feng’s eyes fell on it, his mind completely blew away, wasn’t that called ‘Hair Ornament Blue Sprit Grass’ in the World of the Immortals? Unexpectedly, it was called Telepathic Grass here on Earth. If this Blue Spirit Grass would mature, it had the ability to promote one’s Cultivation upto three years after the absorption of its spiritual energy!

The effect of this Blue Spirit Grass was much more stronger than that ‘Gold Leaf Grass’. Because to have such an effect of Gold Leaf Grass, it must be thirty years old, then only it could give its full effect. But, even in the World of the Immortals it was next to impossible thing, because abundant of plunderers were there everywhere who were in search of this Grass, as long as this had reached certain years of age, they were picked out by them.

The plant which was capable of enhancing one’s Cultivation was known as Spirit Grass and the plant which was incapable to enhance the Cultivation was known as Medicinal Herbs. The value and effect of both the grasses were completely different. In the entire world, the type of Spirit Grass was not present in abundance, but each kind of Spirit Grass had the capability to enhance Cultivation of every individual only once, during the first time use.

This was the reason why Ye Feng was suddenly taken aback. In the World of the Immortals as well, this Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass was considered more precious as compared to Lingshi. It was totally beyond his thought that there could be the existence of the Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass on the Earth, unexpectedly.

At present, this Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass had almost approached its maturity. If Ye Feng would get an opportunity to absorb the spiritual energy of this Grass, then certainly he could reach four or even more years of Cultivation.

“A step closer to five years……”

Ye Feng was inevitably excited deep in his heart, but on the surface he was showing a face covered with an indifference expression. Because this stuff was still in the hands of Zhu Bainiao, in that case, how could he become happy and excited beforehand.

Although this guy was seriously injured and dying, but still it was very difficult for Ye Feng to hit a person who was already at the point of his death. Moreover, Ye Feng also self-examined that dodging the flying blades of the opposite party was still very difficult for him even though the opposite party was under such a critical condition.

“If you can’t make it, I would rather …… Keke, destroy it!”

He said that to Ye Feng while coughing continuously. On the other hand, he had that Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass gripped in his hand very tightly.

“Tell me, how did you turn like this?”

Ye Feng was also a little curious, if it was said that this fellow turned into this condition just for the sake of the Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass, that was not at all worthwhile. This reminded him of his first meeting with Long Wan’er, at that time the opposite party was also in the similar condition.

“I don’t know why do you want to go to the tomb site, but I am just asking you to help me kill a person ……

Zhu Bainiao, while resting against the rock and looking upside towards the heaven with his eyes full of sadness, finally told his story and experience about it, gradually.

Ten years ago, Zhu Bainiao was merely an ordinary tomb raider. Once, accidentally he saved the life of a very skilled senior person, as a result, in return that senior expert taught him a type of superficial martial arts technique as well as Hidden Weapon Technique. With the use of those techniques, his body became very healthy and strong, hence the exploration of ancient grave became quite handier for him. For these past several years he had obtained lots of wealth from the tomb, but unfortunately this tens of millions were all squandered freely because of his beloved woman.

The woman he loved was called Cuckoo, who was at present a disciple of Hidden Immortal School, which was considered as one of the top ten big schools of martial arts. This school was located in Kuocang Sang Caves which was one of the top ten big beautiful and heavenly places. The disciples of this school were excel at Hidden Weapon Technique, which was almost similar to Zhu Bainiao’s method.

Some time ago, while exploring the old tomb of Shang Dynasty in Changbai Mountain, Zhu Bainiao suddenly discovered the Telepathic grass which was about to mature soon. That was the most ecstatic moment for him, he became extremely joyous and wild out of happiness, he then took a picture of that grass as an evidence and sent it to his beloved Cuckoo. The Telepathic Grass was priceless, it appeared like it could absolutely raise the sanguinary rule in the world of martial arts!

But eventually this made them realize their initial dream – that was to fly away from here with enough wealth, by separating Cuckoo from the fetter of the Hidden Immortal School.

Therefore, when Zhu Bainiao came out of the tomb, he disclosed the news of the existence of Telepathic grass to two big power of martial arts’ world – Tian Daodian and Dragon Clan. Although these two big influences in the world of martial arts were not the strongest Clans, but were actually quite wealthy. It was the plan of Zhu Bainiao, to make these two influences bid for the Telepathic grass, and when this Grass would mature, then he would sell it out.

But, unfortunately, he didn’t know how did this news about the appearance of Telepathic Grass soon got spread all around the country. Because of that, various people from various places started coming to Changbai Mountain in search for it. Zhu Bainiao always wanted stability in his life, seeing this situation he understood that he did a good job. But in case he couldn’t be able to obtain the Telepathic grass, in that situation he decided to get hold of 10 million from the other source. That way he would secure his future, as well as he would also try his luck in Changbai Mountain.

If he could be able to obtain the Telepathic Grass on time, then in that case he would sell it out and reap a big amount of money. But if he failed, then he would depend on this 10 million, and together with Cuckoo he would go to faraway place.

However, when he came to Linjiang city, suddenly he received some information about Cuckoo that she had also come to Changbai Mountain! That made his heart very restless, he immediately left Ye Feng and rushed directly towards the mountains.

Very soon, he got to see Cuckoo finally, and together with her, he went to take the Telepathic Grass. Fortunately, that concealed location had not been discovered by other people, as well as the Telepathic Grass also had not been plucked out from there. However, in such a crucial moment, out of the blue a handsome youth jumped out of nowhere. He was also from Hidden Immortal School, and to one’s surprise he moved towards Cuckoo and united with her there on the spot in front of Zhu Bainiao and together they stood against him to start a fight with him!

It didn’t take Zhu Bainiao long to understand the current scene, he immediately interpreted that he was cheated by Cuckoo. His beloved woman had already ganged up with that long and handsome youth! The moment he realized the whole situation, he felt a severe pain in his heart, but he had no time to waste, hence he quickly started running away by holding the telepathic grass in his hand. Both the disciples of Hidden Immortal School – Cuckoo as well as that Handsome youth started releasing hidden weapons on him respectively, with the intention to kill Zhu Bainiao.

After a long pursue, Zhu Bainiao finally got success in getting rid of the opposite party, by relying on his rich experience. But in this all chaos, his chest was badly hit by two hidden weapons and the arteries of his heart were also broken. Now, he could survive no longer than two hours.

“That guy …… Keke is called Li Junlong, he is also one of the disciples of Hidden Immortal School, currently he is taking younger generation training of hidden weapon technique there…… ……He has been gifted with the extraordinary talent in Hidden Weapon Technique comprehension, ……KeKe……You help me ……in killing him ……”

Zhu Bainiao coughed up fresh blood, he then fervently gazed at Ye Feng and said : “With just a single strike of your sword you had killed that strong corrupt Wolf Sword very easily …… Just absorb this Telepathic grass …… Li Junlong is inevitably not your opponent!”

“And what about that Cuckoo?”

In a very low voice Ye Feng inquired that.

“Let …… let her go, after all ……”

Zhu Bainiao was getting weaker with the passing time, his voice was staggering and his speech was also not very coherent, the area around his chest was appearing bright red because of the heavy blood flow, moreover he was facing a huge blood loss as well.

“I understood, I promise you.”

Ye Feng said that in a soft voice while nodding his head.

As per the opinion of Ye Feng, Zhu Bainiao’s feelings for his beloved Cuckoo was still very strong, even though he was badly betrayed by her, still his conscience was not supporting him to take revenge.

“Hurry up, hide from them and start your absorption process quickly …… …… …… by the time I’ll help you in holding them.”

Zhu Bainiao had a very sensitive and dynamic pair of ears, all of a sudden he felt something and instantly he handed over that Blue Spirit Grass into the hands of Ye Feng, and urged him to start his part of job rightaway.

No doubt Ye Feng’s cultivation was way too inferior to Zhu Bainiao, similarly his sensation capability was also nothing as compared to Zhu Bainiao’s quick and keen sensation. He immediately took that Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass from Zhu bainiao’s hand.

Goal acheived!

As long as this stuff was in his hands, everything was fine for him now. If it were someone else, probably after achieving one’s goal, who would bother to manage other’s promise or work. But, Ye Feng was not such kind of a person.

As a man, he must abide by his commitment!

Blue Spirit Grass was now in his hand, so he quickly took a look around his surrounding, and soon noticed that there was a steep which was more than ten meters away in the deep forest. That was quite an appropriate and easy place to hide. He immediately jumped and ran towards that side, and quietly hid there leaving behind Zhu Bainiao on the same place.

Now, it was not the time to be immersed in man and woman’s deep love, Ye Feng couldn’t afford wasting time. Moreover, Ye Feng had a clear idea about Zhu Bainiao’s injury and he also knew that he couldn’t be saved as well.

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