Chapter - 65: Feeling of being strong!
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Ye Feng sneaked out quickly and hid in the bushes below in the steep slope while controlling his breath as smooth as possible, so that he couldn’t get discovered by them. Simultaneously, he started absorbing the divine spiritual energy of the Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass which was still in his hand.

Fortunately, he had been tempering his meridian and broadening them, or else after coming to this world, just the normal width of the meridian couldn’t be able to withstand the power of the divine spiritual energy of the Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass.

Zhenqi within his body started boiling up again, at the same time his Core Dan started transforming a wisp of divine spiritual energy into Zhenqi, which was later on perfused in the meridians of his whole body, for the rapid growth of Cultivation!

While this process was going on, from behind, the sound of the footsteps of both the man and the woman soon stopped as if they arrived to the side of Zhu Bainiao and stopped next to him.

Then the voice of both the parties passed on one after another.

“Cuckoo, I just want to ask one thing from you, why ………”

It appeared like Zhu Bainiao was disinclined to show any action against his beloved woman, he just asked a simple question from her difficultly.

“Why can’t I?”

A fairly pleasant female voice resounded everywhere, her voice revealed a touch of disdain for him: “Just relying on a mere 10 millions, still you want me to follow you, is this a wishful thinking? Not to mention, it has been so long since my heart has been with Junlong, and I have always been using you. ”

“Ha ha.”

Soon after a candid male voice arrived, he was that handsome youth who was called Li Junlong. By listening to his voice he seemed to be a gentleman, but his words were really outrageous which were enough to make the blood boil : “Really good, you have been racking your brain all the time to rob a grave, you accumulated 40 millions from all sides, and finally handed it over to Cuckoo, and eventually it became the resources for me in my practice. Should I need to thank you for this, Zhu Bainiao?”

“Well, without further ado and idle talks……….. you really deserve being a disciple of Hidden Immortal Faction, you are truly a very treacherous person Ah ……”

With difficultly Zhu Bainiao said that, at that time he couldn’t feel any physical pain, instead the only thing he could feel was the mental anguish, which would never allow him to rest in peace after his death.

“Come on, a mere forty million, it was nothing in my eyes.”

The youth smiled disdainfully : “Come on, now just show me the Telepathic Grass, I am totally disinclined to deal with you. However, why are you prepared to lose your life just for the sake of an insignificant Telepathic Grass? That Grass isn’t worth it.”

“I’ll die, but I’ll never let that heavenly precious treasure fall in the hands of a cheap person like you!”

While saying so, Zhu Bainiao suddenly turned excited again : “Well …… Cuckoo, don’t believe him ……… this man just wants to absorb the Telepathic Grass by himself, how could he be willing to sell it, and run away with you to some faraway place ……”

The woman who was called Cuckoo, groaned loudly and said: “You are wrong, how Junlong can be such person. We have already reached an agreement, that when the Telepathic Grass will be sold in billions, we will go abroad and start a calm and steady life, and then we will not go back to Hidden Immortal Faction……….. ”

When these words came out, Ye Feng heard that from his hidden place and finally understood something more about the whole story.

It seemed like the environment of Kuocang Cave’s Hidden Immortal Faction was not as good as it should be, strict and harsh rules were prevailing there, was this making Cuckoo and Li Junlong not wanting to continue to stay there?

“You are too naive……”

Zhu Bainiao was struggling hard while speaking: “Li Junlong is a disciple of Hidden Immortal Faction, but is also the adopted son of the elder of criminal law, how could a guy like him abandon such a condition, and together with you ……with you ……”

“You’re talking nonsense!”

Cuckoo scolded him tenderly by suddenly interrupting him in the middle of his speaking.

But then, a series of laughter echoed all around : “Ha ha ha, Zhu Bainiao, you are very, actually its worth praising. Correct, it’s impossible for me to give up such condition. Therefore, this sluggish woman is going to survive for next couple of seconds, luckily you guys are able to die together atleast, also in this way both of you guys should be able to rest in peace, right? ”

As he said these words, several hidden weapons suddenly echoed from nowhere, followed by flying blades which penetrated her body, and in the next moment the sound of hidden metal weapons mutually colliding with each other, echoed and made an endless sound.

“Ah! Junlong, you ……”

The Woman screamed in agony as if she was injured severely, the sound of her staggering disordered footsteps resounded rapidly.

Ye Feng heard everything and instantly got a brief idea about the current situation, he understood everything that this was Li Junlong, and currently he wanted to get hold of the Telepathic Grass. Therefore, it was now unbearable for him to let that woman tag along with him. Hence he finally made up his mind, to get rid of Cuckoo rightnow.

As far as the specific details of this situation was concerned, Ye Feng didn’t know about it deeply and accurately. In the meantime, the absorption of the divine spiritual energy of Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass was finally completed!

Now, he had finally reached full four years of Cultivation, because of that his strength was increased two times than before. Presently Ye Feng’s whole body was feeling stronger than before, his Zhenqi was rushing crazily throughout his body!

He could feel that now that he could make an optimum use of his Bagua Boxing, it was like a single punch could be able to hit a cow and make it fly! Besides, his Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace could finally continue to last atleast one minute, that was an enormous guarantee for his safety.

In case he drew out red Zhenqi sword of Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, then its duration would also be several times longer than the previous time.

It was the time to act!

Ye Feng then took a step and immediately cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace. As a result, his remnant suddenly dodged from his original position and passed, and his main body already had slid off the steep slope, and came to a forest where those three people were entangled. Finally, he looked at the field to have a clear idea of the current situation.

Originally, Li Junlong was about to strike and Cuckoo once and for all, but Zhu Bainiao had already anticipated his final move. Hence he raised up and stiffened his body to protect Cuckoo from these flying blades, in the process two blades hit his abdomen, and one hit his shoulder badly.

Meanwhile, Li Junlong also released flying blades, the precise blow to fly the additional three flying blades of Li Junlong. He was the only talented disciple of Hidden Immortal Faction, who had been able to command the Heavenly Diffusing Technique long ago!

Simultaneously, more than ten flying blades departed, Zhu Bainiao was desperately trying to protect Cuckoo, but while doing so 45 knives one after another hit his whole body, and all of a sudden he turned into a seriously injured condition. Fortunately he wasn’t hit at the key places, hence probably his injuries were not fatal.

“Cuckoo, quick …… run!”

Zhu Bainiao’s whole body was completely covered in blood, although his beloved woman already had betrayed him, even though he stood in front of her, like a thick wall to keep her off from the flying blades!

The sudden attack frightened and shocked her for a moment, she heard everything what was said but failed to react, her facial expression was revealing that she didn’t dare to believe anything. She was a round-faced woman, it couldn’t be said that she was a exquisite beauty, but she couldn’t be considered too ugly as well, she was worth a second look, she was in a black dress which already had a full bloom, several blood red flowers.

“Can you still run?”

Li Junlong groaned coldly, these two men were standing at a distance of ten meters away from each other, his hands was all prepared to fire more than a dozen pieces of small blades again. He was an extremely handsome man, moreover as compared to Zhu Bainiao, he was several folds stronger than him, no wonder he became capable to attract the attention of Cuckoo, and made her to be dead set on him.

But just as he was about to make a shot, suddenly he felt something, and quickly leaned and turned over to look at the direction from where Ye Feng was about to appear: “Who — -“”


Just within a fraction of seconds the red sword flashed, and Li Junlong who didn’t even see the shadow of the enemy, instead felt that he suddenly flew up and the world started spinning round and round before his eyes, and next that appeared in front of his eyes was a standing headless corpse spurting blood non-stop, wasn’t that his own body?

Before losing his consciousness, the last thing he saw with his heavy eyes was someone wearing a mask and black casual cloth like a young man, and abruptly a thought about something cropped up in his heart, this was – Mo Jiuge!

Unfortunately, he immediately sank into the inexhaustible darkness, which was follwed by unconsciousness.

Ye Feng put away his red Zhenqi sword, and raised his head.

It just took Ye Feng a single sword strike to kill Li Junlong, for him it was not at all a difficult thing to deal with the opposite party when the opposite party had also not reached 10 years of cultivation, moreover the counterparty was good at Hidden Weapon Technique as well. If this incident had taken place in the open, then wouldn’t it be like the human slaughter?

Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace along with the red Zhenqi sword of Ancient Dragon Sword Ring , had become entirely an extra- superior assassination technique!

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