Chapter - 66: Crying Ghost Blade Technique
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As the headless body of Li Junlong fell to the ground , Zhu Bainiao’s mouth threw up fresh blood. Finally he wasn’t able to withstand anymore, and all at once he collapsed on the ground.

The moon-face female Cuckoo saw that in a blink of an eye, Ye Feng wearing a mask appeared out of the blue, while in the second blink of an eye Li Junlong’s head flew high suddenly. Seeing that she became extremely scared, even her legs felt weak, in addition the wounds caused by those five flying blades on her body, were also still bleeding, and she felt that she was almost about to faint, but barely she leant against a tree.

“Don’t, don’t kill me ……Telepathic Grass is with him ……”

Cuckoo’s whole body was trembling as she pointed her finger at Zhu Bainiao, a color of fear could be seen on her face very clearly then.

Seeing this condition, Ye Feng could only shook his head, this kind of woman could never know that Zhu Bainiao not only liked her so much, but was also even willing to sacrifice his own life for her safety.

However in this world, it went without saying that love never had any reason to speak or explain, only Zhu Bainiao himself could understand this thought and feeling.

Ye Feng walked thirty two steps towards him to come close to him, then squatted down and started examining his injuries.

He was not dead yet, but unfortunately he couldn’t hold it much longer, needless to mention that Ye Feng, who was a well-known medicine immortal in the World of the Immortals, still he couldn’t do anything to cure him.

“Thank you so much………….You……… Give me a pen and a paper …… I’ll draw you ……”

Zhu Bainiao was stammering as he was speaking, even lifting up his hand was being almost impossible for him now.

Seeing this, Ye Feng immediately rushed out without saying anything, and returned to his previous hiding place ,that steep slope, he took up the black packet kept on the grass and pull out a map along with a pen. He turned over the previously drawn map of the tomb and along with a pen he presented the back side of it towards Zhu Bainiao.

From one side, Cuckoo was watching everything, but she didn’t know what had engaged those two men. This masked man killed Li Junlong, now shouldn’t he try to look for the Telepathic Grass as soon as possible? Then why did he go towards Zhu Bainiao with a pen and a paper?

Ye Feng frowned, and thought to himself that this woman was being a little hindrance in his way, so he raised up and advanced towards her.

“You, what do you want to do, don’t kill me, don’t kill me Ah ……”

Seeing him coming towards her, Cuckoo was taken aback and exclaimed, she wanted to stand up and escape, but there was no enough strength left in her body.


Ye Feng pointed his hand knife on her neck and posed as if he was about to slit her throat, and in a couple of seconds she lost her consciousness.

He then returned and Zhu Bainiao was shivering when he was drawing a map. Ye Feng looked at that sketch and noticed that the map aimed at the eastern China seashore, probably in Zhejiang province range. On the top of the destination, there was written “Crying Ghost Blade Technique” probably with the large character.

What’s that?

Ye Feng had some doubts.

“Hidden Immortal Faction ………Lost Hidden Weapon Technique……….. If it is practiced to the extreme level, then it can make flying blades accompany by the sound of crying like a ghost and howling like a wolf, which can affect and directly attack the sanity of the opposing party …… but unfortunately …… my ……my talent is not high.”

As Zhu Bainiao was saying that, he closed his eyes: “This technique was passed on to my senior ………by a traitor of Hidden Immortal Faction ……”

He hadn’t even finished saying that, but then he breathed his last breath, and after that completely no sound came out of his mouth.


Ye Feng examined that map carefully, and then he put away the map and paid a silent tribute for a while for Zhu Bainiao.

With his condensed Zhenqi sword, he dug a pit next to Zhu Bainiao’s body and buried him inside it. After all, this was not the World of the Immortals, rather it was a modern city, letting the corpses lying on the ground like this was considered here as highly inappropriate. As for the body of Li Junlong, Ye Feng threw it directly from a small cliff into the rushing water to flush it away.

After finished processing everything there, he then came next to unconscious Cuckoo, and slightly examined her wounds, those five flying blades hadn’t hit her severely, but it looked like those blades had some toxicity on them.

He hesitated for a bit, but then he took out a small medicine bottle from his black packet, and poured two detoxifying pills into her mouth and forced it down.

Didn’t matter whether they would be of any use or not, he just wanted to try anyway.

“The true love of his life, in the end, it was nothing but a clear betrayal.”

Ye Feng stood up, finally looked at the heap of buried Zhu Bainiao, and then he turned and left the place.

He thought of Su Menghan, if he had to live in this life with Su Menghan, then finally how it would be? No one knew, but since Su Menghan used to trust him, he would also choose to trust the opposite party.

“Crying Ghost Blade Technique, a lost Hidden Weapon Technique of Hidden Immortal Faction …… if there would be free time, I will go to look at it since it sounds pretty good. That way I can also know more about the martial arts of this world, what’s it all about and how it works.”

Ye Feng thought in his mind, as he knew this Hidden Weapon Technique of the Hidden Immortal Faction’s group of people, was not as simple as it sounded like throwing a flying blade. Throwing their hidden weapon must require much more power than the average person, there must have a specific way through which the internal Qi could move inside.

He was in the thick patch of grass running along a creek, towards the direction of his destination- the ancient tomb site which was not far away, but all of a sudden he saw two familiar figures appeared, unexpectedly they were actually those two persons attired in grey colored cloth and straw hat visitors, carrying a long tarpaulin package, which was resembling some type of weapons.

A man and a woman, on the opposite shore of the creek, not far away from Ye Feng, and were moving forward in the same direction with him.

Fortunately, where Ye Feng was running, it was very thickly grown long vegetation, and moreover the opposite party hadn’t located his existence there yet.

” Heavenly Sword Palace, I don’t even know a thing about their strength ……”

[LASTVOICE : Tian Daodian means Heavenly Sword Palace, so from here onwards I’ll be using Heavenly Sword Palace to avoid future inconvenience. And in my previous chapter No. 61, I’ll change ‘Tian Daodian’ into Heavenly Sword Palace. Sorry for inconvenience. :)]

Ye Feng cautiously started walking slowly, since he couldn’t let the opposite party know that the Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass had already been absorbed by him. As when he was planning to change his direction, exactly then accidentally his attention got attracted by few words spoken between that man and woman.

“He he, that young lady of Dragon Clan, should be in front of us.”

Woman prettily said that.

“Heh , last time during Gold Leaf Grass incident, we were being soft. But this time, when we will encounter again, I’ll surely kill and behead her with my sword.”

By sticking out his dark and red colored tongue, that man licked his lips and gave a very murderous look.

“I know you wanted to capture that Miss Dragon alive, enjoy a bit, however a lot of Long people would be there, I am feared that it won’t be so easy to succeed.”

That Woman groaned lightly.

“Baby I know.”

That Man smiled ghastly : “But she is that kind of a exquisite woman, how can I not taste her flavor? Even if it is only a beautiful glamorous corpse ……”

From across the river, hidden in the vegetation clump, Ye Feng was eavesdropping them, and immediately understood the hidden meaning of what Zhu Bainiao said once previously, ” a pair of Heavenly Sword palace, a crazy couple who has some abnormal desire.”

Originally, last time this crazy pair of man and woman had snatched away that Gold Leaf Grass from the hands of Long Wan’er and ran away, as she was passing through them. During that period, she had lost her consciousness and Ye Feng was there who rescued her .

“Really they are a dog bitten people, kind of brain dead people, who don’t have any type of good feelings.”

Ye Feng cursed them badly in his heart, if Long Wan’er ever fell in the hands of these two crazy no-brain people, then who knew what would be the end. But Long Wan’er was actually against him, she showed her ingratitude in return of his kindness , but also to deal with him everywhere, was absolutely impervious.

“Who is there!”

That gloomy man suddenly barked harshly, which startled and scared Ye Feng.

But soon Ye Feng noticed that the opposite party hadn’t found him, but it was a mountain woodcutter who was discovered by him. That woodcutter was also wearing a straw hat, but obviously he was just an ordinary man.

There was a basket of herbs carried by that woodcutter on his back, he should be from the village, who came into the mountain to pick the herbs. When he saw two Heavenly Sword Palace people, he obviously remained surprised for a moment. Then, his eyes bumped into the exquisite stature, the snow white flesh partly visible, highly attractive beautiful woman, he couldn’t help but continued giving several glances.

“What are you looking at?”

The gloomy male voice sank, it was obvious that he was not feeling well and totally unhappy because of the vision of the opposite party, and was it possible for his woman to just stay watching this chaos?

“Not good……”

Ye Feng penetrated the thick patch of grass, and suddenly saw the murderous intention appeared on the face of that gloomy man, as well as his eyes were also flashing relentless bloodshed, seeing this his heart shivered. The woodcutter who was just here to pick up the herbs, was it necessary to kill him?

But before Ye Feng could even think to react, by then that man had untied his long tarpaulin package, and from there he pulled out a sword and grasped it in his hand tightly and reveled it boldly.


His stature moved incomparably quick, under the setting sun, followed by a long sword reflecting a orange-red light, he advanced towards the plucking herbs woodcutter, to chop him down on the spot.

It appeared like the Man was lightning fast!

Ye Feng secretly shivered in his heart, to one’s surprise in a split of second the counterparty burst out in such a speed, what more heart wrenching was his sudden speed was even more faster than Ye Feng’s Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace. He simply couldn’t get enough time to approach there, he hesitated little bit but only thing he could do then was to watch the sword chopping down that man, helplessly.

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