Chapter - 67: Chicken-hearted Long Xian
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Basically, Ye Feng didn’t even get enough time to react, since the man of Heavenly Sword Palace, by holding a long sword in his hand, had already reached close to woodcutter’s head within a couple of seconds. Now, probably in the next moment, he was about to chop him down into two halves.

However, at the same time, another figure appeared like a tornado, he leaped from nearby thick patch of grass, and instantly blocked the front of that woodcutter.

An old man!

“How fast he is!”

Startled, Ye Feng look at that old man, and thought that this old man somewhat seemed a bit familiar, but wasn’t he extremely fast? In a flash, he crossed like a tornado in front of his eyes.


Instantly the old man condensed his Qi in his palm, and simultaneously shot his palm sideways, an incomparably precise hit fell on the long sword held by that man, which made it fly and fall heavily at the side of the woodcutter, on a huge riverside rock, which split open that rock and caused a very terrifying fissure on it, and as an impact the debris caused by the hit, flew upwards.

Hiding in the thick patch of riverside bushes, Ye Feng took a closer look, and instantly found out that he had actually seen this old man before at Dragon Clan’s trade fair, he was actually Huang Lao from Mt. Tianzhu Huang Province, who had a full thirty years of Cultivation!

Unexpectedly, this old man also arrived here, Ye Feng thought this in his heart, and didn’t dare to look at the confrontation between both the parties, promptly he took a detour and continued to move forward.

Whether it was the Old man from Huang Province or Heavenly Sword Palace’s crazy pair, Ye Feng was not even the least bit interested in getting into any kind of conflict with them. At present, he just wanted to arrive safely at the ancient tomb site, to search for the traces of Su Feiying.

“Huang Lao shouldn’t be a wicked man, I don’t know why he is looking for Mo Jiuge …….”

When Ye Feng was thinking this, suddenly he recalled the time when he was in Langfang city’s hotel, during that period Huang Lao asked him to convey his words to Mo Jiuge if he would ever meet him.

He shook his head, since he didn’t need to think about it rightnow, all the way up along the mountain road, he was being constantly careful with the surrounding situation. The present Changbai Mountain had become crisis-ridden, just recently Ye Feng didn’t even notice that Huang Lao was hidden nearby. So, he was on his toes all the way.

Ofcourse, no matter how dangerous the path would be, he would certainly go to the tomb site, it was impossible for anyone to break his resolve.

It took him another half an hour to arrive at halfway up the mountain, the forest ahead was even more dense and was covered with overgrown weeds.

Through the thick bushes, he inclined towards a small hole and looked ahead towards the winding spiral road of the mountain, most probably after covering a distance of another two or three kilometers, he would arrive at a spacious mountain platform. But suddenly he saw something and wrinkled his brows, there were more than dozen of people at that mountain platform and by looking at them, it seemed like all of them were martial artists of this world.

In order to go to the entrance of the ancient tomb site, this mountain platform was the only way which must be taken. But Ye Feng who was in his mask and wanted to go the tomb site, while passing through so many people currently present on this mountain platform, was purely delusional.

“Oh.. correct, these people are here because of the Telepathic Grass. Is this mountain platform by any chance, a mentioned place in the auction agreement of the Telepathic Grass?”

Ye Feng quickly reacted, but at this moment, he suddenly felt that the disorderly sound of footsteps arrived from ahead, followed by an extremely captivating wheeze of a woman, Deja vu!

(Note : Deja vu means – the experience of seeing exactly the same situation a second time.)

“What’s this situation?”

Ye Feng stopped his footsteps and immediately wanted to hide in the thick bushes, but before he could make a move, a petite and pretty figure suddenly rushed out of the bushes and crashed into him .

Ye Feng subconsciously raised his hand, since he wanted to promptly drag out his Zhenqi Sword of Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, in order to behead the opposite party in the next moment! Because he was not sure whether the opposite party wanted to sneak attack, or something else.

Although he was in a hurry, but he didn’t fail to see who hit him unexpectedly in his face, that was none other than pretty and charming girl, Long Wan’er!

“It’s You! I ……”

While rushing out of the thick patch of grass, Long Wan’er’s stature naturally advanced towards Ye Feng and bumped into him. She also raised her head, and saw a masked man standing in front of her. Thunderstruck, she remained standing where she was, her beautiful pupil was revealing a color of desperation.

There was an ambush ahead, and a troop of pursuers behind, wasn’t this situation exactly like the same which Ye Feng had confronted in Langfang city’s trade fair?

Ye Feng glanced at her, the situation she was in, was certainly couldn’t be considered as very wonderful. Even more, some kind of poison which had the power to ”suppress the resistance of one’s lustful youthful emotion” had been given to her, and he didn’t even know it was given by whom.

Seeing her in this condition, suddenly something cropped up in Ye Feng’s mind, and he thought of an excellent idea.

Without giving a second thought, he immediately extended his hand to take advantage of the opportunity, he hugged her soft stature into his bosom, immediately a faint fragrance of her delicate body burst out and greeted his nostrils, a warm and soft feel from the touch, through her piece of snow white one-piece dress, transmitted in the hands of Ye Feng, making him unable to resist his somewhat fiery heart.

But he immediately set his mind, that he wouldn’t take advantage of this young girl in this critical situation.

“Who’s after you?”

Ye Feng leaned over and whispered softly in her ear.

“You let me go!”

Long Wan’er was struggling in his embrace to free herself from his grip, her cheeks flushed, finally she made an effort to slap him.

Unfortunately, with an increased level of Cultivation, Ye Feng easily grasped her pink palm: “I wanted to help you, since you didn’t appreciate my kindness, so now forget about it.”

Hearing that, Long Wan’er gasped, her pair of beautiful eyes were staring at him with full of suspicion.

She hadn’t thought ever, that this hateful masked man could really offer to help her with such a good intention, this surely be a cheat. Just by recalling the time during her stay in Langfang city, when this fellow had played jokes on her, triggered her anger and she wanted to throw all the things which was there in front of her. Unfortunately, once again she bumped into him, but she hadn’t retaliated yet, instead, she was again frivolously treated by him.

Long Wan’er thought for a while, she felt that her entire body was impatiently becoming hot, because just a moment ago she was hit by that kind of intense poison, which had the tendency to suppress the resistance. It quickly rushed into her core Dan, and through her meridians, it hit her qi and circulated throughout her body, and then started suppressing her resistance hastily, of that kind of people’s bashful desire.

“Actually right, Yes you can ……”

The beautiful eyes of Long Wan’er shifted towards him, she thought of a way, at this time she was no longer struggling, instead with her weak body she stuck to him: “God Fist Gate…….. the two men of God Fist Gate have a very illegal intentions, so can you help me in dealing with them? ”

Just like the pleasant sweet voice of oriole, her inexhaustible, alluring and powerful voice resounded in Ye Feng’s ears.

God Fist Gate?

Ye Feng’s mind started functioning fast, he thought of the incident which took place in Langfang’s trade fair, that dark-skinned boy, who was kicked by Long Wan’er, was he one of the men of God Fist gate?

Soon, he knew that he didn’t guess wrong.

Meanwhile, the rustling sound of the thick patch of grass suddenly appeared, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching towards them from far to near, and soon a familiar self-satisfied voice burst out:! “Wan’er, come on, just accept your fate without any fight! I would like to see you, so where can you run away, better be a well-behaved girl with me, ok? I together with my fellow apprentice have decided to be good to you, we surely will make you comfortable …… ”

This sound was not heard at the trade fair, this seemed to be a deliberate fight, was that guy trying to attract the attention of Long Wan’er towards him?

At that time was Long Wan’er ruthlessly humiliated him, the result of which could be seen today that the strength of that feeble man exploded like this, and unexpectedly he even made use of such method to retaliate, the things didn’t end here, he even asked his fellow apprentice to gang up with him, since he wanted to embarrass her by shamelessly dealing with her.

As the sound of footsteps was getting closer, Ye Feng could also feel that the man, who was saying these things, was very weak, and there was another man as well, who was almost at the same level like Li Junlong from before. In his heart, he very clearly knew the intensity of the situation, so he didn’t flinch.

A moment later, these two figures, by pushing through the bushes, finally appeared in front of Ye Feng, and when they saw each other, they gawked.

The thing which made the opposite party gawked was that Long Wan’er had always been a keen eyesight girl, who used to look on the top, but now unexpectedly seeing her in the embrace of a masked man, stunned them. Apparently they were looking exceptionally intimate like this.

But the reason Ye Feng gawked was completely different, they were actually more than two people. There was the third person, who was being carried by one of those two guys, in his hands. Wasn’t that guy who was being carried by one of them, was from earlier, that Handsome Young man, Long Xian?

All of a sudden, Ye Feng got a clear picture of everything, why Long Wan’er was infected. Clearly speaking, since there were lots of Long people, so it would be next to impossible for these two fellows of God Fist Gate to get success in their plan. Unfortunately, they had Long Xian in their grip, by using this method, they wanted to draw Long Wan’er out alone. An easiest way to deal with her.

One of the persons of the opposite party, had been seen before at trade fair. He was that dark skinned young fellow, who had around three or four years of Cultivation at most, because of that he was not been paid attention by Ye Feng.

Another one of them was carrying that handsome young man, Long Xian. He was tall and was looking very strong, had a treacherous look on his face, probably he was the one who poisoned Long Wan’er. This tricky guy must be the one who would have made plan to draw her out, he must be the fellow apprentice of the dark skinned guy.

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