Chapter - 68: One on one
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Hearing his confession, Long Wan’er couldn’t help but scolded him rudely: “Bullshit.”

That handsome young man came late alone, and unexpectedly was caught and threatened by those two men of God Fist Gate. Practically, he was a very stupid person in his whole Clan, how couldn’t she ever notice that her Dragon Clan had such an incompetent fellow.

Ye Feng squinted his eyes and looked into the pair of eyes of Long Xian, and thought that this young man was indeed a best quality person, using strength to bully the weak was certainly a favorable situation.

Confronting a pair of ordinary young lovers in Lin’an city, and then compelling that young girl to jump off the hotel’s building, was just like using his strength to bully a weak couple, but when he confronted a pair of fellow apprentices of God Fist Gate, he actually became extremely frightened to the extent where he could even pee in his pant on the bad. Besides, he also betrayed Long Wan’er, who was his own Clan member.

“Come with me.”

Ye Feng said in a low voice, by embracing Long Wan’er’s fervent stature in his arms, he advanced towards the nearby bushes, and by turning back he dragged her to go inside them. This path should be the only mountain road, and if at the moment they would start fighting here, then it would become completely inevitable for him, not to be seen by others, or by Huang Lao and that crazy pair of Heavenly Sword Palace, who might be approaching from behind any moment, which would become very troublesome for him.

Consequently, he decided to take Long Wan’er, and direct those two fellow apprentices of God Fist Gate into the woods, far away from this path, so that there would be no need to worry about other people’s disturbances.

His ultimate goal was to seize this young lady of Dragon Clan, and hold her as a hostage, in order to pass through the platform on top of the mountain! In case above, there would be numerous people of Dragon clan, then by producing Long Wan’er as hostage, he could become able to suppress the attack of opposite party as long as she would remain in his clutch. Right from the platform, he had to cover only a short distance ahead, exactly then the entrance of the ancient tomb would appear there. And once he would advance into the tomb, then surely he would get rid of everyone by relying on the drawn map.

“Where are you going?”

Long Wan’er had no idea about his train of thought, hence in a very soft tone she shouted to ask that.

As she was in his embrace, she was feeling uneasiness all over her body, from infancy to maturity she had never felt this kind of strange feeling. But at this moment, Qi within her body was working crazily to suppress the toxicity, simply she didn’t have the strength to break herself free from Ye Feng’s arms.

Once she gave up suppressing the toxin, it might burst out badly. At that time, could it be possible for her to bear it again, it was difficult to say.

She might not want to ruin her life because of this thing!

Now the only thing running in her mind was, either make Ye Feng fight with the two guys of God Fist Gate, or let the people of Dragon Clan discover this situation here.

“Come with me.”

Ye Feng chuckled, because of the mask on his face, he was looking incomparably ferocious. Almost by dragging her all along, he came to the side of the woods.

“Brother Luo Li, pursue them quickly!”

The moment that sinister deceitful tall person saw them advancing towards the woods, he immediately waved his hand, making the dark-skinned young fellow take the lead in the pursuit.

“Brother Luo Lei, I am inferior to you, why don’t you take the lead?”

The dark-skinned guy, Luo Li couldn’t be swindled, instead he had already tighten up his guard and said that.

“Hmmm, I will go ahead then, can you suppress this handsome young man?”

The Tall man lightly groaned and illustrated to carry this handsome young man, Long Xian in his hands.

As Luo Li heard that, a cloudy expression crawled on his face: “That masked man was the one who, just by a single strike of his sword, killed the master Greedy Wolf Sword. What if he launches a sneak attack on me, I am absolutely no match for him.”

Although he wanted to capture Long Wan’er at any cost, but still he didn’t want to risk his own life for this.

“Well, if you are not coming along with me, then I will not go as well, and regarding this matter, you handle it by yourself.”

Luo Lei apparently had heard the name of the mask name ‘Mo Jiuge’, he groaned coldly since he didn’t want to take the lead.


Luo Li hesitated for a moment, and finally clenched his teeth and nodded: “Then brother, you must have to pay attention to protect me.”

He thought that even if he let that Mask man and Long Wan’er run away today, still that wouldn’t bring an end to their future troubles. They had given a very fierce poison to Long Wan’er, in addition to it, taking hold of that mask man wouldn’t be a child’s play. In the future, both of them would certainly join forces against them. Hence, now they didn’t have a better life anymore.

Moreover, if Long Wan’er returned alive, then she would certainly report this to her father and stir his anger. In that case, their school ‘God Fist Gate’ couldn’t be able to shoulder such a terrific anger.

“Relax, although that fellow has killed the corrupt Wolf Sword, but that corrupt Wolf Sword had only five years of Cultivation.”

The Tall man, Luo Lei lightly groaned and continued: “However, I, Luo Lei, have eight years of Cultivation, besides I am not that sort of good for nothing person like the corrupt Wolf Sword, in no way I can be inferior to that mask man.”

A moment later, carrying Long Xian in the hand, both of the guys entered in the thick patch of grass, chasing behind the mask man and Long Wan’er, to know about their whereabouts. Since, they planned and poisoned Long Wan’er illegally and executed such a shameful thing, so they could certainly not go back to inform their elder, to come and help them.


Carrying Long Wan’er all the way in his arms, through the deep forest, Ye Feng kept on running continuously, and crossed even more than 1000 meters of distance, until he came to a bottomless precipice, and then stopped.

“Ten years of Cultivation, pretty good, such a huge progress!”

Ye Feng was feeling her fiery stature in his arms, he chuckled loudly. Since they were too close together, ofcourse it was quite natural that they could feel the Cultivation of other party.

“Hmmm, four years of Cultivation ……”

At this time, her heart was a bit amazed, this fellow had merely four years of Cultivation, then how unexpectedly, just by a single sword strike, he could be able to kill the corrupt Wolf Sword who had five years of Cultivation, moreover his agility was noticeably good, and his red sword was extremely strange as well, didn’t know where was it hidden ……

She didn’t know that Ye Feng had attained four years of Cultivation just a short while ago, by absorbing the Hair Ornament Blue Spirit Grass, otherwise he would be definitely regarded as a monster, a freak.

“Well said, then how about while you stall the tall man, I will deal with that dark-skinned guy, what say?”

Ye Feng chuckled, he lowered his head to stare at her delicate face from across his mask.

“As you can clearly see that currently I am in this condition, so basically there is no way I can take him on.”

Long Wan’er heard that, and her face turned red, she got more and more soft, as if she was about to melt in his arms.

“is it?”

Ye Feng ruminated about it and then said: “Then I must walk away, I have only four years of Cultivation, apparently I am far from the match of that tall person.”

“That ……”

She blushed hard and her cheeks turned red, she hesitated for a moment, but then considered this matter carefully, and thought that whatever he said was also the truth, she had no option left but to only nod: “You must be a bit faster while dealing with that guy Luo Li. Besides, you also have a sword you used while killing that corrupt Wolf Sword, you surely will not let that fellow run away, right?”

“Naturally, so long as you keep holding the tall man, I could be able to kill that guy in next few seconds.”

Ye Feng nodded his head, wearing the facial features of mask he was looking very suspicious, but unfortunately now, Long Wan’er was simply unable to take care of it.

She decided that while both sides would be busy in fighting, in the meantime she would grasp the opportunity to escape and return to the above mountain’s platform to look for the elders of Dragon Clan and make them detoxify ……

“They came.”

Ye Feng smiled, her fragrant body was still in his bosom, he slipped his hand and slowly pinched her straighten up perky breast and then shoved open her. This girl was under the effect of the ‘youthful lust poison’, this type of behavior of Ye Feng was making her efficacy outbreak, so as to avoid this, she wanted to run away.

Being touched by him like this, made her very uneasy, her cheeks immediately became red, just by thinking about it, her whole body had turned dry and hot. And also there was the tendency of this poison that it used to suppress one’s resistance. Since she was shoved open by Ye Feng, she hastily calmed her mind, and then immediately looked towards those men Luo Li and Luo Lei brothers, who were rapidly chasing after her.

“One on one!”

Seeing Ye Feng and Long Wan’er dividing into two groups unexpectedly, totally stunned Luo Lei, it was like taking the bull by the horns. He promptly knocked down Long Xian and threw him to one side, and then took the initiative and rushed towards Long Wan’er instantly.

Without any doubt, Long Wan’er was looking extremely attractive at present, moreover as compared to the other side, it was a better deal to handle her, even more he could also take advantage of this situation. By the time, on the other hand, Luo Li and the masked man came in front of each other, Luo Li was almost at surprise, he had not expected that this Masked man would come in his way once again. He started thinking about a way how to get rid of him in just one swoop!

He had heard the story about how the mask man’s sword had killed the corrupt Wolf Sword, but hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes. He believed that as the disciple of such a big school ‘God Fist Gate’, although his Cultivation was inferior to the corrupt Wolf Sword, but still he could definitely be able stall him for a while.

Seeing that, he started sweating out.

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