Chapter - 7: – Oval faced maiden
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At the end of the school day, Ou B explained everything he knew about the Heavenly Serpent Gang and Ye Feng finally came to know how terrifying an existence this gang actually was.

Heavenly Serpent Gang was a strong dark influence and it had established a company which was secretly involved in selling drugs. It also operated a number of entertainment venues and casinos. It was said that severe measures had been taken against them several times but nothing worked.

“Such a large influence, it would be a pity to destroy them……wouldn’t it better to find a way to gain their control in my hands?”

Ye Feng pondered that this would not be very bothersome if only he was in the World of the Immortals. There, he would easily formulate a poison to control the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang.

Unfortunately, on the Earth, he did not know whether he could find the appropriate raw materials for the poison. Later he would go to the Chinese herbal medicine shop to take a look.

Ye Feng was not at all worried about anything, but Ou B had been worrying all day and why shouldn’t he? After all, his best friend had provoked the Heavenly Serpent Gang.

“Well, let us go to your house.”

After the last lesson, Ye Feng stood up and said to Ou B. He and Ou B were the students of third year in high school so they did not need to self-study late at night.

“You really are……”

Ou B helplessly shook his head as he could not figure out how could Ye Feng be so calm even after provoking the Heavenly Serpent Gang? And Ye Feng was also thinking of going to his house to find some “good stuff”?

They arrived at the school gate and saw that the three goons were long gone, only the blood stains remained on the ground. As a famous high school of Yanjing, the capital city China, no matter how arrogant the Heavenly Serpent Gang actually was, it would still not dare to enter the campus of Yan High School and act unruly.

Su Menghan was walking in front of the two and would occasionally turn back and look bitterly at Ye Feng. Later, she was picked up by Hu Meimei because from today onwards, she was going to live in the Yanxi villa, a place she did not like.

But all of this was a gift bestowed upon her by Ye Feng and was also the reason behind her bad mood all day.

Ye Feng naturally did not care about her and completely ignored her, in fact, she glared at him for a whole day but he simply didn’t mind at all.

Ou B was being furtive and stealthy at the school gate and had been planning all day how to deal with the members of the Heavenly Serpent Gang, if they got attacked after coming out of the school. Although no one dared to offend the Heavenly Serpent Gang, but now that Ye Feng had provoked them, he would naturally not hesitate to stand by the side of Ye Feng.

“There’s no one suspicious outside, let’s go.”

Ye Feng swept his eyes outside the school campus and did not see any suspicious elements and went out of the school gate while pulling Ou B along with him.

Until they walked far away out on the street and did not meet any mishaps, only then Ou B relaxed a bit but then a solemn look appeared on his face: “Xiao mifeng, you shouldn’t go back home tonight. If the Heavenly Serpent Gang can find which school you go to then they must have also investigated where you live.” (NT: Xiao mifeng is a nickname given to Ye Feng by Ou B which means Small bee)

“So what?”

Ye Feng did not care about the Heavenly Serpent Gang but each time Ou B called him “Small bee”, he simply felt like dying.

“Are you really a fool or just try to act like one?”

Ou B scolded him and said: “Tonight, going back to your villa can be very dangerous! Perhaps, this time, they may send people with guns to take you down.”

Ye Feng was surprised for a moment, because right now, he had still not grasped a way to resist against firearms: “It’s highly unlikely that they would send armed men to deal with a high school student.”

Although he had come from the World of the Immortals, but he still had the memories of this world’s Ye Feng and was very much familiar with firearms, in fact, this world’s Ye Feng was originally a shootout expert in gun-battle game named CF.

Ou B started to think more and more about this but he still couldn’t understand as to why the people of Heavenly Serpent Gang had stopped Ye Feng at the school gate? He didn’t want to believe that they would let Ye Feng off so easily.

“Well …… let’s go, first we will visit that Chinese medicine shop and have a look.”

Ye Feng spotted a Chinese herbal medicine shop, then nodded, and said while pointing his finger at it.

By the broad street, two rows of willows were planted on both sides, and the street had a variety of shops, and fortunately, he happened to find a traditional Chinese herbal medicine shop among them.

“What? Wait, now you want to go to a Chinese medicine shop?”

Ou B suspected they he heard it wrong and gave a strange look to Ye Feng.

“I am looking for some good stuff……”

Ye Feng said and walked towards that Chinese medicine shop.

However, when he came under a willow tree, suddenly, a tender figure fell down from the tree. Ye Feng’s eyes moved swiftly and his hands reached out to catch that figure in his bosom.

What was going on?

A beauty just now actually fell down from the willow tree?

Ye Feng was puzzled then lowered his head and saw a beautiful maiden who was unconscious at the moment and had an appearance of 18 or 19 years old. She had an adorable delicate oval face that could easily incite tender affection for her. She was wearing a long blue skirt with flower patterns on it, breathing steadily with her chest rhythmically going up and down. She seemed just like a fairy in the arms of Ye Feng.

The girl was young, but her body under the skirt was actually quite exquisite, revealing her perfect curves, and was quite vivid and incisive! Especially her soft buttocks that were held in his hands right now and the wonderful touch made him to stare blankly all of a sudden. His brain was full of question marks, where did this baby face actually come from……?

Suddenly, the Dragon Sword Ancient Ring, worn on his right hand started to give off heat and his complexion immediately changed.

“Small bee, you ……”

Ou B followed closely and approached him but saw Ye Feng embracing a lovely girl. He couldn’t help but widened his eyes and glared while pointing his fingers at him: “You, you, you, you……”

“What you? You go home.”

When Ye Feng noticed that the Dragon Sword Ancient Ring had begun to heat up on his right hand, he immediately understood that this girl was not ordinary and asked Ou B to leave.

Ye Feng didn’t wait for Ou B to react and swept his eyes in all four directions while still holding the unconscious maiden and finally found a hotel. In order to avoid getting shot by the members of Heavenly Serpent Gang, anyway it wasn’t safe for him to go home tonight, so it would be better to spend the night at a hotel.

“Small bee! You want to do it don’t you!”

Who would have thought that Ou B would not listen to him? He actually came in front of Ye Feng and blocked his way then shouted: “Let her go, your Ouge will never allow you to succeed in your dirty intentions……” (NT: Ouge means Elder brother Ou)

With the fragrant body of a beautiful girl in his bosom, Ye Feng looked at Ou B who had a bewildered look on his face at the moment.

The sky was getting darker, and in the street, some people gradually began pointing at the two men. Ye Feng knew that he must hurry up and handle Ou B, or the crowd might cause trouble for them.

“Remember how I punched the two members of the Heavenly Serpent Gang?”

Ye Feng asked in a serious tone.

“Ah? I remember.”

Ou B gawked and subconsciously nodded.

“Actually, I am a martial arts expert and this is my junior sister apprentice. She is seriously injured and I must find a place to heal her as soon as possible ……”

Ye Feng finished the sentence and before Ou B could react, he bolted away in the direction of the hotel while still hugging the cute girl.


When Ou B heard his words, he was again stunned for a moment and said to himself: “Is it true, small bee is actually a martial arts expert?”

His bewilderment was understandable, after all, this morning, he had also seen how Ye Feng had punched the two goons of Heavenly Serpent Gang and sent them flying and this scene was still vivid in his mind.

But, before he could react, Ye Feng was nowhere to be found.

The crowd on the street gradually dispersed, but there was a shadow hidden in the dark, watching all of this.

After the school, Tian Youliang had followed Ye Feng all along, because he wanted to look at his miserable appearance after getting beaten by the members of Heavenly Serpent Gang on his way back home, but he never expected to see Ye Feng entering a hotel while embracing a young beautiful girl in his bosom.

A sinister look appeared on his face as he pulled out his phone and called his father.

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