Chapter - 70: Long Wan’er’s father
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At this moment, just when Luo Lei was knocked down by Ye Feng, exactly then unconscious Long Xian came into senses, and heard Ye Feng saying “now, it’s his turn”, which all of a sudden scared the hell out of him, and his complexion became equally paler as a corpse.

“Big Brother, I was wrong!”

By putting on a distressed face, Long Xian started begging for mercy, though he was timid, but was actually not a fool, sooner he noticed that both of the fellow apprentices of God Fist Gate had disappeared, wouldn’t he have understood by now, that what might have happened to them?

“Where were you wrong?”

With every step, Ye Feng approached close to him, and coldly asked that.

“I should neither have given the drug to Wan’er, nor should have directed her to go alone in this condition ……I really had no idea that she is your woman, great swordsman ……”

Long Xian was cold sweating, he looked at delicate and well-behaved Long Wan’er leaning against Ye Feng’s arms, so he took it for granted that she was her woman and said that.

But when Long Wan’er heard that, it ticked her off, she wished she could jump out of the arms of Ye Feng and throw several hundreds of hands out on Long Xian, who was this masked man’s woman? Unfortunately, at present the efficacy had burst out within her body, making her suppress it fully, otherwise, she was afraid that she might become delirious any moment, letting Ye Feng overthrow her at the scene.

Also, she didn’t know till the end, that where did Luo Lei and Luo Li find that medicine from, it was so intense, making her curse those two guys constantly in her heart several times. Of course, those two fellows would be already dead by now, and howsoever her curses would be, absolutely they were going in vain.

Under such circumstances, where her entire body was feeling weak and incapable, she could only let Ye Feng take advantage of her. Actually, she was only waiting for an appropriate opportunity to erupt again all of a sudden, and she could smoothly escape from his evil clutches ……….

“Really? You listened clearly.”

Ye Feng sneered: “Today, in the morning, in city Lin’an, a young girl was compelled to jump off the hotel’s building to her death, do you still remember that?”


As Long Xian heard about the morning thing, he glued to the spot, how did this masked man know about this matter?

Suddenly, an expression of disgust crawled on the face of Long Wan’er, and a perplexing thought rushed into her mind, could this kid Long Xian be actually capable of executing such things in the outside world?

“Today, I, as an ordinary citizen, will wipe out an evil doer for sure!”

Ye Feng’s Zhenqi quickly rushed out, and the red Zhenqi Sword suddenly emerged out in his hand, pointing at about three metres away lying Long Xian!

“Please …… no, the great swordsman, mercy! Wan’er, help me, save me!”

As Long Xian’s eyes fell on that red Zhenqi coated sword, his blood dried up, and because of his extreme fear, suddenly water leached out between his two legs, causing stain!

“In that hotel, that maiden would have certainly thought so and might have begged you for mercy, but did you forgive her?”

Ye Feng groaned coldly.

It was rightly said, ”Whatever is hurtful to you, don’t do that to any other person.” This guy Long Xian considered other people’s begging very indifferently, that was why Ye Feng wanted now to make him taste, what kind of flavour this despair had.

Then after Ye Feng didn’t say anything, just raised his hand and waved it, immediately a bright red light flashed!

Soon, the third corpse fell down the cliff.


“Honestly speaking, be my well-behaved hostage. On the platform ahead, are there people of your Dragon Clan?”

After finished resolving with Long Xian, Ye Feng choked the neck of Long Wan’er, and returned to his original route, and then broke into a run to go towards the mountain platform.

“Coughs ….Ke Ke… there are …… ……”

Since Long Wan’er’s neck was seized by him, that impeded her breath, moreove,r she didn’t take long to understood that since beginning Ye Feng didn’t have a crush on her, rather it was his plan all along to capture her as a hostage.

However, what was the purpose behind holding her as a hostage?

Of course, she didn’t have even the least bit idea that Ye Feng just wanted to pass through that platform, in order to enter the old tomb relics. Whether it was the identity of a masked man, or his true identity as Ye Feng, in any form if he would appear in front of those people of Dragon Clan, they would never let him pass through. Hence, this was the last option left in the hands of Ye Feng to succeed in his goal.

“That’s good.”

Ye Feng nodded with satisfaction, along with Long Wan’er he gradually moved forward step by step.

Poor Long Wan’er’s current condition was quite pathetic, her whole body was under frequent drug seizures, her cheeks were blushed red, especially because she was being held under duress by Ye Feng, but still unexpectedly she had faintly a very comfortable feeling, which was making her ashamed of herself and resentful, that was why she simply wanted to commit suicide.

Ye Feng simply didn’t have a shred of tenderness towards women, on top of that this Miss Dragon was not his woman at the first place, on the contrary, she was his enemy, hence, he would never show his soft side to his enemy.

When they gradually approached closer to the mountain platform, they finally attracted the attention of some of the members of Dragon Clan.

There were approximately 17 – 18 individuals on the platform, in several groups consisting two and three individuals in each, they were discussing anything mutually. Just a glance was enough for Ye Feng to understand that all of them were the people of the martial arts world. When their eyes shifted towards Ye Feng holding under duress Long Wan’er all the way, immediately the complexion of few 5 – 6 persons paled down.


One among them was considerably a middle-aged man, with straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards vertical stroke, knitted his brows, and with extremely quick footsteps he moved forward to welcome them!

Ye Feng raised his eyes and look at that middle-aged man. He was around thirty years of age, was wearing a shallow white long gown, a plain scabbard was hanging from his waist, from head to foot was covered with a kind of refined and courteous atmosphere, making him almost delusional. All these features of him forcing Ye Feng to think that it seemed like as if this guy was someone from the World of the Immortals, with a secret immortal sword.

“Dad ……”

With great difficulty, Long Wan’er put out a word, followed by a signal with her eyes towards that middle-aged man.

Was that refined and courteous middle-aged man, her father?

Ye Feng’s mind was already alert and he had also tightened up his guard beforehand, he opened his mouth and in a very threatening manner, said: “No matter who you are, just make a way for me, or I’ll strangle her to death! I have to just pass through here, once I leave this place, I’ll return your daughter totally intact .”

“Young man, you are actually so bold!”

The refined middle-aged man’s eyes were exhibiting cold look, his straight eyebrows were slanting upwards and outwards, his generous hand slipped and grasped the sword hilt hanging on his waist as if he wanted to begin.

“Mo’ran, wait a minute.”

From behind him an old man was seeing everything, hastily he came up, and whispered something in his ears.

That scene made Ye Feng scowled, if he were at such a level where he had atleast 10 years of Cultivation, then he would have been able now, to hear what the other party was whispering, but unfortunately he had no way to do that.

“Are you called Mo Jiuge?”

The refined man listened to the old man’s words, it seemed like as if he was feeling justified now, he then nodded as he raised his head and looked towards that masked man, Ye Feng, and with solemnity he said: “If you dare hurt my daughter, our Dragon people will travel all over the ends of the earth, and will certainly take your life!”


Ye Feng smiled softly, by still continued pinching her neck, he kept on walking, and when he came closer almost about five metres away from Long Wan’er’s father, then he suddenly peaked up his speed!

Embracing her tightly in his arms, Ye Feng hastily activated his Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace to its maximum limit, and as an impact of it, a series of flashing blurred afterimage appeared on the platform! And just in a blink of an eye, by holding Long Wan’er, he crossed the entire mountain platform, and fled into the woods in the opposite direction.

This sudden incident, left Long Mo’ran along with the rest of the Dragon people, gawk. How could this boy have such a noticeably fast speed? Till they could even think to respond, Ye Feng had already disappeared right in front of their eyes, along with Long Wan’er!

“Ha ha ha, Mo’ran its kind of little strange, never imagined that you will have one day of admitting defeat.”

A loud laugh, immediately followed by a satirical sentence, passed out from the other side, actually Dragon Clan and the Great Elder of God Fist Gate were not in good terms with each other, so as to insult Long Mo’ran, he used this satirical way. However, by now, he had neither this idea that Luo Li together with Luo Lei wanted to capture Long Wan’er, nor that they had already been killed by Ye Feng. Or else, he would be more afraid now that his presence could trigger Long Mo’ran’s anger and he might fly into a rage because of his two evil pupils.


Long Mo’ran snorted lightly, without paying attention to the opposite party, he frowned and said: “You guys go and investigate below to see what was going on with that kid Long Xian, simultaneously I’ll go behind Wan’er.”

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