Chapter - 71: Enters the ancient tomb.
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The sun had already set in the western sky, and the shaft of remaining sunlight had submerged the entire city, Yanjing.

The last class of Yan Junior High School finally ended in the afternoon, a constant stream of students were getting out of the school gate, either to return home or to have dinner outside, but almost all of the students had one thing in common, that was the topic they were discussing.

“Have you heard that, the first and most beautiful woman of Yan High School/Yanjing University, seems to be engaged with a third-year high school student named Ye Feng!”

{Lastvoice : Yan High School or Yanjing University … both of these terms will be used interchangeably, hence I have mentioned both of them to avoid future confusion. Su Menghan is in Yan Junior High School, and Lin Shiqing is in Yan High School/Yanjing University.}

“Naturally heard that, actually what is the identity of that guy Ye Feng, and would Miss Lin take a fancy to him, unexpectedly?”

“It’s not like that, rather I have heard that the family has forced it.”

“You don’t know anything, they are already living together, ok?”

“Wow, really, is it true?”

A topic like this was cropping up one after another.

Su Menghan was moving towards the school entrance, her pretty and beautiful figure was capturing the attention of numerous students. Popular and admired as the top Xiaohua of Yan Junior High School, her fresh and pure face, her exquisite figure, everything was standing her out from other students, and was making her as the most beautiful landscape. {Note : Xiaohua – School’s beauty.}

“Hello, things have turned out so noisy and big, don’t you want to find Small Bee and ask about it?”

Ou B finally caught up with her, while panting heavily he asked that with a face covered with a depressed look.

“No, there is no use of it, I trust him.”

Su Menghan said that by piling up a smile on her face, as if she didn’t care about the rumours and slander going on all over the school campus.

“You trust that ass blindly! Today, there are just the students of Yan High School/Yanjing University looking for him to trouble him, all around it has more than 70 batches of students, consisting of a hundred male students or even more, in each batch!”

Ou B continued saying in a scolding tone: “That boy, hidden from us so deep like this, in my opinion, now this little should certainly ensure his hiding, or if he feels like then he should seek asylum! Just take a look around, those fat bodies looking for him, are so strong, like Sumo wrestlers or even more like boxer community people, if he gets punched by them just once, that wouldn’t be a joke ……”

“It will not.”

Su Menghan said that still stubbornly, a pair of her beautiful eyes were glittering firmly.

“Hey, I am telling you ……”

Ou B wanted to make her aware of the consequences of the current situation, but just when he barely thought to go forward, he was actually blocked by four guys of Heavenly Serpent Gang, thus he had no choice left but to look at her helplessly, as she was departing.

Su Menghan didn’t turn around, instead, she went straight towards the car, which was brought by Heavenly Serpent Gang to pick her up, and then like a wisp of smoke, she went far away, swiftly. She had never socialised with the boys in the school, nor have ever shown a good face to them, just because Ye Feng had a good relation with Ou B, she exchanged a few words with him, which was extremely rare.

But in the eyes of Ou B, didn’t it look like Su Menghan was too stubborn? Such a big matter was breathing strongly all around the school campus, even though unexpectedly she had held an unshaken trust for Ye Feng, which was simply impervious!

However, the first beauty of Yanjing University/Yan High School, Lin Shiqing…. Ah……

That sort of strong woman, endowed with both such a terrific talent and incomparable beauty, could really have a liking for Ye Feng?

Ou B was being a bit sceptical, only if Ye Feng were the legendary martial artist from the martial arts world, then it would be possible. Since the world of martial arts didn’t get involved in the matter of the worldly things, then how could it be possible that the marriage of the direct line female, of the ruling family, was set with a common person without any martial arts skills?

He pulled out his cell phone, once again he gave a call to Ye Feng , but as expected he got a prompt message that call couldn’t be put through, hence resentfully he decided to go home, as he had no other choice left.


At this time on the other side, holding the weak and fragrant body of under duress Long Wan’er, Ye Feng was speeding away to dash out wildly.

The map left behind by Zhu Bainiao, he draped it over his shoulders to blaze a trail, actually the route taken by him was getting more and more desolated, but soon, finally he approached the destination, the entrance of the ancient tomb vestige.

“Hurry up …… let me go quickly, I can’t stand it anymore ……”

Long Wan’er while leaning on his chest was breathing heavily, a pair of her beautiful delicate hands were softly embracing Ye Feng’s body. She felt that the efficacy of the drug within her body, must have to be suppressed, or else if it would erupt out just once, then the only god would know what might happen.

“Your father is chasing behind us, if I let you go, wouldn’t it be like I am courting my death?”

Ye Feng groaned lightly, and simply decided not to pay attention to her.

As far the action of those two fellow apprentices of God Fist Gate was concerned, Ye Feng despised it very much, in order to obtain a woman, was there such a need to be so vicious? Presently, Long Wan’er who was deeply immersed in his bosom, was making Ye Feng feel strangely an intense strong desire for her, however, nothing could be done, since whoever would touch the soft delicate body of Long Wan’er and feel it’s charm, wouldn’t he also feel the same way, just like what Ye Feng was desiring for currently?

During the period when he was in the World of the Immortals, he had constantly followed his master, hence, he didn’t get any chance to have access to any woman. However, after his rebirth here in the modern city, he had actually taken possession of Su Menghan as well as Long Wan’er, both of them, one after another, and had also taken small advantages of these two great beautiful women.

Previously, when Ye Feng had his first encounter with Su Menghan, he very much liked her honesty, kindness and pure-heartedness, but at present while being with Long Wan’er, he didn’t feel a thing about her.

However, now, by constantly embracing the delicate fragrant body of a young girl, was making him have some strange thoughts ……

His Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace was still under use, all the way a faint blurred afterimage was continuously appearing and disappearing quickly. Just within a period of short one minute, Ye Feng covered a distance of two kilometres, until his Zhenqi finally exhausted, which gradually slowed down his pace as well.

The whole body of Long Wan’er was being hot and dry, since her mind was fully occupied with several types of her strange lustful desire. Just a mere thought that Ye Feng was running with her, was making her flushed, that she didn’t even notice his speed which was incredibly fast, otherwise, it might have surely surprised her incomparably.

It just took one minute, and Ye Feng with his super fast speed, had already left her father far behind.

Finally, at this moment, a small cliff appeared in front of Ye Feng , which a bit delighted his heart, wasn’t that the entrance of Shang Dynasty ancient tomb vestige, as said by Zhu Bainiao?

By putting his single hand around the slender willow waist of Long Wan’er, Ye Feng quickly moved forward, on the basis of Zhu Bainiao’s instruction he finally found a sufficiently thick and solid vine, after then together with her, he seized an opportunity to start descending down the rock.

Although they were two people, but Long Wan’er was not heavy, that vine was fully able to withstand their weight.

After descending several metres, Ye Feng finally stopped in a gigantic stone, probably enough to accommodate the size of a truck, and then he loosened the thick solid vine.

He then exerted an effort and finally pulled out that vine, so as to avoid being caught up by Long Wan’er’s father, confronting him was not a funny thing after all. Just by looking at the temperament of that refined man, Ye Feng right away got an idea that the opposite party had absolutely possessed few dozens of cultivation. Moreover the opposite party was gifted with a very strange skill, if he would pull out his sword, in that case, Ye Feng would surely prove to be far from being a suitable opponent for the opposite party.

Ye Feng dug out an already crushed flat black colored packet from his bosom , and then he pulled out a map, since he wanted to look into the map to see whether there was any danger or not in the ancient tomb.

Long Wan’er was softly curled up in his arms, suddenly she resumed her senses, looked carefully around her and discovered that along with Ye Feng, she was currently present at a place, which had only one access. It was a narrow and small crevice, possibly to be used to pass and go inside the cliff.

Otherwise, she might have jumped off the cliff, but when she glanced around herself, then noticed that there was only fog and wind lingering around, jumping down the cliff was absolutely out of the question.

She looked up and saw the overhanging cliff, but again she found the same thing, fog and wind lingering around everywhere, which made her heart very disappointed and depressed. Infact, the dark secret passage was not at all a good option for her to choose, since as the matter stood, if she chose this way to escape, her father would never save her, right?

Also, she didn’t know why did this guy in the mask bring her here and what did he want to do with her……

Suddenly, she noticed that Ye Feng was staring at a map holding in his hand probably very attentively, she couldn’t help but her heart moved a bit.

Opportunity should never be missed, it was the time to begin!

All of a sudden, ten years of Cultivation mastered Long Wan’er’s inner Qi exploded out abruptly, by twisting her body, she hastily jumped out of Ye Feng’s arms, and by getting on her feet she snatched away the map from his hand in one fell swoop, which was immediately followed by a move ‘Mysterious Dragon Pendulum Tail’, aiming directly at the chest of Ye Feng to kick him over!

The sudden upheaval of Long Wan’er petrified him and left him extremely startled, but fortunately, his wariness had already prepared his heart strong enough to handle these reactions, hence he quickly responded to this, by putting into use the last trace of his already exhausted Zhenqi , to activate his last trump card, Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, in order to escape the violent kick of Long Wan’er!

What a tremendous force and strength her foot had! Imagine, if Ye Feng were kicked just a moment ago, then that kick would have definitely thrown him down the cliff, and by now he would have ended up dead, exactly like the fate of previously met fellow apprentices, Luo Lei and Luo Li.

As Ye Feng raised his head again, exactly then he remained surprised for a moment to find that Long Wan’er’s soft and exquisite graceful body had already disappeared, but then he noticed that she was leading to the tomb and ran into that crevice of ancient tomb vestige.

Ye Feng didn’t want to think about any stuff, without further delay he took to the heels to chase after her.

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