Chapter - 72: Inside the tomb vestige
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Ye Feng advanced towards the ancient tomb relic and ran inside it, suddenly his eyes were smeared with darkness, and he felt like everything around him was entirely invisible. If he had owned ten years of Cultivation, then he could have relied on the Immortal Technique “Soul Search” to see even in the darkness, but now he had no way to do that.

Fortunately, he already had done preparation for it.

From his black packet, he took out a small flashlight, which was earlier prepared by Zhao Yibei, in addition, there were also several No. 7 batteries arranged by him as the reserve, so as to persist it for several days, uninterrupted. Moreover, In order to increase the persistent use period of the flashlight, Zhao Yibei also prepared that type of flashlight which might not give quite a bright light, but was suitable enough for Ye Feng.

Once the flashlight was switched on, a crevice channel finally appeared before Ye Feng, leading the way ahead, which could only allow the next person through. However, it had suddenly widened about hundred metres ahead. Ye Feng clearly knew that the entrance of ancient tomb vestige had finally arrived.

The traces and shadow of Long Wan’er had long gone, but Ye Feng must overtake the opposite party as soon as possible, because, without the ,map, it would be extremely difficult for him to continue in this ancient tomb. After all he was not a specialised professional tomb raider. Whether to talk about his skills or the tools he had prepared for it, was still far from Zhu Bainiao’s comparison.

He covered around hundred metres of distance in just 32 steps, then after he arrived at a small stone chamber, the other side of which had a door, which had already been damaged, naturally that was destroyed by Zhu Bainiao.

There was no other way to proceed, hence he entered that stone chamber. Officially, finally he entered the ancient tomb relic now. In the dim light of a flashlight, alone in the dark, a stone passage covered with vine appeared in front of him all the way downwards, although he couldn’t see the end.

“Atmosphere seems a little moist, on the basis of tracking the words said by Zhu Bainiao, there must be a large underground lake in the central part of this ancient tomb ……….”

Ye Feng heart made a speculation, he assiduously was trying to find some clues from the left traces of Long Wan’er. His walk suddenly turned into a trot and then he broke into a run, rapidly down the stairs and arrived at a horizontal road.

Flashlights were illuminating towards both sides, Ye Feng found that after a certain distance, on the walls of the corridor of both sides, there would have been flashlights, but unfortunately, they were immediately extinguished.

Just a second ago, a flashlight disappeared all of a sudden right in front of him, Ye Feng guessed that it could be no one else but Long Wan’er, who took away the illumination.

“This young lady actually is pretty smart ……”

In his heart, Ye Feng secretly praised her, but was also very dignified, because very obviously Long Wan’er was not at all a good option to deal with.

When he proceeded to run along the corridor, then after covering around half a kilometer of distance, he felt that the things had started to become awful, since unexpectedly it turned out to be actually a crossroad existed there.

He hurriedly squatted down his body, and aimed the light of his flashlight at the traces on the ground, he just wanted to find out some clues, and he quickly succeeded in that. Soon he found the dust on the road leading to the left, was a bit messy, also there were several shallow footprints present on that road.

“This road, doesn’t lead to a tomb chamber, right? Isn’t it a blind alley?”

Ye Feng wrinkled his eyebrows a tiny bit, and pondered that the other party was, by no means a stupid person, she had the map in her hands, so wasn’t it highly unlikely that she would still compel herself towards the blind alley?

Regarding the map, in a hurry he could only remember the beginning route of this tomb journey as well as the road leading to the direction of the central underground lake. About the rest of the details, he didn’t even get enough time to look into it before it got snatched away by Long Wan’er.

No matter how, but this road didn’t seem to be very far, therefore he decided to go and explore it out. Quickly he ran along the left side of the corridor. All the way, he saw the cliff’s rock was very well-preserved, it was very ancient, time-honored with a long history. By any chance, if some historians arrived here, they would definitely exclaim out in amazement, for discovering this treasure. What a pity, these things were completely pointless and insignificant to Ye Feng.

Soon he arrived at the terminus of this passage, a periphery of the tomb chamber.

“Damn, I was tricked.”

Ye Feng carefully examined that little tomb, but there was no trail of her, there was just a deathly silence which had taken over the surrounding area. In the centre of that tomb, there was a pit, who knew who was buried in it, Ye Feng was totally disinclined to think about it.

Since then, he didn’t dare to underestimate her. Actually falsely making traces on the crossroad, delaying him by distracting him towards a dead end, it seemed like to pursue her again, had turned out to be a very difficult task now.

“I can only go to that central underground lake first.”

The moment Ye Feng decided that, he instantly set off.

Zhu Bainiao had said that at the beginning of the ancient tomb, there was no such underground lake, but later on it naturally got formed, water naturally accumulated and lake came into existence directly in the centre part of this tomb chamber.

The place from where Zhu Bainiao discovered that Lingshi, it was also the same place where, for the first time he saw the beautiful back view of someone, which was similar to Su Feiying!

Therefore, Ye Feng must go to look into that since he didn’t succeed in finding out Long Wan’er, he could only go to the underground lake to check and explore that area, afterwards he decided to return to the original road. He would try to climb up that gigantic rock to get outside the cliff. However, by taking into consideration his current level of Cultivation, climbing several meters up the rock, would undoubtedly be very difficult challenge for him.

A hope was there that the underground lake must render some fruitful results to him, this was what he was anticipating rightnow.

All the way back, he took several wriggles and spiral turnings, he was proceeding along the route drawn on the map, saved in his memory. Step by step he was advancing towards the underground lake situated somewhere around the central part of that ancient tomb.

His heart was palpitating, the closer he was getting to the underground lake, the quicker his heart was jumping, out of excitement.

His beautiful female master, Su Feiying had really appeared here before? If not, then why did that figure look exactly like her? If it was really her picture, why had she come over to a place like this ancient tomb vestige?

He had too many questions boiling up in his mind, but there was a hope that just after arriving at the underground lake, they all could be answered.

The distance was not very far away.

The flashlight was still on, Ye Feng wandered for more than ten minutes, soon, finally he was about to reach the destination. As he turned a corner, the light of his flashlight suddenly fainted, but simultaneously another hazy white light appeared covering the dim light of his flashlight.


Ye Feng turned off the light and raised his head to take a broad view around his surroundings. He noticed that whatever Zhu Bainiao had said was 100 % true, a ray of dim gentle white light had flooded the entire space, that was naturally the big legendary luminous night pearl in the center of the tomb chamber, but unfortunately, it had already sunk to the bottom of the lake, which could now only send out such a dim hazy shimmer.

Ye Feng moved two steps forward to saw the panorama of the entire central tomb.

He only saw a square-shaped tomb chamber of several hundred metres square, into a large central hollow, which had been filled up by the limpid underground lake water. But around that underground lake, there were some vine plants widely spread. Under that dim white light, there was no longer feeling of that kind of previously experienced deathly stillness, instead it was embellished all around, and was exhibiting the aura of the paradise.

In the lake actually swimming fishes could be seen very vividly, quite brisk and lively. Moreover, the water plants were appearing very luxuriant, the ray of the legendary luminous pearl was penetrating the water plant through the water surface, resembling like a very thin and white layer of yarn had draped over the entire space.

After arriving here, Ye Feng burst of freshness and comfort feeling, since unexpectedly he felt the presence of the divine and wonderful world’s spiritual influence in the lake!

Although very weak, but it actually truly existed here, no wonder Zhu Bainiao could be able to find Lingshi “dark green stone” here. Zhu Bainiao was an unprofessional man, who was not an authentic martial artist from the world of martial arts, even though he saw Lingshi. Without knowing it had any effect and power, he simply picked it up conveniently and threw away to Ou A, and by luck Ou A sold it at such an undervalued price to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng walked to the edge of the lake, and as he was thinking something, suddenly an uncertain beautiful figure of a woman, rushed over and threw herself on him, from another side.

“Who is this?”

Ye Feng only got the time to shout loudly frantically, and suddenly he felt a sudden burst of fragrance in his nostrils, and the next moment his whole body heavily fell to the ground.

A feel of the soft touch but full of elasticity spread all over his body. This aromatic body, wasn’t this the body of Long Waner?

Surprisingly, he was thrown to the ground by her!

The ray of light of the bright pearl of night was too hazy, and it was extremely difficult to see anything clearly, but still he could feel that the situation she was in currently, was very bad, actually her whole body was burning hot, disheveled, being short of breath as if she was about to throw up. Moreover, it seemed like the efficacy of the drug had already erupted, and because of that, she was burning with that sort of lustful desire.

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