Chapter - 73: Pie in the sky
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At this moment in time, the moon and the stars were sparsely scattered in the sky outside the world, whereas, mountain platform was flooded with several martial arts people, regardless of whether it was the group of the people of Dragon Clan, or the elder of God Fist Gate, or later approached the crazy male-female pair of Heavenly Sword Palace and Huang Lao, all were badly keyed up, the so-called anxious expression had clouded all over their faces.

Previously met, that round-faced woman, who was dressed in a black robe, stained with fresh blood here and there, was trying to say something with a very mournful and distressing looking face.

“Wearing a mask, and holding a red sword, that man appeared out of nowhere! And awfully slaughtered Li Junlong along with Zhu Bainiao , moreover, the Telepathic grass was also taken away by him!”

“Wearing a mask?”

Almost at the same time, some people suddenly recalled the incident which had taken place during the dusk, when holding under duress Long Wan’er in his bosom, that young guy passed through this platform, right in front of their eyes. The gazes of almost all the individuals of Dragon Clan shifted directly towards Dragon Clan’s one person.

Clad in a white gown, Long Mo’ran’s inner qi suddenly started shaking with anger.

Actually, today he wanted to buy that Telepathic grass, as a birthday gift for Long Wan’er. He had never imagined that the Telepathic grass had long been taken away by the same masked man, making him as futile as carrying water in a bamboo basket!

Not only that, as he was pursuing the masked man carrying his daughter, Long Wan’er, he suddenly arrived at a towering overhanging cliff, and when he leaned forward to have a look downward, then he noticed that the entire region was wrapped by the fog and winds, making the appearance of the bottom totally invisible.

That guy, he wouldn’t have jumped off the cliff holding Long Wan’er, would he? The mere thought that his daughter was trapped in a very dangerous situation, was making Long Mo’ran precipitate, he was getting intolerably anxious, but there was no way out.

“The current situation is this, both of my disciples, Luo Li and Luo Lei haven’t come back yet, Long Mo’ran, that handsome young guy of your Clan hasn’t also returned yet, has he?”

The elder of God Fist Gate solemnly asked that, long before he used a satirical tone while talking to Long Mo’ran, but currently, he was totally out of his mood to launch a satire again.

Not only coming to here didn’t result in any profit, but the Telepathic grass was also stolen away, moreover, the traces of two young people of his Clan had completely disappeared, most likely they might have encountered a violent treachery. To sum up, Long Mo’ran, had not only suffered a huge financial loss, but also had lost two children of his clan, hence he was under such a tremendous pressure where he could upside-down the entire soldiers, completely, to find them.

Of course, compared to Dragon Clan’s situation, God Fist Gate was in a better situation.

Not Only Dragon Clan’s Long Xian was fraught with grim possibilities, but also the most talented person of Dragon Clan’s younger generation, Long Wan’er was seized as a hostage, and seemingly was drugged as well. Such a long time had rolled on, but there was not the slightest bit of any news of them, what might have happened to them was quite obvious.

So far as the martial artists of these two school of martial arts were concerned, since they gloated over the misfortunes of others, they departed from this world silently.

The complexion of Long Mo’ran had paled down, if that masked man reappeared before him, he surely would bring into action his Clan’s most exquisite swordsman, to kill and behead him at once, just like he did 20 years ago, when he got the master of Ye Clan, beheaded to death!

“Report this to the head of the house, that we couldn’t find Young lady!”

Soon, the master of Dragon Clan hurried back, and while sweating profusely, he said.

“Continue searching for them!”

Long Mo’ran waved his hand instructing them, his white gown was floating under the moonlight, however gloominess had taken over his mood. Today, until he got success in finding out some trails of his daughter along with that masked man on this mountain, he would never leave this place.


While on the other hand, on one gloomy side of the mountain platform, Heavenly Sword Palace’s crazy pair, that man and woman looked at each other, and exchanged a sinister smile.

They thought that they arrived a bit late here, when drugged Long Wan’er was already captured as hostage unexpectedly, and the people of Long Clan were turned out to very incompetent as well. However, such an attractive young girl was taken hold by the so-called masked man, it was really unfortunate ………

Certainly, the man of Heavenly Sword Palace wouldn’t care whether he stood out first or what would be his reward, so long as he could have enjoyment out of this, he would never consider this trip went in vain.

They didn’t say anything, just looked at closely standing Huang Lao, then they jumped a step and left the place. They vowed not to rest until they would find Long Wan’er. Also, they didn’t say anything about the Telepathic grass at this time, however, regarding the Gold Leaf Grass from the previous time, they must demand interest for it, later !

By squinting his eyes, Huang Lao looked at the eyes of those two people, and groaned lightly, then he also moved sideways to depart. It wasn’t like he was looking for Long Wan’er, instead it was that Masked man who had stirred his interest, he just wanted to find traces of that man.

“If the guess is correct, this person not only killed the greedy and corrupt Wolf Sword, but also the two fellow apprentices of God Fist Gate. Moreover, his courage didn’t stop here, he also removed Hidden Immortal Faction’s Li Junlong from his way, and captured under duress Long wan’er as a hostage, his courage and wisdom are incredibly strong! What a pity, I didn’t get the chance to receive him as my apprentice……….”

Silhouette of the mountain platform all of a sudden became sparse, under the moonlight glory, the deathly paled facial expression of Cuckoo was appearing.

Since Li Junlong died, would she return to her school ‘Hidden Immortal Faction’ to explain things regarding his death and so on?

He was one of the disciples in Hidden Immortal School who used to give training of Hidden Weapon Technique to the younger generation! Until now, her brain was unceasingly contaminated with Li Junlong’s flying head scene, as well as the sneering face of that masked man present at the scene, was also haunting her continuously ……


Outside this tensed and gloomy atmosphere, a matchless and exquisite scene was going on inside the tomb.

Outside the tomb, Long Wan’er threw a kick at Ye Feng and quickly snatched away the map. However, because of that, all of a sudden the efficacy within her body erupted thoroughly, and made her completely incapable of suppressing it again. She tried resisting it, and with the help of the map, she arrived near the most conspicuous underground lake. But finally the time arrived when she completely failed to hold it anymore, her consciousness had also started getting more and more fuzzier, and her lustful desire was burning like a fire.

During that moment, she saw Ye Feng appeared, could she still endure it anymore? Instead, all of a sudden she rushed and threw herself on him.


Thunderstruck, Ye Feng was lying on the ground staring foolishly, since he was knocked down on the ground heavily by Long Wan’er, his resistance wasn’t working at all.

In a very short period of time, she had actually reached a decade of Cultivation. Even after absorbing Hair Ornamental Blue Spirit Grass, Ye Feng’s Cultivation had reached just four years, literally after doubling it, it would still hit only eight years.

To compare the strength between them, still the difference was quite a noticeable point!

Under the dim white light of the legendary luminous pearl, her soft and smooth silk dress slowly slipped from her body, making her snow white skin like porcelain, visible to him, which suddenly jolted out his heart and soul, and mesmerized him under the supple halo, as if it was the world’s most exquisite and wonderful art.

Although Ye Feng previously had accidentally experienced her breathtaking amusing beauty, but probably it had so intensely stimulated his feelings now than the previous time. Her body seemed like exuding bright light like moonlight’s brightness, Ye Feng immediately felt that his blood suddenly rushed upward towards his brain, and his brain started releasing heat.

Even if he wanted to resist, now the girl would not agree!

“Don’t move …… I …… want to ……”

She pressed her white hand on his chest roughly, her pair of beautiful eyes were getting blurred, she lowered her face and tore apart his cloth, and threw it to one side.

Under this kind of circumstance, if Ye Feng would really want to resist, then it would be possible only by killing her. Regretfully, he couldn’t do such a thing. A proverb rightly said, ‘flowers worthy to be folded straight off, if not treated well, it would result in blossomless and empty branches. If a man was a real man, then how could he be loathsome?

Consequently, Ye Feng gave up in his heart, and extended both hands out ……

Within the lake, silently swimming fishes, unwillingly stirring the inverted reflection of both of them every now and then, as if they were embellishing the general appearance of the paradise.

That young girl’s long and beautiful hair was hanging down gently, accompanied with a pure and delicate fragrance, lingering around the side of Ye Feng’s face.


At such a critical moment, Ye Feng suddenly uttered that.

The voice, although very destructive to the current atmosphere, but Ye Feng couldn’t help but shout out, as he had really no other way to control that.

He was so intensely shocked, as if he got pierced deeply through his inner feelings, so he uttered this sound.

Because when these two people were really intimately close to each together, he finally detected that the constitution of Miss Dragon was actually extremely rare to be seen in the World of the Immortals, and it was called ” the body of immortal arteries”!

Pick up the treasure!

Or to send her back home!

Has anyone seen ‘Pie in the sky’? This is it!

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