Chapter - 74: The body of immortal arteries
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In the World of the Immortals, regardless of whether it was the head of the Immortal School, or the Elder of the devil realm, most of them had more than one woman. As a matter of fact, it was neither to manifest their authorities, nor to attain their certain demands, rather it was because there in the World of the Immortals, there were many rare special physiques, which were of great benefits for the Cultivation practices.

For instance, the body of the immortal arteries, which is considered as one of the leading special physiques in the World of the Immortals, not only excels at pacifying the speed of its own master far more than the ordinary people, but along with its master, it also gives advantage to her husband, by boosting up his practicing speed.

The woman gifted with the body of immortal arteries, normally possesses smooth and flexible meridians, with several hidden acupuncture points, which are far more than an average person’s acupuncture points. These acupuncture points have the tendency to naturally start storing up the divine and spiritual energy right after her birth, and the moment that woman starts practicing, these acupuncture points automatically open up, releasing and letting this divine and spiritual energy fall directly into her Dantian, which later on follows by a sudden enhancement of her Cultivation, even more than ten years, at just one fell swoop!

This process is called “Open Holes.”

In the World of the Immortals, only the incredibly powerful man had the capability to take hold of such woman as his wife, otherwise, he might be defeated by that powerful woman, and could also be killed as well. Even more, his whole family could be extinguished, till his nine generations! Also, these females, possessing such body of immortal arteries, were themselves very powerful, with a high level of cultivation, almost at the similar level just like her strength, so there was not a single man who could subdue her.

“One, two, three, four, five, six and seven, surprisingly there are seven hidden acupuncture points in her body, the body of immortal arteries with seven points, amazing! Maximum Nine points are normally considered as the highest number of acupuncture points!”

Ye Feng counted it down, and was overjoyed at the turn of the events, since it was a very pleasant and delightful surprise for him.

Seven hidden acupuncture points, it seemed like if she began practising her Immortal Cultivation Technique, then it would promote her practice speed by70%, which was immensely higher than a common person’s ability, and was certainly enough for anyone to turn into a big shot or an Elder in the World of the Immortals!

Unfortunately, there was no one on the Earth with such eyes, who could see this type of body with immortal arteries. Seemingly, Long Wan’er had not gone through this “Open Hole” process, and her Cultivation was still in the sealed state. What a waste of such body!

Presently, Ye Feng’s heart was unusually intertwined.

As he could feel several hidden acupuncture points in her body, which had been storing up massive divine and spiritual energy since her birth. Considering the fact that if she would be currently twenty years old, then her these seven hidden acupuncture points might have collected a great amount of spiritual energy by now, which would be more than enough to let her Cultivation take a sudden leap of fourteen years in a blow, which was really quite a terrific figure!

If some day she would start practising Immortal Cultivation technique, then she could very easily absorb all of this divine and spiritual energy, which had been getting stored since long ago, and this in return would let her Cultivation enhance enormously in a noticeably short period of time.

However at present, the situation Ye Feng and Long Wan’er were trapped in, was in a way quite favorable for him, since he could also easily absorb her spiritual energy for his own purpose, to let his Cultivation hit a full eighteen years, in just one move, to become a dap hand!

Because, these two individuals were currently having the most intimate relationship ……

How about, take hold of her body and suck in all of her spiritual energy present within her body, then run away and forget about her including this incident?

Ye Feng was perplexed because, if all of a sudden all of her body’s divine and spiritual energy got extinct, then certainly she wouldn’t survive any longer, very soon she would die. Even if it would be a matter of absorbing just three to five years of the spiritual energy, it would also damage her meridians awfully, letting her seriously injured, and consequently she could no longer practice throughout her life.

The attraction of suddenly achieving a gigantic rise in his level of Cultivation, but this was actually a dilemma of choice.

Though, Ye Feng was not a good man, but was not a wicked person as well.

Although Long Wan’er had been opposing him everywhere since beginning, but by placing himself in her shoes, he could clearly realize that in fact, she wasn’t much at fault, all this happened mostly because of the spontaneous misunderstandings.

For attaining a great strength, could he drag her to death?

In the current relationship between these two people, Ye Feng really was not being able to get down his hand, no matter how, but at present Long Wan’er was more like his woman.

“Such being the case, in the end, I should be thoroughly responsible for everything. Moreover, this woman, possessing the body of immortal arteries, is my woman now, I am in gain in a big way, right? Why should I sway by personal gains and losses?”

In fact, Ye Feng’s heart had already made a decision, when he confronted this situation, he easily considered Long Wan’er as his woman, otherwise on the basis of his personality, how possibly he could think whether he should show tender affection towards her or not, but could he discard this golden opportunity of promoting his Cultivation?

Since she was his woman now, he certainly would not hurt her. If she was destined to be his, then there would be ample time at his hand, meanwhile he would also try to lift these misunderstandings by then, then he could have plenty of time and opportunities to absorb her divine and spiritual energy.

But for now, Ye Feng temporarily couldn’t let the opposite party know his real identity.

By the way, what kind of relationship existed between Dragon Clan and Ye Clan? This relationship would be definitely awful, since Dragon Clan was responsible for the destruction of Ye Clan, otherwise Ye Wentian would not have solemnly warned him like that.

As of now, he could only wait for the propitious time, then only he could make her know the fact.

After figuring out everything thoroughly, Ye Feng tuned a little bit unscrupulous , by stroking her delicate white skin, he slowly turned over his body to press her under him. Meanwhile, silently he raked out the divine and spiritual energy present within her body in her hidden acupuncture points, and slowly started absorbing it.

If she would not have run into Ye Feng, then her this spiritual energy would never have been found ever by anyone on the earth. If Ye Feng absorbed an year of her energy to upgrade his own Cultivation, it wouldn’t definitely be a big deal. Moreover, absorbing little bit of her spiritual energy, wouldn’t cause any injury to her body.

“If there were not so many factors like family existed, then……”

Ye Feng’s heart sighed a bit, as he was thinking that, if these two people would stay together, every day and night ,around 10-15 days in a row, then in that case, he would definitely be able to safely absorb her spiritual energy, to promote his Cultivation to the level of 18 years.

As far as Long Wan’er’s Cultivation was concerned, he didn’t know whether it was feasible or not, as he knew already that the people of this planet ‘Earth’ didn’t possess Dan in their Dantian.

Could it be possible that his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring could produce Core Dan for others as well?

Ye Feng hadn’t tested it yet, also he wouldn’t dare to rashly examine it on the body of Long Wan’er.

At this moment, like a beautiful panther, Long Wan’er was struggling, was looking lively and elegant, and exquisitely was swaying her body from side to side under Ye Feng’s body, as if she was nicely coordinating with his movement naturally.

Embracing her smooth, delicate and exquisite body, Ye Feng actually didn’t dare to be too substantial, as he was afraid he might hurt her and cause severe pain to her body. But in fact, in comparison to him, Long Wan’er was more enthusiastic, she had no idea from where did those two guys of God Fist Gate bring that drug, which was really immensely strong.

Soon her enthusiasm infected Ye Feng, but her eyes were shedding a few tears, making Ye Feng slightly distressed. Although she was subconscious but perhaps she still knew about the current situation and was desperately resisting, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to nullify the function of efficacy.

Four years and six months ……

Four years and nine months ……

Constantly they were moving their smooth statures cleanly and mutually, as Ye Feng was continuously absorbing the divine and spiritual energy of the opposite party, and gradually concealing it in his own hidden acupuncture points, letting his Cultivation grow slowly.

After a long time, as soon as this young girl’s passion and enthusiasm calmed down, the fervour of bund ashore extinguished finally, letting the atmosphere tranquil and undisturbed.

At this time, Ye Feng reached a five-year of Cultivation, finally!

Now, whether it was diversionary technique Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, or Zhenqi sword of Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, all had become quite handy for him and he could use them proficiently now. He would be fully able now to battle with those martial arts practitioners possessing a decade of Cultivation!

He had a feeling that even if he encountered those two people of Heavenly Sword Palace, it appeared like he could although with a bit of difficulty, but stand against them relying on his current strength.

Of course, he still accepted that if he would run into that sort of high ranked people like Huang Lao or Long Mo’ran, he would definitely be not the match for these two fellows. The former had 30 years of Cultivation, while Long Mo’ran was the head of the Dragon Clan. Was it really so easy to deal with them? Not to mention about Ye Wentian, that old monster was at unfathomable level, hence, Ye Feng didn’t need to think about him yet.

At this moment, Long Wan’er was sleeping deeply and quietly, as her tears were hanging on her delicate face, and was looking extremely delicate, as if was arousing people’s pity.

After being absorbed an year of Cultivation, although she was not injured, but was somewhat unavoidably tired. Ye Feng tried to fix up her cloth by finding her layers of clothing, very awkwardly he helped her put on cloth, by avoiding touching her smooth white skin, but his heart was still feeling hot.

“This girl, when she will wake up, she will not take things too hard to commit suicide, will she? Or will she try to kill me first, and then she would commit suicide?”

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