Chapter - 75: The young girl wakes up
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Faint and hazy white light gradually streamed into the eyes.

When Long Wan’er woke up and opened her pair of beautiful eyes, she found her upper half of the body was resting against the wall, on the soft vine. She then noticed that there was no one around, which really startled her and she remained staring blankly.

What might have happened?

Immediately a burst of pain one after another hit her heavily, making her finally recall everything, and in a split second her complexion turned pale and her shoulders shuddered.

What did she do?

Snatched a map, fled into the ancient tomb, the efficacy erupted, caught a person —

It was that masked man!

She finally vaguely remembered the series of events that had happened before!

She couldn’t bring herself to accept it for a while, she rolled up her delicate and charming body, and squatted down in the corner, and started shedding tears. Under the dim white light of the legendary bright pearl, which was peeking from inside the lake’s bottom, her solitary silhouette was appearing helpless as if it was provoking people to feel pity for her again.

At this time, she saw a neatly arranged thing around her.

A map, as if some words had been written on the back of it, unexpectedly it had not been taken away.

She stretched out her trembling snow white hands, turned over the map of that ancient tomb, and saw a row of some ugly handwriting, the writing style was too shoddy.

“You are mine. Want to kill me? Then just get out of here alive.”

In order to prevent her from committing suicide, Ye Feng left behind this note written by him, although his words were too bad and were looking quite ugly, but nothing could be done.

At this point of time, he was quietly hiding in the side, while consolidating his Cultivation, he constantly kept a keen eye on her. The moment he would notice that she was going to commit suicide or any other similar signs, he would instantly rush out to prevent her.

If not, then her leaving this place safely, would be the best thing for him.

If by any chance the eyes of these two people fell at each other now, then unchangeably they would stand up to fight with each other. Although, Ye Feng had upgraded his Cultivation with her help, but still he wasn’t at all interested to stake his life together with his own woman, now, in this fight of life and death.

So far as the map of the tomb was concerned, Ye Feng had already taken advantage of her deep slumber, and had jotted down everything in his heart firmly. Also, leaving behind the map to her wouldn’t be risky anyhow, since it wasn’t related to her.

“Kill you, is killing you going to be useful ……”

Long Wan’er softly whispered: “But, letting you go, would also be not good.”

By embracing her knees, she slowly curled up against the nearby wall covered by soft vine, with a trace of dull and lifeless eyes. This matter had really caused a terrific blow on her, no matter who had changed her life, it wasn’t easy for her to brisk out of this tomb, normally.

Without being in a hurry, unworriedly, Ye Feng was patiently waiting, from one side.

He was just waiting patiently for her to leave this ancient tomb safely, as he believed that outside her father would be certainly searching for her crazily all over the mountains and the plains; there she wouldn’t get the opportunity to commit suicide. Moreover, he also had to stay in this tomb little longer, to find even a little trace of his master, Su Feiying.

It goes without saying that Ye Feng was little dependent on his beautiful female master. Currently, he was thinking that if by any chance, his master would also be here, then to attain a hundred years of Cultivation, wouldn’t be a joke, and there wouldn’t be so much trouble.

“Depending on others, what kind of man I am!”

Ye Feng smiled as if he self-ridiculed himself, and shook his head, as he clearly knew that men always want to be successful, and for that, the key is to rely on yourself. Naturally, this didn’t affect and bring down his enthusiasm to find Su Feiying. No matter how, but she was the only one who was the closest person to him.

Long Wan’er squatted down against the wall for a long time, completely motionless. Through the white light, Ye Feng could only see her earnestly buried in tears, with slightly trembling shoulders, that was an incomparably sad appearance.

She kept on sobbing like that around half an hour, and then suddenly she raised her head: “Won’t you come out?”

Her melodious voice just like an oriole echoed everywhere, it was still as pleasant to listen as before, but actually it had taken a little delicacy, even more than that, it had become deeply touching.

Her voice suddenly jolted his heart and startled him, had she already noticed?

“No, it can’t be possible, she is just trying to trick me. Since, she doesn’t possess Immortal Cultivation, moreover she has just a decade of cultivation, hence she can never use the Immortal technique ‘‘Soul Search’’ to feel his presence.”

Ye Feng soon understood that this was just a clever strategy of her to drag him out, therefore, he decided to restrain from any movement.

“I can feel you, you’re out in the vicinity ……, Just come out, come out in front of me!”

She said that as she crying, her voice was full of sadness and pain, she was still in a crouched posture and was continuously weeping, but this time her shoulders were quivering even more.

Ye Feng still didn’t move.

“Bastard! Shameless guy! Don’t you ever let me see your face again!”

She herself tried to wander around and look for him, but apparently she wasn’t able to find any traces of him, after searching for him for next half an hour, at last, she became a little tired. By this time she saw a black packet placed next to that map, she hit opened it, and to her surprise, she found that unexpectedly there was something to eat.

Chocolates, dried beef, and some other high-calorie foods were there that could quickly add physical strength.

She was a bit hungry, hence, she opened the packet, and without any hesitation started eating them directly. Although she had gone through such a situation, still she was not least bit afraid of the thought that this thing might have been drugged or something like before.

Ye Feng was watching everything from one side, the way she was voraciously devouring them, was appearing little funny to him, but he couldn’t laugh loudly, or else he could be caught. Even if he would try to make a little movement, then based on her level of Cultivation, she could certainly easily feel his presence.

There weren’t lots of food stuff, but they were still sufficient for her to satisfy her appetite completely. After finished eating, she felt a little thirsty, so she looked up and saw that there was a puddle of clear lake water.

The underground lake was not a stagnant water, rather it was connected with the outside world, therefore, not only it had maintained a quite pure and limpid water, but also there were several swimming fishes in it.

However, she shook her head, this was the centre of the entire ancient tomb, and even more, there was the central tomb chamber in the centre of this lake. Therefore, it could be assumed that the atmosphere of the water had the touch of that deceased person’s presence, then how could it be considered as pure. Hence, she didn’t want to drink it.

Although it was undrinkable, but it could be considered as perfect for taking a bath, there wouldn’t be any problem in it.

She floated up and softly arrived at the edge of the lake, clad in a white dress, her alluring beautiful stature was resembling an image of a pretty fairy, the tear stains on her face were complimenting her beauty, and were adding more delicacy on her face and brightening it up, also was making her incredibly more attractive than usual.

She looked at the lake, and noticed that the water was reflecting her charming and pretty appearance, her supple long beautiful hair was hanging down, and was appearing somewhat haggard.

“Hey, if you won’t show up, then I’ll die for you, look!”

Her slim stature moved and she gracefully stood at the edge of the lake, and sized up all around, while being extremely vigilant and quite ready to act momentarily.

Unfortunately, the entire periphery was empty, in addition to her voice, no other voice was there coming out from anywhere. Only the fishes, who were occasionally taking a rapid turn in the lake water, and causing little water splashes, were producing soft sound, which was quite agile and penetrating.

After waiting for a long time, she was finally convinced that there was really no one around. That scoundrel, who had taken hold of her by force, had certainly departed after finishing his business here.

“Hmmmm, to the ends of the earth, right? Lets see how far you can go.”

She groaned softly, there was clearly a touch of hatred in her expression, but also had a kind of different flavor inside. After feeling relieved, she was no longer hesitant, she thought to consider this matter as a nightmare which had already passed. She was feeling disgusted, therefore, she wanted to take a bath and wash her body cleanly.

Her slender white hands untied the snow white long skirt wrapped around her waist, as she thought that this dress quite probably didn’t seem right, how did she wear such a strange cloth?

Of course, she didn’t remember that all of her clothes were taken off at that time, and this was Ye Feng who helped her by clumsily wrapping around such cloth on her body. Ye Feng was just a novice, then how could he be good at helping women in wearing clothes properly? Obviously, it was little strange for her.

Then slowly she slid down her snow-white dress, once again Ye Feng’s eyes fell at that sight, her snow white, delicate, charming body, which had already hit his mind hardly, had made his heart all fiery once again.

“Damn it, isn’t this seducing me?”

He thought that just in order to avoid any death at such a crucial moment, he had been holding back for quite a long time. Now, was it important for this girl to actually take a bath here openly like this!

He couldn’t help but recall the moment that happened not so long ago, when the other side was with him together in a very intimate pose ……

No matter how badly his little friend chinned up and turned excited, but at this critical moment, he could only do just one thing, and that was complete endurance and control.

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