Chapter - 76: Dragon Turtle Holding Breath Technique
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When the whole body of Long Wan’er completely soaked in the cold water of the lake, she then finally felt relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief.

After taking bath cleanly, she had to leave this place, but her mind was completely focussed on the whereabouts of the Masked man …………

Just the mere thought of this matter, was making her heart want to commit suicide, however, she didn’t intend to die before seeing that man.

She heaved a sigh of relief, while on the other side, at this moment, Ye Feng was actually diving into the abyss of suffering.

When Long Wan’er’s snow white long skirt slipped down, and immediately after that she untied her pink colored cloth from around her chest, then a pair of her huge, tight and sticking out breasts dazzled in front of Ye Feng’s eyes, and her white and shiny piece swayed his emotions, making him all heat up.

It goes without saying that her figure was totally of high standard, but she usually liked to wear quite loose skirts, and the reason behind it was not known. Besides, she was one of the petite body type, who couldn’t be compared with those tall and huge urban women from some magazine covers.

“If she could practice Immortal Cultivation Technique “Open Hole”, then this practice could have removed impurities from her entire body, leaving behind a relatively much more beautiful skin and body, and would have made her more attractive and beautiful, but unfortunately ……”

Ye Feng thought that, but he didn’t want to take any risk in this critical situation, by teaching her Immortal Cultivation Technique.

Moreover, Long Wan’er was one of the members of Dragon Clan of this Martial arts world. And not by any means, Ye Feng could completely trust her. If he would try teaching her this Immortal technique, and this would come in the knowledge of Dragon Clan, then who knew what would be its consequences?

Most importantly, this was his biggest secret in this world, it would never be known to others, unless it was a truly trusted person or a close relative of him.

At least for now, Long Wan’er was in a hostile relationship with him ……

Constantly hearing the sound of the water splash, was causing severe pain in Ye Feng’s heart feel, and his overflowing emotions were unceasingly tormenting him, for around half an hour he didn’t even open his eyes so that he couldn’t see her bathing. Wasn’t that incomparably painful to just keep watching but couldn’t do anything? Rather it would be better not to see anything.

Truly speaking, Ye Feng was such a pure guy, there was a beautiful girl bathing in front of his eyes, but he wasn’t looking at her bathing. Suddenly, a thought popped up in his mind, and he started thinking of that incident when he just arrived in this world, and got caught in a misunderstanding with Su Menghan, regarding that ‘peeking while bathing thing’. This thought brought smile on his face.

In fact now, he was thinking about the school’s beauty, Su Menghan, and was feeling somewhat puzzled in his heart.

“It seems like this boy’s previous thoughts are still inside his mind and are probably influencing me ……” (Lastvoice : here ‘this boy’ means Ye Feng of the earth, whose body is under possession.)

He was helplessly thinking about these things.

He grew up in the World of the Immortals, and since childhood he had been seeing that the strong personalities of his world, used to follow polygamy, like they used to have three wives and four mistresses, and that was considered as quite a natural thing. Even more, women were also allowed to look for a few good men suitable for them, and what more intriguing was, it was not at all treated as something wrong and abnormal.

But this fellow, whom the current Ye Feng had taken possession of, was grown up and had accepted the modern education of this world, on the basis of that he was a huge supporter of monogamy. This belief of Ye Feng of this world was also affecting the current Ye Feng, making his heart indistinctly feel sorry for Su Menghan.

But no matter what happened, he could never leave Long Wan’er! To put it like this, she was more like his first woman, before and after his rebirth.

Moreover, Long Wan’er had the body of immortal arteries……

Until the water splashing sound gradually stopped, Ye Feng didn’t open his eyes, but after sometime he heard a rustling sound of clothes, as if Long Wan’er had finished bathing and started wearing clothes.

But after a short moment, Ye Feng heard a sound of something being torn “rips”!

His heart jumped a beat, he quickly raised his head and saw her already completely dressed, but she was appearing quite unhappy. She ripped off the tomb’s map into pieces and threw them on the ground, they were all scattered on the ground as if the snowflakes were spread everywhere.

“Don’t just go away like this.”

Her tone made it seemed like she said that in a fit of pique, she then turned back and moved towards the lake, and looked at the clear lake water. This lake was connected with the outside world, and if she chose the underwater route to exit, then she wouldn’t need any map. Probably, this thought was running in her mind, to get out of this place from the bottom of the lake!

When Ye Feng looked at her eyes, he quickly guessed that what was going on in her mind currently, he immediately understood that this underground secret passage was far from a good option for them to exit.

Even Zhu Bainiao didn’t know that where the passage of this underground lake would exactly end! In case the journey would be very long, then to hold breath for a longer period of time wouldn’t be possible, in that situation what could be done?

This thought suddenly brought a panic-stricken look on his face, he thought that Long Wan’er must not be foolishly trying to die in this lake!

But before he could make any response, Long Wan’er had already taken a deep breath, and then “Plop” she jumped into the lake, and her beautiful figure vanished all of a sudden!

“You Bitch!”

Ye Feng cursed loudly, and hastily ran out from the hidden place, so as to catch up with her quickly.

But at this moment, he suddenly saw an exceptionally familiar design drawn on the wall of the ancient tomb. This sight deeply jolted his heart out from inside, and he immediately stopped his footsteps.

A pattern like a unique seven-pointed star appeared in his eyes, it looked like it had been engraved not so long before.

“Star Tomb School mark”. It must be her!”

Suddenly he turned extremely ecstatic!

Once there was ‘Star Tomb School’ in the World of the Immortals, and Su Feiying together with Ye Feng belonged to this school. However, long ago this school collapsed since everyone left this school, except these two people. Therefore, starting from his childhood, Su Feiying had been teaching him how to draw the mark of the Star Tomb School.

Seven-pointed star mark was not something which could be seen everywhere, if it was not Su Feiying who might have come here and marked this, then, how could it be a coincidence?

However, currently, where was Su Feiying?

Was she still in this ancient tomb?

When somewhat anxiously Ye Feng was fully occupied with his thoughts, exactly then he suddenly felt a little sign of vibration, the ground and the walls of the tomb were shaking.

“Is it an illusion?”

Ye Feng raised up his head, and something came before his sight which thunderstruck him: “Not good, the tomb is going to collapse!”


The sound of the monolith heavily falling to the ground, passed from the distant path leading to the tomb, simultaneously debris containing dust and soil began to fall from above Ye Feng’s head, and in a blink of an eye, the entire space gradually started vibrating.

“Don’t tell me that …….”

Ye Feng hastily ran towards the underground lake, to look towards the lake bottom, and just like what he had expected!

That girl, Long Wan’er, had actually taken away the legendary luminous pearl, which was embedded in the bottom of the lake, and was swimming rapidly towards a nearby lake bottom passage.

Since that luminous Pearl was removed, so the entire ancient tomb might collapse any moment!

Zhu Bainiao knew this from beginning, but because of this reason he had not stolen that fist-sized luminous pearl, otherwise if the value of the brightness of this pearl would be compared with all of the antiques of this tomb which he had swept away, then surprisingly one must know that it was incredibly higher than collective value all of them.

However, Long Wan’er didn’t have any scruples, fearlessly she took away that legendary luminous pearl from the lake’s bottom. By the way, for her, it could also be used to illuminate the bottom passage of the lake ahead.

Perhaps she was thinking that after removing the pearl, if the tomb collapsed, and if the Masked man hadn’t departed yet, then it would be better for him to be crushed to death in this way. Anyway, she was going through the bottom of the lake, and probably she might not survive, but she didn’t care about it……

“Immortal Technique – Dragon Turtle Holding Breath!”

Ye Feng now couldn’t afford wasting time, he quickly cast out an Immortal Technique, and took a deep breath, in a flash, a massive amount of air entered in his back, ran through his several meridians, and got stored up there in his back!

His entire back skin turned somewhat swollen, bulky and hard, just like a tortoise shell in general, not only it stored up enough air to be used while breathing underwater, but that shape could also be used to accelerate his swimming speed.

Five years of Cultivation, it was quite an appropriate stage where he could easily cast out this Immortal Technique, to store up air, which would be more than enough for him to remain underwater up to five hours.

This was the stunning effect of Immortal Technique.

Ye Feng believed that it was next to impossible for the martial arts of this world, to be so miraculous.

“Plop”, with this sound he promptly jumped into the water, since that luminous pearl was removed, so the entire space had become dark once again, numerous boulders were continuously crashing down, the entire ancient tomb of Shang Dynasty was close to its destruction at a breakneck speed.

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