Chapter - 77: Crisis arrives
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In the icy-cold lake water, with a swollen and bulky back, Ye Feng’s streamlined shape was helping him easily cut open the flow of the water to move ahead swiftly. Just like a swimming fish, he also moved through the water.

In the dim light coming from ahead, Ye Feng was getting more and more close to Long Wan’er, he could even see the pretty attractive figure of her now in this clear water, although her speed was way too inferior to his speed, but was equally flexible, and advancing rapidly.

However, the bottom of the lake had nothing but water, basically, there was no place like little ventilation, to take a breath. They were moving along the passage, which was very zigzag and circuitous, with lots of twists and turns, who knew how long it would be.

By holding her breath, Long Wan’er was swiftly advancing, it would be quite difficult even for the experts of the martial arts world, to stick holding the breath to the very end.

Just after a short swim, Ye Feng heard a sound coming from behind, like a roaring thunder. It was the sign that the entire tomb had thoroughly collapsed. On the basis of the current of water, it could be easily guessed that the entire underground lake was almost filled up by the megalith detritus now.

If Su Feiying was inside, then ……

Ye Feng turned a bit worried.

Although Su Feiying had a hundred years of Cultivation, and by using Immortal Thunder Technique, she could easily blast out the entire mountain. Such a mighty destruction happened just now, which had completely engulfed the entire tomb, but still it wasn’t able to even harm a single strand of her hair, let alone causing any threat to her.

He was afraid of the thought that if Su Feiying would have also gone through any accident, just like him, and might have lost her Cultivation, then …………

(Lastvoice : here, by ‘accident’ author means that ‘rebirth thing’ which had snatched away Ye Feng’s Cultivation in the beginning of this novel.)

As this thought was running in his mind, he suddenly picked up his swimming speed and moved forward more swiftly. No matter what it would take, but safely taking Long Wan’er out of this lake first, and then come back again to look for his master, these were his prime two objectives as of now.

At this point of time, suddenly the pupil of Ye Feng contracted, because he felt that a dangerous shadow was speedily approaching towards them from ahead!

A gigantic dark shadow suddenly appeared in front of Long Wan’er, and under this faint light of the luminous pearl, an incomparably vicious canine teeth peeped out. It was a fierce, strange-looking and an equally big fish like a man, which was approaching towards her head, with a lightning fast speed, with an opened mouth to nip her head!

Quite apparently, Long Wan’er had also discovered that gigantic strange-looking fish was approaching, therefore, she quickly began concentrating her inner qi in her legs, and as soon as that strange fish came close to her, her snow-white legs threw two successive kicks, which heavily kicked in its lower jaw, and threw it aside.

The situation was appearing pretty good, but then a light groaning sound passed into the ears of Ye Feng. Just like he expected, her feet would themselves suffer a severe jolt in return as an impact of those kicks.

This voice jolted his heart out, and he quickly moved forward, but unfortunately he couldn’t cast out ‘Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace’ in the water, otherwise he didn’t need to exhaust himself like this.

In the World of the Immortals, all kinds of vicious and voracious wild beasts were spread everywhere, some of them were formidable type, who used to feed on even those who were specialized with a hundred years of Cultivation, they were truly brutal!

Although he didn’t know anything about this strange-looking fish, but he could see that its strength was quite tyrannical. If Long Wan’er would try fighting with it alone, then she would certainly end up in its stomach, all dead.

Ye Feng left her there and stopped a hundred meters away, since he couldn’t go too close to her, he couldn’t do anything but helplessly watch her fighting. Soon, the light of the glowing pearl began to mingle with a little bright red colored thing.

She was injured!

Her flexibility was already affected by her injuries and she was no longer agile, while on the other side, that ferocious strange fish had become increasingly fierce, it seemed by looking at its power that any moment, it would bite her into several fragments, and then would swallow her completely.

“Beast, you are asking for your death now!”

Ye Feng shouted that loudly, and quickly started swimming towards Long Wan’er. Soon, he arrived close to her at such a crucial moment, and in a matter of seconds, he started condensing Zhenqi in his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, and the next moment a zhenqi condensed sharp sword flashed out in the water!

Just when that strange-looking fish was about to bite the head of Long Wan’er, exactly then an orange light flashed in the water, and divided the head of that Strange fish. Some jet-black colored blood of that strange fish proliferated in the water like the ink.


Ye Eeng quickly shifted his gaze towards her, grabbed her around her waist, and hurriedly drag her away from that place very far. That luminous pearl, which was still there with her, was making her visible against its light, and was also highlighting several injuries of her, which were there on her arms and legs. Her soft and fragile body seemed like didn’t have any strength left.


The moment Long Wan’er saw the Masked man holding her, she couldn’t help but wide-open her beautiful eyes, and fiercely glared at him. As she opened her mouth to say something to him, suddenly a flow of water entered her mouth, and she started coughing up, since the icy-cold lake water had almost filled her mouth and lungs.

In such a desperate situation, someone really appeared unexpectedly to save her, and on top of that, he was that Masked man, for whom she had wished, not very long ago, to be cut to pieces. Just imagine, what kind of mood she would be having rightnow!

Although she wanted to kill him at any cost, and commit suicide after that, but at present, she didn’t have the strength left to get into action.

“Don’t speak anything, I’ll take you out.”

Ye Feng softly said that as he wrapped his arms around her already soaked soft and delicate body, and then together with her, he swiftly moved ahead in the water. All kind of fishes in several groups were swimming around them in the lake, but he never saw that kind of strange-looking fish again.

He recalled that just few minutes back, his sword, which always used to appear from his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, had unexpectedly turned orange from red? He speculated that this sword seemed to quickly revise itself according to the increasing level of his Cultivation. Might be it would be following a certain color-changing order, like from red to orange, then yellow, then green, blue, purple, and so on, did it mean the strength of the sword was also getting more and more big?

He didn’t consider how long could it be used now, anyway, enhancement in the power of the Ancient Dragon Sword was obviously a good thing for him.

Few minutes later, Long Wan’er’s cheeks turned red, and it appeared like she was unable to breathe easily.

Ye Feng had already sensed her condition, hence promptly with his single-hand, he pushed his mask upwards, exposed his mouth and nose, and without thinking much, he moved close to her, as he wanted to pass air through her mouth.

A pair of her beautiful eyes widened up all at once. Like a conditioned reflex she wanted to dodge, however, she didn’t have enough time to act, and suddenly she felt her soft lips had been lightly kissed by Ye Feng, simultaneously, a flow of fresh air started crossing into her mouth, letting her finally breathe slowly.

The dark bottom underwater, the dim light of the glowing pearl, frightened swimming fishes, clumps of water plants continuously swinging.

In such a surrounding, these two people, who were tightly sticking together in this icy-cold water, were elegantly moving forward.

Very warm ……

Subconsciously, Long Wan’er outstretched her hands, and tightly grasped him, making both sides closer to each other.

Overwhelmed, Ye Feng’s heart was filled with sorrow, in case Long Wan’er knew his true identity, then what would be her reaction? It was possible that she could accept the Masked man’s identity as ‘Mo Jiuge’, but he was afraid that it was extremely difficult for her to accept the true identity ‘Ye Feng’, because there was a hostile relationship between Ye Clan and Dragon Clan, even more, there was an intense and deep-seated hatred between them as well.

Although just a short period of time had passed, but it seemed like they were so close to each other for quite a long time. Finally a blue light appeared in front of them from above, and was appearing incomparably profound and tranquil in the deep water.

Was it the starlight? Or the moonlight?

No matter what the light was, it was still a good sign, since that was at least one outlet.


Embracing the fragrant soft body of Long Wan’er, Ye Feng finally came out from the water on the surface.

“Ahem” Coughed.

Impatiently, she separated herself from his embrace, while coughing strenuously.

Ye Feng didn’t care, immediately he moved ahead and started observing the four surroundings, and found out that it was a deep pool of the mountain valley. There were towering cliffs on the three sides, and there was just one side leading to the outside, which was covered with overgrown weeds and tall trees. It looked like it was inaccessible and was appearing incomparably gloomy under the dim moonlight.

“Everything’s all right?”

Ye Feng lowered his head to look at her, and noticed that her whole body was drenched, a thin layer of cloth was wrapped around her body tightly, making her quite exquisite, her beautiful long hair was wet and hanging down on her creamy white skin. Such a mesmerizing scene was undoubtedly attracting Ye Feng very much!

Unfortunately, she didn’t stay in his bosom very long, very quickly she struggled to separate herself from his embrace, and hastily swam to the shore of the deep pool, and took a deep breath finally.

Ye Feng went along with her ahead, since he must help her in further processing, in order to draw her father Long Mo’ran here, then only he could secure his return to the tomb, to commence his search once again. But right at this moment, suddenly his complexion changed, not good!

“Jie Jie! Actually, they are here.”

A sepulchral voice suddenly burst out from the only entrance of the mountain valley, followed by two people wearing grey clothes and straw-hat. In a flash, they came to the front of the deep pool, through the woods. They were that crazy pair of the man and the woman from Heavenly Sword Palace!

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