Chapter - 78: Do you understand Immortal Technique?
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Ye Feng stepped his foot on the water shore, looked up and saw two people were standing under the stars, wearing grey clothes and straw hat, which suddenly startled him. In his previous strength estimation, he had assumed that perhaps he could barely cope up with one of them, but if they teamed up against him, then he was far from their match.

Wherein, the man, with a gloomy smile, stuck out his long red tongue and licked his lips, as he looked maliciously towards the head to toe soaked Long Wan’er. Quite apparently, he was looking at her as his prey.

“So, you’re that Mo Jiuge …… It seems that you and Dragon Clan’s Miss Long had a great time together, how about you add me in it?”

The man’s eyes were similar to a poisonous snake in general, and was looking at Ye Feng with relish.

“Wouldn’t it be better if you and I team up, and together play with this woman, what do you think about it?”

Ye Feng groaned lightly, as he arrived and stood in front of Long Wan’er, silently blocking the line of sight of the opposite party, and then he looked at those two people who were standing around thirty metres away.

Standing beside that man, was that woman, who was looking extremely seductive, clad in a straw hat and a grey clothes, although her attire was old-fashioned, but had a very hot body. An inch wisp of her flesh, which was peeping out occasionally, was quite tempting, like a seductively attractive woman.

“Actually, it’s pretty good.”

That man licked his lips, as his eyes flashed with a sinister look: “We four people can have an amusing game, and this game is probably going to be very interesting, however, its result is already determined …….”

“Who are they?”

Ye Feng asked that from Long Wan’er In a whispering tone.

“The man is called Li Hua, and woman’s name is Hai Tang, together they are called “a happily married couple of swords’’ of the Heavenly Sword Palace …… honestly, we are not their opponents, let’s run away quickly!”

She said that earnestly, however, there was a touch of anxiousness in her voice.

“You can’t fly, where will you go then?”

Ye Feng looked around, the valley was encircled by precipitous mountain walls on the three sides, and the only way to exit was blocked by the other side. Unless he knew flying, or his agility was far better than the other side, otherwise, he had no other option left to escape. In a flash, he could burst out his speed by using ‘Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace’ to escape, however, it was far inferior to that man, Li Hua’s speed!

Also, he didn’t have any idea why these two guys were called such names, did Li Hua use to command Hai Tang?

“C’mon, boy, take off your pants, let me, your grandfather, make you a court eunuch, might be it would help you in a way to make a living.”

While saying that, Li Hua, with a cruel smile, slowly gripped the long tarpaulin which was wrapped behind his back. However, Ye Feng had a very clear idea that a long sword was wrapped in that long tarpaulin!


Ye Feng remained speechless, this guy seemed to be a big pervert, moreover, wasn’t that to a great extent? Imagine, if such a beautiful woman like Long Wan’er would ever fall in his hands, then what would happen to her? Apparently, the other side was being jealous. As the other side was expecting that in this given situation, if Ye Feng were not at Long Wan’er’s side, then everything would have been so smooth.

“Try thinking a way to inform your father to come over here as soon as possible, whether by making a phone call or sending a long distance voice notes. Till then, I will help you in stopping them.”

Without looking at Long Wan’er, Ye Feng said that to her, simultaneously he started condensing Zhenqi in his hand, and the next moment, an orange-coloured, Zhenqi condensed sword emerged out again!

His sword was three feet seven inches long, had a very simple shape, just like a galloping dragon!

Making a phone call? Long Wan’er was thinking that she had one cell phone, but just recently it was damaged after entering the water. Regarding sending a long distance voice notes, she hadn’t attained that level of Cultivation yet.

When they saw an orange-coloured Zhenqi sword appeared in Ye Feng’s hands, the three of them remained surprised for a moment. This was the first time Long Wan’er finally saw that where Ye Feng’s sword was hidden!

“Lets go back, even if we are drowned to death, still it would be better than to die in their hands ……”

As Long Wan’er said that, she pulled his hand, since she wanted to go back together in the tomb.

What if they bump into other people, she was actually indifferent about it. Anyway, such a thing had happened, of course, they had to die one way or another, but before dying she wanted to drag Ye Feng with herself as a scapegoat. However, these two people Li Hua and Hai Tang were perverts, and before this situation, Long Wan’er didn’t want to die! But now because of these two perverts, she was damn sure that even after her death, that man wouldn’t let off her body ……

Therefore, she would rather return to the ancient tomb, even if it would completely collapse, and she would drown to death in the lake’s bottom, or whatever, still it would be much better death than an insulted death by their hands.

“Just shut up, you have to live just the way you wanted to, just try to find the way to inform your father to come over this place!”

Ye Feng solemnly scolded her, she had such a magnificent body of immortal arteries, but had not the slightest bit of ambition left. Moreover after running into these two perverted people, she had now completely lost all hope and had given up on her life.

He raised his head, firmly gripped his Zhenqi sword while looking at that man and woman, Li Hua and Hai Tang, and then by turning back he suddenly burst out laughing: “Ha ha, Wan’er, don’t worry, your father has come …………”

What? Long Mo’ran?

The complexion of those three people suddenly changed almost at the same time, and instantly they shifted their visions towards the entrance of the mountain valley. At first glance, all they saw was just the recently destroyed vegetation, where was the shadow of any human figure?

“Not good!”

Li Hua and Hai Tang quickly responded and hastily turned back.


Li Hua quickly grasped his long sword in his hands, and held it horizontally at the top of his head, and blocked the sudden attack made by Ye Feng’s Zhenqi condensed long sword. Both of the Swords intersected with each other, under the bright shining stars.

However, unexpectedly Ye Feng’s sword wasn’t cut off, because this long simple-looking sword fell under the category of ‘Sharp Weapon Rank’!

“Jie Jie, this young guy is really treacherous, unexpectedly launched a sneak attack on us!”

(Lastvoice –> Jie Jie is a term used by the author to show a way of cruel laughing.)

A gloomy smile crawled over Li Hua’s face, although he was seemingly relaxed, but few drops of sweat could be seen on his forehead. If he had responded even by half a beat slow, then Ye Feng’s sword would have beheaded him by now.


From behind, when Long Wan’er saw Ye Feng had made a sneak attack, she scolded him loudly, this guy had merely five years of Cultivation, and had just a long and plain sword which was just at the weapon level rank, and with that did he intend to fight with Li Hua and Hai Tang, who were at terrific level of fifteen years of Cultivation?

Obviously, she had not the slightest bit of idea that Ye Feng’s five years of Cultivation was equal to a decade of Cultivation of this world, let alone this case, the gap was still not as huge as she had imagined ……

“You are crazy, I can’t accompany you, you stupid ……”

She gritted her teeth as she said that, then she turned back and directly plunged into the deep pool of water. Since this thought was crazily running in her mind, that being drowned to death would be always relatively better than to be killed by the perverted opposite party. In her opinion, Ye Feng had already entered into a complete face to face combat with the opposite party, hence, in no time he would be beheaded, and she didn’t have the courage to see her man cut down into several sections, that would be such a horrifying scene ……………..

But before plunging into the deep pool, she hesitated a bit.

When she turned around and saw a heart-terrifying scene where Ye Feng was constantly trying to avoid the opposite party’s sword attack, she couldn’t endure it and her voice stuck in her throat.

“Speed is really fast ……”

After experiencing the first attack, Ye Feng was reluctantly trying to avoid opposite party’s attack, his complexion had turned very calm and solemn, the instantaneous eruption speed of the opposite party was much stronger than his speed. Just now, he had barely avoided that sword which was almost about to cut off his head.

Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace!

He suddenly put to use this technique, one after another his faint blurred image started appearing and disappearing around them, and his velocity was incredibly fast.

“Too slow.”

That seductive woman smiled, simultaneously clasped the hilt of her sword, which was wrapped in the tarpaulin hanging behind her back, and waved opened it. Immediately a sword emerged out. She then quickly waved her sword at the place where the figure of Ye Feng had just appeared, in order to cut him down. Her swift and fierce sword’s edge was similar to the figure of the god of death, in common!

Although there were numerous remnant shadows, but since her Cultivation was at a higher stage, her sensation was very keen relatively. She quickly saw the place where Ye Feng’s true body was, and thus, she aimed her sword there to chop him down, in a single blow.

“Hey …… Stop!”

Watching from the edge of the deep pool of water, Long Wan’er eyes were shining with tears. Unconsciously, she seemed a bit disturbed since she wasn’t able to bring herself accept this thought that “Mo Jiuge” would be killed like this. Although her innocence was slandered by him, but think carefully, this man was not like he couldn’t be accepted ……

Hai Tang’s corners of the mouth curled up, how could she stop? But the next moment, she remained totally thunderstruck, because she was almost sure that her sword had actually hit someone in the empty place!

Immortal Technique ‘Camouflage’!

Ye Feng, while being under the cast of ‘Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace’, was constantly trying to baffle the other party, simultaneously he also activated ‘Camouflage’, making his body fade away, like a false remnant shade. Although he was unable to run, but had already succeeded in making the opposite party totally confuse and misinterpret.

“Do you understand Immortal Technique?”

The real Ye Feng’s ghost suddenly emerged out behind Hai Tang’s back, and by curling up his corners of the mouth, he raised his hand. Suddenly Zhenqi heavily rushed through his long sword, and the next moment, he waved his hand.

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