Chapter - 79: Heavenly Sword Tornado
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After reaching five years of cultivation, now Ye Feng could use ‘Camouflage’ technique up to his heart content, without any time limit, in order to confuse what others’ naked eyes were seeing.

This technique is considered as just a small cheap trick in the World of the Immortals, because there, once an Immortal attains ten years of Cultivation, he gets the ability to use ‘Soul Search’ technique. He then doesn’t need to rely on his naked eyes anymore, since he already becomes able to see through the illusion easily. However, the people of the Martial arts world don’t have the capability to use Immortal Technique ‘Soul Search’, therefore, Ye Feng used ‘Camouflage’ as his next move!

In the twinkling of an eye, Ye Feng’s sword assassinated the glamorous beautiful woman, Hai Tang, without showing any tender affection towards her. Now, the situation had turned out like this, if he didn’t kill the opposite party, then the opposite party would undoubtedly erase him.

As Hai Tang wide opened her eyes, and turned around to look even a glimpse of that person who killed her, Ye Feng immediately kicked her in the ass, and she heavily fell to the ground, as her fresh blood streamed down her body and spread all over the ground. She died with a remaining grievance, her straw hat also rolled out far away from her head.

After all, Ye Feng had killed her, and suddenly felt more relaxed now. This kind of perverted wicked person used to live in the world, even if few of them survive, then who knew, in the future, how many people would become their prey. Actually, seeing one’s own man abusing and having fun with other women, was not at all a good thing.

When that sinister man, Li Hua, saw that, the colour of his face suddenly faded away, as if he couldn’t believe his own eyes that a woman, who had been accompanying him for last so many years, was now killed before his eyes.

Just now what happened? Hai Tang actually failed to distinguish between Ye Feng’s real body and fake body! This kid, what type of agility did he use in the end which was so terrible?

Long Wan’er also froze on the spot.

Was that woman, Hai Tang, just now killed by Mo Jiuge’s sword? Just like he previously killed Corrupt Wolf Sword and Long Xian? However, Hai Tang was different from those guys, she had a great fifteen years of powerful Cultivation. Honestly speaking, she had been ruling in the arena of martial arts for many years!

So now, was he going to pick on Li Hua next? Was he confident about it?

When she saw Ye Feng’s sword flashed and killed Hai Tang, her heart immediately ignited the hope of survival, and she promptly got into action.

She was not stupid, under such a dim light of night, if Long Mo’ran would have been really searching for her in the mountains, then, in that case, she wanted to notify him very easily.

“Daddy! Daddy! ……”

She made an effort to shout out loud twice, if he would be somewhere nearby in the woods, she believed that he would come quickly.

At the same time, she lurched forward, picked up few dry twigs and piled them up together, quickly cleaned up all around, and then by using her inner qi she ignited the wood!

“I have never imagined that he could actually be so fierce ……”

As she was lighting up the fire, she looked at Ye Feng with a perplexed look. Wearing the mask on his face, he was appearing so mystical under the light of stars.

“He has just five years of Cultivation, even though his strike actually killed Hai Tang, no matter what means he had used, it all explains that he is gifted with an unusual talent. If he comes to our Dragon Clan as the son-in-law, then I believe that daddy will probably not refuse to accept him. However, I don’t know why he always refuses to take off his mask…….…”

When she shouted a few times, the word “daddy” caused reverberation around the mountain valley, which also shook up that perverted man Li Hua, and he suddenly came back to his senses.

No, it was not the appropriate time to daze out!

In case Long Mo’ran really rushed over here, then Li Hua should consider himself as all finished. Who didn’t know how ferocious this guy Long Mo’ran was? If someone dared to bully his daughter, then that meant he was tired of living!

If he would do everything secretly without leaving any evidence, then that would be fine. But if somehow Long Mo’ran would come to know about it, then perhaps, the fate of Heavenly Sword Palace would be similar to Ye Clan from twenty years ago ……

Seeing Long Wan’er trying to light up the fire, Li Hua’s thought turned very violent, and he decided to kill her first!

“Your opponent is me.”

Ye Feng groaned coldly as he said that, at the same time he held up the sword to block in front of the opposite party. By looking at his eyes, Ye Feng quickly guessed that some evil ideas might have been cropping up in his mind.

“Do you think that you can block me?”

A ferocious expression suddenly crept over the face of Li Hua, and he heavily hit his right foot one after another on the ground, angrily. Actually, how Ye Feng’s long sword had killed Hai Tang, this scene had jolted his heart out, and in anger, he clenched his hands.

A pair of swords was there in his hand!

He was extremely confident that once he burst out with his speed, then this Masked guy could never stop him. Therefore, he made a plan to first deal with Long Wan’er, then after killing her, he would throw her body into the deep pool. Afterwards, he would have plenty of time to play with this kid.

This kid dared to kill his woman …… Li Hua had never turned so annoyed in this last decade, like he was now.

But the moment he moved his feet, so as to dodge and quickly leap forward to kill Long Wan’er, at the same time, he suddenly felt that a flower appeared in front of his eyes, and in a split second, his mind blanked out, and he stayed standing in-situ!


Ye Feng had five years of Cultivation now, which had tremendously increased his real combat capability. Hence, he used an Immortal Technique ‘Hypnosis’, making the opposite party blanked out and expressionless all of a sudden. Although it had just a little effect on the people of this martial arts world, but even if it was only for a moment, was still a rare opportunity.

His Zhenqi condensed long sword exuded an orangish-red light, carrying a swift and fierce matchless power and influence, he rushed towards Li Hua’s neck and waved his hand to cut off his neck.


However, at such a critical moment, both of the swords of Li Hua rose up. By relying on his several years of fighting experiences and intuitions, he promptly stuck out his sword and blocked Ye Feng’s sword attack, which was just a few centimetres away from his neck.

The cold sweat streamed down as he recovered!

This masked boy, how could he be so strange?

Not good, he would have to get rid of him first ……

Li Hua’s heart trembled with fear, by holding swords in his hands, he fended off Ye Feng’s Zhenqi sword, in one fell swoop. He was now totally determined that the right time had arrived, to use his unique sword technique, which was considered as the commensurate skill of Heavenly Sword Palace, in order to quickly finish this Masked boy.

A terrifying killing style ‘Heavenly Sword Tornado’. Since it possessed an enormous destructive power, therefore, a very few people of Heavenly Sword Palace cast out this technique. But, once someone cast out, it was rare that people could survive from its effect. Li Hua and Hai Tang together always used to rely on this move to kill their several enemies!

As his double swords united, he quickly moved forward, simultaneously started to pull out his inner qi from all around his body, which was condensed in the essential acupuncture points throughout his body, making his killing technique finally activated. In a flash, a relentless light flashed out from his sword. In addition to it, under the complimenting starlight, his face was revealing a very fierce expression, as if the devil had descended to earth!

All of a sudden, Heavenly Sword Tornado burst out, and with a lightning speed, it swept towards Ye Feng to completely engulf him!

“Oh, not good, I have to avoid its sharp edge!”

Ye Feng heart shivered with fear, he waved his long sword, and barely stopped the close attack of the opposite party’s sword’s light. Simultaneously, by displaying Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, he promptly retroceded.


With an extremely fast speed, Li Hua raised his Sword Light Tornado and pressed it close against Ye Feng. Soon, fresh blood spattered. Just in a moment, Ye Feng’s whole had been covered with several wounds of all sizes. The double swords were quite sharp, which were easily peeling away his flesh such as mud!

Ye Feng clenched his teeth, as he was still stubbornly blocking Long Wan’er from Li Hua’s attack. He didn’t have any means to counter the moves of the opposite party. Even if he tried to confuse the opposite party by using ‘Camouflage’, which he just recently used to kill Hai Tang, that too wouldn’t work out anymore.

Let alone this matter, currently, Ye Feng didn’t dare to leave Long Wan’er alone. Since in the water, she had already been injured by a strange fish’s bite, again if she came close to Li Hua, then that would be the end of her life.

Several wounds were continuously popping up all around his body, like on his chest, arms, legs, even there were two deep wounds from where his bone could be seen! However, Ye Feng still stood stubbornly facing the enemy, without even shrinking back even an inch!

“Ehh! What is this?”

At this time, Ye Feng suddenly felt that his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring was transmitting certain kind of information to his mind, which startled him for a moment.


Seeing that, Li Hua quickly rushed towards him to seize the opportunity. By holding a hideous look on his face, frequently licking his lips with his red tongue, he crossed his footsteps, and the tornado, which was formed by his double swords, at last enveloped him completely!

Chi Chi! (Lastvoice : Chi Chi – a laughing sound made by Li Hua to scoff at Ye Feng)

All of a sudden, Ye Feng’s whole body was twisted into fragments by the swift and fierce light of the sword!

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