Chapter - 8: – timely help
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Embracing the adorable girl in his bosom, Ye Feng quickly entered a hotel.

The man at the hotel’s front desk saw a high-school student embracing a female high school student, and it was clearly visible that she was either drunk or unconscious. When Ye Feng asked for a room, the man looked at him with some contempt, but still opened a room for them and handed over the key.

It was obvious that this was not the first time this man saw something like this happening, he had seen things like this before, and each time he would witness such a thing, he would feel that the morality of the society was declining day by day.

Ye Feng didn’t have free time to pay attention to what others were thinking of him and he quickly entered the room and placed the maiden on the sofa.

Just now, he had not invented a story in front of Ou B, because this adorable girl was indeed injured. Moreover, some tracking powder was sprinkled on her body and it was obvious that she was being chased down by people who wanted to kill her.

Earlier when he was talking nonsense to Ou B, Ye Feng had used his Zhen Qi to eliminate the tracking powder from her body. And this way, he had finally found the source behind the sudden heating up of his Dragon Sword Ancient Ring.

The source was the girl’s chest. Something was hidden in there and was causing the Dragon Sword Ancient Ring to give off heat non-stop. (NT: :P)

Compared to the injured girl, Ye Feng was clearly more interested in the thing hidden in her chest. With slight hesitation, he put his hand into the neckline of her blue skirt to see what it actually was.

As expected, his hand felt a sensation of soft plump touch which made him somewhat embarrassed. This was like taking advantage of an unconscious girl and was definitely not a gentlemanly behavior.

However, this girl really had one pair of plump breasts, soft and rounded and gave a plentiful feeling when touched, and that feeling of elasticity and bounce…… Keke, but fortunately this course of events didn’t last longer and he quickly took out that thing from her chest. (NT: keke depicts a coughing sound)

He took out three medicinal herbs and each of them had five thin leaves with golden colored central rhizome.

Seeing those three herbs, Ye Feng could not help but exclaimed with a look of ecstasy on his face. So it actually turned out to be golden leaf grass? As they say, God has eyes, and this time, it was really a timely help!

Golden leaf grass was a very common medicinal herb in the World of the Immortals and had a variety of functions.

For example, the three golden leaf grasses, currently held in the hands of Ye Feng hands, were all five years old and if even one of them was consumed, the Lingqi contained in it could promote the cultivation, and this rise would be equivalent to 5 months worth of cultivation. This was only the first time effect of consuming a golden leaf grass and it had other effects as well.

In addition to that, Ye Feng also knew a recipe to use golden leaf grass to create a poison which could easily deal with the situation of Heavenly Serpent Gang. This poison was enough to control an ordinary person and even if it was the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang, once poisoned, he would be bound to obey Ye Feng.

These golden leaf grasses were clearly the treasures of this girl. No wonder she had properly hidden them in the cleavage of her boobs.

“Well, one grass can be used for healing and one for refining the poison also I can use one more for ……”

Ye Feng looked at the unconscious girl on the sofa and somewhat hesitated.

It was obvious that his current behavior was undoubtedly equivalent to taking advantage, but the golden leaf grass was too important to him right now and he didn’t want to return them. Might as well save her life with one of the three grasses, then won’t she owe the other two grasses to him?

After all, if Ye Feng had not saved her, then perhaps, she might have been caught by those people who were chasing her and she might have faced serious atrocities or lost her life.

He took a golden leaf grass and forced it into the mouth of that cute girl and closed it tightly. Then he started the slow circulation of Zhen Qi in his hand and slowly pushed the golden leaf grass to make her swallow. Swallowing a golden leaf grass in such an unconscious state was not so easy, but fortunately, Ye Feng was there to help her. She coughed up a few times and finally swallowed the golden leaf grass.

Then Ye Feng held the delicate wrist of that girl and slowly began to probe her body by sending his own Zhen Qi into her body. He began to guide the lingqi released from the golden leaf grass in her body to help her heal.

This was no trivial matter!

Ye Feng was astonished and stood up all of a sudden because while probing her body, he felt that the acupuncture points present in the meridians within her body were actually open, and there was also some kind of strange power flowing in her body, just like some kind of core law.

“How is this possible, there’s no Core Dan in her Dantian then how can she practice?”

Ye Feng suddenly remembered his own words that he had arbitrarily said to Ou B, a while ago, and they actually turned out to be right. From the memories of this world’s Ye Feng, the legend about the world of martial arts was not supposed to be present in this world. Could it be that this girl actually belonged to a circle of martial artists like him?

Ye Feng was not familiar with the strange power present within her body, but it was obviously not Zhen Qi, and it was also not as powerful as the Zhen Qi. To be specific, she actually had 8 years of cultivation, but he could determine that he would only need to have 4 years of cultivation to be able to catch up with her strength.

The might of Zhen Qi was probably twice the might of that strange power flowing in her body.

Ye Feng tried to restrain the intense feeling of surprise in his heart and while he was clearing the meridians inside her body with the controlled circulation of his Zhen Qi, he discovered several internal wounds and the meridians had been torn open that had caused the leakage of energy inside her body and was the primary reason behind her unconsciousness. Fortunately, the effects of golden leaf grass were very good for healing and coordinated with the Zhen Qi control technique of Ye Feng, such small injuries would be quite easy to heal.

It did not take much long and Ye Feng fully cured all the broken meridians in her body then let go of her wrist.

“Although I saved her, but in the end, I have also taken her things, and if she woke up now, then with my current cultivation level, it would be impossible for me to take her on……”

Ye Feng thought that it would be better to leave as soon as possible.

He glanced around in the room, and found a pen and paper prepared on one side of the cabinet. He walked over to the cabinet as he wanted to write something in a note addressed to her. At least, he wanted to tell her what happened and apologize for taking her golden leaf grasses.

But just when he was about to pick up the pen to write a note, the unconscious girl suddenly opened her eyes and sat up instantly!

“Who are you!”

The girl didn’t stay unconscious for a long time and was exceptionally astute. She knew very well that she was being chased down by people so as soon as she woke up, she gave a wary look to Ye Feng, who, at the moment, was standing next to the cabinet.

Her voice was very pleasant to hear, very mellow and crisp, like the sweet chirping of an oriole, but there was a hidden murderous touch in that melodious voice.

“Girl ……”

Ye Feng was a little embarrassed and immediately wanted to explain things to her.

But when she glanced at him, her sight fell on a thing present on the cabinet, and suddenly, a blush appeared on her delicate face. What she saw was one of the goods supplied by the hotel, a box of “X Yang God Lu”. As for the pen and paper present in front of Ye Feng, she didn’t see.

This boy, he intended to do dirty things to her while she was unconscious?


She hurriedly inspected her own chest and noticed that the three golden leaf grasses were gone. Her complexion immediately changed then she looked up and fiercely stared at Ye Feng.

“Girl, since you woke up, I don’t need to write anything.”

When Ye Feng saw the accusing look on her face, his heart skipped a beat, but he made a poker-face and immediately said: “I saw you fainted on the street and brought you here. Now that you look all right, I’ll leave first.”

From his words, it seemed as if he was like an elder brother who was passing by the street and when he saw a girl fainted on the street, he kindly gave her a helping hand. Listening to his words, one would have no alternative but to think how kind of a person he really was!

The girl gawked for a moment, and it seemed like she was pondering about the authenticity of his words. She realized that the wounds inside her body were now healed and her broken meridians were cured as well. Not just that, the tracking powder on her body was also gone, this clearly showed that someone must have saved her.

Could it be that this boy was the one who saved her?

While looking at Ye Feng, she secretly made a guess. But even if he had saved her, she still didn’t want to let go of the golden leaf grass. She had been tracked down, injured, solely because of those three golden leaf grasses, and now that she had lost them, it meant that all the hard work she had done for the past one month would go in vain.

Ye Feng secretly looked at the balcony and noticed that it was already dark outside. If he ran out now, escaping should not be a problem for him.

At first, the girl intended to take hold of Ye Feng as fast as possible and Ye Feng was also preparing to escape, when at this time, something strange occurred.

All of a sudden, the hotel room’s door was forced open from outside and a sharp voice resounded.

“Anti-vice, hands up!”

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