Chapter - 80: Sword qi’s trembling cold light
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Long Wan’er’s heart started jumping wildly. Just a moment ago, she got engaged in lighting up the fire, hence she couldn’t pay attention to their fight. But now, her charming face paled down, as she could see that Ye Feng could have clearly dodged it, but he insisted on standing in front of her, so it –

Between her and Li Hua, Ye Feng’s fresh blood spattered, making the whole scene look like the hell on earth.

Once again, that perverted man proceeded with his Heavenly Sword Tornado. Under the faint light of the stars and moon, his reflection appeared dark and hellish in the nearby dark and silent deep pool.

However, those two people, at the same time, quickly discovered the incorrect place.

This meant that the splash of fresh blood, didn’t it seem quite real? When it touched their bodies, it appeared same as mist and then it vanished lightly. Even after getting twisted by the Sword Tornado, Ye Feng’s body fragmented into several pieces and also became very light.

“No it can’t be, was it just his afterimage?”

The perverted man’s heart suddenly shivered out, as he found out that he had seen through his trick. However, immediately after that, he curled up his corners of the mouth, and with a hideous smile, he covetously glared at Long Wan’er.

Although it was an afterimage but accompanied by fresh blood. The true level of people could be anticipated by that, although Ye Feng nearly deceived them. But strength was strength, just relying on a small cheap trick wouldn’t help in achieving victory.

“Boy, since you got away with that afterimage, so now, this beauty will certainly go with me!”

His smelly red-coloured tongue licked his lips, as he revolved his Heavenly Sword Tornado with a great velocity. And then he moved forward towards her, since he wanted to completely engulf her and then break her into fragments by twisting her!

At this moment, her pupils contracted as she saw him coming towards her. She wanted to hastily jump down in the water, but the condition of her legs was not good, as they were badly hurt. But now, she simply didn’t have a way out!

During such a critical juncture, Ye Feng’s stature appeared silently behind Li Hua’s back, about ten metres away, and then suddenly wielded his Zhenqi sword, and a fierce ice-blue Sword qi emerged out under the light of the stars, cutting through the air at a lightning speed, and hit someone right on the mark!


The sound of a weapon entering the flesh resounded, immediately followed by a flow of fresh blood which dispersed everywhere as the sword light passed through. In a split second, the sword light stagnated, and in the next moment, a long sword flew up and fell down in the nearby thick bushes with a “clang” sound.

“Aaaah aaah!”

All of a sudden, Li Hua’s pitiful yell resounded through the night.

When the sword light halted, Long Wan’er finally saw what just happened and remained stunned for a while. As she found out that Li Hua’s one arm had been cut off from his shoulder and blood was constantly gushing out from there and falling to the ground. The sight was extremely fearsome; apparently he was experiencing an unparalleled pain!

“How is it possible? Sword qi!”

While staggeringly, he turned back and look at Ye Feng’s mask, there was an alarmed and frightened expression on his face.

Just now, that was Sword qi, without any mistake!

In the world of Martial arts, most people could only do close combat, except two kinds of people. First, those who excelled at Hidden Weapon Technique, and second, those who could pull inner qi out. Only such people had the ability to efficiently use Sword qi, Knife qi, and so on!

Such as Long Wan’er’s father, Long Mo’ran, who was the head of Dragon Clan. He was able to release a powerful Sword qi because fifty years of cultivation was not a joke.

However, there was a small number of people in the hidden martial arts world, who had this kind of talent. Who exactly was this masked man?

He didn’t know that Ye Feng was different from other people since he used Zhenqi to practice. Besides, he also didn’t know that Zhenqi and inner qi were totally two different things.

The reason why the inner qi is referred as “inner qi” because it’s extremely difficult to pull it out, and it can only be attached to the body or a weapon to enhance its power.

But the fact was that Zhen qi was more suitable with the natural world.

The principles of these two had a fundamental difference.

Therefore, Li Hua was scared of the thought that he was facing someone, who could easily cast out such a powerful Sword qi. He was just an ordinary swordsman, having merely fifteen years of Cultivation, hence, was simply not a suitable opponent!

He didn’t want to report anyone about Hai Tang’s enemy. He quickly picked up his blood dripping arm, lifted up his long sword from the bushes, and at an incredibly fast speed, dashed towards the entrance of the valley and ran away.

He was really afraid that if Ye Feng would hit him once again with the Sword qi, from behind, then he wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

Fortunately, Ye Feng watched him as he ran away and didn’t use his Sword qi again.

In fact, Ye Feng also wanted to chase him down, to eliminate an evil like him thoroughly from the face of the earth, leaving behind a threat to oneself was not in his nature. But the problem was, at present, he had no power left either to use Sword qi or to chase him down.

The information about Beheading dragon sword first style, just a moment ago, had been transferred from the Dragon Sword ancient ring into his mind. The first style was the most basic use of Sword qi, nothing fancy, just needed the practitioner to release Sword qi channeled through the sword. And this time, it emptied out all the Zhen qi from Ye Feng’s body.

“Dragon Sword heritage, even ancient ring ……”

Ye Feng gasped, immediately his Orangish-red Zhenqi sword disappeared from his hand. His long sword couldn’t exist without the continuous condensation of Zhenqi, hence, it immediately changed into the nihility.

Beheading Dragon sword first style, Ye Feng just instantly comprehended it and successfully displayed it. This could stun almost anyone. What kind of talent was this?

However, this was just a normal thing for Ye Feng.

In the World of the Immortals, why the renowned Ice Fairy, Su Feiying, had a liking for him and why did she accept him as her disciple? Only one reason was there, that was simply because – he was a genius!

In Immortal’s Cultivation, the strength of the cultivator was considered most important, apart from the level of cultivation. However, the cultivator’s talent also had a major role.

In the Immortal’s World, some people needed to spend several days or even several months, in order to grasp some ordinary Immortal techniques like Camouflage, Hypnotism, Dragon Turtle, and so on. But in Ye Feng’s case, he actually just needed a moment.

Highly talented people not only comprehended Immortal Technique quickly but also reached a profound level of understanding. When such people cast out any Immortal Technique, they displayed stronger power. While others, even if they tried their best to excel at it, still showed a horrible result.

In the Immortal’s World, each of the Immortal Technique has a division of levels. Less talented people can practice only up to the first layer, but highly talented people are able to practice up to the second layer, third layer, and so on ……

Also, he didn’t know whether the Martial arts world had this kind of parlance ……

Ye Feng coughed twice and was unable to stand properly. There were two visibly deep wounds on his chest and thigh which were deeply-cut and had clearly visible to the bone, from where the blood was dripping unceasingly.

Li Hua’s double sword Tornado couldn’t be overlooked, just in a short moment, he brought about enormous injuries. What if the battle didn’t end yet, Ye Feng was not his match. But, fortunately, that perverted man was scared away since one of his arms was cut off by Ye Feng’s Zhenqi sword.

“Hey, how are you now!”

Under the faint starlight, along with the chimney smoke curling up in the air, hurriedly, somewhat staggeringly, Long Wan’er ran up to him, as she was still worried about this desperate guy standing in front of her as a shield.

When she saw there were a dozen of large or small wounds on his body, as well as, two severe deep injuries on his chest and right thigh where even his bone had become somewhat visible, she suddenly felt a severe pain in her heart as if a knife had pierced through her heart.

“It’s nothing, -coughs- ………”

Ye Feng felt somewhat laughable, could it be that this young girl’s heart was really captured by him?

“Just wait until Daddy comes, then, come with me to Dragon Clan.”

The young lady, Long Wan’er with a bad temper, by gathering her black-coloured eyebrows together, said that with an undeniable expression. Such injuries, so long as he went to Dragon Clan’s home, then after training for a whole month, would be able to heal up thoroughly.

As per her tentative plan, as long as her father would arrive, everything would be over by then. At that time, she would bring him back to her home. With his natural talent, the father would definitely have a liking for him, right?

Just then……

“Also, take off your mask, I won’t ignore or abandon you, even if you are ugly.”

Long Wan’er stared at him as she said this  in a somewhat peevish manner.

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