Chapter - 81: Long Mo’ran’s green hat
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Since Ye Feng had five years of Cultivation now, he could easily use ‘Camouflage Technique’ to change his appearance, completely. And in case, he had to take out the mask in front of Long Wan’er, then she couldn’t be able to see his real face.

But his heart didn’t support his thought, he actually didn’t want to show his false appearance to her, instead, he would rather prefer the image of a masked man in front of her.

Only when he would completely know the matter which had happened between Dragon Clan and Ye Clan, and would get success in resolving both parties’ contradictory views, then only he could appear before her, with his true appearance!

The crucial point was that, Ye Wentian had seriously warned him once that he must not let Dragon Clan know that he used to practice ……….Anyway, he used to believe Ye Wentian, since that old man was his grandfather after all.

“Sleep for a while.”

Through his mask, Ye Feng gazed into her beautiful eyes, and quickly cast out ‘Hypnosis’ on her.

Suddenly her consciousness dispirited, and her mind became relaxed. Since she hadn’t kept her guard on against him, she immediately got caught in his trick! Her beautiful eyes immediately closed, and she softly poured in his arms.

“Hiss ……”

Ye Feng couldn’t bear the pain and shouted painfully, because this young girl slumped over his chest wound, and almost gave him a painful death experience. He hastily stretched out his hand, carried her next to the point of fire, and then picked up some soft leaves, making her partly lie down above them.

Afterwards, he decided to take advantage of her, until her father would come over here, he must ask some questions before the effect of hypnosis ran out.

“Wan’er, do you know Ye Clan?”

Ye Feng asked that first.

“I know.”

She was asleep, but she replied smartly ……

Under the pale light of the stars, these two started playing questions and answers game. Soon Ye Feng got the picture clear about the general situation of both the Clans. Perhaps, because, this was not considered as a secret matter anymore in the Martial arts World. Moreover, Long Wan’er wasn’t under any guard, hence, she spoke out everything completely.

Originally 18 years ago, one of the largest Clans of the Martial arts world was Ye Clan, with the maximum influencing power. In the Martial arts circle, Ye Wentian, who was the great martial artist of the veteran level, with great name and fame, was considered as a highly respected person throughout the secret hidden world of martial arts.

Unfortunately, Ye Feng’s father Ye Yunfei, was totally a very incompetent person, who neither had any interest to learn martial arts nor had any skill, he was just known as a big playboy in the martial arts circle.Shortly after the birth of Ye Feng, he got hooked up with the wife of Long Mo’ran.

Since Long Mo’ran’s wife was engaged in such an affair, it terribly stirred up his anger. Besides, in general, the actions of Ye Yunfei had already triggered the hatreds of several influencing Clans. Hence, at last, one night, a war broke out when Long Mo’ran, together with numerous influences of the martial arts world, exterminated the entire Ye Clan, in the Mt. Luofu cave, along with Ye Yunfei and his own wife, personally, by beheading them!

In that tangled warfare, numerous casualties took place. Ye Yunfei, who only got success in protecting his newly born child Ye Feng, died with a huge regret. Before dying, he looked up towards the sky and sighed deeply, since he was feeling severe guilt for his entire family’s mishap.

Moreover, it was extremely difficult for Ye Wentian to fight against many influencing figures at the same time, and secondly, it was totally his son’s mistakes. These two reasons forced him to restrain the thoughts of taking revenge, and lastly, he agreed with numerous public figures of the martial arts world.

So long as Ye Feng didn’t practice the martial arts, the great public figures of the martial arts world wouldn’t permit anyone to trouble him. Otherwise, even if Ye Wentian would try, by putting his life on the line, to support Ye Feng, still he wouldn’t be able to stop them from destroying his family!

A highly respected person from the Martial arts world said such words, besides, who wouldn’t dare to obey him?

The Mt. Loufu Cave was one of the ten big dwelling places for Cultivation practices, in which the practice speed was 30% faster than the outside world. When Ye Clan was eradicated, Ye Wentian, along with a newly born baby Ye Feng, left this cave and moved away, since this place was under the direct control of Dragon Clan.

Henceforth, Long Mo’ran had become eccentric and unreasonable. He started to administer this Martial arts world and always considered himself as correct. Moreover, since Long Wan’er’s childhood, he had been harshly dealing with her.

She grew up learning all kinds of cultural talents and skills, and kept pace with the times. When she turned fifteen, her standard became equivalent to the standard of various branch masters of the outside world. Then the time arrived when she finally established a connection with her meridians, to open up her Dantian, and finally started practicing Dragon Clan’s old Cultivation techniques. She had three years of Cultivation at the age of eighteen, then after she went outside to learn and practice through real experiences. Currently, she barely turned twenty, and already had promoted her Cultivation to 10 years, just through her 3 years of real life experience. Now she had become the extra ordinarily talented person in the younger generation of her Clan!

For the people of this world, during one’s childhood, meridians used to be very frail, accompanied with a turbid Dantian. Therefore, normally, some people didn’t use to practice the martial arts in their childhood. 16 years of age was considered as the most appropriate age of this.

The achievement of Long Wan’er, created a new style in the martial arts field, making Long Xian, Luo Li and other people of her age, far inferior to her.

“It can be assumed that her talent ‘the body with immortal arteries’ will certainly not be wasted. Since she looks for natural treasures to quickly lift up her Cultivation, which explains everything that this young girl is not at all stupid.”

Ye Feng recalled the time when he first saw her, and thought she cherished that three gold leaf grass. She even risked her life just in order to snatch away that grass, from the clutch of that crazy couple of Heavenly Sword Palace. Such kind of strength she had, coupled with the status of being the daughter of Long Clan’s first wife, how couldn’t she have such name and fame in the world?

He somewhat sighed with emotions, he had never thought that such a huge enmity was there between Ye Clan and Dragon Clan from quite a while. While their children were actually hanging around together like this……………..

He wanted to ask some more questions, like how was her mother now, and so on. But suddenly he heard the sound of some messy footsteps coming from the valley’s entrance. He already knew that it was Long Mo’ran along with his people.

“I can only say that we will carry on this discussion again next time.”

While he was thinking about this, he looked at her, then lowered his head, pressed his lips against her cheeks softly and gave a lovable kiss, and then with a smile, he quickly cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, and plunged into the water, carrying that luminous pearl, and finally sank.

He couldn’t meet Long Mo’ran now, moreover, he must go back to look for the traces of Su Feiying.

And Long Wan’er, he would later say goodbye to her!


When the sun raised from the east side, a grey and black coloured Land Rover was smoothly running between the mountains, gradually approaching Linjiang City, as well as, several other SUV were following it from behind.

In the car’s passenger seat, Long Mo’ran was there wearing a light coloured long and dull looking gown. Although he was looking very calm, but in fact, he was actually burning with anger.

While on the other side, Long Wan’er was lying on the back seat of the car, under her sister-in-law’s care. If this news that last night, Long Mo’ran let his pride, her daughter, taken away by a man, and there her virginity was stained, then this could totally ruin the honour and reputation of the great Dragon Clan.

When he arrived with his people at the spot, chasing the smoke rising from the valley, and took a closer look at the scene, then he noticed that Hai Tang from ‘Happily married pair of swords’ had been killed by a sword, while Long Wan’er was sleeping by the fire, wearing a very quiet and peaceful expression on her face.

“That masked man, Mo Jiuge, have really got a huge courage.”

Long Mo’ran’s eyes flashed with coldness, he clearly knew that it was certainly that Masked man who was involved in all these affairs.

Although he didn’t know a lot about him, but he knew that he had a sword. The corrupt Wolf Sword, Hai Tang, as well as Long Xian, whose corpse was just discovered at the foot of the hill, all these three were killed by the sword.

Long Xian was the son of Long Mo’ran’s brother, who was very ignorant and incompetent guy. That was why whenever Long Mo’ran’s eyes fell on him, he always used to remind him of Ye Yunfei. Therefore, his death didn’t cause much impact on Long Wan’er, however, his daughter was actually tarnished by that guy, did he really manage to torture Long Clan like this?

He ordered to block off the flow of news, so that this matter didn’t get spread everywhere. But in his heart, he also knew that how long he would be able to keep this matter in dark from outside world. Since, not only that Masked man was not caught, but that abnormal man, Li Hua from ‘happily married pair of swords’ disappeared as well, these might be the insider ……

“Wan’er, did you wake up?”

From the car’s rear seat, a voice of a female came out which was as gentle as water. It was Long Wan’er’s sister-in-law, with a very lucid and attractive facial structure. She saw her with deep concern and asked that.

“I’m here…… What about him?”

As soon as Long Wan’er woke up, she quickly sat up, and anxiously looked around in all directions.


Her sister-in-law asked one.

“Mo Jiuge, he ……”

Long Wan’er remembered everything and turned a bit anxious. Though, she tried hard to place her point in front of her father, but was interrupted by him in between.

“No matter who that guy is, I won’t let him go.”

Long Mo’ran lightly said: “As for you, go back and give me a good reflection, also, you are prohibited to go out anywhere, throughout this year.”

“What? It’s not right, he -”

Long Wan’er hurriedly opposed his father.

“Shut up.”

There was a furious look on his face.

She noticed that her father was thinking something, and stared him for a while.

Mo Jiuge was somehow related with Ye Feng, whereas because of Ye Feng’s father, Long Mo’ran had to wear a green hat. As far as Ye Feng was concerned, Long Mo’ran could already have killed him easily, but due to the agreement, he wasn’t able to touch him. Now, that Masked man and Ye Feng had some connections with each other, so wasn’t it like they brought about their own destruction?

(Lastvoice : In China “wearing a green hat” is an expression that Chinese use, when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend.)

What to do?

Where is he now?

He must not get caught by Daddy ……

She had a feeling now, that whatever she would say, that would never change the decision of her father, hence the only thing she could do was prayer. She silently prayed in her heart for his safety. Earlier, she had wished to make him Dragon Clan’s son-in-law, now it seemed like she wished for something impossible.

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