Chapter - 82: Vicious punks
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Time rolled on, and two weeks quickly passed, later.

Wearing tattered clothes, a young guy, descending the Changbai Mountains, arrived at the foot of the hill’s village. Two scars on that juvenile’s chest and thigh could be clearly seen, which was quite alarming, like they had been caused by the sword’s strike.

That juvenile was none other than Ye Feng! Some time ago, he had thrown away his mask and restored his original appearance.

During these days, he carefully searched out thoroughly the already collapsed ancient tomb, however, totally failed to find any trace of Su Feiying. Carrying a glowing pearl and also a complete Lingshi, which he happened to find by chance, he descended the hill, all prepared to make Scar come to pick him up.

Although his mood was lost, but he kept on searching all around for so many days, still didn’t find any relevant information. Therefore, to still continue staying in the ruins, didn’t make any sense.

Afterwards, he arrived at the village which was not big, however, surprisingly there was a cemented road actually leading to the outside world. Although it was not wide, but Scar’s vehicle that Hummer could still be able to pass through it. Besides this, it was impossible for him to return to Linjiang City in these tattered clothes, after all, he was looking very suspicious in this appearance. He was just trying to somehow borrow a cell phone from someone, in this village, so that he could give a call to Scar, to come over here with a pair of new clothes, to pick him up.

Before entering this village, he carefully observed it for a moment, and when he didn’t find any suspicious person or thing in the village, then he slightly felt relaxed, and finally set his foot in the village.

The moment he entered the village, he saw two aunts weirdly watching him dressed like this. They immediately pointed at him and started whispering with each other while returning home, and then they closed their door. Since, at present, he was looking more like a person from the underworld, who had been chopped down by someone, so it was quite natural for people to get scared of him.

He walked into the village, and went towards a row of four careless and casual youth. They were somewhat strangely staring at Ye Feng’s bulging chest.

“Boy, what’s hidden in your clothes?”

Inside his clothes, around his chest area, he had kept that fist-sized glowing pearl as well as the complete Lingshi, which were extremely priceless.

Seeing the other party questioning him, he said lightly : “Lend me a cell phone, I have to use it just for a moment. And, regarding what I have brought, it surely has nothing to do with you, right?”

“Fuck, so arrogant? Come to think of it, isn’t it great that his body has two severely cut scars?”

Those four young people booed together rhythmically, as if they were seeing Ye Feng as an idiot.

They were the gang members of Baoshan Town which was near the village, who used to loiter around all day. Occasionally they used to collect huge protection fees from nearby villages. They were quite famous, and were called as Baoshan’s four handsome youth. They used to fight very cruelly, that was why they were also recognized and very much appreciated by the boss of their gang.

Today, they had come to this village to stroll, and then they started sexually harassing an unmarried girl from any random family. Seeing Ye Feng passing through, suddenly stirred up their interest. Obviously, such a dubious character would naturally attract them, and they could never easily let him off.

“Brat, come on, hand over that thing. Otherwise, if we begin personally, then you will certainly start crying and calling out your parents for help, just like a baby.”

One among them was a guy with blond hair, with a single earring, although was not the mainstream youth, but arrogantly he stretched out his finger and pointed at Ye Feng’s nose, and scolded him awfully.

“Huang Zi, don’t get involved in idle talks with him, some people are a lowly type, just give him a beating once, and see he will quickly become obedient and agree to what we say.”

Gao Shou, an another youth with a pair of small eyes, said that as he pulled up his sleeves and prepared to begin dealing with Ye Feng : “Ain’t you going to still hand over that thing?”

This was clearly a defiant act, an open robbery in a blatant way.

Ye Feng’s expression gradually turned cold.

Since, he actually failed to find any information related to Su Feiying, so he was already in quite a foul mood, on top of that, now these guys were giving an order to him and trying to make him dance at their fingertips, wasn’t that quite an oppressively inadequate behaviour? He conveniently pulled out both the things, the glowing pearl as well as that complete Lingshi, and then coldly said : “Here, see it till your heart content. Now, tell me, do you have a cell phone?”

“These are so round, what are these things?”

When they saw those things, they remained surprised for a while and also felt a bit puzzled, and then they started whispering together with each other.

“Probably, it’s the legendary luminous pearl, I have seen it on the television!”

“Fuck, such a big legendary luminous pearl, then could it be sold at higher price?”

“No wonder this boy was hewn like this, actually, the body has such an expensive treasure ……”

The eyes of those four guys were shining brightly at the moment, as they were looking towards Ye Feng maliciously. Obviously, they had regarded him as a big fat sheep! This boy, who was in such a shabby cloth, also chopped down twice by the sword, and was carrying two priceless treasures, was making them feel too jealous of him simply!

Lastvoice : fat sheet – it means a source of earning quick money.)

If he used that technique, he would eliminate ……….

Ye Feng immediately saw through their thoughts, and snorted coldly. He was too lazy to talk nonsense, hence, he immediately took a little step, and promptly released a Bagua boxing shot!

He didn’t need to exert his full strength while dealing with these guys. These guys didn’t even get the time to respond, and in a flash, his punch already knocked them to the ground, one after another. They were lying on the ground, upside down, and were shouting out loud in pain.

From the distant place, some people of the village noticed that these four youth were hit by someone, one after another, which really astonished them, but they suddenly felt carefree about this incident.

These four punks used to depend on Baoshan to threaten and bluff people daily. Even more than that, they also used to deceive the innocent village girls, and then by luring these girls, they used to drag them into the dirty business. Because of these punks, every day a girl was dropped out from the school. Because of these four guys bad influence, girls unknowingly took a wrong step in their life, and finally, they used to become a professional trollop.

But they had some worries, since the youth, in the ragged clothes, had hit these four fellows, and offended the Baoshan gang, which might not have any good end!

“Lend me a cell phone.”

Ye Feng went straight towards that non-mainstream guy with blond hair, and said that coldly.

“Lend you, lend ……”

A panic-stricken expression suddenly appeared on the face of that blond hair guy, as if he hadn’t ever expected that this fellow could hit like this. He then slipped his hand in his bosom, seemingly acted like he was pulling out a cell phone.

But then, his facial expression suddenly turned quite ferocious : “Alright, I will give you paralysis, just go to hell!”

Holding a fruit knife, he jumped towards Ye Feng and waved his hand, in order to pierce it through his chest!


By wielding his single-hand, Ye Feng promptly slapped his palm, making that fruit knife fly. In an instant, his complexion became colder. Such an evil and cruel hoodlum was he, if Ye Feng would let him off, then wouldn’t it be too good for him?

Hence, Ye Feng lifted his foot, heavily stepped on the back of the hand of that Blond hair guy, and by releasing his Zhenqi, he directly trampled his bone into several segments.

All of a sudden, a blood-curdling screech of Blond hair guy penetrated through the whole village!

Ye Feng’s positive and upright mood had turned gloomy now, since the opposite party was constantly trying to stir up trouble for him.

“Yes, Nagang Village, there is a kid with jewellery and precious stone, and he can also fight well ……”

At this time, the youth, Gao shou shifted his eyes towards one side, pulled out a cell phone, and said something about the current situation, to the other end. It appeared like the other side was a call helper, whom Gao shou had informed everything, and asked for the help.

“Lend me your cell phone.”

Ye Feng walked up to him, grabbed the phone from his hands, and looked at the active call Contact: Elder brother Tianbao. Apparently, that Elder brother Tianbao was the boss of these punks’ gang.

Ye Feng didn’t give a damn to it, he decided to rather hand over this matter to Heavenly Serpent Gang of Yanjing, so that they could have their jurisdiction over here. Then, wouldn’t they be able to pay attention to such a small gang like this, established in such a faraway town?

He hung up the phone, and then by dint of memory, he dialled the number of Scar : “Scar, Ye Feng this side, come over to Baoshan Town of Nagang Village, to pick me up.”

When Scar heard the voice of Ye Feng, he became extremely happy, however, suddenly he calmed down, and with a dignified tone, said: “Ye elder brother, Yanjing had an accident! We must hurry back ……”

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Feng frowned.

“Song Hu, that guy betrayed us!”

Scar said bitterly.

As soon as Ye Feng heard that, his look became dignified.

Song Hu, wasn’t he that squared face man, to whom Scar handed over the complete management of Heavenly Sword Gang, at the time when they were leaving Yanjing? Ye Feng still remembered that this guy had a nephew, that youth in western-style clothing, whom he had met on the train, and had also beaten him. But still he was not quite convinced about this news.

Not good!

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