Chapter - 83: First from the bottom
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Ye Feng knew very clearly that since Song Hu dared to betray them, that meant there must be someone supporting him from backstage. After all, the opposite party had clearly seen that Ye Feng had some kind of relationship with Old man Lin.

Song Hu had such an influencing force supporting him, that he even considered himself at the same level with Yanjing ‘s Lin Clan!

Lin Clan was known as the first powerful family of Yanjing, but in fact, they couldn’t hoodwink people. There were several other influencing forces as well, which used to maintain the balance. Take the case of Miao Zhenqiang, the head of Public Security Bureau, his clan was similarly one of the top four respected Clans of Yanjing. However, Lin Clan was a bit on the higher side in terms of strength, if compared with another three Clans.

Ye Feng could make a conjecture that behind various respected clans, there had always been the shadow of someone from the Martial arts world. For example, Miao Clan was backed by Dragon Clan, Lin Clan had a connection with Ye Clan. Although at present, there was only one person left in Ye Clan and that was the old gentleman, Ye Wentian. Hence, most likely Lin Clan might be having some other supporters as well from the Martial arts world, since he couldn’t rely on just one person.

In the game of the common world, these Martial Artists can easily earn wealth for themselves. And to achieve that, they must establish a friendly relationship with the top influences of this common world, as per their needs. Like behind Mr Lin, there always uses to be a mystical person to protect him, perhaps that shadow wouldn’t ever let even the sniper’s rifle cause any threat to Mr. Lin.

“Ye elder brother, if we don’t hurry back, then I am afraid Ms Ye will be caught in any danger.”

Scar hesitated for a moment, but then reminded him: “Song Hu has a nephew, named Song Tianying. He had a conflict with you and Ms Ye on the train, remember? Perhaps she would be ……”

“What’s the situation now?”

Ye Feng asked.

“My confidant has placed few people around Ms. Ye to protect her temporarily. However, Sung Hu have collaborated with Black Dragon Association, I fear that my people can’t hold up against them for long.”

Scar explained.

Ye Feng felt a little-relieved hearing that: “That’s good, by the way, buy a set of a new suit for me, while coming to pick me up from this place called Nagang Village of Baoshan Town. The sooner, the better.”

At this moment, Ye Feng finally decided in the heart, that perhaps couldn’t he consider Scar as his future primary assistant, and could develop his skills by teaching him Cultivation?

The performance of Scar had truly satisfied him, he had always been good at his assigned work. Moreover, in these last so many years, he had created a good background of Heavenly Serpent Gang, which could never be considered as running on a small scale, with limited extent. Moreover, he also had earned numerous trusted friends in this field.

No matter what Ye Feng would plan to do in the future, like whether he would try to look for Su Feiying in the entire world, or he would like to protect the loved ones around him, he would certainly need his own power. Relying on others was not the right path after all.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Feng hit the other number to call Su Menghan.

Before walking into the mountain, his cell phone didn’t have the signal, afterwards, because of repeatedly diving, he had already destroyed his phone long ago. Until now, he really didn’t get any chance to contact with Su Menghan.

As for looking for Su Feiying thing, it came to an end for the time being.

In addition to that Seven-pointed star pattern, he couldn’t find out any other clues related to Su Feiying in these last two weeks, as if her shadow stayed in the tomb just for a short while, and then she left the place without leaving any trace.

Soon, Su Menghan’s phone got connected.


A sweet and gentle female voice, just like his memory, softly passed through the phone, and made Ye Feng feel really relieved.

“Menghan, never mind, where are you now?”

Ye Feng asked.

“Today is the weekend, so I am home …… Right, just a moment ago, several people of Heavenly Serpent Gang came outside the villa and surrounded it, so, what have brought them here?”

Su Menghan had some doubts.

“They are around the villa just to protect you.”

Ye Feng explained that and then said : “By the way, I’ll be home tonight. Do remember, before I get back home, must not leave the villa, understand?”

“What’s wrong? Is there any danger?”

Su Menghan was a little surprised, but wasn’t too concerned about it, since her thoughts drifted towards Ye Feng promptly : “Where are you now? Will you really be back tonight? You really didn’t at all study during the last exams, did you? Since you have got the first position, from the bottom, in the whole class…………….

Ye Feng was dumbfounded by hearing that, was this the appropriate time to talk about such irrelevant things, and on top of that, about the mock test?

However, as per his result, he got the first rank from the bottom, in the class. He had really set the historical new low ……

“Keke, don’t worry, I will definitely get serious before the college entrance examination, believe me.”

Ye Feng said a few words, and then again he started urging so that she must not leave the villa at all cost! In case she ran into any dangerous situation, then she must run away towards the other rooms of the villa. Probably, he should also ask Ye Wentian to come out and help her, but it seemed that the situation wouldn’t turn out as dangerous as he anticipated.

After urging repeatedly, Ye Feng finally hung up the phone.

Listening to the painful screech of those four punks, Ye Feng felt even more annoyed. Therefore, to stop them from making noise, he kicked them one after another and sent them to the world of unconscious. Under this bright daylight, in the open, in front of lots of people, he couldn’t go on killing people, moreover, there was no need to kill them, that would be very troublesome.

Unlike the barren mountains and wild hills, where Li Jun, Luo Li, Luo Lei, and Long Xian were slaughtered, and that too by that Masked man, Mo Jiuge. This place was not barren like that. Moreover, there was not even a single percent chance that Ye Feng had any relationship with the so-called Mo Jiuge.

While he stood by the roadside, waiting for Scar, letting those four punks lying on the ground in a deep slumber, soon, a medium-sized van, from the village’s cemented road, approached towards that place.

As soon as Ye Feng saw that, he quickly understood that someone came from the nearby town Baoshan, so as to help those four punks in taking revenge.

Suddenly, a touch of sneer appeared on Ye Feng’s face, and before other people could get off the van and come to the place where he was standing, he promptly moved towards them, leaving behind several blurred afterimages, suddenly stood beside the van.

In the passenger seat, there was a paunchy fat guy, with oily hair and carrying a too outdated hairstyle of the 80s, dressed in a neat suit, wearing a pair of silver-rimmed glasses. All these features were collectively giving him the aura of being quite a rich and classic man from old society.

Seeing the figure of Ye Feng suddenly appeared at the edge of the door, the paunchy fat man thought his eyes dazzled, hence he rubbed his eyes.

“Come out quickly.”

Ye Feng was not the least bit interested in starting any idle talk, hence, he directly pulled opened the vehicle’s door, and dragged that weird hairstyle fat man out of his seat: “Are you the brother of those four bludgers? That elder brother Baoshan?”

“Yes, I, I am ……”

The ferocity of Ye Feng had already frightened the hell out of him.

It seemed like they were a gang of a small town, with just hundred people in their group. Might be they were involved in only one business, and that was merely collecting the protection fees. Like those four bludgers, this gang might have been robbing people by using fruit knife, murdering was just out of the question for them. In addition, it wasn’t the fault of those four punks, since that fist-sized legendary luminous pearl was undoubtedly very attractive, which could allure anyone, and in return, anyone would try to take hold of it, like those four punks did.

By judging Elder brother Baoshan on the basis of his appearance, it seemed like he was a pampered fat person, holding very high and respected position. How could he be placed on a par with an extremely dedicated and hard working guy, Scar, who was also the boss of a reactionary gang, with extraordinary courage and potential?

“Honestly, don’t try to mess with me.”

Ye Feng directly warned him : “if you don’t want to die, then do me a favour and stay well-behaved for a while.”

Just after warning him, Ye Feng suddenly grabbed him by his collar. Although he struggled hard, but didn’t succeed in breaking himself free from his clutch, and then his big broad face turned red. Soon, several youths got out of the van, but they didn’t dare to act rashly after seeing this situation.

When Ye Feng looked at these people, he secretly laughed in his heart, and thought that really by no means, these guys could be compared with the elite class people of Heavenly Serpent Gang, these guys were still only the bludgers.

Let just one gold medallist goon of Heavenly Serpent Gang come over here, he could easily knock down four or five of them, or even more, just in a tweak.

By now, several youths had already surrounded him, and their eyes were covetously looking at him. They were constantly threatening him to let the fat person go, simultaneously looking for the opportunity to save him.

What a pity, was Ye Feng that kind of person who could show his opponent even the slightest flaw?

He sneered at them while controlling the fat person. He was looking very calm and carefree, as if he took hold of that fat man, as an under duress hostage to protect himself, but in fact, he was disinclined to begin any fight with them.

This scene made the villagers, who were constantly looking at them from afar, totally startled. They were mutually thinking that this youth was really very fierce, how easily he grabbed the collar of the elder brother Baoshan of Baoshan Gang, wasn’t he even a little bit scared of him?

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