Chapter - 84: Long Wan’er ran away
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When the Hummer H2 rushed over there in a threatening manner, the people present on the field remained startled and frightened.

For this type of small reactionary gang like ‘Baoshan Gang’ of Baoshan district, just a few vans would be more than enough to carry on its buisness, could they ever own such an expensive and high ranking private car like Hummer? The idea of Scar was perfect, to use Hummer H2 on a trip like this. This way they didn’t need to touch or beat many people in order to deter them, they could easily avoid numerous troubles in a tweak.

As Scar stepped down from the driver’s seat, he noticed that a group of people were watching him. They were surprised and were thinking in his heart that either ‘Scar’ was this man’s name , or ‘Scar’ was that scar on his face!

However, immediately the whole situation terrified them to the extent where they could even wet their pants.

They saw that in the front passenger seat, a handsome lovable youth, with delicate features, leisurely playing with the pistol, was occasionally looking at those guys. There was a deadly aura around him, as if just one unsuited word from their side, and he would immediately open fire on them, without any mercy.

“I am wrong, elder brother, I am wrong!”

Some of them became so frightened that they immediately started trembling with fear, and wanted to run away. But nothing could be done, since the fingers of Zhao Yibei were on the gun, pointing at them, anyone could be scared of him, then why wouldn’t these bludgers be scared of?

Damn, this was the so-called genuine underworld! To open fire brutally, without blinking an eye just because someone tried to chop down a person by his knife and rob his things! How could they even dare to trigger the anger of such a powerful presence?

Zhao Yibei would definitely not open fire to kill them. Even if he was not scared of troubles, but still he was disinclined to waste his bullets like this.

Seeing his men finally here, Ye Feng threw the fat man on the roadside, and boarded on the car with Scar. Afterwards, he promptly threw off his tattered clothes and put on a western-style suit. Although, it was the first time for Ye Feng wearing a western-style suit, but as per the words of Scar, all of a sudden, he appeared more graceful dressed in that suit.

“He he he, Elder brother Ye, if you return home like this, then I guarantee, you certainly will brighten up the eyes of Ms. Ye.”

Zhao Yibei said that with a smiling face.

“Damn you, just focus on driving, hurry up.”

Ye Feng showed a faint smile, and beckoned with the hand.

Previously, during the beginning phase of this journey, Ye Feng had already known the true identity of Zhao Yibei. Scar had a wife a decade ago, and Zhao Yibei was his wife’s younger brother, who was still young at that time.

But ten years ago, that night, during that unscrupulous murder done by that swordsman, his wife had also fallen in the pool of blood, and couldn’t stand again. However, since childhood, Zhao Yibei grew up with Scar, and after graduating from the junior middle school, he never studied further.

Regarding Zhao Yibei, Scar was very considerate for him and used to blindly trust him. Therefore, he especially assigned him as the driver of Ye Feng, with the hope that if he would maintain a good relationship with Ye Feng, then he could have a better career development in the future.

In the eyes of Ye Feng, he was a very lively and cheerful young man, with a network of some young individuals, which were almost similar to his age.

Hummer H2 then picked up the speed, and rushed ahead roaring, along with the cemented road of that village, and quickly drove out of it, leaving behind a group of Baoshan Gang’s youths, who were still staring blankly.

That weird hairstyle, paunchy fat man, made an effort to wipe out the cold sweat dripping from his forehead, while looking at the back of Hummer. Finally, his heart heaved a sigh of relief.

He strenuously crawled on the ground to get up, then turned his head to look at those four unconscious youths, who were still lying on the ground. Suddenly his heart developed a feeling of hatred for them. Shit! Couldn’t they see who the opposite party was, before stirring up trouble?

Being grabbed by Ye Feng by his collar, was making him unceasingly unhappy. Starting from this moment, his heart gradually gave birth to a sense of dissatisfaction, he no longer wanted to get down, he must walk towards the high place!

As he looked at Hummer, going far away, bit by bit, from his sight, his eyes suddenly got attracted towards its number plate, which had the license of the capital city Yanjing. Immediately then he decided to set his foot in Yanjing as soon as possible!


This off-road vehicle really had all the benefits which the vehicles of this class should provide.

All the way back from Nangang village to Linjiang, if this journey had been covered by an ordinary car, then the degree of discomfort, because of several jerks and jolts, caused to the people sitting inside the car, could have given them a terrible experience, and definitely would have made them want to die. Fortunately, for Ye Feng , it was Hummer which they brought to pick him up, a really fairly comfortable vehicle!

While passing through Linjiang city, Ye Feng suddenly recalled the young girl, who was compelled by that young handsome man of Dragon Clan, to jump off the building, so he inquired about it from Scar.

As expected, because of the power and influence of Dragon Clan, nobody really cared about such a “trivial” matter. At that time, Long Xian was caught and threw inside the prison, but just a few minutes later, he was set free. However, the friends of that girl’s boyfriend came to the scene and gave a little thrashing to him, and then swaggered away.

This thing’s sudden repercussion was not small, but the media from all sectors didn’t at all highlight it, rather everyone tried their best to keep this news in dark. Even more, it was also pressed down in the local public opinion, obviously, this was the overbearing effect of Dragon Clan.

“It seems like that young man really deserves to die.”

Ye Feng recalled the scene, back from Changbai Mountains, and thought that the secret passage did not have to be really correct at that time leniently.

When Hummer finally left Linjiang city, this trip to Changbai Mountains was finally considered as over for Ye Feng. He turned his head and looked around, since he was a bit concerned about Long Wan’er. Two weeks had already passed, but still he didn’t have any updates on her, how would be she now?

Come to think of it, this young girl’s father had actually killed the father of this world’s Ye Feng. Anyways, Ye Feng must not talk anything about Long Clan, if Ye Wentian would come to know anything about his relationship with Ms. Dragon, then he would certainly make his life very difficult.

Ye Feng shook his head, and decided not to think about it anymore. He just had to wait for the right time, when his strength would hit a noticeably high level, at that time who could dare to stop him?

With a high-speed, Hummer was running on the road, when in the afternoon, around 3:00 pm, it arrived at a crossroad, which was about 30 km away from Yanjing City.

After reaching there, the complexion of both the men, Scar as well as Zhao Yibei, suddenly turned dignified, as they noticed that there was a checkpoint set up at the crossroad, and lots of policemen were assigned for inspection. Logically speaking, this matter was very ordinary, nothing was so surprising about it, but the key question was, Miao Zhenjiang, the Chief of Yanjing Public Security Bureau, was actually physically present there!

This explained that the situation was really serious.

Seeing this middle-aged man, in the police uniform, with several badges, all of a sudden Ye Feng thought of that previous incident, which happened in Jingchen restaurant, where this guy was also present, with a swagger look and with a large group of criminal police.

Miao Zhenjiang had some relationship with Dragon Clan. Although Long Wan’er had also the right to give him commands, but it was quite obvious, he was actually more willing to listen to the orders given by Long Mo’ran.

So, this guy was still in a hostile relationship with Ye Feng.

As Hummer approached the checkpoint, and was naturally stopped there, then Miao Zhenjiang’s eyes got attracted towards these three men sitting in the car, and suddenly a look of “finally came” appeared in his eyes. He waved his hand, and a huge number of Criminal police suddenly rushed over there.


And when Ye Feng, along with the other two men, was stopped at the crossroad, at the same time, they noticed that from quite a very distant place, like a few miles away, a man, burning with rage ,was gradually approaching towards them, from one of the top ten Caves – Wangwu cave.

In today’s world of the martial arts, Dragon Clan’s strength was considered as second to none, and Wangwu cave, which was hidden outside this world, was one of the top ten dwelling caves, which had been occupied by Dragon Clan. Various spiritual influences used to gather up there in this cave. Moreover, the people of the Dragon Clan used to reap huge benefits through practicing here.

Today, Long Mo’ran was burning with rage, because of his daughter. Long wan’er, whom he wanted to lock inside the house, as a confinement, for a whole one year, had actually quietly slipped down the hill and ran away!

As for where she had planned to go, was that also needed to answer?

Obviously, she was going to Yanjing, in order to try to look for that Masked man!

“Long Zi, Long Qing, quickly go and take hold of that ruthless girl and bring her back to me, if she refuses to come back, don’t think I would ever recognize her as my daughter!”

Long Mo’ran ordered that in a threatening tone.

“Yes, head of the Clan.”

There were two calm temperament men of Dragon Clan, standing in front of him and taking his orders. They were seemingly around 27-28 years old, and the aura around them was making it clear that they were absolutely stronger than Li Hua and Hai Tang of Heavenly Sword Palace!

Looking at those two men turning around and depart, still wasn’t enough to eliminate the cold wrath of Long Mo’ran, rather he was still thinking something in his heart : “Ye Feng, finally you came back from Changbai Mountains. I must examine carefully that whether you have any connection with the Masked man or…….”

He had already arranged an informer in Linjiang, when the Hummer drove out of Linjiang city, the message had been passed over to him. Apart from seizing Long Wan’er, both men Long Zi and Long Qing were also assigned to carry out an investigation plan, to find out the connection between Ye Feng and that masked man.

Regarding Long Mo’ran, he had some other important affairs to take care of.

There was a rumour spread all over the country, that recently a Fairy emerged out of the East China Sea as a mysterious woman, who was incredibly beautiful, and her temperament was like to have a complete victory over all the mortal women!

Since Long Mo’ran personally beheaded his wife, so he didn’t remarry in these last two decades. It was not because he was incompetent and foolish, but because he felt that there was no woman in this world, who could be worthy of him.

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