Chapter - 85: Zhao Yibei’s death
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Piercing through the air, with an extremely fast speed, when Ye Feng’s Hummer H2 arrived at the crossroad, it was stopped there.

By looking at the facial expression of Miao Zhenqiang, it seemed like he was waiting especially for them to show up. Seeing that made everything clear to Ye Feng, and all of a sudden his heart understood everything. He guessed that when they had left Linjiang city, at that time they might have been watched by someone, who later on reported this to Long Clan.

(Lastvoice : Dragon Clan and Long Clan both are same, hence from today onwards I’ll be using Long Clan to smoothen things.)

Long Mo’ran was not a stupid man, it was quite easy for him to guess that Masked man and Dragon Wan’er must have done something. So, he set up a checkpoint specifically for this purpose. Obviously, this inspection was not at all strange.

“Get off!”

By holding a stern expression, Miao Zhenqiang said that as he waved his hand: “You are suspected that you are concerned with several consecutive murders , so please coordinate in this investigation!”

When Scar and Zhao Yibei heard that, they immediately looked towards Ye Feng, as if they wanted to let him make a suitable decision.

“Get off the car.”

Ye Feng’s facial expression was looking extremely awful. At one side, already Heavenly Serpent Gang had caused a severe headache to them by betraying them, while on the other side, Su Menghan could be caught in danger any moment. While all these troubles were already going on in his life, then at such a crucial time he was stopped at the checkpoint, which was really quite annoying for him.

However, at present lots of Criminal Police were present on the scene, hence, he had to handle this matter patiently, according to the law. He couldn’t act recklessly. Moreover, his identity as an Immortal must not get exposed at any cost.

When those three people got out of the car one after another, promptly several criminal police ran towards them, in order to seize them, as per the direction of Miao Zhenqiang,

However, right at that moment, suddenly Zhao Yibei discovered something fishy, and his heart shivered out. From his angle, he could clearly see something, like the reflections of the setting sun, in the lush field, at the side of the highway.

“Not good!”

All of a sudden Zhao Yibei shouted that, at the same time he took few steps forward quickly, and jumped in front of Ye Feng.


A heart-jolting sound of a gunshot echoed everywhere, immediately followed by a splash of blood from Zhao Yibei’s forehead. This terrifying scene suddenly gave a severe shock to all the people present there, including Ye Feng.

Someone wanted to use a sniper rifle to kill Ye Feng, however, Zhao Yibei timely discovered that, and promptly jumped in front of Ye Feng, to block him from getting shot!

Since Zhao Yibei was shot in the forehead, it was totally impossible for him to survive. Scar, Miao Zhenqiang, Ye Feng and several Criminal Police, who were present there, saw him slowly falling to the ground after getting shot.

As soon as Ye Feng saw blood splashing out of his forehead, instantaneously several scenes flashed through his mind, which reminded him of his first meeting with Zhao, when this youth exchanged few words with him to awoke him, so that the relationship between him and Su Menghan could progress in a positive way. Since Linjiang’s trip, this guy, Zhao Yibei had always been greatly admiring him. Moreover, the goal of Scar, behind putting Zhao under Ye Feng’s supervision, was also clear to Ye Feng now.

Such a vibrant handsome teenager, who was full of vigour and vitality, had actually lost his life at a place like this!

“You have courted your death!”

Immediately this thought crossed through Ye Feng’s mind that it must be Miao Zhenqiang who would have arranged a sniper. This thought triggered his anger, and a hint of coldness appeared in his eyes. This person was a threat to all the people, hence, he couldn’t be let off, not to mention that Zhao’s death had already become a prove of it.

He moved quickly, and grabbed the neck of Miao Zhenqiang, and squeezed it with his hands, since for him it was really necessary to kill him.

But exactly at this point of time, the captain of the team impatiently shouted from one side: “There is a sniper! Protect the Bureau Chief! Everyone look for bunker ……..!”

The moment these words came out, Ye Feng immediately reacted without wasting a single second.

His speed was so fast, that the Captain of the criminal police didn’t even notice his Chief, Miao Zhenqiang had already been kidnapped by Ye Feng. However, subconsciously he issued that ordered. It was quite obviously that the sniper, in the countryside, was not arranged by them.

Very smartly, Ye Feng placed the heavy body of Miao Zhenqiang in front of his own, so that if that sniper would open fire again, he would never be caught in it.

Firstly, his Cultivation was less than ten years, secondly, he hadn’t practiced Soul Search Technique yet, and lastly he had to conceal his Immortal status from everyone, so much passive points were there, and he didn’t even know that currently whether he was being stared by the sniper, or not.

However, he got an appropriate protection for now, but still it was going to be very difficult for him, to succeed in grabbing that sniper.

Until this time, numerous criminal police turned around, and found that their Chief had actually been kidnapped by Ye Feng, which startled them for a moment. After all, who this boy was, how could he be so fast?


A sad and shrilling cry, all of a sudden burst out from the mouth of Scar. A clank man, seeing his ex-wife’s younger brother died under the muzzle, finally failed to his sadness, instantaneously started welling up, and shedding tears.

He moved two steps forward, lifted up the body of Zhao Yibei from the ground, held him tightly and shook him to bring him back to life. But when he noticed there was no result, he promptly took out his phone, and made a call to 120 for first aid. However, everyone already knew that the young man was shot in the forehead, there was no way he could survive, even the great Luo Shenxian couldn’t save him now. (Lastvoice : Luo Shenxian means supernatural entity or fairy.)

At this time, most of the Criminal Police were busy looking for their bunkers, either they were trying to hide behind the police vehicle, or Scar’s Hummer, so as to keep the quilt, from being killed by that sniper.

Meanwhile, several other police, who had revolvers, had pulled out a pistol aiming at Ye Feng. If, by any chance, Chief, Miao Zhenqiang had any accident, then they would definitely open fire to kill Ye Feng on the spot!

For them, such a reaction could be considered as very normal. Because, at first, Ye Feng was incredibly fast, so it wasn’t possible for them to grasp him and rescue Miao Zhenqiang, and secondly, the sniper threat was too large to be avoided, and it was also out of the question for them to grab and arrest that person hidden in the form of sniper.

All were assigned here just in order to seize Ye Feng along with the other two men, and drag him to the police station. Who would have thought that a sniper would appear over there out of nowhere, did he want to take Ye Feng’s life?

“Ye Feng! Lets go quickly!”

Miao Zhenqiang who was seized by Ye Feng currently by his neck, although was feeling very uncomfortable, still he tried unwilling to make a noise to say that.

“Hmmm, follow me.”

As Ye Feng could clearly see that by no means, these policemen would try to grab the sniper, since they were too afraid to catch him personally! Therefore, he pulled Miao Zhenqiang’s body, and with a lightning speed, he moved towards the direction of the field, to hunt that sniper down. But he noticed that immediately several bullets were fired in his direction, aiming at him!

It would have been 100 % impossible for any ordinary person, to even move half an inch, by carrying such a heavy motionless body like Miao Zhenqiang, who was somewhere between 160 – 170 pounds. However, it was like a child’s play for Ye Feng.

Although he was caught in such a critical situation, still he didn’t cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, because he couldn’t afford getting exposed in front of Miao Zhenqiang, that he used to practice “martial arts”. Even though he hadn’t used any Immortal agility technique, still his speed was way faster than any average person.

When a group of criminal police saw Ye Feng running towards the field, while carrying Miao secretary, and that too with an incredibly fast speed, they froze to the spot. This thing terrified them so badly, that they completely failed to react, and thought, was this guy really a human?

Shua! Shua!

After a few ups and downs, Ye Feng finally came to a field, which was covered with a man’s height tall and dense grass. And surprisingly he found a trace of someone lying on the ground. However, the sniper had already run away, but left behind a trace, which was a pretty good sign!

“You want to run away? It’s not that easy.”

Ye Feng coldly snorted as he took out a knife, and the next moment, he slightly cut down the nape of Miao Zhenqiang. As a result, the Bureau Chief immediately lost his consciousness and fainted on the spot.

Afterwards, as per his plan, he continued carrying unconscious Miao Zhenqiang along with him, while simultaneously he activated Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace. In a blink of an eye, his speed rose up, and it became quite handy for him, to start searching for that sniper, even more carefully, all over the place surrounded by tall grass.

Very soon, he found a clue!

At a distance of one kilometre, a strong-built man, wearing black camouflage clothes, was there. He was actually trying to escape from a tunnel, but unfortunately was caught by Ye Feng. In all fairness, just within two or three minutes, this black dressed guy ran one kilometre of distance, moreover, he had already dug a tunnel beforehand, which clearly proved that his assassination experience was extremely rich.

Unfortunately, in front of Ye Feng everything was like fleeting.

“Guala Guala?”

The moment that strong built black guy saw Ye Feng running towards him, while carrying a person, he felt as if he saw the ghost, which scared the hell out of him.

He could not understand how Ye Feng caught up with him in such a short time!

“Can you speak Chinese? Tell me who sent you here?”

Ye Feng asked that with a cold voice, and immediately engraved a solid punch on his face. As a result, that black man, after getting punched by him, heavily fell to the ground, and spat a mouthful of fresh blood, along with several white teeth.

“Guala ……… Guala ………..”

The Black guy was still speaking very strangely, might be in a different language. But unfortunately, Ye Feng’s English was quite poor, because of which he was completely unable to understand him.

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