Chapter - 86: Xiaohua was cheated
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(Lastvoice : Xiaohua means the prettiest girl of the school.)

Undoubtedly, the black dressed man was a professional killer! He was truly impeccable regardless of any perspective, but regretfully he happened to encounter Ye Feng.

As the black dressed sniper pulled out a knife to pierce it in Ye Feng’s heart, Ye Feng easily moved sideways and dodged it. In return Ye Feng threw a punch on his wrist, making his knife fly after a preliminary shock. He then immediately looked into his eyes and said : “Sleep!”

Immortal Technique “Hypnosis” was basically used to deal with ordinary people, since it was quite appropriate for them. However, Ye Feng’s eyes barely focused on his eyes, and the black dressed sniper instantly lost his consciousness.

If Hypnosis was cast on a firm determined person like this killer, then hypnotic time couldn’t stay very long, hence Ye Feng, without further delay, bluntly asked: “Who has sent you here?”

“Song Tianying ……”

He could speak Chinese quite fluently, but since his professionalism didn’t allow him to expose the identity of his employer, hence he was speaking strangely like that. However, under the Hypnosis of Ye Feng, how could an ordinary person conceal anything!


Right after getting the answer, without wasting any other second, Ye Feng’s Zhenqi condensed sword emerged out, and he directly jabbed it into the chest of that guy, immediately followed by a fresh blood spatter from his body. This way he finished the killer of Zhao Yibei and took revenge. But that handsome youth, Zhao Yibei could never wake up.

After putting away his sword, Ye Feng kept Miao Zhenjiang together with that sniper’s body, and then he moved sideways, and quickly activated Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, to return to the side of the highway, as fast as possible. Meanwhile, he also found that most of the policemen were in the bushes, trying to search Miao Zhenjiang, while very few of them were left behind on the highway. in order to keep watch on Scar.

Ye Feng walked out from the dense bushes, snorted coldly and said : “Your Chief is carried off by a man wearing a mask, you guys quickly withdraw, or else wait for him to gather up dead bodies.”

Just when his word came out, exactly then the criminal police found that beyond one km, there was a dead man in a black dress together with stupor Miao Zhenqiang, and immediately they came to the conclusion that it must be the Masked man.

Therefore, the remaining police, who stayed to keep watch on Scar, looked at each other in turmoil, and finally after thinking something, they moved aside and made a path for Ye Feng.

Ye Feng must leave this place as soon as possible. So long as he got back to Yanjing, it was impossible for him to make a call either to Old man Lin or Hongchuan.

“Scar, lets go.”

Ye Feng came closer to Scar, as he said that.

His eyes were looking towards Zhao Yibei, who was lying on the ground. There was no movement in his body. Ye Feng’s heart was feeling very uncomfortable seeing him dead like this. Just some time ago, this youth had praised him for his good looks after wearing a suit, but now he was dead.

Song Tianying would certainly have to pay for this by his life!

“It is Song Tianying who hired that killer, after getting back, quickly try to find him.”

Ye Feng’s eyes flashed with coldness.

“So it was that bastard, who was behind this?”

When Scar heard his name, he didn’t doubt for a second. Earlier, Song Hu played a very important role in Heavenly Serpent Gang, his contribution couldn’t be overlooked as well, and his performance could be considered quite satisfactory. However, his nephew Song Tianying was totally useless; he just used to loiter around all day long, behind girls and beer. Come to think of it, he even hired a sniper now to kill someone.

Now, Zhao Yibei was dead.

Being the part of this criminal world for last so many years, Scar had seen a lot of deaths so far. But this time, his mood seemed to be exactly like he had then during those days, when he saw his wife being killed brutally by that Swordsman.

“Elder brother Ye, you must teach me the martial arts!”

By putting on an aggressive expression, accompanied by two lines of tears, finally, Scar expressed his determination! Undoubtedly he had been bearing this pain patiently for so many years!

“Sure. First get in the car, ok.”

Ye Feng’s surging emotions were also fluctuating at this moment.

Scar had struggled for more than ten years, finally, when he managed to take Heavenly Serpent Gang at such a great height, after going through lots of difficulties, Song Hu and his people plotted and rebelled against him, and got colluded with Black Dragon Association. His wife and all other family members had already passed away, now no one left at his side. He had changed into an average person now, absolutely couldn’t afford such a blow.

If possible, Ye Feng would like to help him. He thought of that time when Zhu Bainiao was at his point of death, and had drawn a map close to the East China Sea, where he had buried his lost Hidden Weapon Technique of Hidden Immortal School.

Ghost Crying Blade Technique, combined with the other martial arts techniques of Hidden Immortal School, would be very appropriate for Scar. He would probably teach him how to practice this.

Of course, he had to wait for now, at first, he had to go back to Song Tianying and Song Hu to resolve this issue.

Bringing Zhao Yibei’s corpse back to Hummer, Scar sat on the driving position, and stepped on the accelerator, making Hummer run crazily towards the direction of Yanjing.

Several criminal police were there, but they couldn’t dare to stop them, they just kept on watching them leaving. Soon they received the message of another team leader, that Chief Miao had been found, simultaneously a corpse of a black dressed guy had also been found there.

By a sharp weapon, the heart of that black dressed guy had been pierced and had died. His body was found beside Miao Zhenqiang’s unconscious body, he should be the sniper. His identity has also been easy to spot out, he turned out to be the killer of international organizations – members of the Viper.

Although this black dressed sniper was the preliminary level killer, but still his employment price had been astonishing high, like several million! It seemed like many people wanted to see Ye Feng dead.

Originally team leader’s plan was to take hold of Ye Feng along with the other two men, but now how could he do that, he could only wait for Miao Zhenjiang to get back into senses, and then order them again. Because this time, it was totally Miao Zhenqiang’s private action.


When Hummer H2 speedily pulled into Yanjing City, the cell phone of Scar suddenly rang up.

Quite naturally, Scar was in an extremely foul mood at this time, hence he angrily picked it up and answered: “Who?”

“Woah Woah, brother Scar, why are you being so angry?”

A very impolite and arrogant voice of that youth passed through the phone : “is your younger male cousin dead? Hey, kindly pay a silent tribute to him on my behalf ……”

“Song Tianying, you courage has crossed all limits now.”

By putting on a gloomy face, Scar said that to him sullenly.

“You are saying that again? Scar Brother, I don’t have the heart to tell you, but still I have to say that now the era of your power and influence has already gone. Besides, also that young girl, surnamed Su is in my clutch, and soon she is going to have fun too with everybody ………..”

Song Tianying happily said that, with a very evil tone. Actually currently he was filled with a pleasant sensation of retaliation.

That boy, surnamed Ye had actually dared to hit him on the train! Therefore, shouldn’t he ask the killer to kill him? Just listening to the tone of Scar confirmed him that the killer had definitely succeeded in his goal. Moreover, Ye Feng’s woman was also in his grip now.

“If you want to save her, then come to Tianhua Casino within an hour, if time expires, I’ll not wait!”

Gloomily, Song Tianying said that, and then immediately hung up the phone.

When Ye Feng heard this, his complexion suddenly changed.

As he ordered earlier that must not let Su Menghan leave the villa, then how did she get caught and carried to Tianhua Casino?

Ye Feng didn’t even say anything, but Scar instantly stepped his foot on the accelerator, and with a speed of 160-170, he galloped towards the urban areas of Yanjing. Hummer’s speed was really extremely fast, which was sufficient to cause a traffic chaos.

Unfortunately, looking at the license plate of Hummer, the ordinary traffic police couldn’t dare to go forward and block it, hence Scar soared all the way back to the north-west city Yanjing, quite smoothly.

Sun just descended the mountain, when Hummer finally arrived and stopped at the gate of Tianhua Casino.


At this time of the day, at Tianhua Casino, Song Tianying, wearing a suit, with the high nose, was sitting in a deluxe room, talking to people and was looking very handsome.

Surprisingly, the person with whom he was having a conversation right now, turned out to be Su Menghan’s father, Su Xinchang.

“Hey, also thanks to you.”

Song Tianying sipped his wine, and said:. “Otherwise, it had never been really easy for us to catch your daughter.”

With a faint smile, Su Xinchang said while looking at the glass of red wine in Song Tianyin’s hands : “At present, I have nothing left in this world, to work with Heavenly Serpent Gang is a big honour for me, truly.”

Su Menghan was cheated out by her own father, Su Xinchang. It was him who dragged her here from her villa.

Song Tianying smiled, and thought to himself that this time, that girl had been injected with the new drug, right? From now on, he could control her future, like how to entertain him, or treat other guys.

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