Chapter - 87: A punch throws someone down the building!
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Clad in western-style suit and tie, Song Tianying arrived in front of a room, on the sixth floor of Tianhua Casino. Originally, this room was the workplace of Scar, but now it had become a place where Su Menghan had been detained.

“How are the things here? Have you completed everything?”

He entered the room and asked that.

“Done, Song Elder brother.”

Immediately, a young guy with greasy hairstyle with a powdered face, coquettishly said that.

Song Tianying nodded in satisfaction, and then raised his head and looked inside the room. There he saw Su Menghan lying on the sofa in an unconscious state. Her charming face was looking somewhat pale, wearing a pink chiffon shirt, with a black knee length skirt, revealing a snow white skin, was appearing weak hanging on the side of a sofa.

Moreover, there were two black dressed tall guys, who were standing next to the sofa.They bowed to greet him when his eyes fell on them.

“Little girl, this new drug once injected, and you will become addicted to it, lets see how you get rid of my palm.”

He laughed evilly, then slowly moved to the edge of the sofa, stretched out his hand, as he wanted to touch the fair, smooth and clear face of Su Menghan.

But right at this moment, the door of the room was suddenly burst opened by a person!

“Oh Song Elder brother, not good, Scar Scar …… elder brother has come back!”

A young guy ran up to him breathlessly and reported that.

“So what? If they have come back, what are you afraid of? Didn’t we already make a plan about how to cope up with him? Just act according to our plan, that’s all!”

Song Tianying said that somewhat impatiently.

“But, Song brother, the boy, who had thrashed brother Tie last time, has also come back together with Brother Scar!”

That young guy hastily said.

Ye Feng’s last visit to Tianhua Casino had left a deep impression in the mind of this young guy, because last time Ye Feng had badly punched brother Tie, and blatantly left the place without any fear. Hence, when that guy saw him again, he became a little scared. Ye Feng was really a ruthless person in his eyes.


Fianlly, his complexion took a 360 degree turn, and he became serious. Shouldn’t that boy be killed by now, by that specialised killer of Viper Organization? Then how could he come back? He had spent eight million to hire a sniper, and had faced several hardships to ask Miao Zhenqiang, to set up a checkpoint for inspection. Wasn’t it a very difficult way of beating the flowing water?

“It’s useless! Hurry up, go downstairs, and pass this order to the assigned gunmen, to kill the kid together with Scar!”

His face revealed a colour of regret, although his decision to kill Ye Feng here in this Casino, might create several problems for him, since Ye Feng was related with Yanjing Lin Clan somehow. But now he wasn’t in the mood to think about this stuff.

“Really? I’d like to see how you want to kill me.”

Just then, a voice familiar to Song Tianying, as rumoured, suddenly passed through from outside the room.

The voice barely fell, and Ye Feng wearing a western style suit, burst in the room like ghosts and demons in general. Immediately he punched that messenger guy, made him fly several meters in the air. As a result, that guy spat a mouthful of fresh blood in the air, then fell heavily to the ground, and his chapter came to end, as he couldn’t move again.

Other people present in the room immediately reacted. Those two black dressed tall guys quickly took out their pistols in his hands.

But Ye Feng’s speed was extraordinarily fast, by leaving several blurred afterimages in-situ, he instantly arrived in front of Song Tianying, grabbed him by the collar, and picked him up!

“Ye Feng, how you didn’t die!”

Panic-stricken, Song Tianying made an effort to struggle hard and break himself free, his complexion had also paled down, how couldn’t he think through that Ye Feng could survive even from the ambush of killer.

“That you don’t need to worry about, just think about how you are going to meet your death.”

Ye Feng snorted lightly, as he made a huge effort with his hands, and threw the whole body of Song Tianying into the air.

Then he stood firmly, and clenched his right fist, immediately his whole body’s qi started accumulating and condensing around his fist, and finally with an extremely sudden and swift movement, he punched him in his stomach!


At his current Cultivation level, the punch he threw at him, had at least 500 kilograms of force. This one punch, when touched him, he directing flew in the air, like being thrown out as a volleyball, and then heavy slammed on the glass window. With a “bang” sound, the glass cracked-up, and he fell down!

With the sad and pitiful screams, Song Tianying’s body fell down with a very fast speed, and soon his screams stopped suddenly, it seemed like he plunged to death.

Ye Feng could feel that downstairs, outside the bar, things had become somewhat chaotic instantly!

Ye Feng’s heart finally felt a little better, his pain was slightly subsided after punching that beast down to his death. This was the real help to Zhao Yibei’s revenge.

If Zhao Yibei hadn’t block the bullet aiming towards Ye Feng, then he would not have died yet, it was 100 % an undeniable fact!. Zhao Yibei sacrificed his life for him. Therefore, it was his responsibility to take revenge on behalf of Zhao Yibei.

Since Song Tianying died such a death, he now hoped that it could make Zhao Yibei rest in peace.

Ye Feng sighed, as he knew that this thing might cause trouble , however, he was not the slightest bit afraid of anything now. Rather he took an another decision, Song Hu, the uncle of Song Tianying, he wouldn’t let him go as well.

He turned around and saw two black dressed tall men stood beside the sofa, holding a pistol, and carrying a distracted look on his face.

Obviously, they hadn’t expected that Ye Feng would barge in so decisively, and punch Song Tianying which would throw him down. The might of that punch had already scared them, and on top of that throwing him down from the sixth floor, and he wouldn’t die, that would be just very strange!

“Ye elder brother!”

Those two people quickly put away the pistol, and respectfully greeted him, although a trace of fear could be seen in their eyes…..

“Aren’t you Song Tianying’s side?”

Ye Feng asked that lightly, and immediately shifted his gaze towards Su Menghan lying on sofa. He noticed her pretty face had turned pale, which caused a bit of pain in his heart. Also he didn’t know what injustice had been done to her, after carrying her here?

“Ye elder brother, since beginning he have always been brother Scar’s subordinates and have been at his side!”

One of the black dressed tall guys said in a lower voice: “Since Song Tianying was being very rampant, we had to temporarily succumb to his ……”

“These have nothing to do with me, she doesn’t like this place, then how did she come here?”

Ye Feng asked that as he arrived close to Su Menghan, hugged her tender body in his bosom, and felt her palpitation. He was suffering from the feeling of guilt.

If only he had come back a bit earlier, she would not have to suffer these hardships.


The two black dressed tall guys looked at each other in blank dismay, since they didn’t how should say.

“If you guys have something to say, just say it, don’t dawdle.”

Ye Feng lightly hummed, and raised his head to look around. He saw that besides those two Black dressed tall guys, there was a greasy hair and powdered face youth, who was trying to slip out secretly.

“You want to escape?”

Ye Feng moved forward, and directly grabbed that guy by his hands.

“Ye elder brother, it’s him!”

One of the black dressed guy finally ventured, and by clenching his teeth, he pointed his finger towards that wretched young and said: “Just recently, this guy has injected a new kind of drug to Ms. Ye ……”


As soon as Ye Feng heard that, his complexion turned black, and he completely failed to control his surging emotions, his Zhenqi suddenly broke out, and incautiously he crushed the neck of that youth into crumbs!

Su Menghan was injected with drugs!


Ye Feng also threw him down from the sixth floor, and hastily rushed towards Su Menghan to examine her condition.

Now he suddenly felt that the way Song Tianying was killed, was such an easy death for him. That bastard deserved a brutal death, how could he dare to inject new drugs to Su Menghan!

At this time, a group of people appeared at the door of the room. It was Scar with his people, who had brought Su Xinchang. Actually, Scar grabbed him when he was trying to escape from the spot, and presented him before Ye Feng.

“Trust me! I really didn’t know that bastard would inject drug to Menghan, ah, really ……”

Su Xinchaang was frightened to urinate, was weeping and wailing.

“Ye elder brother, this guy has plotted with Song Tianying, and swindled Ms. Ye out, how do you want to deal with him?”

Scar said that in a sinking voice, as he pushed Su Xinchang forward, making him kneel down at the entrance of the room.

Su Xinchang looked inside the room, and when he noticed that there was a very ugly expression on Ye Feng’s face as if he was boiling with a cruel killing intention, his heart trembled with fear, and he began constantly thinking about how to escape out from here.

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