Chapter - 9: – Serious crime
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When the room’s door was wrecked, Ye Feng reacted immediately and turned towards the window to jump out and leave.

However, someone else’s reaction was faster than his reaction.

He saw that the maiden instantly jumped up from the sofa, and without warning, her kick went flying towards him.

Ye Feng was vigilant and without wasting any time, he immediately condensed the Zhen Qi in his palm in order to catch her kick. But, contrary to his anticipation, her kick changed direction midway, cleverly from bottom to upper region of his body, and heavily kicked on his chest.

“Bang”, he fell heavily against the wall with a stinging pain in his chest.

Eight years of cultivation was not to be taken lightly.

“Don’t tell me that you have only recently started to practice martial arts?”

The maiden slightly curled up her mouth and a pair of beautiful eyes flashed at him. She looked like a quick-witted girl and her whole appearance had an air of elegance and unconventional grace: “Bye bye~”

She apparently did not want to get into trouble with the police, and right then, he noticed that her figure looked like a beautiful flower under the blue dress. She smiled tenderly at him, and soon after, she took a small step on the sofa and floated out of the balcony and disappeared.

Ye Feng wanted to cry but he had no tears to shed.

Fortunately, at the key moment, he had condensed Zhen Qi in his chest otherwise her kick would have seriously wounded him. However, even so, he only had one day worth of cultivation and the weak Zhen Qi wasn’t enough to defend him from the kick thrown by a master with eight years worth of cultivation. After receiving her kick, it temporarily left him paralyzed and unable to move.

A lineup of uniformed police rushed in, led by an aquiline-nosed, small-eyed, sinister-looking insidious man.

“Handcuff him.”

The aquiline-nosed man pointed at Ye Feng then he immediately went to the balcony and tried to track the beautiful maiden but she was long gone and disappeared without a trace, and he had to give up.

However, so long as he grabbed this kid called Ye Feng, it was sufficient.

Aquiline-nosed man was thinking that thanks to that beautiful girl’s kick, it became so easy to seize Ye Feng, and laughed.

“Young man, by coming to a love hotel at such a young age, you have forced this policeman to educate you well.”

The aquiline-nosed man said in a thick voice and waved his hand: “Take him away and lock him up!”

In his opinion, although dealing with this kid was only a minor matter, but it was going to be a beneficial thing for him, because by doing this favor, he could expect good repayment in the future.

And at this time, Ye Feng couldn’t resist and his only option was to behave obediently.

If he had not been kicked by that beautiful maiden then why would he be afraid of the police? Unfortunately, right now, he could only be seized by the opposite party. He was arrested and brought to the police station.


It was dark outside, and in a small, dark, narrow and gloomy interrogation chamber, that aquiline-nosed, small-eyed policeman began to interrogate Ye Feng along with another middle-aged policeman, with a deadpan look on his face.


Aquiline-nosed policeman asked.

Ye Feng was sitting opposite to the two policemen, continuously thinking about the possibilities of escaping from there, but finally concluded that it would be difficult to escape from this place as both his hands were handcuffed, and at his current cultivation, it would be difficult to escape using his strength. If he ate a golden leaf grass then it would enhance his cultivation considerably, but doing so in this environment was too dangerous, and it would be bad if his meridians fractured because of too much intake and it could seriously injure or kill him.

“Ye Feng.”

He decided to cooperate and see what their purpose actually was. Anyway, he had not done anything wrong so he was calm and wasn’t worried one bit.


The aquiline-nosed policeman continued to ask.


“High school?”

Ye Feng obediently answered all the questions thrown at him.

At this time, that aquiline-nosed man answered a phone call: “Hello, Boss Tian right? Well, I have taken care of it, but this kid is very obedient, do you really think……?”

Boss Tian?

When Ye Feng heard this, he was somewhat puzzled. Who was this Boss Tian? Among all the people known to this world’s Ye Feng, the only one with this surname was Tian Youliang. Could it be that this Boss Tian person was actually Tian Youliang’s father?

In Yan High School, Tian Youliang could be considered a wealthy guy, and that was because his father had a company, and small assets, so knowing police was not much surprising, and it seemed that Tian Youliang had asked his father to create troubles for Ye Feng. Ye Feng was a smart guy and quickly linked the events to understand what was going on.

“If they want to falsely accuse me then I can’t just sit here and do nothing.”

Ye Feng immediately started to run his mind, thinking about the countermeasures.

“Speak, why were you with a prostitute?”

After answering the phone, the aquiline-nosed man did not ask those irrelevant questions anymore and directly changed the nature of his interrogation and started pressing the charges of involving with prostitution.

Ye Feng: “I have nothing to do with prostitutes or prostitution.”


The aquiline-nosed man pounded his hand on the table and aggressively said: “We have solid evidence regarding this matter. You seem like an energetic young man, so sometimes, making mistakes is understandable, and it’s not a big deal, you will just get detained for ten days and you will also have to pay a small fine.”

He tried to persuade Ye Feng because if he admitted his crime then things would be much easier. In fact, they couldn’t catch the girl so they didn’t have the evidence to press charges against Ye Feng for getting involved in prostitution. But, this was police station and they held the authority and the final say.

“I haven’t done anything.”

Ye Feng refused to admit as he certainly would not admit to something he had not done, moreover this was detrimental to his reputation.

“It appears that without suffering a bit, you will not admit your crime.”

The aquiline-nosed man smiled coldly and abruptly stood up.

Ye Feng was vigilant, and thought, should he begin now?

But at this moment, that aquiline-nosed man’s cell phone rang again. He glanced at his phone and answered it: “Hello, Liu Ju?”

“Xiao Zhang, open the door.”

When the aquiline-nosed man heard the voice on his phone, his attitude immediately became very respectful, and opened the back door of the interrogation room. There stood a potbellied middle-aged man, and he was the one that the aquiline-nosed man referred as “Liu Ju” just now on the call.

That middle-aged man took a good look at Ye Feng’s face, then smiled and patted on the shoulder of that aquiline-nosed man then said: “Little Zhang, you have done a very good job this time, according to reliable sources, this kid is a major suspect in a rape case, which is a much serious crime compared to his involvement in prostitution. Interrogate him properly, after all, it’s the job of the police to get rid of evil people you know?”

He was the chief of the Public Security Bureau and had just now received two calls in a row. The first call was from the assistant of the chairman of Su Sheng Group, suggesting that he must deal with the just caught high school student, named Ye Feng, who was right now in their custody.

He also felt strange because he couldn’t understand why Su Sheng Group was spying a high school student. But then he immediately got another call from his boss, making him to break into cold sweat, and his boss repeatedly told him the same thing again and again that Ye Feng must be restrained at any cost and must also be brought to justice by the law, and severely punished.

From the tone of his boss, he soon realized that this kid must have offended some powerful people, so powerful that even his boss couldn’t dare to offend them and was respectfully following their orders. Liu Ju was somewhat puzzled, because a high school student could offend just anyone, but how could he offend such powerful people. Whose daughter did he actually rape?

Of course, Chief Liu was confused and was trying his best to make out something from this matter but he did not dare to ask his boss about it. He just decided to follow the instructions and act accordingly.

“That’s my job Liu Ju!”

Aquiline-nosed man was very happy at the moment because Liu Ju’s words rang in his ears like a melodious music. He thought that this kid seemed to have offended a lot people. The prime suspect in a rape case, wasn’t this charge worse than the charge he was asked to put on Ye Feng? He would be sentenced for at least two years for this!

Liu Ju walked up to the aquiline-nosed man, stood next to him, whispered a few words into his ears, then stood at one side and did not leave. This obviously showed that he was taking Ye Feng’s case very seriously and was attaching great importance to it.

The aquiline-nosed man listened to the whispers, nodded his head, then turned his head and said to the middle-aged pokerfaced policeman: “Search again.”

The two policemen headed towards Ye Feng.

“Search again?”

Ye Feng frowned because he vaguely heard the whispers of Liu Ju while he was whispering into the ears of the aquiline-nosed man, saying “three grasses” and so on. After hearing about the three grasses, he immediately understood what was going on.

When he was brought into the interrogation chamber, they confiscated his mobile phone. The words “Search again” implied that now, if they thoroughly searched his body then the 200,000 check, two golden leaf grasses and the Dragon Sword Ancient Ring would definitely be found and removed.

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